Creative Writing Exercise

Let’s see what kind of (dark) imaginations we have in this group. I’ll start it off, you can add a paragraph or two to the story. I’m almost afraid to see where this takes us, but it should be interesting if not fun:

There I sat, all alone in the room, with my only company being my thoughts and a strange clicking that always seemed to be coming from behind me, even as I searched the room. It was frustrating and useless to continue searching, and I was giving myself a small case of whiplash to boot, so I sat in the only item in the room, which was a plain wooden chair. I sat there, fidgeting occasionally as I my buttocks started falling asleep. I kept looking at my left wrist, but I had no watch there, just the dark hairs against my pale skin. I seemed unusually pale, or at least my wrists did. How long had I been in here, anyway? I was wearing a long, robe-like garment, with a rope belted around my waist.

Okay, have at it!

Monday Coulrophobia Open Comments

To show how much of a giver I am, trying to help our host overcome his coulrophobia, I turn to a link from texpat yesterday:

“What we need to do is gradually come into contact with that thing – whether it’s spiders or heights, whatever you’re afraid of – and learn to cope with the anxiety, learn to recognize that what you’re afraid of won’t actually harm you,” he says. “You won’t lose control, you won’t panic, you won’t embarrass yourself with other people.”

I that spirit, I give you this: