Thursday Ides Of March Open Comments


Ha! who calls?

Bid every noise be still: peace yet again!

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music,
Cry ‘Caesar!’ Speak; Caesar is turn’d to hear.

Beware the ides of March.

What man is that?

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene II

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87 thoughts on “Thursday Ides Of March Open Comments

  1. Sarge, thanks for your detailed response last night. I still can not believe that it was a simple coincidence, I believe that the guy probably did not know who the vip was but knew something was up and tried to make an impact.

  2. Drudge has these links lined up at the top and it speaks volumes:

    Afghan president wants U.S. troops out of villages…
    U.S. moves massacre soldier to Kuwait; Afghans furious…
    Thousands protest, chant anti-American slogans…
    Taliban suspends peace talks with U.S….
    Obama Fills Out NCAA Basketball Bracket…

    It indicates what the priorities are doesn’t it.

  3. So this Roman centurion goes into a bar and orders a martinus.
    The bartender asks, “Do you mean a martini?”
    The centurion says, “Look, if I wanted a double I’d tell you!”

  4. I gotta question the wisdom of sending

    Eli Stokols is a well-known politics reporter for the local Fox affiliate, KDVR-TV, in Denver.

    to a protest and expecting anything other than a confrontation.
    And then releasing it

    I suspect the folks concerned will make their their nut back.

  5. G’Morning All

    NAACP grandstanding

    UN rights council delves into US voter I.D. laws

    By Eric Shawn
    Published March 14, 2012

    The controversy over requiring voters to provide photo IDs has reached the world stage.

    The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the issue of American election laws at its gathering on minority rights in Geneva, Switzerland.. This, despite the fact that some members of the council have only in the past several years allowed women to vote, and one member, Saudi Arabia, still bars women from the voting booth completely.

    Officials from the NAACP are presenting their case against U.S. voter ID laws, arguing to the international diplomats that the requirements disenfranchise voters and suppress the minority vote.

    and their disenfranchisement proof?

    A second American, Austin Alex, is a Texas Christian University student. The NAACP says he is worried that he will be barred from voting because he only holds an out-of-state driver’s license and a non-government student ID, not a Texas issued photo ID.

    First, the Texas law is:

    Moving to Texas?

    New residents moving into Texas, who are at least 16 years or older and have a valid driver license from another state, have 90 days after entry into the state to secure a Texas Driver License. All out-of-state applicants must visit a Texas Driver License office to present and complete the following:

    Complete the requirements for an original applicant.
    If you have a valid out-of-state U.S. driver license or a valid driver license from Canada, France, or Germany, please bring it to the driver license office to surrender. The written and driving examinations will be waived, but you must still pass a vision exam.

    If he does not have a Texas license because he is an out of state student, then he is not qualified to vote in Texas and must vote absentee in his home state. Case closed.

  6. Funny!

    GOP candidate gives pitch at wrong convention
    “My staffer runs up and says, ‘Hey, Dan Dolan is here. Can he speak?’ So they stopped everything, and I get up there and give my speech,” Dolan said. “I get done, a guy raises his hand and says, ‘I think you want to talk to the Republicans.’”

  7. I just love it when “progressives” start flipping out at any phrase containing the letters F O X in sequence. Vulpophobia.

  8. If he does not have a Texas license because he is an out of state student, then he is not qualified to vote in Texas and must vote absentee in his home state.

    I guess that’s where we differ. I would have said

    If he does not have a Texas license because he is an out of state student, then he is not qualified to vote drive in Texas …

    I’ve never been big on this government registration and identity card business.

  9. I only use extra-virgin olive oil because I’ve been told that the other kinds are sluts. 😉

  10. Re: the reporter

    If I got the story straight (and I worked late again last night, and feeling not quite “with it” yet), the reporter wasn’t there to film about the protest. It was some other story. The Occuliars just made themselves into an annoyance by assuming their very presence with their vulgar signs was “making change”.

    They were so weak, as they walked away, trying to whoop it up, like they had accomplished something. As if.

    If I’m wrong about the premise of the story, I stand corrected.

  11. BTW – If you are not aware, there is a second thread today, dealing with a rather serious topic, should you decide to take a peek.

  12. I’m sure you got the story straight, using the capitol dome as a backdrop is a popular prop. there are always folks looking for free publicity.

  13. #13 Shannon: Great interview, I think I like this the best:

    Last question; why do you think so many intellectuals are so hostile to Capitalism, Christianity and Conservatism when over time all of those things have proven to work so well in building societies?

    They may work well in building societies, but they don’t work well at making intellectuals important. What makes intellectuals important are finding things to complain about and they love to see themselves on the side of the angels against the forces of evil. So they look at all kinds of issues within that context.

    I rarely get to read such a brilliant description in so few words.

  14. #19 Sarge: Why, you ask? To eliminate the need for double taps of course. I’ll bet it kicks like a Montanna mule.

  15. These evil ghouls are becoming bolder:

    I love abortion. I don’t accept it. I don’t view it as a necessary evil. I embrace it. I donate to abortion funds. I write about how important it is to make sure that every woman has access to safe, legal abortion services. I have bumper stickers and buttons and t-shirts proclaiming my support for reproductive freedom. I love abortion.

    And kill your baby rather than giving him up for adoption.

    If anyone is encouraging you to surrender your baby to adoption, please contact us by phone or email us. Our volunteers have experienced adoption in their own lives, and they can tell you what it feels like to be adopted or surrender your own child. We’ll also help you find the support you need to keep your baby – the best thing for both of you!

    Don’t let anyone tell you that adoption is the “right choice” or the “loving option” for your baby. YOU are the only mother or father your baby has, and no one will be able to take your place in his or her life. People who try to convince you to surrender your baby are probably in a position to get something out of the adoption for themselves – either money or your child himself.

    Other people may tell you that you’ll be “giving a wonderful gift” to an infertile couple – this is NOT your responsibility. Your only job is to be the best mom or dad you can be for your baby. Your child isn’t going to want or accept any substitute for the real thing!

    What a selfish collection of human cells. Their 40 year reign of terror is coming to an end and, like a cornered animal, they’re frantic and willing to do anything.

  16. #24 Hamous


    Somewhere in that flesh is supposed to be a human being. They have lost their soul. To relish the idea of tearing a baby apart, of thinking it is nothing more than taking a pap smear, of extinguishing a part of yourself — this is despicable.

    I’m sure her boyfriend likes having a girlfriend like her. He has all the sex he wants and there’s never a consequence for him, except for the occasional small outlay of cash to ensure his carefree lifestyle.

    /retching again

  17. Hamous can you see how the passage 2Tim chapter 2 accurately describes the people you referenced?

  18. I’m still cracking up over Darren’s assertion that Mormons voting for Romney at 95% is not because he’s Mormon.

    Laugh away then. My main opposition to your post isn’t so much that mormons didn’t vote for Romney because he’s Mormon so much as to your assertion that Catholics are more soffisticated voters than blacks and Mormons and that blacks and Mormons, you hope, would one day be as open-minded voters as Catholics are. Sure being Mormon influences the Mormon vote and in fact I do notr believe I ever said anything to the contrary. But one’s Mormonism does not guarantee any voting victory among Mormon voters (though one should keep in mind that THIS doesn’t help a non incumbent to get their vote). To sum up both these links, just click HERE:

    When Sharron Angle’s pastor went on a hate-filled rant about Mormonism, calling the religion “kooky” and a “cult,” it was tempting to assume the Republican U.S. Senate candidate would pay the consequences. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are among Nevada’s most politically engaged and conservative constituencies.

    But it is Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, himself a Mormon, who is facing the tough questions from members of the faith.

    That was apparent the moment he walked into a meeting of the Mormon Business Associates networking group in August. Members, angry with his liberal policies, peppered Reid with questions about immigration and gay marriage. They booed him, according to people who were there, and shouted catcalls.

    “It was an absolute blood bath,” said a woman who attended.

    Wednesday, it was Angle’s turn to appear before the group — and she was welcomed with cheers and a standing ovation. The woman who described Reid’s “blood bath” called the Angle event a “love fest.” The candidate was even signing autographs.

    I agree that Romney would not have received such a high percentage of the Mormon vote were he not Mormon but I think he’d still received the majority vote, at least as much as he has received the majority vote of Catholics over his two Catholic rivals and that if only John Huntsman were in the race replacing Romney than the Mormon vote would have shifted towards Santorum.

  19. Shannon #13;

    Without blockquotes I thought you may have been the one who interviewed Sowell. I was almost impressed. 😉

  20. Hamous;

    I know a lot of adoptees, at least one a regular here, that would love to give this idiot a lesson on adoption.

    My sister-in-law was an adoptee and I already shared my cousin adopting a girl from China which made her their second adoption. In both cases a world of blessings opened up to those adopting as well to those getting adopted.

  21. DICK Lugar ruled to be ineligible to vote.

    Sen. Dick Lugar has been ruled ineligible to vote in Indiana by a county election board.

    The partisan vote by the Marion County Election Board was 2-1.

    The Indianapolis Star has the alert.

    The commission ruled that the six-term senator was guilty of a non-criminal election violation and that he has abandoned his residency in Indianapolis.

    In order to register to vote in the primary, Lugar will need to establish a new residency by April 9, according to a Republican operative tracking the case.

    NO, no political shenanigans going on around here.

  22. Hmmmmmmmmm – I’m adopted but my gastrointestinal abilities are not for discussion! (“regularity” that is)


  23. #41 Darren, isn’t it funny where 0 places his priorities? 0 and company have been in full campaign mode for a year now and things keep getting worse. Limbaugh on his show today, played a clip of a flaming lib-TN news anchor lamenting at how stooopid the people were who responded to a poll that was unfavorable to 0. The funny thing now is that the polling is so bad that the slavish LSM can no longer cover it up and 0 is being exposed for the disaster he is.

  24. Michael Reagan is an adoptee and is much more like Ronaldus Magnus than Ronaldus’ own natural son Non Reagan.

  25. State Controller John Chaing continues to uphold the California Great Seal Motto of “Eureka”, i.e., ‘I have found it’. But what Chaing is finding as Controller is that California’s economy as measured by tax revenues is still tanking. Compared to last year, State tax collections for February shriveled by $1.2 billion or 22%. The deterioration is more than double the shocking $535 million reported decline for last month. The cumulative fiscal year decline is $6.1 billion or down 11% versus this period in 2011.


    The State Controller’s office did acknowledge that higher than normal tax refunds for February might have reduced the collection of some personal income taxes. Given that 2012 has an extra day in February for leap year, there might have been one day more of tax refunds sent out. But the Controller’s report shows personal income tax collections fell by $325 million, or 16% versus last year. Furthermore, leap year would have added another day for retail sales and use tax collection, but those revenues also fell during February-by an even larger $813 million, 25% decline from 2011.

    Governor Moonbeam has got a plan though.

  26. 42
    Well I’ll be.
    Another county with residency requirements to vote.

    A disturbing trend, I must say.

  27. One of my favorite Bro Dave Gardner’s skits was the one about the motorcycle ride:

    “Mr. Charles were kilt outright, but Miss Baby was okay ’til me and Junior turned her head around”

  28. I remember being about 10 years old and going to a friend’s house. His parents weren’t home and he knew where his father hid all his party records. Dave Gardner, Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley…

    We heard words and phrases and had no idea what they meant, but it sounded real bad and like a lot of fun.

  29. 47 Shannon says:
    March 15, 2012 at 2:27 pm
    Well I’ll be.
    Another county with residency requirements to vote.

    A disturbing trend, I must say.


    I’ll shed a real tear over Dick Lugar.

  30. #51 Sarge: Ifn Dick Lugar can no longer vote in Indiana as he is no longer considered a resident, how can he serve as a senator, does this effectively remove him from the ballot?? I would like to see him face a primary challenger.

  31. I would like to see him face a primary challenger.

    I would like to see him standing in an unemployment line and don’t much care how he gets there.

  32. Dick Lugar is a 6 term senator, that’s 36 freaking years in DC with a major liplock on the public teat, he needs to be retired.

  33. There’s a second Revoluton going on in Greece during my lifetime.

    As incomes fall and retail prices rise, Greeks have found an ingenious way to pay three times less than they usually would for potatoes.

    The craze, which some are already starting to call the “Potato Revolution,” began in the northern town of Katerini two weeks ago. A group of local activists set up a website to allow people to order potatoes directly from local farmers, and then pick them up in a parking lot on the weekends. Their project was an instant hit. In the past two weeks, they’ve already sold 100 tons of potatoes, and inspired agricultural students in Thessaloniki to launch a similar program. Dozens more cities across Greece are planning to follow suit.

    Since the farmers sell the potatoes for a higher price than they would be able to sell them to distributors – but for less than what supermarkets charge customers – both the farmers and their customers win.

    Capitalism. Its what gets you your food when your government becomes a bloated, corrupt, social democracy.

    H/T to rdbrewer at AoSHQ, who got it in an email from a gal who sez:

    I’m sure there is some Greek bureaucrat searching furiously to discover what law they’re breaking. . . . [A]ctually, it’s a no-brainer that they are breaking some law or other. In a euro-socialist economy, if two parties to a transaction are both happy with the deal, and no one is getting bribed to allow it, it’s illegal.

  34. Richard Mourdock, candidate for US Senate in Indiana:

    Mourdock and his followers have been highlighting the fact that although Lugar votes in Indiana, he hasn’t actually lived there since 1977, when he sold his home in Indianapolis, where he’d served two terms as mayor, and bought one in the posh Washington suburb of McLean, Va. Tea Partiers are appealing a recent ruling by Indiana’s election commission, supported by the attorney general, that Lugar’s residency is legitimate. Lugar, for his part, calls the controversy “a weak and lame issue” and argues that looking after the interests of his Indiana constituents requires him to live near the Senate. “When I went off to serve my country in the Navy,” he says, “it was exactly the same situation.”

    Mourdock, mining his conservative-populist base, also cites Lugar’s support for Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, the pro-immigrant DREAM Act, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the Russians, the government bailouts for Wall Street and the auto industry, and his vote against a ban on congressional earmarks.

    Lugar is scrambling, staying in Indiana hotels and campaigning hard when not attending to Senate business. He’s suddenly trying to position himself as a severe critic of Obama and an enemy of deficit spending. “Of course I’m energized,” he says. “I don’t know many members of the Senate who have more physical vigor. I don’t mean to be boastful, but I finished, once again, the three-mile Capital Challenge race last year”—his 30th—“and I had the temerity to raise my hands happily as I crossed the finish line.”

    Here is his campaign website – send him a few bucks if you can.

  35. 59 Shannon says:
    March 15, 2012 at 5:37 pm
    I couldn’t find any recent, serious polling on the Lugar race.
    This one shows Lugar slaughtering Mourdock.

    It would be nice to have some kind of organization that would help us get rid of guys like him. Folks who would contribute money to his challenger instead of him based on principals instead of what the can get from it.

    We could have a party if there was some kind of organization that would do stuff like that.

  36. #59 Shannon

    I’ve looked at RCP, Rasmussen, Nate Silver at 538, Politico, etc.

    So far nothing on polling for the 2012 Indiana Senate Republican Primary.

  37. I reckon this one will get settled quickly

    “He intends to depose all of the female legislative staff employees who participated in intimate relationships, as well as the legislators who were party to those intimate relationships, in support of his claims of gender discrimination,” his attorney said in the document setting up Brodkorb’s reason for a possible wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

  38. Ides of March? Forget that I am more worried about the Ides of April.

    Teeth brushed √
    Deodorant √
    Pits and other places clean √
    No boogers hangin out √
    socks and speedo washed clean √
    Ignored Sarge √
    Ignored Bo_Nez √
    Dang did I expel flatus or something? Where’d everyone go?????

  39. not many fish in the pond tonight.
    Someone will be along shortly to claim you’ve poisoned the well.

    There’s fire in our hearts and fire in our soul
    but there ain’t gonna be no fire in the hole

  40. Yanno Sham you keep up with them old lyrics like ya do I am gonna have to assign the Brother moniker to ya. Now it will be honorary for a while, but there ain’t no dues.

  41. BTW Mr. Squawk, thanks for the save the other day.
    I’d gotten us both boxed in and it wasn’t looking good for yours truly.

  42. Can’t accept the moniker, folks’ll think I work for a living and blow my street cred.

    Oh nooooo not at all. In fact it becomes a resume enhancement after awhile. 😉

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