He Is Risen

Early in the morning, several of the women who had been in the company following Jesus made their way to the tomb in which Jesus’ body had been laid in order to complete the anointing of his body and complete the burial process.

What they found was mystifying and frightening.

They found the huge boulder which served to seal the tomb had been cast aside. Once they gained enough courage to investigate further, they found an even more mystifying sight: the body was gone.

It did not appear to have been dragged away or otherwise absconded with. It was as if the body had simply evaporated – vanished into thin air.

The burial cloths were laying neatly where they had been before, but with no body in them. The guards were completely unaware that anything had happened until the women told them of the strange conditions.

After suffering death and being buried, Jesus Christ had risen from the dead in accordance with the Scriptures.

We have a Savior who has conquered death.

Good Friday

You ever have one of those days when you think you have nobody to count on? When everyone turns their back on you? When you have no friends to count on? When you’re so lonely and despondent that you think that you don’t even have the ability to find a street to lay in for a truck to run you over?

Good Friday is the day when all of the should have changed.

The very Son of God Himself, who had come down from Heaven in human form to live among us, took upon himself the sins of the world and offered himself as the One Holy and Living Sacrifice in atonement for the sins of the world so we all might have the promise of eternal life, completed his earthly mission and accepted death in its most grisly form.

Crucifixion is very grisly indeed. The condemned was often beaten and otherwise mistreated and tortured. He was then humiliated by being forced to haul the very instrument of his own death through the crowds gathered to witness the ugly spectacle to the site of his own execution. After this, he was physically nailed to the beams of wood, through his wrists and ankles, without the benefit of any pain killing medications.

After all of this, the cross holding the victim was raised to a vertical orientation. The condemned would struggle for as long as he could against the suffocating effects of gravity and the accumulating fluids in his lungs from the beatings and other tortures.

While in all of this pain and grief, Jesus was moved to compassion for others whom the society of the day had cast aside (in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful passages in the entire Bible):

39 One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us!”

40 But the other criminal rebuked him. “Don’t you fear God,” he said, “since you are under the same sentence? 41 We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.”

42 Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

43 Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

After a period of hours (or more), the condemned would tire and become exhausted to the point where he could no longer fight for his own life. At that point, death would usually come fairly quickly and bring with it the sweet relief of no longer feeling.

Jesus Christ endured all of this voluntarily so that we all might have the hope of everlasting life. We should all be exceedingly grateful that God sent His only Son to give us the gift of everlasting Grace.

Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday.

It is celebrated as the day when Jesus washed the feet of the apostles immediately prior to the Passover meal.

Jesus performed this act of charity and love to show his apostles that their strength was in their humility. Washing feet was the duty of a servant, not of a King. Christ showed us that the way for us all to achieve kingship is to lower ourselves to be the servants of all.

After he washed the feet of the apostles, he then gave us the gift of the food and drink that never fail.

The Passover meal celebrated before the first Easter became known as the Last Supper since it was the final meal Christ ate while among us in human form. In reality, it is the First Supper, since it was actually the first Mass to be celebrated and the event that gave us the gift of the Holy Eucharist, where Christ would be physically present among the faithful for all of days.

It is essential that we all remember this gift for what it is: the ultimate gift. It is a gift, since there is no way for us to earn or pay for this gift; it is a gift of immeasurable value, given to us all that we may have eternal life in the Grace of our Lord.

Wednesday “Noreos” Open Comments

Dr. Carson responds to the prejudicial comments against him. I don’t know if he’d make a good president, as some would like, but I like that he’s standing against the media and the plantation types. I guess you could say he’s pointing that the emperor is buck naked and he shouldn’t be too proud of the display, neither.

MEGYN KELLY, HOST: Boy, have you been attacked. A token you’ve been called, an Oreo,… Most recently a commentator on a rival network said you’ve been embraced because you’re smart and helpful in assuaging white people’s guilt and …that you’re enjoying the GOP’s version of affirmative action because then people will get to put on a bumper sticker on their car saying “How can I be racist, I would have voted for Dr. Ben Carson?” Your thoughts on the attacks on you?

DOCTOR BENJAMIN CARSON: Well, you know, if you don’t have anything useful to say then you attack people. And you know, if you feel that your house of cards has been discovered and is starting to come unraveled, you become very desperate. You know, intelligent people tend to talk about the facts. They don’t sit around and call each other names. That’s what you can find on a third grade playground. This is something that we need to move beyond in this country, and let’s have a real discussion about the real facts. If somebody disagrees, let’s talk about why they disagree, let’s talk about the pros and cons, let’s see if we can find some accommodation. But to sit around and act like third graders is nonproductive.

KELLY: So quick to dismiss some of your ideas because they’re coming from a man who happens to be a black man. And Condoleezza Rice …said, because she was subjected to some of this, “If you look at a black person and you say that person has to think in a particular way, I don’t care if you’re white or black, if you say that, then you’ve got a prejudice, then you are the one with the prejudice.” Do you think that the people who just dismiss you as a token have a prejudice of their own?
CARSON: Oh, well, there’s no question. They feel if that you look a certain way then you have to stay on the plantation. You know I’ve heard some people refer to me as an Uncle Tom. Well, obviously they don’t know what an Uncle Tom is because they need to read Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” You’ll see that he was very, very subservient, kind of go along to get along type person. Obviously, that’s not what I’m doing.

And what the left frequently does, and some aspects of the right, too, is they try to make life so unpleasant for anybody who disagrees with them that people will keep silent. And I know that it’s working because so many people come up to me and say, “Thank you, thank you for having the courage to express this. This is the same way I feel.” But most people won’t speak up. I’m trying to get people to speak up because, you know, this country is changing into something else, and we need to make sure that we really want it to change into something else and not just end up there and ask ourselves how did we get there.

No oreo, that Dr. Carson. He’s a noreo. I like noreos.

Tuesday “My Back Hurts” Open Comments

Government spends more on disability than food stamps and welfare combined – and does a lousy job of it.

“Since the economy began its slow, slow recovery in late 2009, we’ve been averaging about 150,000 jobs created per month,” said Joffe-Walt in an Public Radio International (PRI) “This American Life” interview. “In that same period every month, almost 250,000 people have been applying for disability.”

In some parts of the country, such as Hale County, Alabama, one out of every four working-age adults collects a disability check
As of 2011, 33.8% of newly diagnosed disabled workers cited “back pain and other musculoskeletal problems” as their reason for being unable to work. In 1961, the top reason for being disabled was “heart disease, stroke”
Disabled workers do not get counted in the unemployment figures. If they did, the numbers would be far higher

“That’s a kind of ugly secret of the American labor market,” said MIT economist David Autor. “Part of the reason our unemployment rates have been low, until recently, is that a lot of people who would have trouble finding jobs are on a different program.”

Joffe-Walt says disability has “become a de facto welfare program for people without a lot of education or job skills.” The reporter notes that the disability program “wasn’t supposed to serve this purpose; it’s not a retraining program designed to get people back onto their feet.”

According to Social Security chief actuary Steve Goss, disability insurance program reserves will run out of money in 2016.

I understand that people who can no longer collect unemployment have developed back troubles in order to make ends meet.

And the Dems are happy with that, because it makes the unemployment numbers look better, and it creates a whole new dependency group.


Monday “Throw Open the Door” Open Comments

I had another very late work night (or very early work morning, depending upon how you look at it) last night. I have to run out this morning to the other side of town to get a part, and then early this afternoon I must run down to the San Bernard again, hopefully to sign a lease with some new tenants this afternoon. Then I have to rush back for an appointment this evening!

So, I throw open the door and invite y’all in. There’s some tea in the frig – I checked, and the newspapers are already cleared off the couch. I think there’s a little fruit on the counter, but other than that, you guys will have to bring your own. If you go out for pizza, save some for me. I may not have time to cook later….

Friday Emergency Prep Open Comments

Found this website, with its ideas for handling emergencies. For example:

    Strap a light to a water filled jug to create a larger lighted area.
    Use shortening or olive oil to make candles.
    Keep matches in a jar with a strikeable lid.
    Keep a list of phone numbers that you might need.
    Store a lot of water in the bathtub.
    Learn how to refrigerate – and what to refrigerate – without power.

But a lot depends upon how long this emergency lasts. I would add the following:

    Have a stockpile of food, at least enough for several days, if not longer.
    Have a gun and ammunition for the inevitable decline of civil society.
    Know what plants are edible, learn to forage.
    Do you have a way to collect rain water?
    Have a solar cooker and know how to use it, to extend the life of your fuel.
    Keep up good relations with your neighbors – you may need them.

And if you really want to prepare for possible tough times – register to vote, and then do it!