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  1. firsticus!
    The picture falls closer to the category of lame-@$$ed crap pretending to be art. Taken by an artist wannabe.

  2. 3 Bonecrusher says:
    March 22, 2012 at 7:39 am
    The Al-Qaida O2 thief who murdered a Rabbi and 3 chirrenzes in France has assumed room temperature, and not a minute too soon.

    I’d much rather he’d been caught alive and then sweated for the identities of any accomplises or contacts and any other intel.

  3. #6: Unfortunately, I can see that kind of thing, murdering mooslime terrorism, becoming routine in France and the rest of Europe as opposed to the exception it now is.

  4. October Baby is definetly on the list for us to try and make a box office success that can’t be ignored.

  5. #8 TT: From your first linkie comments:

    Wow, this is important. All one needed to do was to have this conversation before the mistake of ’08, and the ascension of Barry to the throne of the Imperial Federal Government, he would have never been elected. There has never been a more dangerous man to be president of our great land. We must finish what we started in 2010, our country as we know it, depends on it. Can’t wait to see the movie.

    We can never forget that if one were to assume that JugEars was out then it would Hitlery against McLame and given the climate and the unrelenting pressure form the LSM, we could have Hitlery in the chair instead. Do we all remember that Hitlery tried 0 care first with the “healthcare express”, which was roundly critiqued as the unconstitutional power grab that 0 care has turned out to be? Can anyone with a straight face actually say that Hitlery has been anything but destructive as SS? At best, Hitlery as POTUS would only have been marginally less of a disaster than the current admin.

  6. I just read the closing handful of comments regarding circumcision from yesterday’s thread and I am reminded of this story:

    Moses is on his way down from THE MOUNTAIN, having just seen the big plan, and he stops to ask one more time; “Lemme get this straight, they get all the oil and we cut off the end of our d*&$, right?”

  7. I am not bad I am just drawn that way.
    Jessica Rabbit


    Ohio Arts ain’t complainin’, maybe the gaffe will be a jobs creator.

    “Happy to see Etch A Sketch, an American classic toy, is DRAWING attention with political candidates as a cultural icon and important piece of our society. A profound toy, highly recognized and loved by all, is now SHAKING up the national debate. Nothing is as quintessentially American as Etch A Sketch and a good old fashioned political debate.

    We are pleased with the added attention being drawn to Etch A Sketch which is truly one of the most recognizable, iconic and fun toys ever developed. As one of the most classic toys of all time, Etch A Sketch has always sold particularly well with today’s consumer. It is too early to tell, but we are hopeful to see if there is an uptake in sales given this recent exposure.”

  8. …and if you’d like to know how I REALLY feel about it, meet me at the American Shooting Center. I’m heading over there now. Tap at you all later.

  9. #17 TimD: While I am appalled at the revelation, unfortunately, I am not the least bit surprised.

  10. Squawkbox Translation Services usually cost mucho “OBSCENE PROFITS”. For today only I am offering my services for free. Yes, you heard me correctly free.

    What Romney said:

    “When you ask in these prior elections, ‘who as conservatives did you vote?,’ I won the conservative vote. Some who are very conservative may not yet be in my camp, but they will be when I become the nominee, when I face Barack Obama. “

    Those stupid saps. Who are they going to vote for? Barak Obama? Muhwahahahahahaha.

  11. #17 O Tim – while there are many things to demonstrate the total incompetence of our Nubian Prince, this has been going on a long time. From the original source :

    Author’s addendum, Feb. 17, 2012: This is not a new issue. In fact the Bush and Clinton administrations are directly at fault for the same inaction. A maritime agreement negotiated by the U.S. State Department set the Russian boundary on the other side of the disputed islands, but no treaty has ratified this action. Consequently, it is within the president’s power to stop this giveaway. The Alaska delegation’s failure to put pressure on the administration is inexplicable.

  12. I do not recall reading about this anywhere.

    On Wednesday, WND reported on the conviction of Adam Eugene Cox, 33, of Knoxville, Tenn., who pleaded guilty to graphically threatening Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, possibly in connection with the lawman’s investigation into the president’s eligibility for office.

    Among Cox’s Internet postings: “I plan to kill Arpaio first. He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this. He won’t f**k with Obama. He will be buried 10 feet under and his whole family will be murdered along with him.”
    “Now the media, when Gabrielle Giffords was shot, blamed Palin, and then they next tried to blame me. And neither of us, of course, had anything to do with it. The lunatic was not even political. And now we have an absolute political lunatic, a big supporter of Obama’s threatening to kill Joe Arpaio and his family and the media’s asleep. They’re not interested. The perp is an Obama supporter.” (The speaker here is Rush Limbaugh)

    Cox pleaded guilty to harassment of Arpaio, and was immediately sentenced to serve nearly a year in a “bootcamp”-style program similar to probation, as well as ordered to pay court costs.

    Does it strike anyone as ridiculous that his punishment is so lenient? If someone made a similar threat to JugEars dya think they would ever see the light of day again?

  13. Good morning Hamsters. Wonderful 56 at 6, sunshine and light breeze with 70 at noon. Nirvana is Texas in Springtime.

    So the Ass Press and other media are covering for Obama’s insane claim that he’s responsible for approving the Keystone Pipeline between Cushing, OK and refineries on the Gulf in Texas. He can’t stop the pipeline capacity enlargement of an already existing one, which he surely would love to do if he could. But the LSM media will report it as if it’s The Keystone Pipeline from Canada that he’s blocked at every turn, and the dimly-aware-they’re- alive population will lap it up.

    All pretense of objectivity in journalism is GWTW now, and the LSM are his slavish propaganda outlets on steroids. Notice that the Chron of late has dropped its pretense of being anything but a leftwing repeater other than maybe in local subjects that have no bearing on the election. The acceleration seems to have come after the shakeup in upper management at the Chron a month or so ago. IMHO it is blindly trying to put itself out of business. I miss the Houston Post even more.

  14. #33: Ifn I lost you at WND, try this quote from Limbaugh:

    “Now the media, when Gabrielle Giffords was shot, blamed Palin, and then they next tried to blame me. And neither of us, of course, had anything to do with it. The lunatic was not even political. And now we have an absolute political lunatic, a big supporter of Obama’s threatening to kill Joe Arpaio and his family and the media’s asleep. They’re not interested. The perp is an Obama supporter.” (The speaker here is Rush Limbaugh)

  15. LA city council calls for “diversity” in talk radio.

    HEADLINE: City Council Warns ‘Crack Ho’ Comments ‘Intolerable’, Calls For Diversity In Talk Radio
    LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City Council members were one step closer on Wednesday to becoming the first in the nation to adopt a resolution condemning certain types of speech on public airwaves.

    Councilmember Jan Perry introduced legislation this week that would call upon media companies to ensure “on-air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs” on radio and other broadcasts.

    . . . . .and the attack on the first amendment continues unabated.

  16. Does anybody have any info about a lockdown at Atascocita High School due to an armed robbery in the neighborhood? Headcrusher is a student there.

  17. adopt a resolution condemning


    Nutter city councils have been doing this kind of crap for ages.

    resolution carries as much weight as a mayoral proclamation that July is “ice cream month”

    resolution <> ordinance

  18. resolution carries as much weight as a mayoral proclamation that July is “ice cream month”

    agreed, however, such stoopidity needs to be called out each and every time it happens. What is disturbing to me about this is that there doesn’t seem to be any concept of free speech for all as opposed to some. That dipsticks on a city council don’t seem to understand is that the constant drum beat to censor political/current events speech has a cumulative degrading effect on the 1st amendment in peoples psyche. That degradation makes it easier for higher ups to pass laws that actually do have serious ramifications.
    Don’t forget what George Orwell taught us in 1984, 10000 repetitions makes a truth. . .
    /just saying

  19. Regarding the artwork at the top of comments, well, it’s a deer and a rabbit doll in frontier dress, standing in the misty moors. That’s the best I can do. Can’t even begin to imagine what was in the artist’s (?) mind in producing this. Maybe don’t want to.

  20. Does anybody have any info about a lockdown at Atascocita High School due to an armed robbery in the neighborhood? Headcrusher is a student there.

    There is swat activity in Fort Bend County where a parolee has barricaded himself in a home with weapons. Don’t know where Atascita HS is, but I just heard this on the radio so I thought I would pass it along.

  21. #47: Correct, I have since received word that the lock down has been lifted and all is well with Headcrusher.

  22. What about this kitteh?


    Miss Kitty was quite a lady. Gunsmoke was a wonderful series.

    Amanda Blake (Kitty) was Classy with a capital “C”

    Julie Newmar (Catwoman) had a nice ummm well ya know from a guys point of view she well, ya gotta understand I was young then…… Oh never mind. 😉

  23. This may be the ultimate sockpuppet story of all time.

    The Holder DOJ is harrassing a Lousiana businessman named Fred Heebe. One of the federal, career prosecutors assigned to the long, drawn out case is named Sal Perricone. It seems Perricone has been making really nasty comments on a public website about Mr. Heebe and his wife for months.

    The commenter took regular shots at Heebe and his family, seeming to know more about the case than an average reader of the site might. The American Bar Association and the Justice Department advise against making extrajudicial comments that make either side seem biased against an outcome.

    So Heebe hired a former FBI forensic linguist, James R. Fitzgerald, to analyze 598 comments made over the course of 6 months by a commenter using the handle “Henry L. Mencken1951”. Fitzgerald, who also worked on the arrest and prosecution of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, compared the comments made by “Mencken1951” to the language in a 9-page proceeding filed by three Assistant U.S. Attorneys, including Parricone, against the CEO of Heebe’s company, River Birch Landfill. The language was strikingly similar. Given that Parricone was born in 1951, Heebe singled him out in the court petition. On Thursday afternoon, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten confirmed Perricone had used the “Henry L. Mencken1951” handle.

    Perricone has resigned.

    Good grief.

  24. #50 Boney

    Can you share some of the comments? I’m not registering just to read comments. Needless to say, I’m not buying a jersey.

    I already have car washing rags.

  25. Excellent piece at the Hoover Institution on China and Americans’ foolish infatuation with their state-run authoritarian economy, by brilliant scholar, Ying Ma.

    Additionally, running a company is not—and should not be confused with—leading a human rights campaign. However maligned the private sector may be by President Obama, there is intrinsic value in the marketplace’s focus on the bottom line, both in America and in China. One cannot expect U.S. businessmen to ignore their duty to shareholders and serve as mouthpieces for human rights causes. With that said, the frequency with which top Western executives effusively praise Chinese rulers for their “astute” and visionary leadership shows an unfortunate obsequiousness, not just a recognition of the tradeoffs necessary to do business with a police state.

    Running a company should not be confused with leading a human rights campaign.

    On the economic front, business executives have also erred in their rosy pronouncements. Many who lead large multinational corporations often fail to acknowledge the massive inefficiencies and drastic human costs created by China’s state capitalism. For example, much like President Obama and his liberal allies, business leaders have consistently touted China’s infrastructure prowess and Beijing’s ability to plan and direct economic activity.

    In fact, nothing has muddied China’s infrastructure narrative more than the disasters in its high-speed railway system. Once, the rapid construction of this system, the most extensive in the world, served as Exhibit A of China’s infrastructure superiority over America. However, going high-speed in China has highlighted endemic corruption and delivered grave tragedy. In February 2011, Liu Zhijun, China’s minister of railways and the architect of the country’s high-speed rail network, was fired and arrested amid accusations of wheeling and dealing in bribes of $155 million—and keeping eighteen mistresses. Then on July 23, one high-speed train rammed into another in southeast China, killing forty and injuring more than 170 passengers. This is hardly an infrastructure model that the United States should follow.

    (Ying Ma’s bio here.)

    Not to be confused, of course, with Yuja Wang. See post below.

  26. TT: It is a Drudge link, you should not have to register, I didn’t.

    Is that his IQ?
    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHasHaHaHaHaha….. gasp for air…… HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHahahAhaha………. gasp again…….HaHaHaHahAhAhAhAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….ahhhhhhhhhhh, Haven’t laughed that hard since the moron in chief called a corpsman a corpse man. Holy crap batman… Stop the insanity!

    I think 44 is the amount of felonies he has committed while being President.

    If you add 13 it equals the number of states he claims to have visited.

    Let’s not associate the (p)Resident with stereotypical Basketball players.

    Now, buy this Basketball jersey.

    4 is death in Chinese culture. Guess who’s killing our country and guess who he owes the most debt to?

    None of the comments are charitable toward JugEars. Nov 6, 2012 then Jan 21, 2013 can’t come quickly enough.

  27. When young classical pianist and former prodigy, Yuja Wang, showed up for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl last summer, she caused an international sensation.

    And not because her artistry is stunning, which it is, but well, you just gotta see this…

    Billy Gibbons, call your office.

  28. #6 Sarge

    sweated for the identities of any accomplises or contacts and any other intel.

    Do the Frenchies do that sort of unpleasant merde?

  29. #11 Bones

    Hitlery as POTUS would only have been marginally less of a disaster than the current admin.

    We wouldna hadda look at Michelle’s dreadful fashion sense for 4 years…

  30. We wouldna hadda look at Michelle’s dreadful fashion sense for 4 years…

    While that may be true, we also would have been inflicted by another endless stream of bimbo eruptions and cigar violations by Slick Willie; hence only marginally better.

  31. #63
    Would Hil have let him live in the W.H. with her had she been POTUS 44 instead of Obammy?

  32. #62 BC

    That is Flight of the Bumblebee and tremendously demanding physically. It’s also great for showing off one’s incredible skills.

    I especially like this one from Santa Fe. It’s by Alexander Scriabin, the Russian composer.

  33. This may be the ultimate sockpuppet story of all time.

    I don’t know, the chucklehead posting over at BJP as his dead grandmother was pretty good.

  34. #67 Hamous

    Very true. It was so easy to uncover it too – about 5 minutes. The moron didn’t even have the intelligence to hide his identity.

  35. This just came in from Papa Bonecrusher, my dear old dad. Granted the roads were icy and slick, the fact of the matter is that a routine text message or strong distraction can have absolutely disastrous results in a matter of mere seconds.

  36. At 6 foot 7 inches tall, Baldry, and particularly this song, was in heavy rotation on AFRTS in the early 70’s. I would hear it a couple times a day.
    IIRC, he used to date Dave Davies of the Kinks.

  37. Hamistanis, I love ya, but this ain’t me

    Asked what they would give up for a year in order to maintain access to the Internet, 77 percent of Americans said they’d forgo chocolate, 73 percent alcohol, 69 percent coffee and 21 percent said they would go a whole year without sex.

  38. I apologize if this has been posted before, but there are folks out there who can create art with an Etch-A-Sketch

    George is known as the best Etch A Sketcher in the world. The detail in his work will blow your mind. One of his masterpieces takes over 70 hours to create. According to http://www.gvetchedintime.com, “His work has been described as the one continuous line that continues to amaze the world.” I cannot even imagine the patience it would take to create something like this. His award winning artwork has been inspiring people for over twenty years.

  39. Say, Darren, if you are up late tonight, how’s about an update on your family saga, if you’ve a mind to share. How is the pregnancy progessing? All OK I hope. Is the little girl out of her cast and got a good arm, or is her career in baseball/tennis/golf thwarted? Last but not least, how are you doing yourself? I need to sack out early tonight myself, but I’ll check for a reply in the a.m.

  40. Say, Darren, if you are up late tonight, how’s about an update on your family saga, if you’ve a mind to share.

    Thanks for askin’.

    Mrs. Darren’s more pregnant than before. And that’s good. She should be going to the doctor soon for a check up. Because she was on Litium there’s a test they want to do as that does put the baby at certain risk though I do not know what. Mrs. Darren did give up those meds as soon as she discovered she was prgnant. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.

    Baby Girl’s in her short cast and I think that comes off in a week or two. I took her in during Spring Break to remove the large cast. I got to see her x-rays which showed the rods in her arm. Pretty neat medically speakng. They took those rods out. The doctor simply grabbed them and pulled them right out. The first came out smoothly but the second snagged and Baby Girl screamed. I had to ressist rushing to her as to allw the doctor to finish his job without my obstruction. He yanked it out smoothly the second try. A little cotton to the holes on the sides of her wrists by the nurse wrists and hugs from Dad calmed her quickly. One thing’s for sure, breaking her arm didn’t slow her down hardly at all. I think she’ll be fine for any type of sports she considers but loking at my family I don’t think she’ll pursue anything anytime soon. Perhaps an MMA star down the road. 🙂

    My blood pressure seems normal but I have not checked it in a few weeks. My brain got a “zap” (sort of a forewarning to take it easy) once while demoing the internet apps for Apple TV at the Apple store. It happened while scrolling down rows of images I think from You Tube. Sometimes I wonder if I’m prone to seazuress as well but I don’t know for sure. I think I’m going to spend less time in front of electronic images to see if there’s a difference. Such a”zaps” do not ocurre at all while on my home computer.

    Thanks again for asking. I hope all is well for you and yours.

  41. Darren

    This is going to be the defense of Etch-a-Sketchgate, to go on offense? What we NotRomney’s have been saying would happen all along is confirmed, early, by the Romney camp, and you’re going on offense? Really?

  42. This is going to be the defense of Etch-a-Sketchgate

    LOL, Romney never mentioned Etch-a-Sketch until this became a media scandal of sorts, correct? Do you agree with Santorum or would you like me to retract what I said?

    Heres some sanity in regarding Santorum’s remark:

    BATON ROUGE, La. – Newt Gingrich spoke up in defense of Mitt Romney Thursday night, insisting any Republican presidential candidate would be a better president than Barack Obama.

    “I want to start with something Rick said tonight that I frankly was very surprised that he said and that I hope he’s taking back,” Gingrich told the Baton Rouge Tea Party event crowd referring to Rick Santorum’s comments earlier today.

    Gingrich: The goal is to defeat Obama

    Rick Santorum is more conservative than Romney, that’s for sure but I find Santorum very unprepared for campaigning. He’s not planning his campaign message good at all. I mean, if elected president, is he going to cut the budget or go after porn? I’d love both to ocurre but attacking pornography is not at the top of my list of priorities right now, cutting the budget is.

    Although I am not familiar with the author I found this a pretty insightful article:

    Republicans are no longer questioning whether Santorum can knock Romney out of contention and win the GOP nomination. After his upset wins in non-binding contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, Santorum has destroyed his opportunity to be his party’s nominee. Instead of doubling down on his successful message of how to restore the manufacturing industry, and how unconstitutional President Obama’s healthcare reform law is, he veered wildly off course, to rail against the dangers of contraception, free prenatal testing, college education and the separation between church and state. As if extremist positions far outside the mainstream of either party in 2012 weren’t sufficient, Santorum took aim at President Kennedy, saying his words on the separation of religion and government made him want to throw up.

    Then Santorum, who had stuck to a policy-driven message throughout the campaign, urging an end to petty attacks on the debate stage and even refusing to join other candidates in indulgent and heretical attacks on free market capitalism, sold his political soul. Using Romney’s opposition to the auto bailout (no different from his own opposition) in a robocall urging Michigan Democrats to vote against Romney was bad enough, but pretending he was appealing to conservative Democrats for their support of his agenda was beyond the pale. Democrats were happy to join, composing 10 percent of the Michigan primary electorate Tuesday.

    Instead of making his case for why Romney has “disqualified” himself to face off against Obama because of his past support for TARP, cap-and-trade proposals and an individual mandate to purchase health insurance, Santorum has instead disqualified himself.

    Santorum blew it

    Simply put, I do not find Santorum planning his message very well. The same can be said of Romney but obviously he’s resonating to more people than Santorum

    What we NotRomney’s have been saying would happen all along is confirmed, early, by the Romney camp, and you’re going on offense?

    There’s no pleasing you “NotRomney” crowd is there? Romney’s going to win the nomination, not Gingrich, not Santorum. I say get behind him sooner rather than later. The real target is Obama and I’d be very glad to replace him with Romney.

  43. I gotta go to bed and so I do not have time to pick out the great points Romney made tonight egarding the differences between an Obama second term and a Romney presidency on Hugh Hewitt but here’s the transcript.

    Mitt Rommey Responds To Rick Santorum’s Campaign Rhetoric

    …aw, heck, here it is:

    MR: Well, first of all, under Barack Obama, we’d keep Obamacare. If I’m president, we’ll get rid of Obamacare. Under President Obama, we’ll have probably two, maybe even three new Supreme Court justices, liberals, progressives, so to speak. If I’m president, we’ll have strict constructionists on the Court. Under Barack Obama, we’ll have more restriction on fossil fuels, and a higher cost of gasoline. If I’m president, we’ll take advantage of our energy resources. Under Barack Obama, we’ll continue to tilt the playing field towards organized labor. If I’m president, we’ll allow individuals to have a secret ballot to decide if they want a union or not. I mean, my list goes on. You could not have much more differences than those that add up, for instance, to a deficit under Barack Obama of a trillion dollars a year, with America ultimately hitting a Greek-like wall. If I’m president, we will finally balance our budget, we will secure Social Security and Medicare without bankrupting the next generation. It’s a wholly different course if I’m president than if Barack Obama is president.

    And on energy:

    MR: I think there’s no question but that his continued reference to us having only 2% of the world’s reserves, and using 20% of the world’s oil, is a misstatement, mischaracterization of the energy resources we have in this country. Not only do we have a much more abundant source of oil through the Bokken reserves in North Dakota, but also the Outer Continental Shelf. And of course, we haven’t begun to seismically evaluate the kind of resources we have in this country, oil resources. And then we have natural gas in a massive abundance, which can be used for transportation, ultimately. And of course, our coal, the reserves we have in coal are the largest in the world. So we have energy resources to become energy secure and independent, and ultimately, they’ll have an impact in energy prices. And the President was just wrong-headed on this. And the decision he made not to complete the pipeline from Canada, the Keystone pipeline, will go down as one of the most ridiculous decisions of his presidency.

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