Thursday Note On A Car Open Comments

We’ve all inadvertently (some of us advertently) put a ding into someone’s door or fender at some point. How many of you left a note? Maybe not offering to fix it, but at least an apology? Here is the best note ever left on a dented car.

You may have noticed the dent on the left side of your car. If not, allow me to draw your attention to it now. As you can see, it is there, and so is this note, and now two and two are getting put together in your head. Allow me to confirm your suspicions: The dent and note are connected. I have dented your car and wish to apologize for it.

He invites the owner to sit and relax while he explains what happened…

Some gas is missing, isn’t it? Previously I have noticed that your car was parked here unattended for hours every day, I guess because you work nearby. Congratulations! In this economy, having steady work is good news. I certainly don’t have that luxury, as you may have gathered by my ability to stake out parked cars for entire days. Truly, you are one of the lucky ones, and I hope you remember your fortune throughout this, as your dent is repaired, and your gas tank is refilled, and your car is seized by the police.

It continues for quite a bit. You should read it.

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Posted: Thursday, February 16th, 2012 @ 1:30 am
Categories: Open Comments.
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142 Responses to “Thursday Note On A Car Open Comments”

  1. El Gordo Says:

    I liked the story about the old gentleman cussing out the policeman who was writing tickets for a car with an Obama bumper sticker on it better. As the old man continues to berate the policeman, the tickets continue to pile up on the car, and then he walks away, gets into his own car, and drives away.

  2. Hamous Says:


  3. Hamous Says:

    The other white meat.

  4. Super Dave Says:

    The other white meat.

    Voice of experience, perhumps?
    Hambone, did you see my post about your old house last night?
    Mornin’ Gang

  5. GJT Says:

    Several years ago at another job I was in a company truck at lunch time and pulled into a store parking lot, when I opened the door a gust of wind pulled the door out of my hand and struck the car next to me. It was an old beat up 80′s Honda, you could barely see where my door hit, but the illegal Lutheran happened to be in it and of course being a company truck and all, you know where that went. And the stupid corporate nightmare company I worked with had a policy any incident required a drug and alcohol test. ‘Course I failed the test, no drugs or alcohol in me.

  6. wagonburner Says:

    #4 sd
    You’ve obviously never enjoyed twice-cooked cat or tabby parmigiana. Of course you need a kitten for those dishes; old cats are too stringy. The old ones do have more flavor and make for some tasty car noodle soup or cat ‘n’ dumplin’s.

  7. GJT Says:

    You gotta simmer car noodle soup a couple days to tender it up.

  8. gtotracker Says:

    “using animals commonly kept as pets or companions as food” is a crime? Lucky for ST she does not live in California.

  9. Sarge Says:

    Conservatives suck

  10. gtotracker Says:

    Speaking of door dings.

  11. Sarge Says:

    Animal rights group wishes to stop a pigeon shoot. Decides to build a flying drone to film the event, with predictable results.

  12. Sarge Says:

    10 gtotracker says:

    February 16, 2012 at 7:35 am

    Speaking of door dings.

    Read that when Hamous posted it at #2. I have a couple of questions before I make a judgement.

    1. From Hamous’ link:

    A Houston man reported to police that KTRH talk show host Michael Berryplowed his SUV into another car outside T.C.’s Show Baron Converse near Fairview in the Montrose area about 11 p.m. on January 31st.

    The event occured two weeks ago, and we’re just now hearing about it.

    2. The Incident Report linked to is dated February 5 reporting that the complaintant “flagged down” an officer on that date to report an incident that occurred 5 days before. Why the delay?

    3. The bar owners submitted video to the police. The police did not make an arrest. Then, there’s this:

    Bar managers declined to allow Local 2 Investigates to view the video.

    but the following sentence is in the story anyway:

    “Videos don’t lie. They don’t paint pictures that don’t exist,” he said.

    If the video shows what the bar owners claim it does, why don’t they give it to the news outlet they alerted to make the story public?

  13. Sarge Says:

    The post at GTO’s link has a link to the DPS crash report.

    The last page shows the report was filled out on 6 February.

    Page 3 contains the Complaintants statement. He claims that the car Berry was supposedly driving passed the bar, reached the intersection, then backed up 70 feet to intentionally crash into his vehicle. He then claims that the driver drowve around the block two times, and that he was able to get the license plate during on of those circuits.

    So it seems that a prominent citizen intentionally crashed his vehicle into another vehicle belonging to a total stranger, then drove around the block two times to taunt him. He was so traumatized by the incident, it took him 5 days to report it.


    I buy that.

  14. Katfish Says:

    #12 – I saw the ch2 news story on this last night……………..what left me scratchin my noggin was “no charges filed” ————–with a positive ID from an THE eyewitness?

    Bizarro to say the least!

    SO – if some soccer Mom runs me over and I’m looking right AT her (and by some miracle I’m not rendered unconscious)………………and I can positively identify her AND her car – no charges would be filed?

    whut theWISS????????????????

  15. Bonecrusher Says:

    #2, 12,13: There is something there that simply doesn’t pass the smell test. In the article it claims this:

    Managers of the bar then turned over security camera video from inside the club to HPD investigators, and they write in an e-mail to Local 2 Investigates that their video confirms that Berry was in their establishment that night.

    The e-mail reads, “Mr. Berry is one of those customers who has been to our establishment. The video in question that shows Mr. Berry in our establishment is in our possession. The local authorities have requested this same video and they are in possession to assist with their investigation.”

    Bar managers declined to allow Local 2 Investigates to view the video.

    So the owners of this drag-queen bar say they have video of MB in the establishment; as a patron or as a reporter?
    Seeing as how MB has been stridently vocal against the left and their ilk, ifn he were there as a patron it would be very destructive to his career. The fact that the video has not been released, but commented upon simply increases the “no credibility” factor.
    As the old saying goes: Put up or shut up!

  16. Hamous Says:

    Hambone, did you see my post about your old house last night?

    Yup. Several people in my neighborhood have torn down their old houses and built new ones. I’m sure they’re nice houses. They just lack the character of the old neighborhood.

    I found an old sales brochure for the second addition to my neighborhood from the early 40s. I recognize several of those houses.

    Check out the map. It’s weird looking at maps of central Houston with no I-45, I-10, 59, 610:

  17. GJT Says:

    Berry didn’t respond specifically when he came on, said when you do what he does you make enemies and they aren’t going to go away quietly.

    From the comments on the story it appears the gay bar is the story naturally, not the hit and run. Truth is, Berry is pretty rough on SoCons over the gay issue, a bigger story would have been if he were caught in a black or hi-spanic bar. :D

  18. GJT Says:

    Oldest son turned 30 today, youngest’s 21st was on the 5th. Damn y’all gettin old.

  19. Bonecrusher Says:

    My employer still gets the Comical and on today’s paper, section B1 there is this story by Lisa Falkenbeyotch

    Administrator Mary Boyle’s clinic, Southeast Texas Family Planning and Cancer Screening, which has served Houston women for nearly 40 years, is in danger of closing.

    This is an abortion mill plain and simple; the latest budget from the State has dramatically reduced their funding and they are now turning away wimminzes because they cant pay. I wish that had the entire story online, it really speaks volumes. Those who believe in the sanctity of life should count this as a big step in the right direction, fewer taxpayer dollars are being used to fund that which we find abhorrent.

  20. GJT Says:

    Don’t have time to find the story but FoxsNews just showed a North Carolina school official responding to the 4 yr old’s lunch being taken away saying (paraphrased); We are not the lunch police, we just check to see if they all the proper food groups.

    Sounds like the police to me.

  21. Tedtam Says:

    They are not the food police. The are the food nazis.

    Dang, get your terms straight!
    /sarc offf

  22. GJT Says:

    Oh, he also blamed the little girl saying she wanted the chicken nugget meal, they didn’t force her. Maybe, but you set the whole thing in motion.

  23. Bonecrusher Says:

    #20 GJT: Isn’t interesting that they (the left and LSM) don’t see anything wrong with the Gestapo tactics they employed? Can you imagine the wailing and shrieking that we would be hearing from the left if an R admin was doing this? If this can’t be considered “way over the line” then what the wiss is it gonna take?

  24. Bonecrusher Says:

    I just found a pic of sham-poo

  25. Tedtam Says:

    Parents cannot be forced to be involved in their daughter’s abortions.
    The gubmint can decide to be involved in the parents’ lunch creations.

    It may just be me, but there seems to be something out of whack here.

    PS: I remember talking to our pediatrician one time. He said young kids are remarkably resilient. He had a patient, very young child – probably around kindergarten age – who would eat nothing but Wolf Brand Chili. This kid could tell if you tried to slip him Hormel, and would throw a fit. The doc said as long as the kid got a glass or two of milk and a vitamin, he’d be okay, and the parents fed the boy Wolf Brand Chili three times a day, until he outgrew that phase. The boy is fine, the parents are fine, and I’m sure he’s moved on to his next quirky food phase.

    PPS: I have a nephew who eats nothing but vegetables. He’s an extremely picky eater. He’s very skinny, but healthy and happy. The food nazis trying to force him to eat meat would be a major problem for this kid. He doesn’t like meat and won’t eat it. He hasn’t since he was very young.

  26. Texpat Says:

    Florida college students rediscover an ancient rite and tradition of entrepeneurship.

    “Have they paid your tuition?” asked Estevez.

    “Yes Jorge.”

    “Books?” he asked.

    “Books. Everything,” she responded. “When I say everything… I mean everything.”

    …and Florida men prove as gullible as Adam.

  27. wagonburner Says:

    Bone’s link had a link to LD & her gentleman caller.

  28. wagonburner Says:

    If you’re gonna go around targeting diplomats in a third-country capital, you should probably make sure you can’t be traced to your home country.

    And you should probably pick a third-country capital in a country where civil rights actually mean something and the local constables are not as vigorous in their interrogation techniques.

  29. Hamous Says:

    “We do not allow escorts or prostitutes to use the website. That is what I call a one or two-hour arrangement. It is not what this is about,” Lee said.

    Maybe I’m picking nits (or maybe she is, for real), but…

    “They give you trips. They pay for school. They give you presents. What do you give them?” asked Estevez.

    “Sex,” said the FIU “sugar baby.”

    “Just like that,” asked Jorge.

    “Just like that,” she said.

    “And you are OK with that?” Jorge probed.

    “I am OK with that,” she replied.

    Sounds like prostitution to me. “Madam, we’ve already established what kind of woman you are. Now we’re just negotiating the price.”

  30. Texpat Says:

    Notice the phone number for Houston Brick & Lumber in Hamous’ image above.

    One letter for an exchange followed by 4 digits which means there were few enough phones in that area they could be covered by combinations of 4 numbers.

    I can’t recall an exchange that began with T.

    The only exchanges I can remember were followed 5 numbers.

    UNderwood – Northside
    CApital – Downtown
    MOhawk – Eastside
    HOmestead – Westside

    In the 1950s, Houston moved up to using 2 letters for exchanges.

  31. Tedtam Says:

    #29 Hammy

    But…but…but…they were forming a relationship with these dirty old men! That makes it okay!

    /sarc off

  32. Tedtam Says:

    #30 Texpat

    Our are was MIssion. It was later changed to the 645 exchange.

  33. Texpat Says:

    And I can still remember the number of the house where Shannon and I grew up from 1959 to 1970.


  34. Bonecrusher Says:

    Re: Sugar Babies: This is simply the end result of the brazen attack on the institution of marriage by the feminazis, homersexuals, and the rest of the left. Beneath all their bluster lies the understanding that, inorder to destroy the society, they must first destroy the family and to do that they must destroy marriage. See how well it worked in the black community? Somehow the lefties believe that once this society is destroyed, utopia on earth can be created from the ashes that remain, like the Phoenix resurrecting itself from its own ashes. What a cruel, morbid delusion and definitely from the father of all lies.

    This should be yet another example of the big separation, the goats from the sheep.

  35. Texpat Says:

    #32 TT

    Mission ! Of course.

    Dang. How could I forget the MI exchange ?

    I think also the MOhawk exchange was not the eastside, but was Bellaire and Meyerland.

  36. Bonecrusher Says:

    #33 Texpat: You and Shannon musta growd up in my neck o the woods. My first phone number was HO8-0733. Here we have evidence of a truly sick mind (mine) as that has not been a family phone number for at least 40 years, but I still remember it.

  37. Hamous Says:

    Texpat – the owner of Houston Brick & Lumber is also the guy that built our neighborhood. Some of the streets are named after women in his family – Eleanor, Gale, Sue.

  38. Tedtam Says:

    In my genealogy study of my family, I’ve looked at old phone books. They have the name, the occupation, and the address – which sometimes includes “upstairs” or “in back”. I had a lot of tailors and barbers in my family.

  39. Katfish Says:

    #35 –

    I think also the MOhawk exchange was not the eastside, but was Bellaire and Meyerland.

    CORRECTAMUNDO Brutha TP! Our #s in Meyerland were all MO #s

    (in the 60s before and after we lived in Libya that is)

    I cannot recall our MO#s…………….but surprisingly I CAN recall our 5 digit ph number from Tripoli Libya ’37068′

  40. Texpat Says:

    #36 BC

    707 Britt Moore Road

    The street has been spelled as one word for a long time, but Britt Moore was a real person and an early rancher and landowner on the west side of Harris County. He lived in a log cabin he built himself which serves now as the center of the Edith Moore Nature Sanctuary immediately south of where Britt Moore Road deadends into Memorial Drive.

    I lived in those woods and knew every square inch of them. Edith Moore was Britt’s daughter and was elderly when I was small. It was tradition in our neighborhood for the older kids to scare the crap out of the younger ones by telling them stories of how Old Lady Moore would lure little kids into her cabin in the woods and then eat them for supper.

    Cabin photo here.

    I had never seen her and was too scared to get near her cabin, but one day a friend of mine and I decided to ride through the woods right past her yard on a dare. Just as we passed by, she popped out of the bushes and said hello with a big smile. Terrified we were. She insisted we wait while she went up on the porch and brought back a big crock jar of homemade cookies. We both took several and ate them while she asked us questions.

    When we finally rode off, my friend and I discussed the probabilities of whether the cookies were poisoned or not and if we would make it home before we died.

  41. Bonecrusher Says:

    In today’s WSJ, front page, below the fold there is a picture of the slimeball lying witch Debbie Wasserman Schultz. O made her the head of the DNC saying “She’s my kind of person” let’s see here, she lies, is abusive, refuses to accept blame for anything, is quick to blame the Rs for everything from cancer to tooth decay, yeah – I can see how the two are cut from the same cloth.

  42. Katfish Says:

    #40 – RE: Brittmore…………………..lo and behold my surprise the last time I took a cruise through there (in the last month or so) – NEW pavement from the Rummel Crk bridge alla way to the last 200 ft before Memorial – smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth Baby!

    (as opposed to the former ‘roller coaster’ from heaving sub grade)

  43. Bonecrusher Says:

    #40 TP: 12315 Perthshire (between Gessner and Frostwood, about 3/4 mile south of 1-10). You were north and west of where we were. We moved into Bunker Hill village around 1970 and our house back-ed up to the back side of the Holy Name Retreat Center, there were about 40-50 acres of woods on the east end of the plot of land and I could run through them at night without a flashlight. I eluded the village police several times doing just that.

  44. texanadian Says:

    Finally, an educational website that is worth visiting

    h/t American Digerst

  45. texanadian Says:

    As proof, I didn’t know this. Learned this on the website and checked it out here.

    Standing under it in the rain can cause your skin to blister. Ouch.

  46. Katfish Says:

    #43 – wow small world………………I was @ Memorial Jr High in them days (late 60s dat is)

    we lived in the townhouses next to “Sage” that faced “Joske’s” across what is now the beltway – that huge green median was our “sandlot” (or mud hole) football field

  47. Bonecrusher Says:

    #46 Katfish: Bunker Hill Elementary, Spring Branch Jr and Memorial Senior high, class of 1978.

  48. Katfish Says:

    #47 – “Leftbreaster”………….uh…I mean Westchester HS ’73
    (if I had gradumated)


  49. gtotracker Says:

    Sometimes we find old company paperwork or stickers with CA7-#### around here. The number is still the same, just 227- now. MI9 was the home number, can’t remember the rest. Our parents moved us to Friendswood from there to avoid busing.

  50. Texpat Says:

    Up to the mid-fifties, our grandparents’ phone in Bellville only required you to dial the last four digits for a local call.

  51. Texpat Says:

    #44 texanadian

    I think that guy is onto something. Every fact on his site is indelibly seared into my memory. If high school/college textbooks were designed like that, I think we could improve the education level in this country overnight.

    I can never forget “Only female mosquitoes will bite you” …
    … or “According to research, ‘cheerful people’ die younger.”

  52. Tedtam Says:

    …and I get called “crazy”….

  53. wagonburner Says:

    In Calistoga, CA until the late 70′s we only had to dial the last four digits. To call nearby small towns, we had to add the last number of the prefix. To dial Napa was a long-distance call, but we didn’t have to dial the area code.

    My dad was on a party line in OK until the early 80′s.

  54. wagonburner Says:

    …and I get called “crazy”….

    Why yes. Yes you do.

  55. Tedtam Says:

    #54 WB

    phhhhhbbbbbttttt !

  56. Sarge Says:

    We talked a bit about the new Athletics Complex for St. mary’s that I’m doing now.

    Here’s a short blub on it.

    Everything you see there that’s not brick, wood, or window is what I’m doing.

  57. mharper42 Says:

    #18 Tim
    Tim, if you gots a 30-yr-old son, was he adopted? Or did you get married while still in grade school?

  58. Tedtam Says:

    #56 Sarge

    I thought you’ve been talking about St. Mary’s University, where Lovely attended. Obviously, there’s more than one “St. Mary’s”.

  59. Tedtam Says:

    Very well – I’d like to see Media Matters refused its tax exempt status as well.

    Bat rastards.

  60. Tedtam Says:

    More Camelot?

    Another Kennedy runs for office.

    Can we handle yet another fake-Catholic Kennedy?

  61. Sarge Says:

    58 Tedtam says:
    February 16, 2012 at 12:33 pm
    #56 Sarge

    I thought you’ve been talking about St. Mary’s University, where Lovely attended. Obviously, there’s more than one “St. Mary’s”.

    Are bofum in Santone?

  62. Texpat Says:

    This is a huge scientific bombshell of a scandal.

    Why do most people today, scientists included, believe that small doses of radiation are harmful to human health when no proof for this theory exists, and when mountains of evidence show the opposite — that small amounts of radiation actually promote health? After years of sleuthing into historical records, a scientist at the University of Massachusetts has found a smoking gun, involving a scientific scam in 1946 at the very highest echelons — the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm.

    In an august Nobel hall one year after the end of the Second World War, the scientific world was knowingly misled by Hermann J. Muller, winner that year of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. This is the verdict from a forensic review entitled Muller’s Nobel Prize Lecture: When Ideology Prevailed Over Science, just published by the Society of Toxicology in the Oxford University Press’s Toxicological Sciences. Had Muller spoken the truth and revealed the existence of contradictory research in the world’s most prominent scientific gathering, we might today have an entirely different view of radiation and its effects, preventing immense human suffering and the loss of countless lives.

    Hermann Muller knew he was lying when gave his speech at the Nobel Prize ceremony.

  63. Texpat Says:

    I’m so glad scientists never lie.

  64. Bonecrusher Says:

    Baldfaced “scientific” lies:
    DDT causes eggs shells to become to thin
    man made/produced CO2 causes global warming
    the sun’s influence on the earth’s climate is “negligible”.
    eggs are bad for you
    red meat is bad for you
    all alcohol consumption is bad for you
    the government spending tax dollars improves the economy
    the fed can monetize its own debt (print money) with no negative effects on the economy
    high taxes on high income produce increased revenue to the treasury
    lowering taxes on high income reduces revenue to the treasury
    paying people not to work increases the likelihood that they will find employment

  65. GJT Says:


    He is my step-son, but I consider him my son since we married when he was 6. He had and has a great real dad, he always called me his fake dad. :D Sorry to say though, at 53 I’m plenty old enough to have a 30 yr old son. Still younger’n Shannon though.

  66. Tedtam Says:

    Handsome has a friend from school, who lives down the street. He is “the second son I never had”. I am his “second mom”. Good kid.

  67. wagonburner Says:

    Still younger’n Shannon though.

    So’s the Earth.

  68. mharper42 Says:

    Geez, you guys with the exhibition memories… I can’t remember the phone number I’ve got right now.

  69. Simple Simon Says:


    Scientists are humans and therefore just as prone to human imperfection as the “unwashed masses”. I was taught a long time ago that Science was an ever improving set of approximations.

    Even the great ones get it wrong from time to time. Newton practiced alchemy. Einstein never accepted Quantum Mechanics and of late Steven Hawking has reversed himself on the preservation of information entering a black hole. All in all, this is why there is peer review; but being skeptical of everything is the mark of a good Scientist.

    Science is neither evil or good. Physical laws don’t care about political leanings; only politicians do! The great Newton was quite a politician himself. He was an ardent anti-Semite and Catholic-hater and better known during his time for his non-Science activities.


  70. texanadian Says:

    Progress in the great white north. :)

    OTTAWA — The Conservative government says its MPs will celebrate after a historic vote to end the long-gun registry Wednesday evening, despite vehement opposition to the move in Quebec and much of urban Canada.

    Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told reporters Wednesday, hours before the vote, that the government’s actions are long overdue.

    “It does nothing to help put an end to gun crimes, nor has it saved one Canadian life,” he said.

  71. Hamous Says:

    Are bofum in Santone?

    Yup. Tedtam’s is a Mackerel Snapper-run university. The one you’re working on is a Whiskeypalian school (for every four Episcopalians, you’ll find a fifth).

  72. Bonecrusher Says:

    Tedtam’s is a Mackerel Snapper-run university.

    THe term “marian” is also used as a description of that university which is run by the bead jigglers.

  73. Bonecrusher Says:


    Science is neither evil or good. Physical laws don’t care about political leanings; only politicians do!

    I hope you don’t think that I was criticizing science; I was criticizing the politics that corrupts “scientists” to publish crap under the guise of being science. When the political arena intersects with the scientific arena, the science suffers tremendously as do the people at large. Also, usually in the mix someone closely connected to the politician gets rich, quickly and at taxpayer expense.

  74. texanadian Says:

    I can’t remember the phone number I’ve got right now.

    Maybe you need to walk faster?

  75. Hamous Says:

    Bead Jigglers. Heh heh.

  76. Tedtam Says:

    Unlike the jigglers of a previous post.

  77. Tedtam Says:

    I have completed my health questionnaire and had four cheek swabs done today. I should know within 6 weeks if I’m moving on another level of compatibility testing or donation. I found out that the recipient’s doctor gets to choose whether I have a hole drilled in my butt or I get to feel flu-ey for a week or so with the shots.

    Either way, I won’t be kicking any butt myself for about three weeks.

  78. Hamous Says:

    Btw, the Marianists are one society (or order) of priests like the Jesuits. There are a bunch. Our parish is run by the OMI, which is one of the orders that take a vow of poverty and are mainly missionaries to Central & South America and Africa.

  79. Bonecrusher Says:

    #76 TT: HOw about the new Catholic breast cancer awareness group:

  80. wagonburner Says:



  81. Sarge Says:

    Looked at the weather this AM and saw that I won’t be able to go to the Wayback for the third Friday in a row. Thought I’d be able to get away with doing anothr backyard overnight to test some new ‘quipment, and the ding dang rain is coming in around 4 AM.


  82. Hamous Says:

    Tanto para La Niña.

  83. Texpat Says:

    #69 Simple

    Thanks for the information. I was not aware that scientists did not take baths.

    You, however, disprove my theory by providing empirical evidence at least one person interested in science would not pay attention to what I wrote or follow the link to read the brief article explaining that internationally celebrated scientist, Hermann Muller, deliberately lied with calculation and malice aforethought before the 1946 Nobel Prize audience. Furthermore, Muller did everything he could to conceal and discredit the very scientific data of his colleague which would disprove his monumental lie. Muller continued throughout his life to maintain that falsehood.

    Hermann Muller did not make a mistake or bet on the wrong theory. He lied and the lie he told has done untold damage through time.

    Now, if you can provide evidence Newton, Einstein or Hawking have committed the same crime, I will be glad to read it.

    Ain’t science grand.

  84. Bonecrusher Says:

    #82 Hamous: Are you making reference to the weather phenomenon “La Nina” as opposed to El Nino which makes for really bad hurricanes and lousy anchovie fishing offa the coast of Peru?

  85. GJT Says:

    Geez, you guys with the exhibition memories… I can’t remember the phone number I’ve got right now.

    Programmable phones have made phone number memorization a lost art.

  86. Bonecrusher Says:

    #83 Texpat:

    Furthermore, Muller did everything he could to conceal and discredit the very scientific data of his colleague which would disprove his monumental lie.

    That is exactly what the bunch at the East Anglia (climate research community college or whatever the place is called) did with respect to the whole “gore-bull” warming thing.

  87. Texpat Says:

    RE: my #83

    Additional scientific historical note:

    The excellent work in genetic mutations Hermann Muller performed that eventually earned him the Nobel Prize in Medicine began and formed during his tenures at Rice Institute and the University of Texas from 1915 through the 1920s.

  88. Bonecrusher Says:

    #85 GJT: You are correct. WHen I was a bulk liquid transportation broker in the middle/late 80′s I kept about 35-50 phone numbers (mostly long distance) in my head because I used them all the time. Now I could not tell you what my wife’s cell phone number is because it is programmed in my phone.

  89. fat albert Says:

    #69 Simple:

    Scientists are humans and therefore just as prone to human imperfection as the “unwashed masses”. I was taught a long time ago that Science was an ever improving set of approximations.

    Certainly scientists can be wrong. Every time we make a scientific advance it proves a previous theory wrong.

    But, Scientists have a duty to speak honestly. If a Scientists says that such and such is true, knowing all the while that there is evidence that directly refutes their assertion, then they cease to be scientists (or honest.)

    Global warming is a perfect example – As a scientist you might believe that there is global warming, and you might believe that it is manmade. But to assert that it is “settled science” and there is no oppositional data is a deliberate and willful untruth. A scientist who makes such a statement – in my opinion – is no longer fit to carry the title “scientist”.

  90. Bonecrusher Says:

    #89 FA: I think that Simple exhibited a primary misperception: a scientist would never lie because, they are scientists for crying out loud. That perception would have to assume that they are not plagued by the same things other humans are, such as pride, arrogance, the propensity to be bribed, etc. I used to think the same thing about the guy on the news (when I was a kid) but now I know better; ditto that for those who call themselves “scientist”.

  91. fat albert Says:


    Unfortunately these days most scientists don’t do research in the classic sense. Because they are dependent on government or interest group grants for much of their funding, most scientists begin with a conclusion (one that is acceptable to the funding agency in question) and then work backwards to develop the data set to “prove” it. Any data that is contrary to the needed conclusion is lost, deleted, buried, diluted to insignificance, or explained away. That is “science” in the 21st century.

    /spits in disgust

  92. Hamous Says:

    Are you making reference to the weather phenomenon “La Nina” as opposed to El Nino which makes for really bad hurricanes and lousy anchovie fishing offa the coast of Peru?

    Yup. La Nina is supposed to give us dry winters.

  93. fat albert Says:

    And, yes, journalists are similar, but even worse.

    /hawks and spits twice…

  94. mharper42 Says:

    #74 TC

    Maybe you need to walk faster?

    Hey, thanks, TC! I saw that story but didn’t realize it applied to me.

  95. Shannon Says:

    He is my step-son, but I consider him my son since we married when he was 6……Sorry to say though, at 53 I’m plenty old enough to have a 30 yr old son.

    I can only try to remember to thank the Lord daily that I haven’t had the 43 year old stepdaughter since she was six.

    If that was the the case, one of us would be long dead by now.

  96. mharper42 Says:

    #76 TT

    Unlike the jigglers of a previous post.

    Those, thank god, were all still shots. Unlike some stuff I’ve noticed in the margins of some posts. Not naming any names, but initials might be EG. No thank you, I do not wish to click on the video of the well-endowed femme being driven along a bumpy road.

  97. Bonecrusher Says:

    #92 Hammie: I knew you were talking about the weather because little girls don’t have jigglies.

  98. mharper42 Says:

    #77 TT

    whether I have a hole drilled in my butt

    Drill Baby Drill!

  99. mharper42 Says:

    Your honor, I am setting this up for some other Hamster to take advantage of.

  100. Super Dave Says:

    Ok, I’ve not been keeping up, but about Hambone’s # 2, I’m listening to Michael Berry, and he was saying that he really wanted to talk about the “current events” BUTT Corporate wouldn’t let him. He said that there was NO ONE that wanted to talk about it more than he. FWIW: He didn’t mention the Subject at hand. A few minutes ago he got a call and put his show on “auto-pilot” and then came back on and said that he couldn’t say anything at this time. :sad:
    It all sounds a little fishy to me and I hope that it’s all BS, because he has become one of my favorites.

  101. Texpat Says:

    #95 Shannon

    Yeah, but you got her at sixteen and that was bad enough.

  102. Tedtam Says:

    #89 Mharper

    whether I have a hole drilled in my butt

    Drill Baby Drill!

    Kinda gives a new meaning to “reamed me a new one,” doesn’t it?

  103. Tedtam Says:

    I may have to change my gravatar….

  104. Super Dave Says:

    Oh, and Hambone about your old house, I’m bettin’ that you can’t drive a nail in those old pine boards, same as my old farm house. Speaking of which, I’ll be there by about 4:30, 5:00 PM tomorrow.
    As a side bar, yesterday was my 37 th anniversary and tomorrow is my 58 th birthday. Dang Dammit, I’m getting old. :grin:

  105. mharper42 Says:

    #85 Tim

    Programmable phones have made phone number memorization a lost art.

    Quick! Everyone punch in the numbers they had as children, then can never forgettum. Oops, doesn’t work for me, I have an old landline. Prolly another symptom of Alzheimer’s.

  106. Hamous Says:

    Swing down and eat a few dozen Appalachicola oysters for me.

  107. Hamous Says:

    Looks like Channel 2 has the video of Berry in the homosexual bar, at least according to their teaser.

  108. Hamous Says:

    When did Chelsea Clinton become a NBC news reporter?

  109. Texpat Says:


    Since we are on the subject of scientific theories, check this one out. It’s fascinating by blogger and amateur scientist, A J Strata.

    Last week I postulated that the El Niño/La Niña effect was not due to solar or atmospheric conditions, but actually caused by underwater volcanic activity along ocean ridges off the West coast of South America. To see whether my theory held water I decided to look into the Argo Float data to see if there it was showing a warm upwelling of water in this region. I apparently was correct.

    My initial assessment was that the frigid Humbult Current that comes north from the Antarctic region along the west coast of South America (the mirror image of the current that drops down from the Arctic along the west coast of North America) could not be warmed so drastically in such a short time by sun and air alone. This is due to the physics of ocean currents and the massive amount of heat required to warm tons of cold water moving northward per second…

    Argo Data Confirms El Niño/La Niña Caused By Underwater Volcanoes

  110. Tedtam Says:

    Speaking of old houses and their construction:

    When my grandpa, a German and an engineering graduate of Texas A&M, was building the house he and my grandma were going to live in, he used to go in every day after the workers had left and pulled out any boards that were warped or knotted, making them replace them the next day. I’ll bet that house’ll stand against almost anything, with my grandpa in charge.

    Some years ago we had to have the old house leveled, as the later addition was certainly NOT built to the same standards, as was actually pulling the original structure out of whack. The workers had to cut large bolts that attached the sill plate to the piers. They made the comment that those old houses were built strong, and a hurricane was no problem. Since the original house was built in 1938 (and we had the old knob wiring, which had to be redone at some point), we believed them. Unfortunately, it was not built to withstand a crappily built addition.

  111. Super Dave Says:

    CRAP! I messed up on the Links!

  112. Katfish Says:

    #101 – AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMEN

  113. Katfish Says:

    #104 – SD bon voyage………… them Looooooooooooosiana Smokies on I-10

  114. Hamous Says:

    Side note – the tubes from the old knob and tube wiring make dandy whetstones. I’m working on a design to put a handle on them so’s I can make a little bank.

  115. Texpat Says:

    #113 Hamous

    They’re made of the same thing.

  116. mharper42 Says:

    #109 Texpat
    Fascinating post, and I marvel at the scope of your interests.

  117. mharper42 Says:

    #114 Hammy

    so’s I can make a little bank.

    Can you explain what kind of little bank you have in mind? I’m stumped.

  118. Katfish Says:

    “a little bank” = some pocket money


    a mild offset of some remodeling costs

  119. Super Dave Says:


    #104 – SD bon voyage………… them Looooooooooooosiana Smokies on I-10

    You don’t have to tell me, I’ve been running I-10 to Alabama and Florida, 4-5 times a year since 1983 and I get VERY FEW tickets in any state BUTT, I’ve gotten two tickets in Louisiana in the last 5 years! I’m pretty sure that they’re balancing there budget with their ticket patrol.
    I should add that I’ve only received those two tickets from Louisiana the whole time that I’ve been running that road, including all those years that the speed limit was double nickels.

  120. wagonburner Says:

    MSNBC has standards.

  121. shamaal Says:

    #62 texpat

    Another interesting post. Incidentally, Dr. Muller was credited with developing the concept of “irreducible complexity,” abused by creationists that something is so complex, only God could have made it. He was also big on eugenics and a communist until he escaped the Soviet Union after supposedly criticizing Lysenko. He’s also 2nd cousin to Ursula K LeGuin (Left Hand of Darkness)

    As I understand the article, Muller’s research or award of the Nobel is not called into question but the subsequent lecture where he stated that there was no acceptable limit. Today the limit on ionizing radiation falls under As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) with much research being performed on the International Space Station.

    Not to be cynical, is there a reason for his transgression to be publicized? Perhaps radiation hormesis is up for public funding? Just curious.

  122. shamaal Says:

    #120 wagonburner

    I think Buchanan just ceased to be a draw, his remarks about Jews, gays, blacks and democrats are a matter of record.

    Writing of “group fantasies of martyrdom,” Buchanan challenged the
    historical record that thousands of Jews were gassed to death by diesel
    exhaust at Treblinka: “Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide
    to kill anybody.”

  123. Darren Says:

    Hamous #2;

    From the link:

    Security camera footage from a well-known gay bar has played a key role in a hit-and-run investigation of a former Houston City Councilman, who is now a conservative talk show host, Local 2 Investigates reported on Wednesday.


    Tuderia Bennett, of Galena Park, told Houston police that he was working as a bouncer at the front door during a popular cross-dressing ‘drag show’ that was going on inside the club. He watched the crash happen and told police he rushed up to the car after impact and got a good look at Berry behind the wheel.

    I wonder if Bennett looks like THIS?

    On a serious note:

    Managers of the bar then turned over security camera video from inside the club to HPD investigators, and they write in an e-mail to Local 2 Investigates that their video confirms that Berry was in their establishment that night.

    The e-mail reads, “Mr. Berry is one of those customers who has been to our establishment. The video in question that shows Mr. Berry in our establishment is in our possession. The local authorities have requested this same video and they are in possession to assist with their investigation.”

    Has Micheal Berry been digging on dudes? I guess we’ll have ot wait and see.

  124. wagonburner Says:

    To restate a somewhat popular joke about Mr. Buchanan, we must be sensitive to his ranting. He had a relative die at one of the Nazi concentration camps.

    He fell out of his guard tower.

  125. shamaal Says:

    If I was to pick an example of scientific malfeasance, and there are many, it would Andrew Wakefield and the MMR vaccination connection to autism fraud.

    The medical journal BMJ has declared the 1998 Lancet study that implied a link between the MMR vaccine and autism “an elaborate fraud.”
    Fiona Godlee, MD, BMJ’s editor in chief, says in a news release, “The MMR scare was based not on bad science but on a deliberate fraud” and that such “clear evidence of falsification of data should now close the door on this damaging vaccine scare.”

  126. Darren Says:

    Sarge #9;

    That was good.

  127. Hamous Says:

    I went to a Lesbian biker bar back in the ’80s.

  128. Texpat Says:

    #125 shamaal

    I will agree with you on the Andrew Wakefield fraud. Unbelievable and criminal.

  129. shamaal Says:

    Another lesbian trapped in a man’s body?

  130. Sarge Says:

    Berry was on tonight promising—and he used this word: retribution

  131. shamaal Says:

    Doctor say you going to die.

    The reptile sunk its fangs into Jackson Scott’s testicle as he squatted in the dark.
    But when he begged best mate Roddy Andrews to suck the venom out, his pal REFUSED.

  132. Texpat Says:

    Just for the record.

    Pat Buchanan was always persona non grata on Lone Star Times and the object of endless derision and animosity. He remains so in the environs I inhabit.

  133. shamaal Says:

    I suspect the lads in the target group were punking “the masterminds behind Colorado Initiative to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy”.

    A new ad campaign is getting attention across the metro area, especially with one saying on the side of an RTD bus: “I Have Riff Raff In My Hoo Hoo.”

    Or doing the Time Warp Again is about to take on a whole new meaning

  134. shamaal Says:

    Umm………… Freeze Willy?

    An ice climber exposed himself to the elements Monday afternoon by climbing a frozen waterfall in nothing but his boots.

  135. shamaal Says:

    Ho hum…..

    … Beadle and her fellow crew members — Julia Immonen, Katie Pattison-Hart, Kate Richardson and Helen Leigh — smashed the existing Atlantic crossing record for a boat of five rowers, taking just 45 days.

    These girls are going to be famous!

  136. Texpat Says:

    Another interesting fact in Hermann Muller’s life is the reason he ended up in Houston at Rice Institute in 1915 was because of the famous eugenicist and Darwin sycophant, Julian Huxley, brother of the psychedelically-impaired Aldous Huxley. Julian and Muller set up the first Department of Biology at Rice and began what became the basis for Muller’s genetic work.

    Huxley was hired by Rice for the project and was blown away by his first sighting of a hummingbird out on South Main.

    He also befriended the McIlhenny and Avery families of Louisiana and spent a lot of time on Avery Island observing all of our birds and presumably eating lots of Tabasco Sauce.

  137. shamaal Says:

    Speaking of ho hum………….

    Another day in Obama’s America

    The man who smuggled a bomb in his underwear aboard a commercial airliner on Christmas Day in 2009 has been sentenced to life in prison, months after he pleaded guilty for his role in what officials later determined was an al Qaeda plot.

    This guy was found guilty faster than Tom Delay.

  138. shamaal Says:

    Just for the record.
    Pat Buchanan was always persona non grata on Lone Star Times and the object of endless derision and animosity.

    It’s hard to believe that this misogynist, anti-semitic racist was the darling of the American right-wing conservative.

    “The agenda Clinton & Clinton would impose on America — abortion on demand, a litmus test for the Supreme Court, homosexual rights, discrimination against religious schools, women in combat units — that’s change, all right. But it is not the kind of change America needs. It is not the kind of change America wants. And it is not the kind of change we can abide in a nation we still call God’s country” – Buchanan 1992 RNC

    Actually. it’s not that far fetched ……….. ;)

  139. Texpat Says:

    #137 shamaal

    Fortunately, the Nigerian didn’t fly into DC and, given the spectacular incompetence of Homeland Security, slip the bomb into Janet Napolitano’s underwear.

    That would have been an explosion of truly dynamic proportions.

  140. Texpat Says:

    #138 shameless

    It’s hard to believe that this misogynist, anti-semitic racist was the darling of the American right-wing conservative.

    Oh, good grief, you must be kidding me.

    Yeah, and Moonbeam Jerry was the darling of the Democratic Party the same year. You, me and 12 other people even remember he ran back then.

  141. phil Says:

    This guy was found guilty faster than Tom Delay.

    While Eric the liar Holder still gets a pass on F&F.

    Yep…just another day in Hugo Obumma Chavez Jr.’s America.

  142. Katfish Says:

    #141 – Oh cMON – who cares about actual DEAD people when there’s a meanie conservative to pseudo-bash?

    ………………………….Yall keep the feed bag out and ya get whatcha get