Thursday Glowing Open Comments

It’s late, and I’m too tired to get too serious.

I had heard about this, but then I stumbled upon this video. This is just too cool:

Here’s another example of the glowing waves.
That led me to look for more bioluminescence.

Nature has its own night lights!

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95 thoughts on “Thursday Glowing Open Comments

  1. I reckon if the skipper of the Vincennes had been giving guns to the Iranians that shot Americans, then that would have just been okey dokey. Nothing to see, just move along…

  2. I don’t recall anyone in our government held responsible for the USS Cole being ordered into a defenseless situation. Then there was that whole ‘tanks in Somalia might be considered too hostile’ thing. Bombing a Chinese embassy.. The list of government incompetence is rather long, no reason to limit it to one Administration.

  3. Good morning Hamsters. Misty moisty 67 at 6, breezy and fog/mist at the same time, giving us an ugh day so far. Rumor has it the day will improve.

    Did not watch the “debate” last night, better things to do. Why the Pubbies keep falling for these dog and pony shows put on by the lefty media is beyond me. From reviews on the radio this morning, it would seem that the pony did not show up at all last night.

  4. #2 GTO: The “civilian” airliner may or may not have been gaining altitude, that does not change the fact that it was flying directly into the airspace of a US Warship and was ordered to divert during a time of hostile military activity; orders which it refused. Why did the pilot refuse to divert away from the bad scene as any reasonable pilot would? This brings me to my statement of yesterday:

    The airliner may have been filled with innocent civilians, it was piloted by a jihadist. From the Iranian perspective, if the plane was not shot down, it takes out a ship and the blame is on the ship, if it is shot down Iran gets a PR victory – either way Iran wins. They consider the loss of their airplane and the civilians, a casualty of war; nothing to get upset about.
    This, hopefully illustrates the difference in mindset between the west and the mid-east – the west views the above as abhorrent and totally unacceptable, mid-east simply views it as a tactic.

    IF the plane does not divert it become active in the hostilities as it has the distinct potential to cause harm to the US ship. IF the US shoots the plane down, the Iranians score a PR victory, if the plane is allowed to violate the airspace during hostile activities and is not shot down but continues on the way, the test to see if a plane could be used as a human guided missile (kamikaze) is passed and will likely be used in the future, Iranians score a new tactical threat, wire testing if you will. IN any of the possible scenarios, the lives of the civilians on the plane are not relevant to the Iranians, they are pawns (cannon fodder) to be sacrificed in a time of war – this mindset is so abhorrent to we in the US that we have a hard time planning for it, or conceiving that another country would actively pursue such a path. That is but one of the big differences in the civilizations of the moooslime mid east and that of the west.
    One will frequently hear the Jihadists boldly proclaim “we love death” and they actively advance that cause for all who do not believe as they do; their religion requires force to maintain adherence while those that follow the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His outstretched right hand of Salvation, Yeshua (Jesus) do so by free choice. Force vs Free Choice, which system worships the evil one and which worships The Creator of the universe?
    When the politi-#erds finally realize that we are dealing with a different civilization in the mooslime mid east, perhaps they will make more rational decisions when dealing with them.

  5. There is a blood drive being sponsored to assist my sister-in-law and my dying brother-in-law. If you wish to donate, please let me know here on the blog and I will get the information to you.

    I haven’t talked to her in days. I don’t like to intrude, especially at such a sensitive time. The last time I talked, the doctors had pretty much given up. The blood drive is to help offset the expenses of the blood transfusions he was getting. I don’t know if he’s still receiving them, but if I can help by donating, I can do that.

    You can either donate at the drive, or at your leisure at the MD Anderson’s Holly Hall donation center. You’ll need his information to ensure that it is credited to his account.

    Thank you for your kindness, should you wish to donate. As always, please keep Cathy and Rocky in your prayers.

  6. 104 Darren says:
    February 22, 2012 at 11:23 pm
    mharper #99;

    Some renumbering occurred after I logged out…

    the poulstry of the car’s cieling

    Whoa, the above deserves a prize for creative spelling. But you did use the postrophy correctly; points for that.

  7. Perhaps this is why the candidates want to focus on social issues instead of on
    the deficit.


    Too Bad RP is such a loon.

  8. Perhaps this is why the candidates want to focus on social issues instead of on the deficit.

    It ain’t the candidate that keeps bringing up a speech Santorum gave at a Catholic university in 2008 about Satan (newflash – Catholics believe Satan is real!) It ain’t the candidate that keeps bringing up the same asked-and-answered question about Obama’s “green” theology (not his religiosity). That’s all the Leni Riefenstahls in the media taking care of their boy. It ain’t the candidates (at least the Republican ones) that have blatantly attacked the 1st Amendment without batting an eye. I suppose they could just ignore the incessant gotcha questions from the media stooges, but we know how that would be portrayed. This is, as always, a coordinated effort between the “progressive” media and their puppetmasters in the Democrat party.

  9. #14 TT: That preacher in Iran is the definition of a martyr.

    If the Muslims are successful in achieving a global caliphate, it will be through fear, not love, that it is achieved.

    The whole mooslime idea is so fatally flawed that the only way they can have and hold followers is through fear, fear of losing heads, fear of watching your spouse be brutally raped for being somehow “immodest” fear of having your daughters gang raped because they dared to go out with out a male family escort. If a mooslime chooses with free will to follow the Elohim of The Bible, his family is responsible from bringing him back or killing him for apostacy, the only way out of the mooslime religion is through death – this tactic tends to keep people in the fold. One of the ways the mooslimes are (or will) attempting to coerce the citizens of this country to adhere to islime are to fool the kids to repeat the saying “there is only one .. . . and moha is his . . . “. They will take the position that the mere recital of that phrase = conversion to islime. Anyone who defects from islime must be put to death under sharia law. There are schools all across the country who try to force children to say the phrase as part of “multiculturalism” or sensitivity or similar such garbage. That is the fig leaf that will be used to enforce sharia here. Fear and force are the opposite of love and free choice. Scripture says the HE will separate the sheep from the goats, HIS FOLLOWERS are called sheep, which by deduction, means that the others are not HIS followers. One leads sheep, while one must drive goats; free choice vs force.

  10. #14 TT:

    Iran’s judiciary had delayed in issuing a final verdict, fearing the decision would have far-reaching political implications.

    Well they got that one right, in another place in the article is states this:

    “This one case is not just about one execution. We have been able to expose the system instead of just letting one man disappear, like so many other Christians have in the past.”
    It is also feared that Nadarkhani will be executed in retaliation as Iran endures crippling sanctions and international pressure in response to its nuclear agenda and rogue rhetoric. The number of executions in Iran has increased significantly in the last month.

    What better way to maintain your grip on power than to kill all those who disagree with you? That there are still Christians in Iran is amazing, I would have thought that since the revolution in 1978 or so, they would have all been murdered. The Iranian regime is heaping judgement on themselves and that judgement is coming sooner than they think.

  11. Lovely brought her new baby over for a visit yesterday. He’s a great indoor dog – not hyper at all, and he never barked once. He probably won’t get over 15 pounds. They think he’s part dachshund and possibly Brittany terrier, and he’s less than 9 months old. He seems very devoted to my daughter. She left to get something out of the car and I was holding the leash, and the dog definitely became edgy and took off after her. They haven’t had time to teach him too many tricks yet, but they have discovered one that he’ll do. If they lay down on the floor and “die,” he “dies” too.

    Despite his calm demeanor and diminutive size, they have to watch him around bigger dogs. He’s like bad toilet paper – he don’t crap off anyone. He bit a 4 month old pit on the ear at the doggie park, when the bigger dog got a little rough.

  12. I meant spaniel, not terrier. They thought he might have some terrier in the beginning. His body seems a little longer than normal, hence the dachshund guess. We have a friend who’s big into animal rescue and such, and she suggested the Brittany spaniel connection.

  13. From Natalie Arceneaux (The Civil Right) on Facebook:

    School breakfast, lunch, and now dinner. OK, I’m willing to comprimise…if we are feeding low income children 3 meals, then ma and pa shouldn’t be getting money for groceries. I’m just say’in.

    Never thought of that….

  14. #27 TT

    then ma and pa shouldn’t be getting money for groceries

    Pa? What pa? That’s 90% of the problem right there.

  15. #31 Sarge
    Sounds like that hare was starving, if it was eating rope. You should be safe up in your “swang” as long as the killer bunnies don’t learn how to climb a tree.

  16. #34 Pyro

    Notice the lion cubs don’t barf.

    Guess you have to be a cat person. Yeah, yeah, I know, you don’t wanna. But I understood why TT said the lion cubs reminded her of The Barf Thang: they were rubbing up against the guy’s neck and chin.

  17. #38 Mharper

    But I understood why TT said the lion cubs reminded her of The Barf Thang: they were rubbing up against the guy’s neck and chin.


  18. I went out and picked lettuce for my lunch salad. I haven’t been able to get to my garden because of the mud and wet. The ground is still too soft to do yardwork. I had to stop and pulled up thistles and weeds along the way. That took a while. My backyard is a veritable forest of thistles now, since the drought killed off so much grass. I figger a little at a time will make a difference. Kinda like my dirt pile.

    My lettuce, however, has grown big and beautiful. I had plenty for lunch and I may make a second trip for dinner. I pulled up one of my red onions (which never bulbed), and put some of the green on my salad. Finished it up with some soy beans and cashews (I like crunch), avocado, bean sprouts (which I grow myself, more crunch and vitamins), mushroom and tomato. I added a few blueberries for a taste contrast (before they go bad, too). Yum!

    /digging in

    I need to get more lettuce planted, and get some tomaters going, too.

  19. I love a positive update! THANKS to all for prayers!

    Frosty is looking better this morning. He spoke with Bullzeye in the ICU. He ate some breakfast. He is now being transferred from ICU to ********** Hospital.
    Please continue to keep the the family in your thoughts and prayers

  20. Greets Brother Katfish
    Sorry I did not get a chance to reply last PM. BSue got home after being kneecapped so I had to tend to her.

    /kneecapped = shots in the knee to relieve arthritis ailments

    Anywho, I am still around. In between keeping your brothers on their toes 🙂 in the back channel I have been working, making those OBSCENE PROFITS. The price of fine Cuban Cigars have gone up so much that I gotta work. Yanno the old Proverb of “A man should not smoke fine Cuban cigars if he does not work”, just trying to follow the rules since Obama has not created a give away program aimed at my life style.

  21. #46 Shannon

    Dome house. – more hubby’s idea, he pushed it, but I said okay. It’s a nice house. Especially if when it gets finished.

    Bean sprouts. – I’ve been told I need to make some adjustments for my health’s sake. This is one of them. More veggies. It’s working.

    The secret Prius. – Start looking for my dead body, ‘cuz that’s when you’ll find one in my driveway.

  22. pri·us   [prahy-uhs]
    (in prescriptions) before; former.

    Is that anything like pre-owned? So all Prius are used cars? I am so confused.

  23. This appears to be a serious and informative website devoted to climate science. Judith Curry is not one of the “concensus” sycophants.

    Judith Curry is Professor and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology and President (co-owner) of Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN). She received a Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences from the University of Chicago in 1982. Prior to joining the faculty at Georgia Tech, she held faculty positions at the University of Colorado, Penn State University and Purdue University. She currently serves on the NASA Advisory Council Earth Science Subcommittee and has recently served on the National Academies Climate Research Committee and the Space Studies Board, and the NOAA Climate Working Group. Curry is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Geophysical Union.

  24. Squawk is always complaining the models and celebrities all look like bony bulimia sufferers. But I haven’t heard a word out of him about the new IT GIRL now making hamburger ads. Some folks don’t appreciate it when the zeitgeist is swinging their way.

  25. 1. Kate Upton has already had her 10 minutes of fame.
    2. Those hamburger ads are local, as in areas where Carls or Hardee’s does bidness

    and finally

    3. No daisy dukes. A man has got to maintain his standards don’t ya know.

  26. #56 Squawk

    I read an interview a couple of months ago ( ?) with the CEO of Carls/Hardees and he said they had no plans to open anymore restaurants in California because it now takes an average of over two years to get permits and clearances and licenses to open one stupid little fast food joint.

    He did say they were going to open over 150 locations in Texas in 2012-13.

  27. Ben Shapiro graduated from Harvard, went to Hollywood with school cap on and started interviewing movie and TV industry moguls about how films do or don’t get made and what effect politics have on the process. Of course, these guys all thought Ben played on their team and didn’t count on their candid admissions becoming part of this book,

    Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV

    Here’s Shapiro’s new video on why the Left worships the State.

  28. #6 Bones, I was being snarky about how some people can obsess on a tragedy past but ignore one in process.

  29. #63 GTO: I used your post to attempt to shine the light of reality of their world vs ours. The snark was blatant, I doubt anyone will be “legally” punished for the crime.

  30. As far as the latest mooslime offense, the burning of the korans in afcrappystan, we should be aware of the following facts:
    1) It is illegal under sharia to write in a koran
    2) The korans were written in (jihadist messages) by mooslime prisoners
    3) the only way to properly cleanse a defiled koran, under sharia, is to burn it

    So the mooslimes were desecrating their own korans by writing jihadist messages in them, the US penalty was to have them removed, they were then burned which happens to be in accordance with sharia. . . . . . . .So why are the afcrappies all bent out of shape?

    More importantly, why the wiss did 0 feel the need to apologize when all the desecration was at the hands of mooslimes?

  31. mharper #9;

    Whoa, the above deserves a prize for creative spelling

    How do you spell poulstry? English sucks. I’m moving to Britain where no one speaks English. 🙂

  32. up·hol·ster·y
       [uhp-hohl-stuh-ree, -stree, uh-pohl-]
    noun, plural -ster·ies.
    1. the materials used to cushion and cover furniture.
    2. the business of an upholsterer.

  33. A long time ago I went to visit my grandparents. They had just bought a new fishing boat. I asked my grandmother what kind. She said “A flabbergas boat.”

  34. Do you keep your clothes in the chester drawers?

    Just my underware and socks. 😉 ….Humm, there might be a 357 or a 9 MM Makrov in there also.

  35. Hambone, you’re old enough to remember the old 14′-15′ Mahogany Boats, we had one when I was real small. It was a little 14′ job with a 20 HP Elgin (West Bend), hand tiller and that thing would really scoot! Prolly only about 30 mph but it would leap up on plane in about 2 seconds. When I was in Alabama last weekend, I went to the park on the Alabama side of the Chattahoochee, across from Fort Gaines Georgia. The last time I was there was in the late 50’s. Those were the days. 😀

  36. Hamous #74;

    Ah. Root word would be “holster” like you use to carry a gun. The prefix would be “up” like when you hold up a bank withthe gunyou removed from its holster. The suffix would be “tery” like when you “tery” to do your home work but just can’t accomplish it. So the etymological root of “upholstery” would be a verb meaning to try and hold up a bank with a gun.

    Thanks, Hamous. 🙂

  37. I should be buying lottery tickets.

    Not only did I win the USA pension bailout the other day, I won the raffle at the Project Managment meeting tonight and received free admission.
    WooHoo! Life is good. 😉

  38. TT #7;

    There is a blood drive being sponsored to assist my sister-in-law and my dying brother-in-law. If you wish to donate, please let me know here on the blog and I will get the information to you.

    I’d love to but the last time I gave blood I completely passed out. I simply cannot loose too uch blood without consequences. Let us know the progress. If supplies thing get tight I’m more than willing to donate some but it’ll have to stay less than a quart (I think that’s thestandard amount donated). Does my blood need to be a certain type of does his body accept all types?

  39. I must do the dishes, and then I have to prepare for my out of town trip tomorrow. Lovely’s future in-laws (and nineteen friends) are hosting her bridal shower in their hometown up near Oklahoma. It’ll be a long driving day tomorrow with Handsome. I’m going to pack some food and some clothes and be ready to hit the road.

    I will probably be out of pocket for the weekend. I may pop in again later tonight, but if not, I expect all you’uns to behave yourselves. No graffiti, no playing with matches, and pick up after yourselves. And if you want to fight, take it outside. I’ll have no blood stains on The Couch.
    /best mom “look”

  40. /peeks……is she gone yet?

    Squawkie’s lookin’at me!!!

    Sarge put the hammock in front of the TVeeeee!!!!!

  41. RE: blood donation

    They are not looking for a particular blood type, merely donations that will be credited to their account to offset the blood that has been used for his treatment.

    I’ll send the info to Hammy and Wagonburner, so if anyone wants it while I’m gone, they can forward it to you. It involves some personal information, so I’m not throwing it out for public consumption.

    And thanks to any- and everyone who chooses to do this.

    No need to do anything if it makes you pass out, though.

    That brings back a memory – in high school some band member friends (seniors) gave blood at a blood drive and we met up in the band hall, which was empty at the time. Among the group was a very tall tuba player. He was almost 7 feet tall. We were sitting in some chairs, facing each other, and the tuba player was facing directly across from me. Suddenly, right in mid-sentence – and in slooooooooowwwwww motion – the tuba player just keeled over. If he had fallen quickly, adrenaline probably would have kicked in and someone might have broken his fall, but it was such a slow drop that it took all of us several seconds to realize he was going down. I was too far away to catch him, and all I could do was watch in shocked amazement as he gradually made contact with the tile.

  42. It’s so rare that I get an opportunity to post something from the Romanian Times

    Gau – from Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, northern China – believes that with a special platform replacing the cistern lid, hundreds of loos – declared less than bog standard by officials – can be converted and donated to local schools.

  43. I used to give blood regularly, I was on their call list, but they won’t let me anymore due to the medication I take for RA.

  44. #84 shamaal

    Gosh, I am so glad the physicists of the world had not developed a “concensus” already before they discovered the Swiss are too cheap to invest in solid connections.

    Otherwise, we’d have all these hysterical campus coneheads screaming about the “neutrino deniers” and their retrograde, hillbilly, anti-scientific mysticism.

  45. 390 texpat
    Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Luckily, like most scientists, they posted their methodology and results and invited folks to reproduce their work.
    But I am sure there are detractors who will claim that light is cyclical and that the CO2 in the laser wouldn’t hurt a fly. 😉

  46. Some may recall some days ago, Ole Timer Lin bravely posted a comment adverse to the State of Virginia’s ultrasound bill. The details are too delicate for Granny Hamous’ eyes, but suffice it to say that the medical procedure was uhh…… invasive. To save face, however, they created a law to perform ultrasounds on objects that cannot be detected.
    Now that the State of Virginia has been held up as an object of ridicule, the Virginia Senate has voted down a goofy law granting fertilized eggs the same legal rights as people

  47. 81 shammal
    You know things are bad at a company when they start charging admission to project management meetings.


  48. #93 Shannon


    They tell shamaal everyone has to pay and he believes them. How do you think they pay for the donuts every week ?

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