Thursday High-Speed Lawn Mowing Open Comments

What’s likely to happen when a bunch of guys get together and start talking about lawn care? What about if those same guys happen to have lawn mowers? Riding lawn mowers?

I would bet it would be a fairly short time before words were exchanged and then something like this would happen:

If there are some serious rednecks and some beer involved, you’ll get this:

It is to our unending shame that this was started by English rednecks. Oh well… Better late than never.

Tuesday Cow Mentality Open Comments

It seems the EU plans to train its populace to no longer become individuals, but to meld into one big herd, willing to be shepherded and corralled and controlled in the name of the world’s biggest hoax:

Siim Kallas, the EU transport commission, insisted that Brussels directives and new taxation of fuel would be used to force people out of their cars and onto “alternative” means of transport.

“That means no more conventionally fuelled cars in our city centres,” he said. “Action will follow, legislation, real action to change behaviour.”

Again, taxes are used to manage and control human behavior, and not as a revenue source for legitimate government expenses, like national defense.  The EU governments look at their people as objects to be controlled and harvested, like, well, cattle.

And that’s not all:

The plan also envisages an end to cheap holiday flights from Britain to southern Europe with a target that over 50 per cent of all journeys above 186 miles should be by rail.

So the term “cattle car” is not far from the truth, eh?  Imagine how this restriction on passenger flow will influence patterns in real estate, business, etc.  The government can, in effect, kill off or subsidize population and business centers by determining where the “official” traffic can flow.

Anybody up for Obamarail?



Monday Open Comments

Texpat forwarded this article approaching the subject of gun control from a different perspective than usual:

Bolsheviks and Nazis alike practiced collective punishment. The Reds would take hostages against “good behavior” of residents of a town and shoot them if any resistance was offered. Nazis would sometimes kill everyone in a town near which one of their troops perished. We look at such practices with abhorrence, though US and Allied bombings probably killed a few innocent bystanders of their own. As a culture, we don’t view collective punishments as acceptable…or do we?

When one insane man in the UK murdered a group of kids in 1987, hundreds of thousands were punished for his sins. British gun owners were deprived of their guns and not given a choice about it. That was collective punishment in its pure form, affecting only people who had no connection to the crime at all.

I particularly like the last paragraph. Hard hitting, but no less true:

And, in the end, our guns merely hold gun control pushers at bay. The victory over that unethical ideology will come from the cultural rejection of collective punishment. In my lifetime, Brady creatures and their ideological allies will be viewed with the same derision as the Ku Klux Klan.

Weekend Racing Open Comments

There have been some interesting stories about racing in various forms recently. First up, the sport of kings:

Dubai: Godolphin work mates Saeed Bin Surour and Mahmoud Al Zarouni are set to take on some of the best trainers on the planet as they bid to win today’s $10 million (Dh36.7 million) Dubai World Cup (Group 1), the richest and most highly anticipated race in the world.

That’ll buy a lot of oats. I also saw somewhere that the Duchess of Cornwall was scratched.

Next is a classic. The marathon, celebrating an event in ancient Greece where a dude ran 26.2 miles to deliver a very important message. Then died. How did they know it wasn’t 26.3 miles? One of the most recent marathon races was held in the Holy City, Jerusalem, for the first time.

It was also apparently the most heavily-armed marathon ever run. Kenyans won, placed, and showed, natch. But not without a bit of controversy:

Jerusalem’s first-ever marathon ended in amusing confusion on Friday, with a Kenyan runner, said to have taken a wrong turn, crossing the finish line for the half-marathon and still winning.

The Israeli team is not expected to finish until 2051.

Finally, we have:

Drag racing! The sport of queens.

Friday Mushroom Open Comments

Ever heard that phrase “I feel like a mushroom – I’m kept in the dark and people keep throwing (Word I Shouldn’t Say) on me?”

Let’s see what the Main Stream News is doing to shed sunlight on certain topics:

Obama’s “Transparency”:  Let’s see…the visitor logs to the White House have been made public, but the real important visitors sneak in back doors and back alleys and meet with officials at local eateries.

Inequality of income means lopsided ignorance of basic facts. Apparently Newsweek writers think that if your color TV is smaller than the national average that one is excused from knowing the name of our vice president.  Way to point out that there is a public education – of sorts – to which every citizen and non-citizen has access.  Failure to apply oneself to the completion of a general course of study, at the C or D level even, is not a valid excuse for generationally or geographically based ignorance.  Of course, not knowing the name of the VP may be a purely voluntary reaction to the reality of the situation.  IMHO, of course.

I saw part of this interview, and I remember being supremely irritated at Safer’s attitude.  What is it about the Catholic Church that non-Catholics think they know more than 2000 years of Scripture scholars?  And that the Church should change to their way of thinking?  I mean, if you want women priests and abortion, there are other places you can go.  Don’t tear down the Catholic house to rebuild your idea of the perfect religious home.  Go build your own place of worship if you can’t find one ready made to fit your personal belief system, or lack thereof.

And did you know that Israel has disappeared?  At least, according to Egypt Air it has. Did you hear about this on ABC?  CBS?  NBC?  I hate to tell Egypt Air, but Israel ain’t that easy to get rid of.  Especially if they are still flying there several times a week.

Well, it’s time for me to brush off the — hmmm — “compost material” and get one with my day.  When I find the light switch I’ll turn it on for you.

Thursday Free Will Or Deterministic Open Comments

Does Free Will actually exist? If not, then are we truly responsible for our actions? If it does, then how does that square with classic Newtonian physics, where all the matter in the Universe is governed by very simple forces and interactions? How about all you armchair amateur philosophers discuss three questions and see where we go:

1) In this deterministic universe, is it possible for a person to be fully morally responsible for his actions?

2) This year, as he has often done in the past, Mark arranges to cheat on his taxes. Is he is fully morally responsible for his actions?

3) Bill falls in love with his secretary, and he decides that the only way to be with her is to murder his wife and three children. Before leaving on a trip, he arranges for them to be killed while he is away. Is Bill fully morally responsible for his actions?

Wednesday Shores Of Tripoli Open Comments

Well, Obama promised us that if he were elected, we’d no longer be in two wars at the same time, so he started another one. We have yet to hear from The One We’ve Been Waiting For exactly what Vital National Interest is being served by being drug into enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya. The French and British seem to feel that it is Of The Utmost Importance that Qadaffi be prevented from putting an end to the current uprising. The Germans wanted no part of the action whatsoever. The Arab League were all for it until they found out that it involved bombing a fellow Arab nation by non-Arabs, so they’ve been in full retreat.

France has also now declared that she does not want to lead this effort, nor does she want some sort of NATO-led effort. What France is proposing is some sort of supra-NATO committee composed of representatives of the belligerents, plus the Arab League and who knows who else.

What remains the most unclear is “Why Libya?” Obama had this to say:

Obama explained that the U.S. is acting as part of a broad international coalition that agreed Qadhafi — who answered a pro-democracy rebellion against him with brutal violence — must be stopped.
“Our military action is in support of an international mandate from the [United Nations] Security Council that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by Colonel Qadhafi to his people,” the American president said. “Not only was he carrying out murders of civilians, but he threatened more.”

Left unsaid is exactly how the situation in Libya differs from that in Iran last year or in Bahrain now. Qadaffi/Libya is a known state sponsor of terrorism, but then so is Iran. Qadaffi is violently suppressing a popular rebellion, but then so is Bahrain and so was Iran, yet we remain spectacularly uninvolved in either.

Meanwhile, our pilots have a herculean task ahead of them, and I’m not talking about merely avoiding antiaircraft fire.

Once committed to hitting enemy forces on the ground, though, U.S. leaders faced a problem built into the U.N. mandate to protect civilians. Are opposition fighters civilians? Are they military? What about civilians who are loyal to Gadhafi? Do they warrant protection, too? Gen. Ham, speaking to reporters from his headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, on Monday, had some difficulty sorting it out.

Essentially, they are required to somehow divine the intentions of groups of people they see on the ground while flying past them at several hundred mph.

What this all boils down to is we’ve managed to become entangled in some multinational feel-good group hug whose strategic intent has yet to be determined and whose overall goal is completely unknown. The Chicagoboyz (no relation to the President or his fellow travelers) have come up with a set of outcomes ranging from total American victory

1) Qadaffi dead or fled and,
2) A stable successor state that is not a terrorist haven, and,
3) A democracy.

to total American defeat.

1) Qadaffi survives in power

We all need to pray for our great nation; she’s gonna need it.

n.b. The above really only discusses pretty high-level foreign policy aspects of Obama’s Excellent Libyan Adventure. More info can be found at: (always a good source) (very link-rich) (the always informative Caroline Glick)

Here are a couple of links for some domestic policy (such as it is or is not) discussion:

Tuesday Sunshine Roundup Open Comments

Our host seems to be a little stressed of late, so let’s take him on a trip home to cheer him up.

First up, a Crestview man locked his girlfriend in a shed and threw cottage cheese at her. Must be some sort of cracker mating ritual.

Then we have a couple of Broward County Deputies who are evidently under strict orders to prevent suicides.

Speaking of cops, Orlando brings us a man bites cop story. I wonder if had his distemper shots? He’s also a nominee for most creative tasering invitation today.

Next stop: Gainesville, where controversial preacher Terry Jones “supervised the burning of a Koran by fellow Evangelical preacher Wayne Sapp. Apparently burning a Koran requires soaking it in kerosene for an hour beforehand. Who knew?

Finally, the Bradenton cemetery where Eugene Washington was being buried must have been going for the extra style points.