Andrew Breitbart

It’s been reported that Andrew Breitbart, a warrior for truth and a man who was relentless against the left-wing mainstream media, has passed of natural causes.

I personally want to extend my condolences to his family. He was taken from us far too young. No one plans to lose a husband or father at only 43.

The loss of just this one man will affect millions who have come to rely on him and his “Big” web sites to offer access to stories and news that they could find nowhere else. He was bigger than life, getting in the face of his enemies and forcing them to discuss things they would rather leave in the dark. He thrived on the fight. He relished the battle. And he was successful in forcing the media to at least admit the possibility of certain things, like the ACORN and Planned Parenthood scandals, stories that they still tried to shy away from.

He has been responsible for encouraging “citizen journalism,” giving the ordinary citizen the same responsibility as “professional jourlists” to report on stories. He gave us the same, if not more, respect to study and report on a story as the professionally coiffed and attired pretty faces. He enabled the common man to realize that yes, their opinions counted, and that yes, they who were willing to take on the “irrelevant” stories were worthy to be heard. James O’Keefe was one such citizen journalist who has made a difference. I hope there are many more. He was a warrior for the truth. We need an army of warriors to carry on his work and to free us from the tyranny of limited journalism.

Rest in peace, Andrew, rest in peace.

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16 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart

  1. The conservative, truth seeking cause suffered the loss of a great warrior today, may he rest in peace; may 10,000 rise in his place.

  2. #3 Squawk: The Washington Examiner, I would not defile the bottom of a bird cage with that paper. Charming folks, those libs, aren’t they?

  3. I just realized that Breitbart was like a shooting star – he shone brightly, cast a light, got a lot of attention, and then flared out quickly.

    Liberal reaction is about what I expected from such a loving, tolerant, free-speech-loving group.

    I just wonder who will pick up where he left off? Will we see the Obama videos he promised for this upcoming election season? Who will manage his “Big” sites?

  4. #4 BC

    You might want to rethink that statement.

    The Washington Examiner is one of the best online conservative sites out there. Michael Barone, Philip Klein, Byron York – some of the best writing being done on current politics.

    The page at the Examiner was simply reposting comments on Twitter.

  5. Well actually bones the comment was not about the WE. As Sarge would say “I think it instructive to see the other sides reaction”. And the story was about the “tweets” from the left. Pretty heinous comments. No wonder them folks believe it is okay to murder babies in and out of the womb. no respect for anyone much less life.
    /Not a slam against Sarge btw.

    But yeah I would not line my virtual birdcage with the virtual version of the virtual paper to catch virtually all the virtual bird poop from the virtual bird in my virtual bird cage. Because of what Texpat said above.

    /Engage brain into forward Squawk before backing out.
    /Edited to make my point a bit more clearer

  6. Well, at least two lefties have some integrity.

    Josh Marshall, editor of Talking Points Memo, and Hilary Rosen:

    I noticed on my Facebook feed this morning this comment from my friend Hilary Rosen: “‎#AndrewBreitbart RIP you big crazy rabble-rousing bundle of contradictions, loathsome actions and a giant heart. You have made your mark.” I don’t think I can say anything more fitting.

    He left his mark.

    Beneath all the layers of our public life, we’re sons, daughters; parents to sons and daughters: naked people at our most vulnerable, true moments. This is way, way too young to die, something I know palpably since Breitbart was only a week or so older than I am.

  7. #6, 7: I stand ehr ah, sit corrected. What I read in the comments section in the WE prolly absolutely clouded my judgement. I actually know very little of the Washington Examiner. My comment should have been directed specifically at those who would post such vile hatred at someone who, usually only spoke the truth.
    My fellow couchmates, please forgive my outburst; I will endeavor to refrain from same in the future.
    The only case of which I am aware that was not completely straight up was about Shirley Sherrod and some selective editing.

    We all need to take up his mantle and expose the lies and corruption as he did.

  8. Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard recalls being invited to Arianna Huffington’s home in California in the late 1990s and meeting her right-hand man, Breitbart.

    Arianna introduced us, and I liked him immediately. He was gregarious and smart. We were interested in a lot of the same things—politics, movies, and technology. We started gabbing about BBS boards and usenet groups and the Clinton scandals. The next day we met for lunch and sat around gabbing for close to three hours. I wanted to know all about his glamorous life in L.A.; he wanted to know about life in Washington. I’ll never forget how animated he got when he told me how lucky I was to live in a town where not only could you talk politics with just about anyone, but you could even talk conservative politics with most people. “I’m starved for that out here,” he said, “because everyone is liberal. There is, literally, no one I can talk with about this stuff.”

    Breitbart had a peripatetic mind—lots of ideas, most of them big, some of them very, very good. (I remember one conversation with him, about ten years ago, where he spun out, at length, a concept for a micro-blogging service that I told him was crazy. In nearly every particular, he conceived of Twitter four years before Twitter was invented.)

  9. Hannity talked to someone close to Brietbart today who said the Obama tapes will still be out.

    What a loss for the cause, I believe we had just seen the beginnings of what this man’s creative mind would have brought in the future. RIP Andrew Breitbart.

  10. Not being a member of the fourth estate, he was always on the outside looking in and whooping it up.
    His legacy will always be CPAC, Weiner and Sherrold.


  11. The left was never able to refute any of his discoveries, so they could only resort to and reply with what they had left – false claims and personal destruction.

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