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The Fusion GPS news-for-hire scandal has not only led to the public identification of the source of the “Trump Dossier”—a for-profit company that provides opposition research to whoever could write big checks, which is staffed by four former Wall Street Journal reporters led by Glenn Simpson. The scandal has also lifted the lid off a sewer of corporate information warfare and opposition research that the flailing institutions of the mainstream press now regularly re-package as news, without ever saying where it came from—or who paid for it. While the idea that the products of paid opposition research are being main-lined by name news outlets makes an ongoing mockery of claims to objective reporting, that part of the story is hardly new—it goes back at least to the partisan warfare of the 1990s. So why is Fusion GPS such a big deal?

The Trump Dossier, and the firestorm it ignited, is only one piece of the Fusion GPS story. What’s new about Fusion GPS and its fellow DC oppo shops—few of which register as foreign lobbyists—is that they take money from entities linked to foreign governments that are eager to re-frame or invent news stories to punish their enemies at home and torque American foreign policy by controlling information. When you connect the dots between Fusion GPS’s foreign clients and U.S. media outlets, a much more disturbing picture emerges of the firm’s activities, and what they reveal about the weakened state of the American press, and American democracy.


But wait: How could the Kremlin be targeting Donald Trump, at the same time as it was trying to elect Trump by hacking John Podesta’s emails and spreading them on Wikileaks, and running anti-Hillary Clinton conspiracy stories on Russia Today? The answer is that the purpose of Russia’s interventions in the 2016 election wasn’t to elect either Clinton or Trump, for a traditional quid pro quo. Information operations don’t work that way; they’re hammers, not scalpels. You can sow distrust and confusion, and pit groups against each other—but you can’t move swing voters in Wisconsin from one column to another with any kind of reliability, and efforts to achieve such a straightforward aim are more likely than not to backfire.

No, the point of the Kremlin’s assault on the American election of 2016 was to defame both candidates, and sow chaos, and thereby to discredit the American system of government, which rests on the consent of the governed. By any measure you care to use, the Kremlin has succeeded, and Fusion GPS was one of its most useful instruments.

Lee Smith, the Smartest Guy in the Room

The Deep State are a bunch of amateurs compared to these dangerous creeps,

The press has its hands tied. “If they report that the Russia dossier is probably nonsense,” said Halvorssen, “and Fusion GPS is running information operations across the media, then that calls into question all the other stories that Fusion GPS has fed journalists in the past. Why are so few journalists willing to look into Fusion GPS?”

In order to report honestly on the Trump scandals, a weakened press would have to report honestly on Fusion GPS—which would mean lifting the lid on the incompetence and malfeasance of their own institutions and colleagues, which would reveal a scandal as threatening to democracy as anything Trump has said or done. “Imagine if they subpoena Fusion GPS’s emails,” said a veteran Washington reporter, “there are going to be lots of journalists in there who’ve taken stories from them. Big names, senior figures in the field. It will look like an apocalypse.”

Monday Open Thread

Press ignores fraud case brought by 2016 Sanders backers against Democrat Party

The attorneys for 2016 supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who are suing Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and the Democratic National Committee for fraud say they are “perplexed” as to why the case has gotten so little coverage in the media.

“This seems like an important case, as important as you can get,” attorney Cullin O’Brien told LifeZette on Tuesday.


The class-action suit was filed on June 28, 2016, after leaked emails from the computers of the Democratic National Committee, published by hacker Guccifer 2.0, revealed the committee was working to promote the candidacy of Hillary Clinton from the very start, despite public pledges to remain neutral. In a May 2015 memo that was released, the committee laid out different methods of attack to “muddy the waters” around Clinton’s vulnerabilities, methods that included “working through the DNC” to “utilize reporters” and generating stories in the media “with no fingerprints.”

and a Google search at the end of July reveals nothing has changed since this was done,

A search on Google News for the name of the case in quotes “Wilding v. DNC” yields zero results. A search of the official name of the case, “Wilding et al. v. DNC” yields 16 results — Salon and a handful of obscure websites. No mainstream outlets either national or in Florida, where the suit was filed.

Thursday Open Thread

Francis Menton is a semi-retired lawyer who has lived for decades in Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan.  He spends much of his time lately on environmental issues regarding fraudulent claims by governments and others of man-made global warming.

Menton also publishes the widely read website, Manhattan Contrarian, an act of bravery given he lives in the ideological bowels of the Beast.  The following is an excerpt from a press release issued Monday, July 24th, by the Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council, a client of Francis Menton.

Electricity Consumers File New Study in Their Call for EPA to Reopen its Endangerment Finding

Key Points:

  1. Just Released, new research findings demonstrate that adjustments by government agencies to the global average surface temperature (GAST) record render that record totally inconsistent with published credible temperature data sets and useless for any policy purpose.
  2. The new results invalidate the claims based on GAST data of “record warming” in recent years, and thereby also invalidate the so-called “lines of evidence” on which EPA claimed to base its 2009 CO2 Endangerment Finding.
  3. If the Endangerment Finding is not vacated, whether the current administration likes it or not, it is certain that electric utility, automotive and many other industries will face ongoing EPA CO2 regulation.
  4. This scientifically illiterate regulation will raise U.S. energy prices thereby reducing economic growth and jobs.

Menton has a great collection of posts compiled into a 16 part series titled, The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time.  If you want a comprehensive layman’s primer on climate fraud for your archives, this is an excellent place to start.