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  1. Ah. HA!

    Kappacasein’s toasted cheese sandwich is unlike any cheese sarnie you’ve ever experienced. The mix of shredded Montgomery cheddar, onions, garlic and leeks packed tightly into the sourdough bread is everything a sandwich should be: comforting, filling and reassuringly tasty.




  2. Good morning Hamsters. Still wintry 48 and gray, light rain briefly around 6:30 and nothing since, steady NNE breeze. A good morning for hot chocolate and staying inside to finish gathering the last of the tax info.

    A squirrel bounds onto the patio bench next to the garden room, stands on the armrest, and looks straight at me through the window. Our gazes meet briefly, and then he/she jumps down and goes about business, whatever that might be at this hour. Obviously I’m not very interesting. That’s ok, I can take rejection. Some crows flying about and calling are the only other critters in view. They likely think this is a good day to sleep in if possible.

    Stay warm and dry y’all.

  3. I finally took the quiz linkied on yesterdays thread:

    You answered 31 out of 33 correctly — 93.94 %

    Subject of Lincoln Douglas Debates and Of the People, by the People are the ones I missed.
    Around 3:45 yesterday at the intersection of 290 and Hwy 6 a few grains of sleet hit the hood of my car. Is winter going to come back for another visit?

  4. Pyro, that is the messiest GCS I ever did see. Yah, I’m sure it tastes good with all the grease and mess. I just had one the new-fangled clean-and-neat TMCS last night. So clean and grease-free I can pick it up to eat it. The toasted bread is crisp and firm. The slices of cheese inside are all hot and melty, entrapping a thin slice of onion. Scrumptious.

  5. I would not want to eat most of that stuff, but I did like this comment:

    Er, sub-editors
    You might want to do something about “Croque Monsieur at Les Deux Magots”!

  6. NO REUBEN?? Those people must be crazy. Some of those things can not be called a sammich; using that word to describe “FRANCESINHA AT BUFETE FASE” is linguistic malpractice.

  7. Navy Seal quote of the week
    Dana Perrino ( Fox News) describing an interview she recently had with a Navy SEAL. After discussing all the countries he had been sent to, she asked if they had to learn several languages?

    His reply:
    “No ma’am, we don’t go there to talk.”

    Oh, yeah. Glad to know that PC insanity has not infected the Navy SEALS.

  8. According the report, “Turkey went to great lengths in protracted negotiations with the US to secure guarantees that the data to be collected by the system will not be shared with ally-turned-foe Israel and that Israel’s nemesis Iran will never be mentioned as a threat.”

    In an interview with Today’s Zaman published Monday, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that Iranians need not worry about the missile defense system if they are not planning an attack.
    Addressing the tense relationship between Turkey and Israel, Rasmussen said, “I hope that Turkey and Israel can find peaceful ways to settle this dispute, because Israel is actually a member of one of our partnerships, called the Mediterranean Dialogue. Israel is a valued partner and we need a positive relationship between a staunch ally and a valued partner.

    Am I the only one who sees a huge disconnect between the two sections above? How can both positions be held at the same time, aren’t they mutually exclusive? Sheesh, talk about double speak. . . .

  9. from last night:

    228 Adee says:
    February 12, 2012 at 10:51 pm
    Tuned into Channel 11 hoping to see the 10 o’clock news but instead landed in the middle of the overtime Grammys. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a musical sketch with someone playing a priest entering a doorway, then a red light bathed mob dancing scene of writhing bodies. All within maybe 2 seconds. Switched to 13 fast, stomach on the verge of rebellion. Did not wish to see one millisecond more of that rot on 11. The disgusting picture Bonecrusher linked to in #204 was apparently but a small hint of what was coming, and the guy in the pseudo Pope costume was the pseudo priest in the skit. I shall not readily forget his evil face nor malicious intent. A pox on him and his house. And while we’re at it, a pox on the Grammys.

    I was fortunate not to see the episode as I was in the rack before 9 last night. How can anyone NOT THINK that skit would be appallingly offensive to at least 95% of the Catholics on the planet? I have yet to see any comment or negative review of the skit in the LSM (not that I spend a lot of time with the LSM) or on Drudge. Can you imagine the outrage and catterwalling if there was a skit of Klansmen lynching a rapper; yet the silence on this?

  10. G’Morning All

    My favorite sandwiches (in no particular order) are
    Corned beef on rye
    Shrimp Poboy
    Grilled cheese (American cheese on white)

  11. OBH’s budget hasn’t even got to the Senate yet and they’re already lying about it.

    White House lies to public on Senate budget rules
    by Mike Flynn

    There simply is no other way to explain the statements of White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew this morning on CNN’s State of the Union. Lew was asked by Candy Crawley about a recent statement by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid indicating he would not be bringing a vote on the budget to the Senate floor.

    CROWLEY: “I want to read for our viewers something that Sen. Harry Reid, the Democrat Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate, who said, ‘We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year. It’s done, we don’t need to do it.’”

    LEW: “He’s not saying that they shouldn’t pass a budget. But we also need to be honest. You can’t pass a budget in the Senate of the United States without 60 votes and you can’t get 60 votes without bipartisan support. So unless… unless Republicans are willing to work with Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid is not going to be able to get a budget passed.”

    This is patently false.

    You can’t filibuster the budget. The Congressional Budget Act of 1974 stipulates that debate is automatically cut off after 50 hours of debate. At that point, a budget can be passed by a simple majority, 51 votes. Democrats currently hold 53 seats in the Senate. They can pass a budget on a simple party-line vote.

    Lew, a former director of the Office of Management and Budget, surely knows this. While the Obama Administration has regularly plumbed the depths of managerial incompetence, even they can’t be this incompetent.

    That Lew prefaced this whopper with the tell-tale “let’s be honest” canard only highlights the cynical political maneuvering that is at the heart of the Administration.

    So, let’s really be honest here. The latest Obama budget contains what virtually every proposed Democrat budget has for the past few decades; tax hikes, increased spending now and illusory budget “savings” some time in the ill-defined future. The Senate could pass Obama’s proposed budget within a couple weeks. The White House’s real problem is that Democrats don’t want to vote on his proposed budget.

  12. #16 OTL: The august body of the Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 days. Numerous bills of all sorts are passed in the House only to enter the black hole of Harry Reid’s DO NOTHING Senate. Wasn’t Ocare the last thing that the Senate actually passed?

  13. #14 Bonecrusher

    From one of the pundits

    Barack Obama may have just lost the election. He has foolishly gone to war in an election year with tens of millions of Catholics, Protestants and Jews – Democrat, Republican and independent alike. He has thrown down a radical feminist gauntlet and dared the Church to pick it up.

    They picked it up

    And from Breitbart

    The Church has taken on far more murderous foes, more ruthless enemies, than Obamacare. The White House obviously doesn’t appreciate the resolve of their opponents. Simply, the Catholic Church will never comply with Obama’s mandate to violate the church doctrine, no matter what.

    Leftists like Maddow and Boehlert acutely underestimate the resolve of faith communities. They resort to mockery and ridicule, attacking church doctrine as silly and obsolete, as an issue settled way back in 1962. They don’t understand what the fight is really about. Control of internal church policy in the face of oppressive government intervention is an old familiar fight to Christians. Mockery and ridicule from the Left is nothing compared to what those opposing Obamacare are willing to endure.


  14. I found a story on Drudge about the subject of #14 above.

    The Catholic League was not amused.

    “Perhaps the most vulgar was the sexual statement that showed a scantily clad female dancer stretching backwards while an altar boy knelt between her legs in prayer,” said Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League.

    “None of this was by accident, and all of it was approved The Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammys. Wheter Minaj is possessed is surely an open question, but what is not in doubt is the irresponsibility of The Recording Academy. Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam,” Donohue said

    NO double standard here, nothing to look at, move along folks. . . . . .

  15. How did this guy ever get his CCL?


    1. All guns are always loaded. Even if they are not, treat them as if they are.
    2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.)
    3. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. This is the Golden Rule. Its violation is directly responsible for about 60 percent of inadvertent discharges.
    4. Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified

    —Jeff Cooper

    Feb 12, 11:57 PM EST

    Pastor’s daughter accidentally shot at Fla. church

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say the daughter of a pastor was accidentally shot in the head at a church in St. Petersburg.

    The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was called to the Grace Connection Church Sunday at about 12:24 p.m.

    Investigators say Moises Zambrana was showing his gun in a small closet to another church member interested in buying a firearm. Zambrana reportedly took out the magazine of the Reuger 9mm weapon but did not know there was a bullet in the chamber. (RULE #1)

    The gun went off and fired through a wall (RULE #3), striking 20-year-old Hannah Kelley. (RULE #2 AND 4) She was transported to Bayfront Medical Center to undergo surgery and remained in critical condition late Sunday.

    Deputies said Zambrana has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

    No charges have been filed.

  16. #21 – sad deal………………and NO EXCUSE for that weapon’s owner!

    this kinda story will get HUGE coverage as opposed to ANY favorable gun related news………

  17. #21 The mishandler of that firearm needs to be severely beaten and forced to write and recite the 4 rules at least 1000 times.
    As to the “editor” of the story:

    Zambrana reportedly took out the magazine of the Reuger 9mm weapon but did not know there was a bullet in the chamber. (RULE #1)

    I have never heard of a Reuger 9mm, but have seen plenty of Ruger firearms. I just did a google search of the Reuger 9mm and everything on the first page was this article. There were over 21,000 hits, yeah this story is gonna give the gun-grabbers more ammo.

  18. Further to #23 above, a superior choice of firearm would be the Browning Hi-Power as it will not fire if the magazine is removed. From a safety and simplicity of operation perspective, the Hi-Power is perhaps the finest handgun ever made.

  19. The laptop-shootin’ daddy got a visit from the authoritehs:

    “Pay you for chores?” Jordan said in the video. “Are you out of your mind?”

    The Daily reported in a Facebook post on Saturday, the former Marine, wrote that Child Protective Services officials came to his home in Stanly Co., and interviewed him and his daughter — separately — after viewers of the video called with concerns about his actions.

    I guess some bleeding hearts thought that if he was crazy enough to shoot a defenseless little laptop, his angry daughter might be next. Idjits.

    He said the police also stopped by.

    Neither authority decided to pursue anything against Jordan.

    Common sense prevailed! I feel faint! Someone, quick! Catch me before I fall! /back of hand on forehead, eyes rolling

    “The police by the way said ‘Kudos, sir,’ ” Jordan wrote. “How’s about those apples? Didn’t expect THAT when you called the cops did you?”

    I like this guy.

  20. That is one ugly sandwich. Took your civics test from yesterday and got 27/33 – 81.82%. Not bad for a transplanted canuck.

    Saw the laptop shooter yesterday. Way to go dad.

    Wet, cold, miserable day today. Stayed home to work here because I’m a lilttle ill and don’t want to infect the building. I have everything I need here, so why go out in rain. That wasn’t a question by the way. 😉

  21. Aha, clarification from Laura Ingraham’s discussion of the filthy display by Nicki Minaj (just who is this person?) whose picture Bonecrusher picked out in #204 yesterday, she in a pseudo nun’s habit in red and black, escorted by the pseudo Pope. She is the supposed singer who hired the pseudo-Pope escort “in an attempt to upstage her competition” sayeth the caption under the photo in today’s Chron star section. So let me be clear 😉 , a pox on her and her house as well.

  22. My white friend in Katy – the one with the troubled teenage daughter – also adopted said daughter, who is biracial. I remember her story of trying to find a parental support group for parents of minorities. She found the room and walked in, whereupon all conversation stopped and a bunch of black faces turned in her direction. She was informed that she was in the wrong place, and my friend asked “Isn’t the minority parent support group?” “Yes,but you’re not supposed to be here.” Friend whipped out a picture of her daughter and told them “Yes, I am. Here’s my daughter.”

    I never really found out what happened after that. I’m sure the discussion changed with her in the room.

  23. 20 Bones
    At the end of that number, several of those who were portraying monks flipped up upon their heads what looked like KKK hoods.

  24. Two years from now people will be asking “Nicki who?” But just once I want one of these self-styled provocateurs to do the same thing to Islam. I just want to watch them looking over their shoulders while a million foaming-at-the-mouth muslims try and carry out the Fatwa they’ve been ordered to perform by their religious leaders.

  25. #32 Hamous

    Well, there’s always editing software. But then their blood would be on your hands.

    I guess there’s no easy way to combat liberalism, is there?

  26. Egads! He’s doing it again! I swear, he looks more and more like a 1984 type president.

    The Obama campaign is today beginning a new effort to enlist and educate at least 2 million supporters for a “grassroots communications team” they’re calling the Truth Team.
    The rollout also includes a social media blitz, directing supporters to three new websites: KeepingHisWord.com, which highlights Obama’s record and “promises kept”; KeepingGOPHonest.com, which highlights GOP policy positions; and AttackWatch.com, which fact-checks claims made against Obama on the campaign trail.

    Yeah, I’d like to see some REAL fact-checking on his presidency. But then he’d be run out of the White House by a crowd with pitchforks and torches.

  27. I finished “Living Successfully with Screwed Up People” last night, and am starting a second reading. And I’m buying two copies for friends of mine. I found first edition copies for $.99 each at Alibris. When you use the promo code “Enjoy” you get $1.00 off. So I got two books for $.98 cents + shipping. Needless to say, the shipping was much more than the books cost! I totaled out just over $7. If they help my two friends even a little bit, that’s a small price to pay for mental health.

    Seriously, a good book. As I read the last chapter, I recalled a statement I had read somewhere about liberals being a bunch of codependents. Hmmm…I feel a new post coming on….

  28. Minaj is simply the hip-hopper version of Gaga.

    They have no real talent to attract an audience, so they resort to “pushing the envelope”, but only where it’s safe to do so.

  29. #38 Katfishy
    From your link, comments:

    Here’s an idea how to tie these guys up in knots: have the right blogosphere start “reporting” that Obama flunked economics in college and didn’t show up for half of his classes at Harvard Law.

    rockmom on February 13, 2012 at 12:18 PM

    LOL. I think that one would get sent to “ignorewatch”

    Yeah, we could report all those “lies” floating around out there, I’m sure.

  30. #42 TT: Actually that is brilliant. Start the dialogue that O flunked this or that, that O got into school as a foreign student, etc. then when the lefty moon-bats try to call you on the lie simply say “prove it, produce the documents” and watch them slink away. Producing obvious fraudulent documents, like the one that appeared on Drudge, will only make them look worse. Unless you are a troll, then all the rules of decency get tossed.

  31. Obama wants to raise tax on dividends to 40%? That’ll tick off a lot of retirees who depend upon their investments during their retirement. And just think of what that’ll do to the investment industry!

    I say again – IDJIT!

  32. #45 Limbaugh just mentioned that, further he said that Harry Reid will make darn sure that the Senate never votes on O’s budget. That will result in another in the series of continuing resolutions giving the Ds cover, or so they hope. The Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 days, Harry Reid’s “leadership” is the definition of dysfunction.

  33. #45 TT
    In Obammy’s mindset, it’s “unfair” that some people have investments and get dividend income. Never mind that they WORKED all their lives, saving and investing. It’s still not fair. He wants more of that “unearned” money to share with his posse. Pipple who think the gubmint should buy them a house, pay their mortgage, put gas in their cars, buy them cell-phones, feed their kids all year round at the public school, get them jobs or into college without having to meet the same criteria as others, etc. Not the Lower Class, but the Loser Class.

  34. Regarding Minaj antics at the Grammys, she was nominated in 3 categories including Best New Artist, but won no awards at all.

  35. You may have missed this since it was published Saturday on The Corner on NRO.

    The entire Obama walk-back last Friday on matters of conscience was a lie.

    Despite what President Obama said at his White House press conference, the actual regulations make permanent the “interim final regulations” issued August 3, 2011 — the ones that sparked the furor in the first place.

    Translation: The Obama administration Friday afternoon put into federal law the very regulation that drew objections from almost 200 Catholic bishops, some 50 religiously affiliated colleges and universities, 65 North American bishops of Orthodox churches, numerous other Jewish, Evangelical and Lutheran leaders, and even some liberals — and without changing so much as a coma.

  36. #47 M42: Let’s see here a guy in the 35% bracket manages to save enough to invest with the 65% remaining. The company he invests in has to pay a 35% tax on any profits, thus yielding 42.25% of the original dollar earned. Then and only then, does the company pay out dividends, and those are taxed still again at 15% leaving 35.9% so the real tax bite on the return on investment dollars is really around 64% and that take simply is not enough for the gov’t??
    I am sure that some lib-jerk-weasel will find something to argue about with my numbers and mathematics above, but the point remains that capital gains, particularly that derived from dividends, is already taxed enough.

  37. #49 If ever there was a law that violates the free exercise clause of the First Amendment, this is it. The USCCB made a deal with the devil on Obamacare and now they must reap what they have sown. Let’s see how quickly they’re ready to jump into bed with Barry and the Cultural Marxists next time.

  38. #53 Hamous: Didja listen to Limbaugh today? He read from a big piece describing just how far back the Catholic Hierarchy/liberalism RELATIONSHIP goes in America. I’m gonna go to his site and try to glean a link to the original.

  39. 52 Bonecrusher says:
    February 13, 2012 at 1:59 pm
    I wonder how the guy house broke the bison? Didja notice that he has (had?) white carpet??

    Rolled up newspaper to the nose.

  40. #54 Oh, I know how far back it goes. JPII did a bang-up job of rooting out a lot of the ’60s and ’70s liberation theology clergy but he didn’t get ’em all. They’re like a cancer that keeps recurring.

  41. #58 I thought I heard Limbaugh quoting the article stating that it goes back to the 30’s or something. I am not a 24/7 member, so I can’t get the transcript yet, it will be up later and we can read the letter.

  42. The Web is rife with colorful writing by conservative Catholics ripping the American bishops for their leftist leanings.
    Rush is playing catch up on this one.

  43. This one is especially good and informative. The guy’s name was pronounced Ra-hee, but I can’t find the correct spelling to google it better.

  44. Whenever some mushy-hearted goober says that we have to help some poor animal (cat, squirrel, etc.) down from a roof or a tree, I always ask them “What is one thing you have never seen on a roof/in a tree?” The correct answer being a cat/squirrel skeleton.

    Apparently, I need to rethink that.

  45. Here ’tis

    This is what the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church forgot. In the 1930s, the majority of the bishops, priests, and nuns sold their souls to the devil, and they did so with the best of intentions. In their concern for the suffering of those out of work and destitute, they wholeheartedly embraced the New Deal. They gloried in the fact that Franklin Delano Roosevelt made Frances Perkins – a devout Anglo-Catholic laywoman who belonged to the Episcopalian Church but retreated on occasion to a Catholic convent – Secretary of Labor and the first member of her sex to be awarded a cabinet post. And they welcomed Social Security – which was her handiwork. They did not stop to ponder whether public provision in this regard would subvert the moral principle that children are responsible for the well-being of their parents. They did not stop to consider whether this measure would reduce the incentives for procreation and nourish the temptation to think of sexual intercourse as an indoor sport. They did not stop to think.

    In the process, the leaders of the American Catholic Church fell prey to a conceit that had long before ensnared a great many mainstream Protestants in the United States – the notion that public provision is somehow akin to charity – and so they fostered state paternalism and undermined what they professed to teach: that charity is an individual responsibility and that it is appropriate that the laity join together under the leadership of the Church to alleviate the suffering of the poor. In its place, they helped establish the Machiavellian principle that underpins modern liberalism – the notion that it is our Christian duty to confiscate other people’s money and redistribute it.

    At every turn in American politics since that time, you will find the hierarchy assisting the Democratic Party and promoting the growth of the administrative entitlements state. At no point have its members evidenced any concern for sustaining limited government and protecting the rights of individuals. It did not cross the minds of these prelates that the liberty of conscience which they had grown to cherish is part of a larger package – that the paternalistic state, which recognizes no legitimate limits on its power and scope, that they had embraced would someday turn on the Church and seek to dictate whom it chose to teach its doctrines and how, more generally, it would conduct its affairs.

  46. I remember taking a training program for my youth ministry work. One module was on social justice. I remember our trainer – a feisty old lady with gray hair and fire in her eyes.

    As our last project for the class, she wanted us to write our Congressman and Senator and ask that they transfer all of our defense budget funds to entitlement programs. “Just think of all the people we could feed if we quit building missiles!” she said.

    “Just think of how many people would go hungry once a hostile nation walked in and took us over!” I thought.

    Needless to say, I wrote no such letter, but I kept my mouth shut. By shut, I mean I didn’t agree with her, either. She had the backing of her colleagues and superiors, and they eventually created an award in her name after she finally retired or died. I have never stopped thinking how utterly stupid people can be in the name of caring for others.

    I got my certification to work with the teenagers, but never passed on such complete idiocy.

  47. It would appear that a side effect of the Obama edict on Catholic institutions to provide freebie contaception, abortifacients, family planning by whatever means to its employees is having the unintended result of exposing the roots of the Catholic Left hierarchy’s venture into the Social Justice of the Marxists. Bring it on.

    It was around in the 50s when I was in Catholic grade school and high school in Madison, only then not all the Dominican Sisters who taught in the school had fallen under its spell. As I recall most of them seemed to not have. The differences in viewpoint were pretty obvious, and we students caught on that it was not a unified thing at all. Especially not when we reported to our parents what we had observed and got feedback from them. Not all the kids bothered to think twice about it, but many of us did.

    Fast forward to maybe 15 years ago when our high school began seriously tracking down graduates with newsletters and requests for funding. The newsletters showed how far down the path of political correctness and liberalism they had come since we graduated, and it was
    obvious they had done it hook, line, and sinker. Of course by that time the People’s Republic of Madison was totally crazy nuts, and that was certainly an influence. Many of my classmates were thoroughly disgusted with it and vowed not one penny in donations–ever. 🙂

  48. The one good thing about how special collections within the Church are done is they are usually targeted. For instance we have a couple of collections a year for our contribution to the Alinsky-rooted TMO. Another couple of collections go to Casa Juan Diego, an organization run by hard-core Marxists Mark & Louis Zwick. They don’t get my money and I make sure our priest knows why. I’m not naive enough to think that none of my regular tithing ends up with some of these types of groups but I’m comfortable with my donations.

  49. And they said the marriage wouldn’t blast……
    I understand the cake was in tiers.

    Food artists Bompas & Parr are launching a food explosion service for weddings where for a fee a trained explosives technician will lay charges within your wedding cake ready for you to detonate.

  50. Sorry to say that this morning’s sandwich on display above resembled roadkill at first glance.
    On second viewing it did not look much better, but you could at least eliminate that it was mineral or animal. 😉

  51. By the time my high school’s culture became so entranced with the Marxist styled Social Justice and PC, the Dominican Sisters were no longer the teachers, and only one or two served on the board. Currently I don’t think any of them are board members. The teachers were and are all laity, and the school that instilled in my generation a love for learning and critical thinking is no more. It is a great loss.

  52. #72 Hamous, Well it’s helpful to have the special collections identified so an informed choice can be made whether to give or not. Nothing so concentrates the minds of an organization’s board members as the sound of a purse snapping shut.

  53. I usually donate to the second collections having to do with retirement funds for aging priests, missionary work, and especially Catholic Relief Services.

  54. You could say Rush is playing catch up, or you could say he avoids such topics, especially being non-Catholic.

    Facisinating piece by Mr. Rahe.

  55. Best line of the day in the talk radio noise;

    Fast forward to a Republican administration, HHS Secretary Rick Santorum announces requirement of insurance companies to cover counciling of gays and their departure from heterosexuality.

  56. Beck on O’Reilly: Obama‘s Contraception Mandate Is a ’War on Faith and Conscience’

    Pretty good points by Beck. I now want to call Micheal Medved and dispute him on whether or not Obama wants to destroy America (via destroying what’s made it great and blessed). Medved has always refused to say any such thing reasoning that as the US President he would want America to succeed and if he wants to be re-elected, then why intentionally destory it? Well, why alienate the Catholic vote if he wants to get re-elected? Afterall, Obama gave a solid reason for both liberal and conservative Catholics to unite against Obama this election year.

  57. I understand that this was absolutely unintentional but you never ever EVER pull the trigger of a gun in a manner where the bullet can hit someone and also, you *always* make sure the chamber is empty before letting your guard down. Father-In-Law is very clear and consistent that no guns are to be pointed anywhere except the ground/floor and first and foremost, that the gun is completely empty before casual handling. even then, they are to never be pointed at anyone nor in any angle that could jeopradize the safety of anyone who may be present in the vicinity.

    Pastor’s Daughter Accidentally Shot in the Head Inside FL Church

  58. Oh yeah, Hooters commercial on TV for Valentine’s Day dinner. Well, this morning everyone was out of flowers, PJ’s, teddy bears and cherry berrys, let’s see how this works out.

  59. 23 years and she still likes me!

    Congrats on the 23 years. You’re a blessed man.

    Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. I hope she’ll like you even more after Hooters. 😉

  60. A little after 1 p.m. on Sept. 29, 2009, Karl Frisch emailed a memo to his bosses, Media Matters for America founder David Brock and president Eric Burns. In the first few lines, Frisch explained why Media Matters should launch a “Fox Fund” whose mission would be to attack the Fox News Channel.

    “Simply put,” Frisch wrote, “the progressive movement is in need of an enemy. George W. Bush is gone. We really don’t have John McCain to kick around any more. Filling the lack of leadership on the right, Fox News has emerged as the central enemy and antagonist of the Obama administration, our Congressional majorities and the progressive movement as a whole.”

    “We must take Fox News head-on in a well funded, presidential-style campaign to discredit and embarrass the network, making it illegitimate in the eyes of news consumers.”

    Sounds like Shamaal got that part of the memo too.

    What Frisch proceeded to suggest, however, went well beyond what legitimate presidential campaigns attempt. “We should hire private investigators to look into the personal lives of Fox News anchors, hosts, reporters, prominent contributors, senior network and corporate staff,” he wrote.

    Sheesh, that’s sleezy.

    Media Matters memo called for hiring private investigators ‘to look into the personal lives’ of Fox employees

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