Thursday Entrepreneur Open Comments

I was browsing and found this story. Prepare to grin ear to ear. This kid will go far. Unless he gets taxed to death. But with his imagination, persistence, and just good ol’ charm, he’ll probably do okay.

And good on Dad, for letting him run with his idea. And good on his benefactor and all the flash mob who supported him.

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65 thoughts on “Thursday Entrepreneur Open Comments

  1. We need to change the law so we stop oppressing teh ghey crazy people in N. Texas Hicksville. It’s discrimination like that that we must put an end to.

  2. G’Morning All

    One quick one before I head out the door to the Dermatologist.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz Backs Out of Islamist Event After Blowback

    by William Bigelow 19 hours ago 113 post a comment
    DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was scheduled to give the keynote address at a fundraiser hosted by an American Muslim on the Federal Terrorist Watch List, is backing out. Called out by her Republican opponent Joe Kaufman, Wasserman Schultz’s spokesman issued a statement that “there was a miscommunication, she is not speaking to the organization … we never agreed to do a fundraiser, nor this event.”

    She lied. Here is the flyer for the event.

  3. Dems declare war on women:

    “What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country, saying, ‘Well, you know, my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues, and when I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing.’ Guess what? His wife has actually never worked a day in her life,” Rosen said.

    “She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing, in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and why do we worry about their future,” Rosen continued, adding that Romney “just seems so old fashioned when it comes to women.”

    Raised five sons but never worked a day in her life? If Ann Romney had aborted her five sons she’d be a hero to these ugly feminists. They’d pray for her.

  4. I wonder what the labor force size and participation rate will be?

    Whatever it takes to calculate out to a jobless rate of 7.8%.

  5. #14 Couchmaster: From your linkie:

    A123 last month said it would recall defective battery packs developed for auto makers that were made at its Livonia, Mich., plant. A flaw in the manufacturing process led to defective packs that could cause them to fail, the company then said.
    A123, which is owned in part by General Electric Co., is one of several battery companies that built production facilities with aid from the US government. A123 received $249 million in federal grants to build battery facilities.

    Give me 250MILLION DOLLARS and I will blow up all kinds of neat stuff and may actually produce something useful (not to mention having a wiss load of fun) in the process.

  6. #13 hamous
    Right. But there’s a continuum of possible values that yield 7.8%. If the labor force drops to 1,000, then if there are 78 people looking for a job, you’ll get it, although the country would be a wilderness at that point.

  7. #16 When was the “universe of the labor force” into the calculation? Isn’t the Universe of Labor Force (ULF) equal to the total able bodied (this excludes mentally/physically handicapped) population:
    minus those who have retired (voluntarily and over 65)
    minus those who stay at home to take care of children
    minus those incarcerated and in the military
    minus those who are full time students

    Let’s call the total of the above ULF, the true unemployment rate would be the ULF minus total employed take that difference and divide by the ULF. This would yield the true percentage of those in the ULF who are not employed, would it not? What does the universe of available jobs have to do with the unemployment rate?

  8. #18: Pyro, Farrakhan is a stark raving lunatic! He and his nation of islime followers are nothing better and perhaps worse that the kkk with a permanent tan. Farrakhan and his followers need to be treated with the same contempt as the kkk as they are two sides of the same corrupt coin.

  9. #18 WB

    RE: Your Farrakhan link.

    This is a self-evident falsehood:

    The Anti-Defamation League also reports that Farrakhan has accused white Republicans of praying for President Obama’s death.

    There is not a single Republican in this nation wishing for Joe Biden to become president.

  10. Good afternoon Hamsters.

    Hmm, Hillary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney has apparently been aborted, since Ms. Rosen has walked back her venom as being “poorly chosen” words. (As reported on the 1 pm radio news.) And the strong suspicion that the White House was behind the incident seems more likely as Ms. Rosen (frequent visitior to the WH) has just been flung under the Obama bus (per Rush). But she hasn’t been alone in the attack, for one Debbie Waaaserman Schultz has been even more on the warpath at every opportunity on every topic (#6 OTL). It’s the Obama campaign war on women, plainly exposed.

    I think it will backfire bigtime, and likely already is. Ann Romney is by all reports a charming, well-spoken, and educated lady; wife and mother of five sons; breast cancer survivor; afflicted with multiple sclerosis (God bless her); horsewoman and dressage rider (the equestrian equivalent of playing chess); partner with her husband.

    IMHO the attacks will rally women to Ann’s defense and be taken as an attack on them as well, which will result in scorn heaped upon the attackers and their backers. When you look at those who already have sniped at her, how can you doubt that it is orchestrated at the highest levels by the Society of Democrat Harridans, Xantippe Elite Corps?



  11. Adee,
    Apparently Mrs. Romney appeared on some morning shows to defend herself and husband against this Hillary Rosen witch.

    Could it possibly be the case that the Stupid Party has finally removed their feet from the concrete and learned how to quickly respond to this stuff?

    We can only hope.

    No thanks due to Karl Rove, I’m certain.

  12. Ed Gillespie to spearhead the VP vetting.
    Let’s hope he can do better with this job than he did choosing and defending Harriet Miers.

  13. He’s good enough. He’s smart enough. And doggone it, Biden likes him!

    “He has been one of the leading legal scholars,” Biden said of [Al] Franken today, according to the pool report. He also said that Franken “is deadly serious” as a senator.

    Franken’s a big effing deal.

  14. #28 Shannon. I heard a clip from Ann Romney’s interview replayed on Rush’s program today, and she managed quite well. Well enough to scare the pants off the opposition for them to suddenly backtrack. And it was sooo obvious that’s what had happened. You go girl, keep them off balance..

    For VP, the Romney campaign is well advised to make their pick from well-known conservative candidates. That could be given a helpful nudge if we Texans do our poke in the eye of the establishment by supporting Newt or Rick in our primary. We do have 155 delegates to award, and Mitt does not have that magic number sewn up yet.

    And of course we must tend to business all down the ticket in nominating conservatives. There was a barage of one Dewhurst ad on Ch. 11 pretty much all evening, so much so that it became intrusive about like those awful JC Penney ads when their new regime took over. It was overkill, and the inclusion of his WWII veteran father regrettably seemed an attempt to parry Ted Cruz’s father’s flight from Cuba. Apples and organges, and it did not work for me.

    IMHO Dewhurst excels at clumsily insulting the tea party movement while claiming to have been in on the ground floor. As far as I know, he’s skipped all the tea party sponsored candidate forums. He was even a latecomer to the senatorial candidate forum Rep. Pete Olson sponsored late last year, as I understand it having agreed only about a week before. His presentation there sure seemed stitched together at the last minute. All the other candidates were on board well in advance–and made better presentations. His advisors are not helping him.

  15. I saw the Dewhurst ad.
    I’m pretty sure I fell asleep about halfway through it.
    Mr Excitement, I tell ya.

  16. I like it when Dewcrist takes credit for his Dad being a bomber pilot over Utah Beach on D Day.

  17. What really turns me on is Dewhurst’s firey, inspiring promotion of his hearfelt conservative vision for the state of Texas and these United States.

  18. Dewhurst makes Romney look like a charismatic teevee preacher.
    Maybe he should be the running mate.

  19. #32 Queen Adee

    Re Dewhurst ad mentioning his WWII veteran father, I heard one on the radio and it rang all the wrong bells, something like “My father led the invasion of Normandy Beach on D-Day”. If Dewhurst senior was there, I thank him for his service. But if he “led the invasion”, wouldn’t we know his name, like some bigshot general? Seemed like extreme hyperbole.

  20. Smiley Tutorial 101

    : + ) = little smiley 🙂
    : + D = big smiley 😀

    8) Top Ten List smiley

  21. Oh, 42!


    I am delirious from a hard day of regression testing, ending with discovery of a showstopper when I had only 4 (of 74) testcases left to go. Seems I will be working this weekend ‘stead of mowing my tall shaggy grass. And got a meeting tonight. Check y’all later.

  22. I know we can count on Dewhurst to carry on the long tradition of Texas Senators such as Bob Krueger, Lloyd Bentsen and Kay Huchison.

    Doesn’t it just give you goosebumps?

  23. #47 wagonB

    Dang, man, you blew the deal.

    I was saving that for Squawk. Heaven knows he needs the grooming advice and I would pay huge money to see the look on B-Sue’s face when Squawk came home all “pejazzled”.


  24. BSue and I celebrate our 16th anniversary today. Heh the big joke between us is that it took us 37 years to get a total of 20.

    Life is good.

  25. I asked her what she might want to do today, keeping in mind that she had to work tomorrow. I was thinking maybe a movie or at least going out to dinner. Her answer?


  26. Texpat

    Paraphrasing Bunsonburner’s original comment to osmething more appropriate would get me kicked out of here PDQ. So I will simply quote Bunsonburner

    Two words:

    Uh. NO.

  27. Well not ALL Govt. workers are lazy – we are STILL waiting for a jury to finish deliberating up in Conroe this evening (a BACA child’s case that is)

  28. Seems to be making a dent.

    Unlike the astroturfing Media Matters Twitterers who make a small number of people seem like a mass movement because they can hit a “send” button all day long, this is one-at-a-time, hand-to-pump combat.

  29. #29;

    Mrs. Romney can be a real asset to this campaign.
    If the Professionals don’t screw it up.

    My thoughts exactly.

  30. Adee #32;

    #28 Shannon. I heard a clip from Ann Romney’s interview replayed on Rush’s program today, and she managed quite well. Well enough to scare the pants off the opposition for them to suddenly backtrack. And it was sooo obvious that’s what had happened. You go girl, keep them off balance..

    And thus we see why Mormon men have a healthy fear of their women. 🙂

  31. Hamous #8;

    They’d pray for her.

    I imagine there’s only so much blatant mockery God can take. Planned Parenthood is so flagarantly appaulling.

  32. Darren
    Thanks for the congrats, but I hope ya don’t mind if “we” leave you out of the “us” portion at certain times over the next 16 years. 😉

    I mean you are a nice guy and all that, but well you know.

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