Wednesday Advanced Cars Open Comments

Are there any cars out there that you people think/have thought were the best of their decade? There are many candidates for worst, especially in the period 1950-2000 or so. These leapt to my mind for worst:

French. Cheap. Quarter-mile time measured in weeks. Deathtrap.

Automotive pinnacle reached in Germany (the one that doesn’t exist any more) in the 1980′s. Two-stroke motor. Smoke screen. Plastic body.

Good Soviet citizens used to be waitlisted for years for one of these Good Soviet cars. They also cost several years’ worth of the average Good Soviet citizen’s Good Soviet wages.

These things were actually imported into the US for a couple of years. I have no idea why anyone would have bought one (except for maybe Shannon). I also have no idea how they managed to pass the NHTSA tests.

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88 Responses to “Wednesday Advanced Cars Open Comments”

  1. gtotracker says:

    Vegas were garbage, but could be improved.

  2. gtotracker says:

    Ford’s Ka-Boom.

  3. Super Dave says:

    I saw one of those crazy Amphicars head down a boat ramp @ Lake Tholocco back in the early 60′s. I was amazed, because I’d never seen a car-boat combination before.
    Mornin’ Gang

  4. GJT says:

    Gremlins and Pacers!

  5. Hamous says:

    I remember a Pepsi commercial with the Amphicar in it.

  6. Hamous says:

    Heh. Little Denny Kuku lost in the primary. I was kinda hoping he’d win just to see this match-up:

    Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, a.k.a.”Joe the Plumber,” who became a well-known figure in the 2008 race after he caused a firestorm by asking a question about working class tax rates to then-Sen. Barack Obama, defeated Toledo real estate agent Steve Kraus in the Republican race to take on Kaptur.

  7. GJT says:

    I kept hearing them follow the name Wurzelbacher but I didn’t know who it was.

    Don’t give up Dennis! We need you!

  8. mharper42 says:

    USA! USA!
    Odd story from the basketball game in San Antonio…
    Off to the salt mines again today, check ya Hamsters later.

  9. Texpat says:

    President Johnson enjoyed surprising unsuspecting guests when taking them for a ride in his Amphicar.

    The President, with Vicky McCammon in the seat alongside him and me in the back,was now driving around in a small blue car with the top down. We reached a steep incline at the edge of the lake and the car started rolling rapidly toward the water. The President shouted, “The brakes don’t work! The brakes won’t hold! We’re going in! We’re going under!” The car splashed into the water. I started to get out. Just then the car leveled and I realized we were in a Amphicar. The President laughed. As we putted along the lake then (and throughout the evening), he teased me. “Vicky, did you see what Joe did? He didn’t give a damn about his President. He just wanted to save his own skin and get out of the car.” Then he’d roar.
    –Joseph A. Califano, Jr

    National Park Service site on the LBJ Ranch and Lyndon’s vehicles with some great photos.

    There was a story in which LBJ pulled a similar stunt on a visiting Soviet leader back in the 60s and scared the hell out of him, but I couldn’t find it.

  10. Texpat says:


    The color is wrong. Shannon’s Yugo was green. I think that was during his brief Muslim period.

  11. El Gordo says:

    Now you’ve gone and done it – giving Obama’s Government Motors new design ideas like that. They will all be wow-wow over the retro look (or is it the retard look).

  12. El Gordo says:

    From Red State:

    8) Perhaps, the biggest news of the night is outside the confines of the presidential election. In OH-2, Representative Jean Schmidt was defeated in a stunning upset by conservative challenger Brad Wenstrup. She is the first of those who voted for the debt ceiling deal to go down in a primary. This should encourage us to focus our attention on congressional races in the coming weeks.

    Wonder if good old Pete Olsen is paying attention.

  13. Texpat says:

    A woman named Ashley Breidenbach in Dayton, Ohio has created The Filburn Foundation to commemorate the disastrous 1942 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Wickard vs Filburn. This case opened the door to the explosive, post-war expansion of federal bureaucratic power over the lives of individual Americans, an invasion of liberty unthinkable in earlier periods of the nation’s history.

    The Agriculture Adjustment Act of 1938 (AAA) set quotas on the amount of wheat put into interstate commerce and established penalties for overproduction. The goal of the Act was to stabilize the market price of wheat by preventing shortages or surpluses. Filburn (P) sold part of his wheat crop and used the rest for his own consumption. The amount of wheat Filburn produced for his own consumption combined with the amount he sold exceeded the amount he was permitted to produce.

    Secretary of Agriculture Wickard (D) assessed a penalty against him. Filburn refused to pay, contending that the Act sought to limit local commercial activity and therefore was unconstitutional because it exceeded the scope of Congress’s power under the Commerce Clause.

    Filburn brought this lawsuit seeking to enjoin enforcement of the Act and a declaratory judgment that the wheat marketing provisions of the AAA were unconstitutional for exceeding the scope of Congress’s commerce power. The court below, a district court panel of three judges, entered judgment for Filburn and the Supreme Court granted cert.


    1. Can Congress regulate the production of wheat intended for personal use and not placed in interstate commerce?

    2. Can Congress regulate trivial local, intrastate activities that have an aggregate effect on interstate commerce via the commerce power?

    Tons of resource links available and a good place to learn why the deeply flawed Filburn resonates throughout our lives today.

  14. texanadian says:

    Updated information on the white kid burned by the black kids. Not a pretty picture being painted here.

  15. Bonecrusher says:

    The finest example of gross American excess and I really want one!

  16. Bonecrusher says:

    #10 Texakanukian: Didja notice that all the pics of the guys had hot wimminzes next to them? Those wimminzes had to be there otherwise they would have been quickly dismissed as the “happy people” they iz.

  17. texanadian says:


    For a small town they sure have some big trouble.

  18. texanadian says:

    #19: Well, they are uni-sex. Meaning one sex. The people shown in the pictures probably do both like men only. ;)

  19. texanadian says:

    18: I saw a 60 or 61 Fleetwood on 249 yesterday. It looked to be in pretty good shape. I can’t imagine trying to park the thing anywhere these days.

  20. Tedtam says:

    Another example of tolerance, love, and understanding from the left.

    I’m not even linking to his screed about Breitbart’s death. That was just evil. He even proclaimed he didn’t care about the family Breitbart left behind.

    I hear there’s a special “people with no compassion” section in Hell. He has a reserved seat.

  21. Tedtam says:

    #16 Tex

    I saw that story. A “hate crime” if I ever heard of one.

  22. Bonecrusher says:

    #16 Tex: This is happening by design; “0″ wants race riots so he can declare martial law. Imagine the outrage were the situation reversed. Were is the LSM on this issue, not even on Fox. . . .buncha wissin cowards they are.

  23. Bonecrusher says:

    #7 Couchmaster: from your linkie:

    Kucinich rolled out endorsements from musicians Willie Nelson and Russell Simmons. Kaptur showcased the support of Oscar winner Tom Hanks and former GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole.

    Does anybody besides me see anything askew with the bolded section? I wonder if BobDole is gonna endorse Joe the Plumber now or is he gonna stick with the Ds? BobDole has been a big disappointment ever since he got into politics.

  24. Katfish says:

    #16 – OUT wissin RAGEOUS (the irony of the young burn victim’s name is incredible all by itself)


  25. texanadian says:

    Does anyone have any experience with Roku? One of the things I despise about cable or satelite tv is that I have to pay for drivel I would never watch in a million years. I was just doing some reading on it and they talk about a bunch of free channels and some subscription channels. Anyone know generally the type of things that are free and the cost of the subscription channels. I admit there are days when it would be nice to just veg out in front of the tube.

  26. El Gordo says:

    #29 – Interesting. I ordered one off Amazon last night. Figured that for the price I could hardly go wrong – it’s less than one month’s cable bill by itself. I already use Netflix and seldom watch TV, but hey, what the heck. Live dangerously and take a risk every now and then I say. I’ll let you know when I get up and running.

  27. Tedtam says:

    I sympathize with this audience member. This is the reason I don’t watch The View either.

    Maybe they should rename the show, “The Spew”. ;)

  28. texanadian says:

    I also watch netflix but sometimes it might be nice to have more variety.

  29. Tedtam says:

    Add this guy to your list of bad-wisses not to mess with.

    A whole night fighting off sharks single-handedly? After a day in the ocean?

  30. Tedtam says:

    How does Roku work? Do you have to have cable TV access and/or subscriptions to things like Netflix to make it work? Or does it stream off of the computer internet connection?

  31. texanadian says:

    Meteors hitting the earth, global warming/cooling, obama and now this


  32. texanadian says:

    From what I read it frees you from cable and satellite. You chose what you want to watch and/or subscribe to. I assume the subscriptions are relatively inexpensive but I don’t know. Here is a link from instapundit with reviews and other information. This is where I got my information.


  33. Tedtam says:

    Ah, it works off of high speed wireless router internet connection.

    I might could do that.

  34. Texpat says:

    I think Squawk has Roku because he can’t get cable. He’ll know the answers

  35. Tedtam says:

    Squawk always has the answers, I hear.

  36. Tedtam says:

    I’m having a stressful day. I just found a huge bill that I was unaware was looming.

  37. Tedtam says:

    Anonymous takes down the Vatican. The web site, anyway.

    Once again, the left shows its tolerance for differing viewpoints. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech – these mean nothing to liberals.

  38. texanadian says:

    #42: I thought they had those clowns in jail?

  39. Tedtam says:

    #43 Tex

    Not all of ‘em.

  40. wagonburner says:

    The Mercedes people put a mini jumbotron on the side of one of their cars and a camera on the other. This is the result:

  41. Shannon says:

    Never had a Yugo.
    64 Dodge Dart, ’54 Chevy Coop, numerous Beetles, K-Car, Chevy S10 truck, several Ford and Dodge Trucks, and now a 2006 Toyota Camry bought new.
    Would rather be driving a 4-door Ford 3/4 Ton diesel PU.

  42. mharper42 says:

    #45 Pyro
    Mebbe the Volt 2.0 will be covered with LEDs like that to jazz it up…

  43. Darren says:

    Texanadian #29;

    Does anyone have any experience with Roku?

    Not directly but I can guarantee that you’d like your Roku device. You say you have Netflix so Roku will come in handy for that. Amazon hasa subscription-based service but I like Netflix better. You can subscribe to Hulu Plus for television viewing at a fraction of the cost you would for cable and you’ll get to pick your own programming to view. There’s the basic Hulu for free but it hasa far greater limitation of options than Hulu Plus would offer. You can get Pandora for free for music listening and You Tube for casual video serches. Roku has all the goodies needed for High Def viewing (assuming your internet has the bandwidth) so take advantage of that if you can and so desire.

    Overall you’ll find all the programing you’ll want via Roku and the sum total of all your subscriptions will very likely be far less than what you’d pay for cable.

  44. Darren says:

    Squawk always has the answers, I hear.

    He’ll recommend Texanadian a pair of Speedos as well.

  45. Darren says:


    In conjunction with my previous post, you may like this article: Is It Time to Drop Cable TV for Netflix, Hulu Plus and Antenna?

  46. Super Dave says:

    Well, I just popped in and haven’t had time to scroll up and see what’s going on, BUTT the Boy called me about 5 to tell me that he had his OWN STORE!!! He’s 23, will be 24 this July 30 and he is now a manager! The youngest in Houston, I might add. I can’t tell you how proud that I am! :grin:

  47. Darren says:

    Earlier today, Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith announced on Twitter that video researcher Andrew Kaczynski had released “the mysterious Harvard/Obama/race video that the Breitbart folks have been talking about.”
    The video, which Kaczynski says was “licensed from a Boston television station,” shows a young Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard Law School on behalf of Prof. Derrick Bell, a radical academic tied to Jeremiah Wright–about whom we will be releasing significant information in the coming hours.

    However, the video has been selectively edited–either by the Boston television station or by Buzzfeed itself. Over the course of the day, Breitbart.com will be releasing additional footage that has been hidden by Obama’s allies in the mainstream media and academia.

    Breitbart.com Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak and Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro will appear on The Sean Hannity Show to discuss the tape. The full tape will be released tonight on Fox News’ Hannity.

    We’ll see what Obama had to say I guess.


  48. Darren says:

    How does Roku work? Do you have to have cable TV access and/or subscriptions to things like Netflix to make it work? Or does it stream off of the computer internet connection?

    As you noted in your #37, Roku works off of a WiFi connection. You just need high speed internet and connect the Roku box to the internet signal.

  49. Super Dave says:

    and now a 2006 Toyota Camry bought new.

    My condolences, that is so VERY sad. :sad:

  50. Darren says:

    Video: Female Democratic lawmakers refuse to speak out against Bill Maher’s misogynism

    The first refusal came from our favorite Sheila Kackson Lee.

  51. Darren says:

    Speaking of cars, I told my next door neighbor that I’ll share online his desire to sell his 2001 (I think that’s the year) For Exedition with 207,000 miles on it. He has taken excellent care of the vehicle and it looks brand new. He had a new transmaition placed in it recently and is asking for $5,000 or so for the vehicle. Anyone interested, please let me know.

  52. shamaal says:

    #55 Darren

    Uhhhh ………….
    Folks do realize that Maher’s a comedian and an entertainer, right?
    I’m not that fond of Andrew Dice Clay, Red Foxx, Louis C.K. or other shock comedians; but I wouldn’t expect them to apologize.
    I just don’t listen.

  53. Adee says:

    #51 Super Dave, Congratulations to your son on this achievement! Of course you and Mrs. are properly proud.

  54. Adee says:

    I’m thinking that the Volt is the 21st Century’s Edsel, except that comparison probably insults the Edsel. :)

  55. Darren says:

    Folks do realize that Maher’s a comedian and an entertainer, right?


    I also realize that Rush is in it for entertainent as well as for a political cause. Maher is in it for entertainment as well as a political cause..

    I’m not that fond of Andrew Dice Clay, Red Foxx, Louis C.K. or other shock comedians; but I wouldn’t expect them to apologize.
    I just don’t listen.

    Then don’t listen to Rush and no need to comment on the matter here.

  56. shamaal says:

    One more reason to avoid Australia.

    The fields surrounding flood-stricken areas of NSW have been covered in the webs of a type of ground-dwelling wolf spider, says the collection manager of arachnids at the Queensland Museum, Dr Owen Seeman.

    Wolf spiders are common here at Shamaal Manor, but they know their place.

  57. shamaal says:

    Self moderated. Pointless line of questioning.

  58. shamaal says:

    And the so-called Obama administration does nothing!

    Michelle Rodriguez, a first-year student at the school, told a panel of student government representatives the 52-year-old dorm, Pierce Hall, has rampant problems with unsanitary conditions, water outages and toilet explosions, WBBM-TV, Chicago, reported Tuesday.

    Uh, oh ……. We know what happened the last time a young woman testified at a hearing.

  59. Hamous says:

    Maher and Limbaugh are both entertainers. They are both provocateurs. They both say outrageous things (but at least Limbaugh is occasionally funny). The glaring inconsistency is how they are treated by the media at large – Maher gets a pass while Limbaugh is treated as an assassin. “Progressives” can keep screaming at the tops of their lungs that there is no media bias. The whole world knows, even them, that it is a bald-faced lie. I’m not sure who they think they’re trying to convince.

  60. shamaal says:

    The glaring inconsistency is how they are treated by the media at large

    And I would posit that it’s not the media it’s the listeners.
    When Rush disapproves, Republicans tremble.
    When Maher disapproves, who can tell and who cares?

    With Maher, it’s an act.
    Rush’s very existence is pinned on the [audience's] belief that he believes what he says and isn’t mocking them. Along with O’Reilly and other pundits.

  61. Hamous says:

    Hey, we can’t help it if all your provocateurs are pussies.

  62. Hamous says:

    /Sorry, Granny.

  63. shamaal says:

    LOL ;)

  64. shamaal says:

    This is an interesting development.

    Righthaven LLC made its money filing copyright infringement lawsuits against posters of material that they bought litigation rights for, including some porno movies.

    That didn’t work out to well when folks fought back and now a Federal judge has stripped Righthaven of whatever interests it has in its 278 federal copyright registrations as well as its trademark and placed them in receivership to satisfy debts.

    Righthaven gained notoriety beginning two years ago when it started filing no-warning copyright infringement lawsuits over material from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post.
    Righthaven, in its 275 lawsuits, targeted individuals, nonprofit groups and companies it said posted material from those papers online without authorization.
    Righthaven said the suits were needed to crack down on rampant copyright infringement, but defense attorneys said Righthaven was running a lawsuit shakedown operation aimed at coercing defendants into settling so Righthaven could earn a profit.

    While I am against copyright violations, this preying on blogs to raise a buck irritates me.

  65. Texpat says:


    Oh, good grief, I have never seen anyone contort themselves into a justification like that.

    Quite amazing, shamaal, maybe you should try out for Cirque Soleil.

  66. shamaal says:

    Oh, good grief, I have never seen anyone contort themselves into a justification like that.

    You like that one? Wait for this shocker …………

    Th Daily News Show …………isn’t ……a………real …………………. news ………………… show!

    No, really it’s true. The deceptively named Comedy Central Network is actually a comedy channel.
    It’s true I’m telling you.And what Democrats won’t tell you is that Bill Maher once had a show on Comedy Central.
    I understand that Breitbart actually had a heavily edited video showing Maher venting his venomous anti-American filth, interrupted only by commercial breaks for Mentos.

    Some days you guys crack me up. ;)

  67. Texpat says:

    Righthaven’s Gibson was supposed to voluntarily surrender the IP assets a long time ago but kept refusing. He should have been held in contempt, but the judge opted to just forcibly seize it all.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  68. Darren says:

    With Maher, it’s an act.

    Oh, I think when Maher calls Sarah Palin a tw*t, he’s dead serious in expressing his perception of her. Tell me, Shamaal, which women do you call a tw*t, you know, just to be funny, not serious or anything? And which female members of your family may others call tw*ts just for the amusement of others to hear?

  69. Darren says:

    I’d argue that Ed Schultz isn’t a real news program either (neither is Rush Limbaugh’s show) but here’s him:


  70. Super Dave says:

    Hambone, Texpat and Darren, you forget about that old “Double Standard” remember the Troll’s side of the asile can pick and chose what may or may not offend them anyone….Sigh don’t feed the Troll. :sad:

  71. Darren says:

    And as usual Shamaal, you completely ignore the issue at large which in my post was regarding the double standard of media on liberals as opposed the media on conservatives.

    Here’s the grand poobah of hypocricy: Obama on Rush and Fluke: I don’t like to see private citizens insulted for speaking up. Then again I’d argue that Obama isn’t a real president (on his policies, nothing to do with his birth).

  72. Darren says:


    Sigh don’t feed the Troll

    I’m done for tonight.

  73. Texpat says:

    #71 shamaal

    I’ve heard the rumors Maher is masquerading as a comedian in Hollywood, but so far I haven’t found anyone who believes it.

    One of the requirements for being a comedian is actually being funny, right ?

    Oh, and all those kids on college campuses produced from our public education system will be shocked, shocked, I tell ya, to learn John Stewart is a comedian and not a news commentator.

  74. GJT says:

    heavily edited video

    As if that deminishes anything actually said, you guys crack me up. But hey, if you think it works…..

  75. shamaal says:

    Shamaal, which women do you call a tw*t, you know, just to be funny, not serious or anything?

    Sorry Darren, I don’t see the connection between some comedian’s act whether it be it Maher, Letterman, Richard Pryor, Andrew Dice Clay, Lenny Bruce or whomever and how I conduct my life.
    Some people, I guess find it funny. No accounting for taste, some people like Ted Nugent even though he called the First Lady a toxic cant. I wouldn’t invite him to speak at my political convention though.

  76. Texpat says:

    #75 SD

    Shamaal is a friend and honored guest here. To call him a troll is an undeserving and inappropriate insult.

    He is a worthy adversary……..most days. (<;

  77. Super Dave says:

    #82 :?:…..OK

  78. GJT says:

    I thought he was an admitted recovering troll. What Squawk says anyway.

  79. Hamous says:

    Nah. He’s a troll.

  80. shamaal says:

    #15 texpat

    …. an invasion of liberty unthinkable in earlier periods of the nation’s history.

    The Whiskey Rebellion comes to mind, but that’s for another day.

    Regarding Wickard v. Filburn, it’s taken a while to plow through the Court’s decision, but the Court had sound reasoning in not finding the law unconstitutional and in that the Secretary did have the authority. The crux of the matter does not seem to be

    Can Congress regulate the production of wheat intended for personal use and not placed in interstate commerce?

    but rather
    Can Congress regulate the production of wheat intended for personal use when the producer markets wheat from the same growing season?

    While silly at first, the Court rightly points out, while one farm is small, when it happens nationwide it becomes problematic. If the farmer had grown wheat for his personal consumption and marketed none, there would have been no penalty on wheat sold and no intrusion.

  81. Texpat says:

    #86 shamaal

    It is about freedom and liberty, Shamaal. Anything else is superfluous piffle.

    Reverse engineer the case. The authority of the State is illegitimate.

  82. shamaal says:

    Consent of the governed.
    Even John Mill would concede that when an individuals acts are no longer self regarding, participation in commerce, self sovereignty is diminished. Absolute liberty is no longer absolute.