Wednesday “Florida Cojones” Open Comments

From Urban Dictionary:
Cojones : Spanish slang; meaning having balls, not scared
If you steal from a store, You have BIG cojones

That brings us to a Florida sheriff named Mike Scott. It seems that Mr. Scott is standing up to the NAACP, laying his reasons for not supporting their organization out in plain sight, for all to read. It seems that Sheriff Scott is not too concerned about political backlash, being called racist, or losing his job over this. While his cojones may not be as large as, say these priests (LANGUAGE WARNING), but big enough in this political environment to score points with me.
Fl Sheriff Mike Scott letter to NAACP.PDF-page-001-1

Fl Sheriff Mike Scott letter to NAACP.PDF-page-002

I hope he had a large bunch of kids. We need more like him.

President Bush 41 Is Alright

The 2 year-old son of one of his protective detail agents is suffering from leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy. This is one result:

This is another:

That’s not all.

Members of the Bush Protective Detail have set up a website,, to help pay for Patrick’s medical bills. And they have organized the Inaugural Patrick’s Pals Motorcycle Benefit Run in Kennebunkport, Maine, to help pay for Patrick’s treatments.

Thumbs up, Mr. President and friends.

Detroit – Fallujah On Lake Ontario

We’ve heard a lot about Detroit in the news recently. Seems they ran out of not only other people’s money, but the people who supplied that money. Most all of the residents with any decent prospects and/or snap split long ago, leaving a population unable and unwilling to lift itself up from the conditions in which it finds itself.

Our friends at Zero Hedge compiled a list of 25 factoids about Detroit that would make you weep if they were not so avoidable. A sampling:

3) Back in 1960, the city of Detroit actually had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.

4) In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit. Today, there are less than 27,000.


9) An astounding 47 percent of the residents of the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate.

25) Crime has gotten so bad in Detroit that even the police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk”.

Ummm…. No, thanks.

The article finishes with this sobering thought:

Detroit is only just the beginning. When the next major financial crisis strikes, we are going to see a wave of municipal bankruptcies unlike anything we have ever seen before.

And of course the biggest debt problem of all in this country is the U.S. government. We are going to pay a great price for piling up nearly 17 trillion dollars of debt and over 200 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities.

We are well and thoroughly scrod.

Monday “Honor the Prez” Open Comments

Another example of politics over common sense, this time in Detroit. Detroit is running out of money, in large part because of pensions negotiated by the unions, who care more about their survival than the survivial of the city. If they fail to keep their pensions intact, how will this reflect on the union bosses, and how will it affect union membership? More importantly, how will their intractability on the issue affect their image nationwide? To continue to survive, they must expand their membership base. If they succeed in holding the pensions intact but bankrupt the city, will they be seen as arrogant and cold-hearted, or will it be a positive for future members?

And then there’s the ever-lovin’ nonsense that issues from the mouth of the judge involved:

“It’s cheating, sir, and it’s cheating good people who work,” the judge told assistant state Attorney General Brian Devlin. “It’s also not honoring the (United States) president, who took (Detroit’s auto companies) out of bankruptcy.”

REALLY??? We’re now basing legal and financial decisions on whether they honor the Great Leader and Savior Barak Obama???

has some responses to this idiocy:

Something tells me a federal bankruptcy judge will be less than impressed with the excuse “it doesn’t honor the president”.

SunnyRight (@sunnyright) July 19, 2013

This has to be the stupidest human being to ever put on a black robe and a Tammi Wynette wig…—
David Burge (@iowahawkblog) July 19, 2013

And the kicker:

Actually, Michigan guy, Detroit’s bankruptcy DOES “honor the president.” There is no greater example of leftism ruining prosperity.—
Harry (@Tark31) July 19, 2013

Pardon me while I go spit on shine up my statue TBO.