Weekend Labor Day Open Comments

Statue of Lenin being removed, Berlin, 1991

President Grover Cleveland finally agreed to formally declare a Labor Day holiday in September after the violent and deadly 1894 Pullman strike in Chicago.  Cleveland insisted on a September date rather than May 1st favored by the labor movement.  The first day in May was already celebrated around the world as International Workers’ Day, a communist inspired holiday chosen to commemorate the “Antifa” of the era, the labor union anarchists who blew up seven police officers and four civilians in London during the Haymarket Affair of 1886.

The actors, the venues and the costumes change, but there is nothing really new in history.  The stupid and violent will always be with us.

Thursday Open Thread

Elizabeth “Libby” Gardner, of Rockford, Illinois, Class 43-W-6 WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot) at the controls of a Martin B-26 ‘Marauder’ medium bomber. Harlingen Army Air Field, Texas. 1943 (Aged 22)

“When I first started learning, I was eager and nervous and also had two days of training under Lieutenant Col. Paul Tibbets who later commanded the B-29 that dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima. The training consisted of three phases; primary, basic, and advanced. On the days that we have check rides, a lot of pressure can be put on us women, and we feel that we must make a name for ourselves in this industry.”

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Of the more than 1,100 women who volunteered and flew every fighter, bomber, transport and trainer aircraft in the inventory 72 years ago, only about 300 were still alive when the survivors of the first female military pilots received the Congressional Gold Medal at a ceremony in the US Capitol of Washington on March the 11th 2010.