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  1. And what was I saying?

    Al Cardenas, head of the American Conservative Union, has said that Republican turmoil might lead to a brokered convention in which Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, would emerge as a “possible alternative” party nominee.

  2. #4 SD: I think that one is prolly the most accurately informative sticker I have seen in a long time.
    As far as the O/C pic goes, it doesn’t have a Browning logo on it so it sucks.

  3. Super Dave, I posted #166 on the hyperbaric chamber expolsion in FL after midnight last night.
    Did not get to reading yesterday’s installment until after 10:30.

  4. Speaking of creeping out ….

    Ron Jeremie’s in town to shoot a horrible horror film up on the north side, What’s the subject you ask?

    “The story is about a crazy hillbilly family who lives in a junky trailer, who has their trailer possessed by a demon,” Norfolk told myfoxhouston.com.

  5. I am Conservative/libertarian in my views concerning the legal system. BUT there odduhbe a law punishable by incarceration with Barney Franks for 10 days for excessive use of the words “you know” by anyone giving an interview on telebitchion.

  6. This is wissin cool! Flarda weather is something special.

    Why does it have to be “wissin” cool? Why not just “this is cool”.

    Impressed me not, you did no.

  7. #13 GTO: From the comments section of your linkie:

    Upon the discovery of German soldiers, I would assume that the French road workers immediately surrendered.


  8. #16 skwak:

    Why does it have to be “wissin” cool? Why not just “this is cool”.

    The conditions have to be absolutely perfect for that phenomenon to occur:
    1) Temp and moisture have to be perfectly coordinated with each other
    2) Just barely a breath of wind
    3) Being able to see the phase change take place right at the shore and see the cloud climb up and over the buildings is a rarity indeed.

    In this case “wissin” is appropriate.

    Impressed me not, you did no.

    good thing I don’t base anything on your opinion.

  9. good thing I don’t base anything on your opinion.

    Other than whether to respond to comments.

    The sun’s shining and Gypsy’s whining.

    It’s looking to be a good day for trolls 😉

  10. The Facebook Parent TexMo linked to has gone a little viral (12 million views on YouTube). The guy has responded; 😀

    Attention Media Outlets:
    While we appreciate the interest you’re all putting forth to get in touch with us regarding the video, we’re not going to go on your talk show, not going to call in to your radio show, and not going to be in your TV mini-series.

    Some of you think I made an acceptable parenting decision and others think I didn’t. However, I can’t think of any way myself or my daughter can …respond to a media outlet that won’t be twisted out of context. The Dallas news TV news already showed that in their brief 5 minute interview with the psychologist.

    Additionally, there’s absolutely NO way I’m going to send my child the message that it’s OK to gain from something like this. It would send her a message that it’s OK to profit at the expense of someone else’s embarrassment or misfortune and that’s now how I was raised, nor how she has been raised.

    So I say thank you from all of us. If we have anything to say, we’ll say it here on Facebook, and we’ll say it publicly, but we won’t say it to a microphone or a camera. There are too many other REAL issues out there that could use this attention you’re giving us. My daughter isn’t hurt, emotionally scarred, or otherwise damaged, but that kind of publicity has never seemed to be to have a positive effect on any child or family.

    If you’re a news outlet that wants to ask us a question, feel free to so via email. I’m sure by now my email address is easy enough to find. It might take me awhile to get to a response because I’d have to sort through the “Die you bastard” emails to find it, but we will respond if its something that we feel merits it. Otherwise, sorry… no interviews, no talk shows, no call-ins.

    If we respond to anything, it will be on here, and it will be in a way that our words can’t be misconstrued or edited for appeal to specific audience or shock value.

    Now, I’m going to try to get to work for the day.
    Best of luck to all of you out there… and PLEASE give my phone a break.

  11. #10 Adee, I read your post this morning, thanks. I’ve heard ot these hyperbaric chambers, I just didn’t know that they used them for horses, but it makes perfect sense because many of them are expen$ive (horses that is), and central Florida has hundreds of horse ranches where they raise high dollar hor$e$. I agree with you about the shoes and I’d have thought that the chamber would have been designed to reduce sparks/static electricity because of the fire danger.

  12. Oh, and how the daughter got busted with her letter to my parents FB post? She blocked her parents and church friends from viewing, but forgot to block the family dog’s seldom used FB page. 😀

  13. #14 Bonecrusher, that’s my neck O’ the woods, Panama City Beach, Florida, old 98 and Thomas Drive, I go there every year, been going as long as I can remember, starting in the 50’s. 30 years ago there wasn’t a single condo on that beach!

  14. A tree that can go from seedling to saw timber in as little as 5 years, under ideal conditions. This is a flowering tree and when young can grow as much as 20 feet in one year, it re-grows from the stump. The article states that plantation grown trees have the growth rings too far apart so those are not as valuable; is it possible that they are planted too far apart and that causes them to grow too fast? Fast growing dimensionally stable, warp and rot resistant hardwood trees are a point of interest to me.

  15. #30 Bonecrusher

    can grow as much as 20 feet in one year, it re-grows from the stump.

    I hope it’s not the Chinese equivalent to Kudzu, which came to us from the nice folks that brought us Pearl Harbor. 😉

  16. Kudzu . . . ain’t that also called “the vine that ate the South?” Can the kudzu vine be used in a similar fashion as Rattan?

  17. Squawk

    Impressed me not, you did no.

    This comment made me wonder why there is no official “Talk Like Yoda Day”…

  18. Mississippi has been a plagued with kudzu for years. It is hard to control and no viable commercial applications for the plant have been found. Uncontrolled it climbs trees and choke the life out of a tree in a year.

    Kudzu was brought into Mississippi as a means to stop erosion. I suppose if a suitable place was found to grow the stuff it could be used for some sort of biofuel but that is doubtful.

  19. Aggie Beau gave me Empress Tree seeds for Christmas. I just looked it up, and it’s the same thing. I was pretty excited about the seeds when he gave them to me, just haven’t planted them yet.

    I’m still moving dirt. Maybe the front yard – but we have to tear down the old house, and that activity may be detrimental to the proper growth of a tree.

  20. #32 Nope!
    Gardening Tips from Down South
    How to Grow Kudzu

    The best fertilizer I have discovered for kudzu is 40 weight non-detergent motor oil. Kudzu actually doesn’t need anything to help it grow, but the motor oil helps to prevent scraping the underside of the tender leaves when the kudzu starts its rapid growth. It also cuts down on the friction and lessens the danger of fire when the kudzu really starts to move. Change oil once every thousand feet or every two weeks which ever comes first.

    Heh 😀

  21. Lady mharper42

    This comment made me wonder why there is no official “Talk Like Yoda Day”…

    Heck start it. Think big. You could market “Talk Like Yoda Day” T-shirts, cards and assorted gifts. Then produce television specials and yearly parades. The advertising dollars would just come rolling in. Why even Oprah might come out of retirement to interview you.

    But then George Lucas would probably sue you into oblivion and you would be kicked out of your house and left destitute and wandering the streets of Houston in shame, even abandoned by the Hamous Couch Gang. (Except me and TedTam) Maybe you better leave well enough alone. 🙂

  22. FWIW; Kudzu is a legume, (makes nitrogen) so it’s good for the soil, it’s also high in protein and some think it would be good cattle food.

  23. #33 Squawk: There are those that boldly proclaimed that spotted owls could only nest in old growth forests; in reality that was a bald faced lie. Those same people tried to claim that the bird was in declining numbers and in danger of extinction, also false. This is the same bunch that says you can’t use the water in CA for irrigation of food crops for humans because it may (or may not) harm the delta smelt or something.
    The point to the above is that just because some want to claim it as an “exotic invasive species” does not put it in the same category as kudzu or the snake-head fish or the python invasion of the Everglades. A fast growing hardwood tree that is suitable for flooring, furniture, musical instruments, etc should be viewed as a resource (properly managed) and not as a pest.

  24. #40 SD: I would imagine a few goats would make short work of a kudzu “problem” and convert it into a “viable eco-system” without a whole lot of labor from the “human infestation.”

  25. #30 Bones
    In general, I don’t think imported species are a good idea. There are just too many examples of “unexpected” damage to native species and ecosystem. But following your link led to a wikipedia article that mentioned an enchanting Chinese custom involving baby girls and an ornamental variety of this tree, the one TT now has seeds for. Of course, that custom must have been way back before the Chinese started aborting their baby girls.

  26. A fast growing hardwood tree that is suitable for flooring, furniture, musical instruments, etc should be viewed as a resource (properly managed) and not as a pest.


    The flowers are produced in early spring on panicles 10–30 cm long, with a tubular purple corolla resembling a foxglove flower. The fruit is a dry capsule, containing thousands of minute seeds.

    Those who refuse to learn from history…… etc etc etc

    I stand corrected on the possible commercial value of kudzu. It seems it is edible. Odd though that we have not seen kudzu recipes or the Jumbo Jack Kudzu burger.

  27. M42: I think that is a great custom, and I don’t see any pagan worship to it either. Imagine planting several trees and having the family grow up around them, one is harvested and converted into usable items and the others remain for the memories and comparison.

  28. #39 Squawk

    abandoned by the Hamous Couch Gang. (Except me and TedTam)

    What?? Wouldn’t Timbo stand by me?? Oh, wait, maybe not. I hurt his feelings last night when I inquired how Darren and certain members of the Z family were doing, but neglected to check up on Tim.

  29. #48 Bones

    the others remain for the memories

    Well, prolly not — fast-growing trees are usually short-lived. (That is a general biological rule.)

  30. M42: A similar custom, of Irish origin I think, has to do with mead. When a baby boy is born, a batch of mead is made and stored in a wood cask until he is married, the newly weds, drink this honey derived liquor for the first month (moon) of their marriage – hence the term honey-moon.
    From personal experience, it takes a long time to make a mead taste good, it must age in the bottle for at least couple of years.

  31. #48 Bones

    I don’t see any pagan worship to it either.

    😀 😀
    Oh, really? I’m sure that TT will be relieved to know this before she plants those Empress Tree seeds.

  32. #54: In some cultures the mead was to be the only thing they drank for that first month and that was supposed to make a pregnancy far more likely. As such, it was a fertility rite.

  33. As far as the empress tree little girl furniture thing goes, there is a lot of symbolism there. It takes a time for the tree to grow to be useful for its intended purpose, ie: making furniture and stuff for the tree and for the girl, to be the vessel for the next generation. Please do not think that my position is that wiminzes sole purpose is for chirrenzes, not the case at all.

  34. Please do not think that my position is that wiminzes sole purpose is for chirrenzes, not the case at all.


    They are also useful for sammich-making and cold beer-bringing.

  35. #11;

    “The story is about a crazy hillbilly family who lives in a junky trailer, who has their his trailer possessed by a demon,” Norfolk told myfoxhouston.com.

    Sounds like Squawkbox.

  36. #57 Darren

    Is everything all right with Tim?

    I believe so, and I am sure he will be thrilled that you have asked about him,

  37. mharper;

    I believe so, and I am sure he will be thrilled that you have asked about him,

    I do hope so.

    Oh, wait…[coughing to clear throat], “Hope so, I do.” 😉

  38. The President’s still flogging the payroll tax cut.

    Congress needs to stop this middle class tax hike from happening. Period. No drama. No delay. And no ideological side issues that have nothing to do with this tax cut. Now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our recovery. Now is the time for common-sense action. And this tax cut is common-sense.

  39. #56 Bones
    I’m afraid you have missed my point of humor/astonishment about pagan rituals. The last thing I would ever ask myself is whether something I am about to engage in might have originated as a pagan ritual. But I am beginning to think this may be the FIRST thing that you wonder about.

    It’s fine for you to worry about it FOR YOURSELF, but you need not investigate, analyze, and/or report the origin of any activity on my behalf. Especially if you consider such reports to be a service. Frankly, it’s patronizing.

  40. ScienceDaily (Feb. 25, 2002) — The Chinese tallow tree has been turning Gulf Coast grasslands into single-species forests, and Rice University ecologist Evan Siemann hopes to find out how this tree has been able to “break all the rules.”

    “The incredible diversity of native plants in the coastal prairies is gone within 30 years after the Chinese tallow tree invades the area,” said Siemann, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. ”

    The U.S. government brought it to the Gulf Coast area around 1900 in hope of using the wax-covered seeds as an agricultural crop. That project was unsuccessful, and the trees escaped from cultivation.

    Evil SOB.

  41. GJT #23;

    Wow, was that from our Texmo? That was golden!

    (I’m asking if it’s our Texmo to express honor towards him; not a shock that he could write something so good. 🙂 )

  42. I am sensing the cold weather is keeping all us Hamsters indoors and typing away this morning, but I gotta break for lunch. Later y’all.

  43. When not being used to dispel man made global warming, computers in Britain can be used for other things.

    British scientists said on Friday that a “Rapunzel Number” may have helped them to crack a problem that has perplexed humanity since Leonardo da Vinci pondered it 500 years ago.

    Explains why the Mona Lisa doesn’t have bangs.

    Scientists from the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick said they had devised a “Ponytail Shape Equation,” which when calculated using the Rapunzel Number and a measure of the curliness of hair can be used to predict the shape of any ponytail.

    Great, now they’re going to be sued by Disney and pay a licensing fee.

  44. How much extra in taxes will I be paying for Obamacare?

    Don’t worry about it, you’ll make the money back on your first free pap smear. 😉

  45. Please do not think that my position is that wiminzes sole purpose is for chirrenzes

    That isn’t a woman’s sole purpose? 😯

  46. Interesting event on the toxic dump that sits next to the pipeline, I mentioned last week that the wind had knocked down a power pole with transformers. About 15 guys out there this morning with shovels, I’m guessing one of the transformers cracked open and leaked dioxin. As there’s still rainbow water when it rains, it’s just one more chemical added to that already in the ground.

    Off to work!
    To work, I’m off!

  47. #60
    I know it; my last trip Mrs. Shamaal and I saw the Chuckwagon races at the stampede. It was a shirtsleeve day and while we were in the stands a cold front blew though. The stampede taht day was to buy out the blankets and jackets in the gift shop. Tres miserable!

    We also stayed a couple nights at Banff, what a remarkable place!

  48. I am still fine and mharp, I’m over it now and will gladly stand, er sit by your side on the couch, ……as long as you don’t speak yoda.


    TexMo linked to the guy’s initial YouTube the other night, I was just showing the update after he’s been inundated by the usual do gooder suspects that think we should be our chilren’s best friend.

  49. #65 M42: If the believers (those who strive for holiness) were to really understand the origins of many of our customs today, my suspicion is that they may choose to no longer engage in them. I know that you do not care about such things, as you do not believe in a god of any kind.

    As far as the empress tree little girl furniture thing goes, there is a lot of symbolism there. It takes a time for the tree to grow to be useful for its intended purpose, ie: making furniture and stuff for the tree and for the girl, to be the vessel for the next generation. Please do not think that my position is that wiminzes sole purpose is for chirrenzes, not the case at all.

    How is this patronizing or looking for pagan ritual? I really like the long term view of the practice.

  50. #81 GJT: Would it have been to much work to simply weld the panels in place to prevent this sort of thing? It is almost like the feds wanted the border to be breached; as it is that portion of a fence is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

  51. Apparently Assad, of Syria, is of the Alawi sect of islam. Y’all may have notice the piece on Drudge speaking of the Syrian general who was assassinated; the Jpost has this article which provides some insight:

    Meanwhile on Saturday, MK Avi Dichter (Kadima) warned that Israel must prepare itself for an influx of Syrian Alawite refugees in the aftermath of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s inevitable downfall.

    Speaking at the Shabbat Culture event at the Tel Aviv Museum, the MK explained that once Assad, an Alawite, is ousted from power, the country’s Sunni majority will begin a mass execution of the minority Alawite sect.

    We should keep in mind that the mooslime brotherhood is sunni. The fact that Assad is an Alawi could explain his violence towards the sunnis as well as their outright hatred towards him. Bottom line: there is much more to the story than what we are being fed by the LSM. The rush to oust Assad may have as much destructive end-result as that which ousted Mubarek and Qadaffi.

  52. #47 Squawk:


    The flowers are produced in early spring on panicles 10–30 cm long, with a tubular purple corolla resembling a foxglove flower. The fruit is a dry capsule, containing thousands of minute seeds.

    Properly managing the resource could involve hybridizing the tree to produce non-viable seeds. Propagation could be done by cloning or vegetative propagation (like ST. Augustine grass, the seeds of which are non viable) that way you could keep it where you want and not where you don’t. It is possible to learn from the mistakes and not repeat them. Your approach seems to be more like you get burnt once by fire and therefore all fire is bad.

  53. It’s a gorgeous and cool winter day out here in the countryside, with a clear blue sky that only a norther brings, a light breeze sways some branches, and it’s all the way up to 50 on the front proch from the low of 36 just before dawn. Tree pollen has lots of noses sneezing and dripping, which seems ridiculous this early. Midnight skulking critters have now eaten all the pansies from two and a half flowerbeds, yet two remain untouched. Strange. All the rain lately promises a bountiful wildflower show soon, unlike last year. Something lovely to anticipate amid the barely begun in earnest pressure cooker of politics .

  54. #79 Everyone
    I riled up ST the last few days, when she posted that original video on her FB. I commented, no rational parent makes a video showing himself shooting holes in the daughter’s computer. That is loony tunes. She called me Judge Judy…

  55. #80 Bones

    I know that you do not care about such things, as you do not believe in a god of any kind.

    You’re still missing my point, if you still, after you got thrown under the bus for your Lupercalia warnings, think that anyone here, and not just me, cares a whit about your pagan alarm bells. What is patronizing is your apparent belief that we can’t manage without your guidance.

    Do we need to “pole the couch” to find out who all wants to hear more about pagan rituals that they should avoid?

  56. #93 TT: I think I will see the movie as well. He accurately frames the situation, in my view, and he is correct that we need to fight back and not gently.

  57. #89

    I think Judge Judy would help him reload. You ma’am, are no Judge Judy !


    No, just long enough to see what they were up too.

  58. Breitbart probably has to keep his man parts in a separate vault, which he hauls around behind his car on a trailer.

    And here I thought size didn’t matter.

    /putting away sport utility trailer

  59. As far as the Empress Tree, this site has some interesting information. Almost at the bottom there is this:

    Your cloned tree is non-invasive; its seeds are virtually sterile.

    Perhaps some additional cloning/hybridizing is necessary to make sure that the seeds produced are actually sterile.

    TT: Ifn you plant the seeds you have, the seeds produced by the fruits of that tree will likely be viable. Perhaps a better alternative would be to plant a sterile clone.

  60. I’ll need to check with the source that sold the seeds and see if they’re invasive or not.

    I’m guessing I can still plant the onion, parsley, and flower seeds he gave me.

  61. As far as the facebook/computer thing goes; my son was having problems with his playstation and school work, the school work wasn’t getting done. I collected the offending item and the behavior got better. He got the item back after 3 months with the stern warning: “if I have to collect this thing again, you will get it back in pieces”. It worked as he knew I would do it. The dad in the video “ventilating” the computer was practicing good parenting. The kid was sternly warned to not engage in the offensive behavior and she did again anyway; negative actions must reap negative consequences or the negative actions continue.

  62. TT: the cloned plants come as growing plants, not seed. The seed will grow a plant that will produce after its own kind. That is my understanding with the empress tree; I also understand that a lot of corn produced and sold today produces sterile seeds.

  63. I just calculated my savings by matching the prices at Wal-Mart to the flyers I get in the mail. I saved over $29. It would have been more had I stocked up more on some items. I may go back and get some red bell peppers @ 50 cents each. I love my colored bell peppers.

    The flyers are good for days yet, I may yet go back. I get some good flyers in this area of town for cheap groceries. By doing this, I don’t have to drive all over town to get the price leaders.

    The produce guy knows me now, and is impressed with my shopping techniques. He calls his friends over to see my shopping list. It’s nice to know I can still impress someone, although the produce stocker may be setting my bar a little low.

  64. If the believers (those who strive for holiness) were to really understand the origins of many of our customs today, my suspicion is that they may choose to no longer engage in them.

    Wrong again.

  65. The dates which we celebrate the birth and ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ are widely known among Christians as being “off”.

    We don’t care.

    You’re tilting at windmills, Don Q.

  66. #109:

    The dates which we celebrate the birth and ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ are widely known among Christians as being “off”.

    We don’t care.

    I was really trying to let the whole thing go, but you want to keep dredging it up. I get that you do not care, I do. If you will look closely I never said that you must or else, I simply said I will or won’t and provided quotation from the source book as to why.
    Let’s let it go.

  67. I’m pretty sure these were actually French soldiers dressed as Germans:

    As well as the bodies, poignant personal effects such as boots, helmets, weapons, wine bottles, spectacles, wallets, pipes, cigarette cases and pocket books were also found.

  68. #111 Big45: I think the tell tale sign would be if the rifles were all on stacked together on the ground away from the bodies vs on or near the individual soldiers.

  69. Hamous, it is respectfully requested you add Winchester and Remington to the thread banner. Thank you for your consideration!

  70. #115 I think the forensics would be impossible at this stage to determine whether or not the rifles had actually been fired as that would be a dead give away.
    As far as the goat goes, the mooslime invasion didn’t start that early.

  71. According to the drought map on this page, there is an area that included Dallas that is no longer in a drought. To make matters even better, the exceptional region is much smaller than 6 weeks ago.
    Thank you Abba.

  72. #116 Bonecrusher, they could have been leftovers from the early Islamic invasions of Europe BEFORE the crusades. Why don’t they ever mention when Muslims invaded Rome and trashed St. Peter’s Basilica during the 9th century? The first crusades didn’t occur for 250 years after that event.

  73. #107 TT

    It’s nice to know I can still impress someone

    Hey, you impress me ‘most every time you post here.

  74. #120 Homer: GOOD FOR THEM! I hope they stand strong and oppose JE in the rest of his power grab take over attempts. Further, I hope they stand strong against him in November.

  75. Big45Iron,
    Fourth picture from the top, looks like a Gewehr Mauser missing the stock from the second band going up. Look at the second picture from the bottom left. The butt stock ends at a metal frame like a Lebel 8mm ’86. I bet the latter was a souvenir that never went home.

  76. I proudly plead guilty to being a suckup — if that’s what wanting TT to know I appreciate her blog skills makes me.

  77. I was at the grocery store on Friday and at the checkout, some of the mags displayed there had shockingly bad candid pix of Whitney Houston on their covers. It is unfortunately just a matter of time when you sink that low.

  78. #131 Wagonburner

    I hope you’re not relying on this fellow for in-depth data.
    His data comes from the US product supplied page on the EIA website using their new beta graphing site. It’s very versatile and allows folks to spin all kinds of data.
    If you click on the view history column on the right hand side (1990-2012) for Total you’ll get his graph, and yes it is all US supplied product including heating oil.
    But his column is about gasoline, so click in the same column for Finished Motor Gasoline, not quite as scary, yes the last 3 weeks were down, but no greater than other outliers, hardly a trend alarming or otherwise. Given a couple hours, the causative factors can be determined using this and other data on the site, but that exercise is left to the student. I would start with refinery output and look for stock on hand.
    We’ll assume that an attempt to tie usage of gasoline as a cause for economic distress is an inside joke for the gullible and other viewers of Faux Noise. 😉

  79. #135
    These are even better, 30,000 barrel swings over 4 years at on average consumption of 250,000. Other than demonstrating what happens when a certain party is running things until 2009, this is the kind of stuff that shows up on speculator’s sites, I suspect there’s a recently deceased Nigerian oil minister in there somewhere with his starving widow. 😉

  80. Yeah, it’s gotten pedantic and cliche, like TBO, jugears and portmanteaus involving the term -nazi.
    I’ll give it a rest for a week, although with much of the organization being carted off to jail, it’s going to be tough.

  81. #145: That is pretty brutal. Kind of like the quote from Keith Richards: ” I outlived Michael Jackson – bet you didn’t see that one coming.”

  82. you need a new/better schtick

    Mentioning the Quad”O”‘s (Obama Occupying the Oval Office) ear size or middle name is an affront to proper trollers, but he uses lefty nutter names worn out since 2002.

    (dang, you beat me to it)

  83. Yeah, it’s gotten pedantic and cliche, like TBO, jugears and portmanteaus involving the term -nazi.
    I’ll give it a rest for a week, although with much of the organization being carted off to jail, it’s going to be tough.


    But Jugears and TBO have only been in use since 2009. You’ve been on the Faux Noise schtick since 2002.

  84. First time the topic’s come up.
    It don’t bother me to point out that Fox News has credibility issues

    “I’ve been asked to remind you all again that they are separate channels and the more we make FBN look like FNC the more of a disservice we do to ourselves,” Magee said in the memo dated October 5, carrying the subject line “Fox News and Fox Business.”

    Yesterday FBN cancelled Power and Money with David Asman, Freedom Watch with Andrew Napolitano, and Follow The Money with Eric Bolling. Sort of the same thing they’re doing to WSJ.

  85. OK;

    I’m giving the hammock a proper test this evening. I’ve tried to go out to the Wayback two Fridays in a row, and two Fridays in a row its rained. So I put a swing hook into the jamb of the door on the shed out back at just above head hieght and exactly 14′ away from the closest tree. The hammock suspension is at thirty degrees to the ground as it should be, and the hammock is centered in the span. The ridge line is taut, but not tight and the surface of the hammock is chair high. Have put in the stock reflectix pad in its proper location in the lining, and added a Magellan self inflating matress under that. That should insulate underneath me and take care of any wind chill. Inside the hammock I have a large piece of reflectix I found that’s wide enough to wrap my shoulders and hips and is long enough for most of my body. Theorhetically it will reflect back my body heat which the Eureka 3 season 30 degree sleeping bag, and Swiss Army fleece mummy bag liner with a US army poncho liner tied around it as a top quilt should retain. I’ve got a zipped up jacket to pull over my feet to keep it all together where there’s no reflectix. The tarp is pulled close down to the mosquito net to hold in heat, but loose in the high spots to let out condensation from breathing and sweat. Base layer will be some waffle pattern undies with fleece sweat pants and pullover hoodie over that. Two pairs of sock will complete the stylish ensemble. I might cheat a little and use my favorite down pillow instead of the inflatable camping one. Got the alarm clock hanging from the ridgeline organizer set for 5:30. Gonna to be in the high thirties tonite—-lets see if I can stay warm until morning.

  86. Interesting union benefit just negotiated in New York. Kind of obvious when you hear of it: panic buttons. With cutbacks in staffing a lot of the help is out working by themselves.

    Operators of the biggest hotels in New York City have agreed to a long-term contract that will give hotel housekeepers and other employees significant pay raises, fully paid health coverage, larger pension contributions and one unusual benefit: personal panic buttons.

  87. Sweetie is watching all the Whitney Houston coverage. Only a little more than an hour into it, it’s already over the top. I bet the Grammy production minions will be working all night to turn the show into a Whitneyfest. An amazing talent to be celebrated and a sad life sorrowed over will morph into an event all about them, after all, one of their own has tragically passed.

  88. personal panic buttons.

    Rush said it was for protection when high profile Democrats like Weiner, Spitzer or Clinton come to town.

  89. 163 shamaal says:

    February 12, 2012 at 7:54 am

    So, you’re getting better at lying then?

    Just hung better is all.

  90. #160 Sarge
    After seeing #153, I started scrolling down looking to see if you posted this morning — i.e. survived the night! Dude. I was cold last night, inside with the thermostat set at 68.

    Did your Wonder Dog have to sleep outside too?

  91. Nope.

    Scout the Wonder Dog got to sleep in the house. Too many coyotes out here to have him sleeping outside. When I go to the Wayback, I stay in the dynamite sheds, so its OK to take him with me. State Parks are usually safe, but I keep him home b/c he’ll bark at anything he thinks is a threat. Threats start at about lizard size.

    Off to teach Sunday School; y’all behave.

  92. #155 Tim

    a sad life sorrowed over will morph into an event all about them

    Yeah. All the hoopla is reminding me of the Oscars in 2002, when Julia Roberts was saying she didn’t want to live in a world where Denzel Washington had not won an Oscar. Then he won, and she presented him the award, saying “I love my life!”, making herself a big part of his story.

  93. Offered without comment

    How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy
    Jaroslav Flegr is no kook. And yet, for years, he suspected his mind had been taken over by parasites that had invaded his brain. So the prolific biologist took his science-fiction hunch into the lab. What he’s now discovering will startle you. Could tiny organisms carried by house cats be creeping into our brains, causing everything from car wrecks to schizophrenia?

  94. a sad life sorrowed over will morph into an event all about them

    At first I thought you were writing about CPAC 2012 😉

  95. Samuel L. Jackson, while he may be a pretty good actor, is not going to get any of my money for movies, etc. anymore.

    Barack Obama’s politics meant nothing to Samuel L. Jackson because the “Pulp Fiction” star only voted for the president for one reason and one reason only … because he’s black.

    In an interview with Ebony magazine, Jackson explained, “I voted for Barack because he was black. ‘Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them … That’s American politics, pure and simple. [Obama’s] message didn’t mean [bleep] to me.”

    Jackson then went on to drop the N-word several times when discussing Obama, telling the mag, “When it comes down to it, they wouldn’t have elected a [bleep]. Because, what’s a [bleep]? A [bleep] is scary. Obama ain’t scary at all. [Bleeps] don’t have beers at the White House. [Bleeps] don’t let some white dude, while you in the middle of a speech, call [him] a liar. A [bleep] would have stopped the meeting right there and said, ‘Who the [bleep] said that?’ I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years, ‘cuz he ain’t gotta worry about getting re-elected.”

    Smacks of … Obama needs to Black it up.

    What a racist jerk.

  96. Handsome left for mass a few minutes ago. He missed going to early mass with Hubby and me. It seems that he partied a little too hearty last night. I woke up around 1:00 am and he still hadn’t arrived home.

    At least he knows he’s to attend mass, and not just blow it off because he missed our regular schedule.

  97. texanadian from the story;
    According to the findings, the soldiers took to the machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons and fired into tents where their white counterparts were drinking.

    More than 700 rounds were fired.

    At least one person was killed and dozens severely injured, and Australian troops were called in to roadblock the rioters.

    ONE person killed?!?! ❓

  98. My Sweetie wants to take me to see Red Tails. I have no clue why she wants to see it, but hey, I’m a highly trained married man. I know to ride the waves as they come and don’t ask questions. 😀

  99. Historical curiosity? White guilt? Just guessing, that’s all. It’s not getting very good reviews.

    This is so generic as storytelling that it fails even as a basic history lesson: it’s hard to believe that the stock conflicts on-screen have any connection to real events.

  100. #180 Wagonburner

    Is someone chopping onions in here?

    Don’t know about you, but I seem to be chopping onions and cayenne peppers at the same time.

  101. Chilly winter afternoon greetings Hamsters. High broken clouds and a slight breeze kept us from freezing last night, only dropped to 35. It’s 44 on the front porch now, easterly breeze is steady, clouds have lowered considerably, and it looks like a snow sky, just not cold enough.

    It’s a nice day to be inside looking out unless you’re going some place for something nice like an early Valentine’s dinner, which we just did. The pink and red roses spouse brought on Thursday are opening and beautiful still. We’ll probably reserve card exchanging until the day on Tuesday. Kinda consider this a rehearsal for our 47th anniversary in June. 🙂

  102. #185 Adee

    Have been meaning to ask about the logo banner at the top: Does the big C stand for Colt?

    Ding, Ding, Ding, We have a winner! Don Pardo, what do we have for Ms Adee?
    I’ve been waiting all weekend for someone to point that out since there was only the C, nothing else. FWIW; This is Colt’s Logo.

  103. I didn’t mention it, but yesterday I went to the Gun Show @ the Brown and $900 later, I’m the proud owner of a Kahr PM 40 with the tritium sights and 500 rounds of Federal ammo. The keen eyed will notice that the Pix is of a PM 9 but they are identical and since I wanted to show how small it is I used the Pix of the 9. Oh, and I have the PM 9 also. 😀

  104. Also the smallest auto that I know of is the little Seacamp, first made in 25 ACP then 32 ACP and finally 380. I have the 32, yup it’s only a 32 but It is real easy to hide and with 60 Gr HP’s it’s better than nuttin’.

  105. In Houston, there was the Camp Logan riot in 1917.


    There was an incident in Brownsville in 1906 where locals blamed black troops at Fort Brown for the murders of two whites. Some 100+ black soldiers were dishonorably discharged on little or no evidence. The only online source I can find is Wikipedia.

    I’ve posted comments about C.F. Smith before. He was a friend of my Father’s, an electrical contractor, and a graduate of Tuskegee. He volunteered at the start of WWII and was sent in an engineering unit to build a blimp base in the Caribbean. When he and a few others voiced complaints of racial treatment on behalf of the unit, his group (not the whole unit) was classified as prisoners of war. He wound up on a prison ship in New York harbor. They were discharged a few at a time so they could not make a united complaint. If I had not met the man, I never would have known this. (He did not tell me in person, I read about it later in his book.) I’ll bet there are many incidents like this we will never hear about.

  106. #179

    Historical curiosity? White guilt?

    I mainly wanted to see what George Lucas would do with it, this was his first film not Star Wars since the 90’s, and being a guy and all, I’ll go for any WWII stuff. I had no illusions of it’s accuracy, but I don’t think they took any more liberties than Hollywood always has. I’m not sure, but I think John Wayne took to a little embelishment as well (ducking). I believe most of the feats were true, just not in the order shown.

    Lucas’ stuff didn’t impress much, it did seem a bit video gamish.

  107. #193 My Grandmother told me a story about that same time period; she was around 17. A white woman was raped by a black man and a white mob started towards the black area of town; my grandmother’s house was, at the time on McKinney (now the parking lot for the George R Brown). The blacks knew what was coming and they produced the guilty party who was summarily hanged from the telephone pole at the corner of my grandmother’s property. It was grizzly indeed but she advises there really was no more trouble after that – from either side.
    It should be mentioned that no one in my family participated in the lynching, nor did they have any power to stop it.

  108. Boney, 196. That would be the Third Ward. No offense but I can document everything I posted. If you can give a date I’d like to look into to that. If it happened as you describe there may not be much to find though.

  109. #181 – mondo BUMMER of a story!

    p a t h e t i c actually………………….

    Occasionally a BACA adoption (if it happens to take place in a suburban subdivision as some do)……………will draw some LEO curious presence – they darn sure don’t “get very “froggy” with a street full of leather clad bikers like the poor Grandpa & child experienced…….. 🙂
    and YES sometimes our child events have the exact same contrast in the dermal pigmentation sense……………

    and of course once the LEOs are informed who we are and what we’re doing – they go on their merry way………….

  110. The Japanese had a similar thing called a Kaitan at the end of WWII; theirs was a human guided torpedo launched from a submarine. The Iranians are accumulating a fleet of small suicide boats.(Reuters) – HEADLINE: Iran has built up its naval forces in the Gulf and prepared boats that could be used in suicide attacks, but the U.S. Navy can prevent it from blocking the Strait of Hormuz, the commander of U.S. naval forces in the region said on Sunday.

    How much longer do we allow the menace to strengthen itself before we kill it? That is ultimately going to be the result, why make it more difficult than it has to be?

  111. #200 Shannon: The link shows some ditzy singer at the Grammy’s mocking the Pope specifically and the Catholic church generally; it is in the same vein as maplethorpe’s offensive offerings. The linked image does not promote dialogue, it is designed to be offensive and divisive. No one benefits from it and it is hateful by nature, I don’t like it at all – it offends me.

  112. #201 I can’t give you a date, but it was sometime between 1916-1920, when she told me the story she was over 90 and that was in the 1990’s. The sweet lady lived to be 100 yrs and 9 months old. She was from the other side of my family from the uncle you met.

  113. Remember that spectacular music video TT posted, Adele singing her “Rolling in the Deep” with the spooky FX? 60 Mins interviewed her tonight leading up to the Grammy awards, and I was amazed to learn that she is only 23 yrs old and has a gawdawful cockney accent except when she is singing.

  114. While the Camp Logan riots can be letigimately laid at the feet of racial injustics, the Brownsville riots of 1906 are somewhat murkier. There is substantial physical forensic evidence that shots were fired from the barracks area into the town. The historian referred to in the Wiki article claims that the evidence (.30-06 shell casings from 1903 Springfields) was planted by civilians to incriminate the soldiers at trial. It should be noted however that, in 1906, the US Government .30 Cartridge of 1906 (which was the official nomenlcaure of the .30-06 cartridge at the time) was unavailable to civilians in any quantity. In his book Weaver tries to claim that the casings were gathered from the shooting range. That seems a long way form whites in the south to go to gain a conviction against blacks, such effort was rarely required.

    167 soliders were dishonorably discharged becasue that all refused to testify, let alone identify the shooters. No actual indictments for the shooting were ever entered. In 1972, the disharges were changed to Honorable.

  115. and has a gawdawful cockney accent except when she is singing

    I know right? If she can sing right how come she cain’t talk right?

  116. Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%. Can you do better? Questions were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.

    I took the test and this was the result:

    You answered 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 %

  117. Australia seemed to be a hotbed of in-fighting among the allies, given the situation and the amount of testosterone involved, probably understandable.

    Dad says a US soldier called out, “Thanks for the loan of your women” to some Aussies heading north to the battlefield. This inflamed feelings already roused about unequal pay, and better treatment and conditions for the US soldiers.
    There was a saying at the time that there were only three things wrong with the Yanks – they were overpaid, oversexed and over here!
    “On the first night one Australian serviceman was killed, eight suffered gunshot wounds and several hundred were injured,” the record recalls.
    “On the second night, eight American military police, one serviceman and four officers were hospitalised and countless others injured.
    “The units involved in the riots were relocated out of Brisbane, the MPs strength was increased, the Australian canteen was closed and the American PX was relocated.”
    But it didn’t end there.
    “Following the Battle of Brisbane, resentment towards American troops led to several smaller riots in Townsville, Rockhampton and Mount Isa.
    “In other states similar riots also followed. There were the Melbourne riots of 1 December 1942 and the Battle of Bondi of 6 February 1943.
    “These were followed by Battle of Perth in January 1944 and the Battle of Fremantle in April 1944, also stemming from resentment towards American troops.”

  118. #210 Darren

    Whew! I thought I had danger-linked again! I had to go check my post to be sure I hadn’t contributed to the delinquency on the collective.

  119. #214

    Dangit, only 27 of 33. I shoulda known it was the Bill Of Rights not the Constitution that established doctor and lawyer standards. And to be fair, I don’t know anything about that new group Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas.

  120. You answered 33 out of 33 correctly — 100.00 %

    If you need to know stuff, you now know who to ask.

    There’s no “off” on the jenious switch. 😉

  121. Whew! I thought I had danger-linked again! I had to go check my post to be sure I hadn’t contributed to the delinquency on the collective.

    Wouldn’t have worked anyway.

    We haven’t ALL been assimilated.

  122. Great post here, nominally about why Sarah Palin isn’t running, but ultimately about much, much more.

    I wonder, however, if one of the points she hammered throughout the speech really registered with her audience. Her signature line in this speech was “The door is open.” She meant that political conditions are becoming conducive to a renewed commitment to small government and liberty. People’s mindsets are changing. We are not governed by the “rules” of political seasons past; the door is open to choosing our candidates and charting our nation’s future on a different basis. The door is open to not accepting a continuation of the false compromises of previous decades.


    I have referred to those false compromises – “compromises” in which the conservative, small-government side gave up virtually everything – as the “old consensus.” I see it losing, bit by bit, in this primary season. People are no longer obediently making their political choices within the parameters defined for them by the professional political class.

  123. #212 Sarge,
    To finely parse a nit. The 30-06 would not have been around in 1906. The ’03 Springfield rifle might have been there but would have chambered the 230 gr round nose caliber .30, model 1903. I’d bet the 30-40 Krag would have been the rifle issued to so remotely deployed reserves.

  124. Sarge’s Quiz…

    You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 %

    Rats, my jenious switch does have an “off” setting.

  125. I found three errors due to impatience – halfway through the test I was thoroughly bored and started racing through the answers.

  126. Tuned into Channel 11 hoping to see the 10 o’clock news but instead landed in the middle of the overtime Grammys. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a musical sketch with someone playing a priest entering a doorway, then a red light bathed mob dancing scene of writhing bodies. All within maybe 2 seconds. Switched to 13 fast, stomach on the verge of rebellion. Did not wish to see one millisecond more of that rot on 11. The disgusting picture Bonecrusher linked to in #204 was apparently but a small hint of what was coming, and the guy in the pseudo Pope costume was the pseudo priest in the skit. I shall not readily forget his evil face nor malicious intent. A pox on him and his house. And while we’re at it, a pox on the Grammys.

    G’night all.

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