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“indubitably” (courtesy of White Fang)

Weekend “See the Resemblance?” Open Comments

This is how Lovely Daughter and Aggie Beau introduced us to our future grandbaby:

Tedtam's grandbaby at about 9 weeks

Tedtam’s grandbaby at about 9 weeks

I can see the resemblance. Short. Round.

Lovely kept going on and on about this great Christmas present they were giving me, but I didn’t get excited or consumed by curiosity. When I was young, one of my sisters showed me a great Christmas gift I was to be given, and it totally ruined the Christmas morning experience for me. Ever since, you could wave a gift under my nose and taunt me daily, and I have no inclination to shake, sniff, or handle any gift before Christmas morning. I don’t know if it drove her crazy that I didn’t react to her obvious excitement over the gift.

Lovely Daughter and I want a girl first. Firstborn girls are great, especially if they are the nurturing kind, like Lovely. On those days when I had a headache or was stressed out, she helped take care of Handsome Son for me, even at a young age. Aggie Beau says that since he decides the sex of the baby, he’s decided he wants a boy first.

I guess time will tell.

Friday “Desserts for Dudes” Open Comments

Before we begin the annual naval gazing and rehashing of the year that I find so extremely boring and annoying, I thought I’d share something more fun. We always devolve into our daily politician bashing and world problem solving, but I like to do something light and fun. We’ll get to the serious stuff later. But first:
Chocolate Dipped Beer Marshmallows
Be sure to use the proper liquid. I don’t like to promote alcohol usage, but I’m hoping the denizens of the Big Comfy Couch can keep control of themselves. (What is it that equates “alcohol” with “manly”? I could see a manly relationship to say, hunting, or building something. You know, those skills used to feed and shelter a man’s family, but getting sloshed, with all the accompanying non-manly behavior, is a manhood test? I don’t get it. But, I digress…)

Pale ales and IPAs would tend to make the marshmallows taste bitter (unless you’re into that!).

Coconut Cornflake Fried Ice Cream

Using a deep fryer or a pan filled with hot oil is something we have quite a bit of experience with. What doesn’t taste better fried up? Hell, we’d eat a deep-fried shoe in a second. These ice cream balls get coated in a coconut and Cornflake mixture and then quickly crisped.

The Lebowski Shake

It’s basically the White Russian you wished you could grab at a McDonald’s drive-thru. The Dude abides.

Bourbon Marshmallow Bacon S’mores
S’mores take us back to Cub Scouts and gathering fire wood to cook up our first ever outdoor meals. That meal would consist of three ingredients: Chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. This version for a grown-*** man gets a flavor boost from bacon and a bit of Maker’s Mark.
2-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

Does the name sound ultra depressing? Yes. Is it also simple and insanely delicious? Yes and yes.

Southern Comfort Cupcakes

It’s time to break out the bottle of SoCo you haven’t opened since making some shots with lime as a freshman in college. Besides getting mixed into the frosting, the booze can also be found in the Southern Comfort Caramel Corn on top of your handheld dessert.

So, go add bacon to your s’mores or something, and enjoy your end-of-year celebrations. Carefully.

Thursday “Long Walk off a Short Piers” Open Comments

Piers Morgan has certainly made a name for himself recently. His anti-gun rants have riled up certain segments of our society, and if he could repeal the Second Amendment, he would.

He debates gun control and shows what an arrogant idiot he is – he cannot even listen to what his guests are trying to tell him:

He even calls one man “unbelievably stupid”.

Pot, meet kettle.

Now, he even wants the Bible amended, as it is flawed, because he doesn’t agree with it, especially about gay marriage.

Talk about arrogance. No wonder there’s a petition to have him deported.

And it’s even funnier that his own countrymen don’t want him back.

I say, we take the difference between the two options and just drop him somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. That should make people on both sides of the pond happy.

Post-Christmas Open Comments

Well, Jesus is all swaddled in the manger, we’re all full of good food and good times. I know that I have some wonderful memories of little kids and sweet kisses and hugs. My grand-niece (dang, I’m getting old!) was loving her Rapunzel doll, and I scored big with my bobble-headed hippo for my eldest sibling.

What were your favorite moments? What are your favorite memories? Epic Christmas? Favorite gift? Favorite gift to forget? (Mine was the garbage disposal. I guess that’s what I get for marrying a plumber without a romantic bone in his body. /facepalm )

Favorite Christmas Carols Open Comments

My favorite Christmas Carols. Top three in order.

O Holy Night:

Joy to the World:

(always the recessional for Christmas morning Mass)

Adeste Fidelis:

In general (actually, specifically), I like Christmas carols that are actually church music. In other words, hymns.

I generally detest Christmas music that is really pop music, e.g., “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, “Holly Jolly Christmas”. They are not only poor music, but are overplayed on the radio and in other venues because they are the only songs that are relatively secular, but seasonal. They are also 60 years old and sound it.