Monday Technology Open Comments

We take a divergent path from the politics of the day to discuss…technology.

We take so much of what we do and use each day for granted, yet someone, somewhere, had to develop, devise, and distribute all of those things that we take for granted each day.

When I was young, we were shoved out of the door and were not really expected until dinnertime. Mom never knew for sure where we were, and sometimes she was better off not knowing. Or maybe she just acted like she didn’t know. With twelve kids, I think she might have been hoping one or two of us would get knocked off somewhere on the path to adulthood. Anyway, I look back on my childhood and wonder why I get nervous if I leave the house without my cell phone, or if my son does. It seems that the odd child without a cell phone is, well, odd.

And think about ATM machines. What would we do without such convenient access to cash? Not that we need as much currency anymore, but it occasionally comes in handy. But gee whiz, what did we do before ATM machines? Plan ahead or make do or something?

And before the Internet was developed, I remember learning how to open these things at the library — they had pieces of paper with black markings all over them, and they were bound together with stiff covers. Books, I think they were. There were big ones that came in a set, and those were called encyclopedias, and they had to be replaced every now and then. The fiction books could be kept on the shelves indefinitely. Nowadays, you can get encyclopedias on plastic circles, or just grab information right off the internet. I remember becoming part of the “Look It Up Club” in the second grade. Everyone joined, and we all got certificates with our names on them, right under the motto “We Never Guess – We Look It Up!” We learned how the Dewey decimal system worked, and how to use a card catalog. While the digital versions of our reference materials and other books may be easier to carry, there is something wonderfully nostalgic about lazily turning pages under a tree, traveling to foreign lands or finding oneself in the middle of some intrigue.

And our cars! Rolling technological wonders they are! And technological wizards it takes to keep them running! My husband has a 1970’s era Volkswagen. It’s his pride and joy. He maintains it himself. No plugging it into some computer to tell him the timing is off. No specialist dependent upon a machine to read that the spark plugs need replacing. He uses his ears and his common sense to keep that baby of his running. And he’s much happier. (He doesn’t know how to scroll on a web page, click on an icon, or even turn on a computer. He certainly doesn’t want to be dependent upon one in his car!)

Overall, I suppose that technology has made our lives easier and safer. Just think of all the medicines and treatments we have for our very human condition. I’d hate to do my bookkeeping manually, though I’m not sure that computerizing everything helps me get my work done faster – I just think that more is expected of me, instead. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy my rather mundane efforts to move that massive pile of dirt in my backyard. There’s something so absolutely sublime in the low-tech shovel-meets-dirt moment. Nothing between me and the feel of the shovel cutting off another small piece of the mountain. Right now it’s me, the dirt, the weeds, the squirrels, and the birds. As the weather warms up and the mosquitoes return, I’ll have to cut back or relinquish my efforts, but for now, it’s a blessed break from the constant barrage of technology. Hubby has told me multiple times that he could do the work much more efficiently and quickly with the backhoe, but I keep pointing out the this mysterious backhoe has yet to make an appearance. So much for the husband helping out. So I keep on using my labor and my hand tools to move and smooth the low spots in my yard.

And if someone comes up with a computerized shovel, I’ll refuse to use it.

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146 thoughts on “Monday Technology Open Comments

  1. You would have thought with this being Romney’s second run for president that he would have anticipated all those questions and have a patent answer for each one of them by now. Instead he stumbles thru questions like the one on his income tax returns. Look, he earned that money honestly and within the rules of the federal income tax system so what is the problem. Unfortunately for Romney he is only drawing about 25% of the primary vote each time while the combined conservative vote always exceeds 50%. Newt is still my man. He’s not perfect but there is not a perfect candidate out there. And I would answer questions about Newt’s personal life with by whose standard are you comparing him to because the Dummycrat’s main man is Bill Clinton who set the standards very low. And whether Newt is a true conservative or not, you can be and still be or must be flexible to get things thru Congress. And if Obummer can honor Charlie Rangel then the ethics standards are set at that level and anybody and everybody can clear those standards. So you can’t question Newt’s standards when the bars are set real low with likes of some Dummycrats.

  2. New York vs New England for the big salad. They were thiissssssss close to an East Coast vs West Coast game. Whoever owns the advertising rights lost the lotto, bet they will be wailing and pulling their hair for a while.

  3. #3 – Believe me, if TPTB had wanted an east-west match-up for the SB, the head linesman or someone would have seen an infraction that resulted in a “do-over” for the place kicker. I’ve seen it happen more than once.

    In fact, I thought the previous play should have been ruled a touchdown as it looked to me like the receiver had possession for a couple of steps before being stripped, and not even a squawk from the bench – the fix is always in in the NFL.

  4. Just musing about a couple of things: (1) SJL has accused Newt of being a racist and using racial code words – I’m wondering if SJL would be code words for blithering idiot?

    At the risk of sounding insensitive I offer the following: (2) Self censored…….

  5. El G., if that play had happened on the field it would have been a fumble. I still think they would have rigged the game for the higher ratings (and price per minute for commercials) of East vs West. I doubt many people west of the Mississippi will watch this. Unless they have bikini babes mud wrestling for beer commercials again. I suspect the PC police have made those history. bummer.

  6. G’Morning All

    Grew up on a farm without electricity, water or plumbing. We had a hand cranked telephone with on a common phone line for the 13 mile stretch of road for our side of town with different rings for each customer. (We were 2 longs and 2 shorts) and you had to call “Central” to be manually plugged in to some one one another common line.

    Having lived with nothing and with modern tecnology, I embrace technology with open arms. Probably had a lot to do with me to go into engineering.

  7. Technology:
    Cars: Back in the early 70’s you had to do a tune up every 12,000 miles or so, points, plugs, condenser, set the timing, maybe a good carb cleaning. Now, with modern cars, you don’t change the spark plugs for 100,000+ miles there are no points or condenser to change, and computerized fuel injection and spark advance enables the car companies to be able to produce engines that make twice the HP with 1/2 the displacement. Back then, when a car got 100k miles on it it was worn out, now you are less than 1/2 way to worn out. Back then there were lots of shade tree mechanics and they were necessary because you had to constantly mess with the cars, now it is gas n go plus scheduled maintenance. Don’t put a wrench on it, except for oil changes for at least 30k miles. Tires then lasted 40k miles max, now if I don’t get at least 60K miles I am not happy.
    Televisions: Back in the early 70’s there were 3 or 4 network channels and 3 or 4 UHF channels that were received analogue style over the airwaves and the reception was usually absolute crap by comparison to todays digital TVs. Now we have 100s of channels, unfortunately, most of it is still crap. Back then a 21″ diagonal TV was pretty big, now that is the size of a computer monitor and the family room TV is 60″ or bigger, with perfect reception to boot. When one wants to record a particular program, one simply highlights that program on the menu and pushes a “record” button and it is done, in the early 70s it was not possible, in the late 70s VHS decks became available but they could not be described as “user friendly” in any sense of the phrase when one wanted to record something.
    Telephones: Back then a long distance call was expensive, if you had more than one line coming into the house that was a big deal. Now a long distance call is free on most cell phones and everyone has their own phone line with their own phone number. You no longer call the house asking for a person, you call the person directly on their personal phone. Now we can, in many cases, have face to face conversations over the phone, back then it was not possible. Now I can see something beautiful, like a greater blue heron on the 18th hole at Mem park, and send the photo of that bird that I take with my phone to any email or phone number I choose, back then it was not possible.
    computers: Back in the 70’s no one had them except the uber geeks who had lots of money. My first experience with the “innanet” was in the early 70’s (junior high school) and we used dial-up analogue lines to hook into a mainframe via a teletype machine. Now darned near every household has at least 1computer as well as darned near every desk at every job. This is not counting the computer that is on your phone. Computers are much easier to use for the non-nerd and more things are becoming possible as the applications for computer control allow for more precision and speed.
    While I loved the simpler times, I really like the ease that technology provides.

  8. #10 Because of another wonderful Tech innovation that became widespread in the 50-60s AIR CONDITIONING people can still be comfortable indoors in the summer and not have to shovel wissin snow in the winter. We can play golf at least 11 months of the year. The business climate here, in Texas and particularly Houston is: come on in, the water is great. Friendly people, friendly business climate, no income taxes, pretty darned good street transportation, InterGalactic Airport, biggest shipping port in the country, best medical center in the world; maybe I better shut up ’cause we have enough people here already.

  9. #12 Texanadian: To bolster my attempts at shining the light of common sense into the void of partisanship that animates some (one in particular) on these pages; Photo Voter ID issue, the linkie provides this:

    That people who are too ignorant to get a free state issued I.D. card are smart enough to vote.

    There it is in a nutshell, a moron who can’t get an ID but still gets to vote disenfranchises the one who takes the time to actually understand the issues.

  10. #14 Texanadian: I was not aware of all of those examples, but I was of a few. Most in the country are now aware of the blatant forgery represented in the April 2011 document claiming to be the birth certificate. A growing number are aware that the LSM is actively covering for JugEars and refuses to do their job. Because of the media complicity in the ongoing CRIME of JugEars in office and the vicious one sided attacks against Rs at every opportunity, the nerve that was aggravated by John King last week; Newt’s vigorous and righteously indignant response will likely propel him to the White House. The people are growing far more aware, because of technology like this blog, and are getting a belly full of the BS. In a simple phrase: we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

  11. As seen on Drudge:

    Iran ‘definitely’ closing Strait of Hormuz over EU oil embargo

    I think this was a foregone conclusion because:
    1) No one with any sense of credibility can claim that Iran is not trying to manufacture nukular weapons.
    2) No one with any sense of credibility can claim that Iran would not promptly use those nukes on Israel with the ensuing massive loss of innocent civilian life.
    3) …..that Israel would not respond by turning Iran into the glass sand pile/parking lot its “leaders” have determined will bring about the madi/antichrist.

    Here is the real big problem:

    Ultimately, the latest round of brinkmanship between Iran and the West may force Iran to the negotiating table over its uranium enrichment program.

    Anyone that believes that any negotiations will change anything in Iran is delusional. The only function that negotiations will serve is to give Iran more time. In this case the Iranians are kind of like The Borg, they will not quit, they are not afraid of dying, and the only way you can stop them is to kill them. Anything short of cutting the head off of the snake will fail miserably. This means the entire leadership politically and the bulk of the mullahs have to die or nothing will change. I realize this is incredibly harsh and hard to contemplate; it is however, reality.

  12. In a simple phrase: we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

    I second that feeling. The ignoring of the obvious by the media is insane.

  13. #18 OTL: From the narrative, the mechanic whom the soldier paid skipped town with the 17 large. I wonder where this bottom feeder is now? I would not like to be in his shoes when some of the soldiers from Captain’s unit find him.

  14. #20 Tex: That the LSM thinks that they can continue to get away with the same “opinion engineering” they got away with in the 70s is astounding. I can see a conservative/realistic purchase of one of the alphabet network stations in the not to distant future. Imagine a FOX type on broadcast news.

  15. #19 – You seem to imply that our CIC might want to deny them the armaments they are desirous of having, and that he further realizes the havoc they could reek with such weapons. Closing the Straits goes hand in hand with his failure to approve the Canadian oil pipeline.

    In summary, I think he wants these things to happen.

  16. There continues to be much wailing and gnashing ot teeth in Establishmentland since Saturday night outlined at several pieces linked to here.

    The best observation, I think, is this one:

    The other day, Dan McLaughlin explained who the GOP establishment is. That characterizes Mitt Romney’s base even in the exit polls. Unfortunately for him, the base of the party is at war with that precise group.

    The buzz in Washington now is that the Republican Establishment fears Gingrich will cause them to lose the House and not get the Senate. Put another way, the current Republican leadership fears that the man who helped the GOP take back the House for the first time in 40 years and his allies in the tea party who helped take back the House in 2010 will cause the GOP to now lose.

    They’ll lose alright — they’ll lose power to others. That’s their real fear.

  17. TT OC

    But gee whiz, what did we do before ATM machines? Plan ahead or make do or something?

    A minor point, but… I grew up writing a check at the grocery store that was $10-$20 more than the purchase, to have some pocket cash during the week. (Back when $20 would get you past the next day’s lunch if you ate out…)

  18. RIP Joe Paterno. The death certificate may say he died of lung cancer, but I think it’s fair to say he died more of a broken heart.

  19. When I was young, we were shoved out of the door and were not really expected until dinnertime. Mom never knew for sure where we were, and sometimes she was better off not knowing.

    In the summertime, my mother used to say that she knew my brother and I were alive because every couple of days canned food would go missing from the pantry.

  20. #23 EG: Our Western way of life is so desirous globally and ingrained in we, the people, almost at a DNA level, the only way the utopidiots can change it is to break it completely with massive casualties and misery. Only when we beg for something other than the chaos they (the power crazy, nanny stater, socialist utopidiots with way more money than sense) have caused will the real carnage of socialism be fully implemented.

    #19 – 1) You seem to imply that our CIC might want to deny them the armaments they are desirous of having, and 2) that he further realizes the havoc they could reek with such weapons.

    1) I have no such illusions that JugEars wants to deny he mooooslime bretheren nukular weapons to annihilate Israel; my belief is that in his mind that would be a good thing.
    2) He fully knows the havoc it would wreak and he wants it because it will cause the global breakdown and make it easier to institute global socialism/utopian nirvanna.

  21. Mr. Limbaugh is dead on (as usual) today.

    If the Republican establishment and intelligencia are scared of the growing Newt movement, they have only themselves to blame.

    The average conservatives on the street have stood by and watched the wimpy leadership and some gutless conservative media types tiptoe around, meekly taking lash after lash from the Left. For YEARS.

    Only an idiot cannot understand the attraction of a firey defender of the obvious.

  22. And so it begins.

    In my Facebook feed posted by Contract From America:

    Contract from America

    If Mitch Daniels were to enter the presidential race, would that change your vote?

    Like · · Share · 635 · 21 minutes ago ·

  23. If the Republican establishment and intelligencia are scared of the growing Newt movement, they have only themselves to blame.

    Yah. But they thought they could make us vote for Mittens using the power of their minds.

  24. I think that’s the bigger problem that the Establishment and supposed cognescenti are having right now.

    They’ve been out manuevered, out debated, and out smarted by a bunch of unwashed, unclean, ignent peasants who were supposedly politically inept and inexperienced. They were so enamoured of themselves that they actually thought the could sell Mittens to people who are tired of guys like Mittens.

    Telling people that the best way to beat a guy who has a crappy record on gun control, abortion, and instituted socialized medicine would be to nominate a guy who has a crappy record on gun control, abortion, and instituted socialized medicine is a not a decsion made by someone cogniscent of the limitations of thier own rhetorical and logical limitations.

  25. Limbaugh asks a great question:

    “Wouldn’t it be great if the reason why the Establishment was angry about Newt is that he’s not Conservative enough?”

  26. Rush is roaring today, no mouse he. No mice populate the Tea Party Movement, either.
    Bring on more Andy Jacksons and banish Casper Milquetoasts.

  27. 35 Adee says:

    January 23, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Rush is roaring today, no mouse he. No mice populate the Tea Party Movement, either.
    Bring on more Andy Jacksons and banish Casper Milquetoasts.

    That’s the secret, isn’t it?

    Let them demean, disparage, criticize, mischaracterize, and attack all they want. Let them do that because when they do, it means you’re winning on the ideas and the logic. Just stick to your guns and your message. Don’t be intimidated. Fight back at every opportunity. You’ll lose a couple along the way, but eventually they will get to the point where people will see that they don’t make sense and you do.

    Don’t fight for thier respect, you’ll never get it. Don’t fight to be a member of a clique you’ll never be invited into, and don’t need to be in. Don’t fight to make them stop attacking you, they never will. Just fight for what you believe in. Make sure you give yourself reality and gut checks along the way to make sure you’re not going over the deep end. If you do, you will win the big fight and will gain the respect of people who are better than them.

  28. I don’t have a guess either, but i will say that if it is Gingrich, that’s huge for Newt.
    If it is Romney, it won’t help Romney much.
    If it is Santorum, that’s really interesting.
    If it is Paul….you can find me at the cardiologist, at minimum.

  29. Okay, I’ll guess Romney.
    I think Fred is semi-Establishment, Romney has been having him wait for an opportune moment and Romney desperately needs some kind of boost this week.
    Here’s hoping I have egg on my face later.
    Fried, over hard.

  30. 44 Shannon says:

    January 23, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    Okay, I’ll guess Romney.
    I think Fred is semi-Establishment, Romney has been having him wait for an opportune moment and Romney desperately needs some kind of boost this week.
    Here’s hoping I have egg on my face later.
    Fried, over hard.

    Teh Fred is currently very active in a movement to abolish the Electoral College and go with a popular vote.

    Make of that what you will.

  31. I could absolutely get behind a Gingrich/Santorum ticket. Santorum would be the stabilizing influence that some think Gingrich needs. Santorum would certainly not be the national embarrassment that Joe “the D!p$h!t” Biden is. Romney, by comparison, simply strikes me as a sanctimonious @$$.

  32. #42 Texanadian: I think Tereza Heinz gave him her definitive answer when he asked if she wanted an “open” marriage. Or perhaps he just wanted a new boat.

  33. I think Fred endorses Newt.

    Fried, over hard

    *sigh* Thought we had you in the fold, but alas, there is work yet to be done. Over-easy baby!

  34. I’ve not followed the electoral college issue, what is the thinking? Erase the advantage of all that red on the electoral maps?

  35. #50 Timbo:

    I think Fred endorses Newt.

    If that happens Romney may as well endorse Newt also because it will be all over for him.

  36. Santorum would help to win PA, an important swing state, and may balance the ticket i a North/South geographic sense.

    Gingrich’s ability to elucidate Conservative principals and energize the base would also mean that picking a rising star like Rubio would not be required.

    I remember when Establishment types were telling me that Ronald Reagan was unelectable (he was divorced, you know), and bought all of it. I was relieved when he picked GHWB as his Veep as I thought he would be a tempering influence on him (I was a GHWB supporter at the time). Santorum likely would have the same effect.

    A better ticket, however, might be Santorum/Gingrich for all the reasons above, with the added benefit of making Newt’s negatives less of an issue.

  37. #55 Shannon:

    Over easy!!?????

    That’s almost as dumb as doing away with the electoral college.

    I have to re-consider my opinion of you. Why would anyone want to ruin a fried egg and loose all that runny goodness of the yolk on the toast or smoked salmon, by having the wissin thing cooked “over hard”. That is simply another way to say overcooked or ruined or distracted while cooking. Fried eggs over hard – what a wissin disaster and a waste of an otherwise great food product. You might as well throw the thing in the garbage or feed it to the dog as cooking it “over hard” renders it unfit for human consumption.

  38. RE Today’s OC Thread

    My parents had remote controlled TV back in the late ‘70s. I knew my job when I heard the words, “Boy! Go change the channel.”

    I have had to teach my children the meaning of the “old fashioned” gesture you utilized to get someone to roll down their window. When my daughter was about five, I made that gesture. She had no clue so I had to resort to yelling over the engine, the A/C, and the radio. Instead of opening the window to hear what I was saying she opened the door… into me.

  39. I used to like runny eggs.
    I used to like chicken fried steak, too.
    Sorry, I reached my lifetime quota of both over a decade ago.

  40. Nothin in the world like taking a nice over easy egg and droppin it on top of a grilled cheese sammich made in the toaster and microwave. A side of Wolf Brand Chili and a double handfull of crispy bacon slices, topped off with a few teaspoons of 5 pepper salsa—-

    Now that’s a breakfast.

  41. I see where the media is touting the newest poll results that show Newt taking a big lead in FL. This might be a bit of raising expectations higher than they should be. 200,000 absentee ballots had been cast before last week, and absentee ballots generally constitute 40% of the vote in that state. A couple of weeks ago, I read somthing that said that these votes were going overwhelmingly for Mittens, and polling data at the time supported that. FL is more of a Northern state than SC. There seems to be an unwritten law in the New England states that require one to move to FL sometime between the age of 65-70. OTOH, that demographic is pretty much confined to the lower half of the state and Newt should do better in the upper half.

  42. Hey. Don’t put me in the line for euthanasia yet.
    I still slyly oogle the perfect female form, enjoy beer or a well executed martini and hope my beloved Texas someday secedes from the Union.

  43. 56 Shannon says:

    January 23, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    The chances of Newt running as VP are about as probable as….
    Oh, nevermind.

    I dunno—-

    His campaign has been declared dead twice, and in the beginning folks were saying that the only reason he was running was to sell books and get higher appearance fees. It might just be that he’s committed to making sure Romney is not the nominee, and to effecting actual fundamental change in both the country and the Republican Party and would see it as the best way to get that done.

    And if Mittens pulls out of the race after another humiliatting defeat, Santorum’s numbers are going to skyrocket. I say that cuz I figger Mittens would endorse Santorum on his way out as a way of getting back at Newt, much in the same way Jimmy Dick did to him when he withdrew and endorsed Newt at a critical moment.

    There’s talk about a dump Romney effort if he does lose FL, and I really don’t see the efficacy of a new candidate coming on board.

  44. The only time an egg should be fried hard is just before you slide it between two slices of bread like the egg sammiches the PX snack bar used to make at Ft. Sill. Good quick breakfast that would have been way too messy if the yokes were runny.

  45. #65 FA:

    Anybody that would cook an egg over hard would probably cook a steak well done……

    Both are really detestable acts of food abuse or evidence of gross incompetence in the kitchen.

  46. 69 Shannon says:

    January 23, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    No, not well done.
    But more than medium rare, for sure.
    Gentlemen, grow up.


    Knock the horns off, wipe its butt, and trot it out to the table.

    Only way to enjoy a good steak.

  47. Yanno it’s nice to be “noticed”………………

    I’m home safe in Katy from my whirlwind 2100 mile round trip to Orlando – I had the honor and privilege of meeting BACA Sisters & Brothers from around the globe – and sharing 3 days of seminars and frivolity.

    Oh yea – being “noticed”……………..I even got an unofficial ‘welcome home’ from a very nice (but stern) HPD officer – “I won’t ruin the end of your trip Sir but SLOW that sumbeech DOWN!!” (complete with the mirror shades GLARE)

    “Yes SUH!”


  48. #73 – Runnin like a scalded dawg Brother – only maintenance on this trip was re-tightening my positive battery post………… is GOOD!


  49. I like my eggs fried HARD. I like my steak WELL DONE. I even ask for my eggs to be scrambled HARD.

    I hate runny food. I once got some eggs with runny stuff and almost gagged. I have lightened up a bit on the steak, and have had it medium well once or twice. I don’t like blood in my food, either.

    Call me a philistine, I know what I like.

    Oh, and I don’t like my food to look at me either. Cut off the heads of whatever shrimp, fish, or vertebrate you are serving me. No eyeballs watching me as I ingest the rest of the food product. It’s nerve rattling and discomfiting.

  50. #71 Whiskers: Welcome back. Are you saying that you are not so special as to have been given a “certificate of appreciation” requiring your presence before a judge? If yes, congratulations.

  51. #76 – Only a STERN warning thankfully…………..the LEO had a SCHWEET white Z28 no less (think he was a Katy toll road type but definitely HPD)

    the real “show” was after he bid me adieu……………he had parked only about a car length behind me on the I-10 hammer lane shoulder (next to all those flexiposts that divide main slab from the toll lanes)…………..this guy took off like he was at a drag strip’s green light and had a caddy pulled over in under 1000 feet…………… that thing was QUICK!

  52. Raw or raw-ish eggs are preferred by many around the world.
    There is a mighty fine truly ethnic Mexican restaurant off the beaten path in Galveston.
    BOI’s have been eating there for many years.
    But you must be careful at breakfast if you dont prefer literally raw eggs.

  53. I guess I better leave this mediocre Mexican restaurant and their excellent Margaritas and go home and wash the dog.

    Tah Tah.

  54. I have been watching Fox News just now while eating supper with Mrs. Bonecrusher. Shephard Smith is looking really old, almost like he aged 20 years in the last year. Did he lose a bunch of weight or catch the “gay” flu or something?

  55. This is another excellent example of why the Department of Education Liberal indoctrination needs to be close and the sooner the better.

    HEADLINE: Who Should Have Access to Student Records?
    Education data can be useful, but privacy experts are concerned about data misuse.

    When are we going to see JugEars records?

    Since “No Child Left Behind” was passed 10 years ago, states have been required to ramp up the amount of data they collect about individual students, teachers, and schools. Personal information, including test scores, economic status, grades, and even disciplinary problems and student pregnancies, are tracked and stored in a kind of virtual “permanent record” for each student.

    But parents and students have very little access to that data, according to a report released Wednesday by the Data Quality Campaign, an organization that advocates for expanded data use.

    So if the access is limited to the parents/students how can anyone be sure that the data is accurate, how can the inaccuracies be challenged? Why in the wiss do the Feds need all that data in the first place?
    The whole No Chirrenzes Left Behind act needs to be repealed, then the Dept of Edu. needs to be closed.

  56. Eating runny eggs is like eating an aborted chicken. ‘Nuff said. Eating a moo-ing steak is a mouth full of joy! *Hi everybody, I miss y’all*

    What is this freakin’ love affair with Mittens? He lost to John-Freakin’-McCain. The only reason why McCain got so many votes in the last election was because of Sarah Palin. The ONLY reason why he got my vote.

    Congrats, Mr. Whiskerfish! *salutes*

  57. Here is but one more log on the pyre of incompetence of the current occupyer of the WhiteHouse.

    HEADLINE:White House to miss budget deadline for third year
    Late budgets are common in the first year of a presidency, but this move, in Mr. Obama’s fourth year, drew fire from Congress. Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, called it an “abdication of leadership.” Mr. Obama missed the mark in 2009 and 2011, though he was on time with his 2010 budget.

    “This will mark the third time in four years the president has missed his statutory requirement to present a budget on time, while trillion-dollar budget deficits continue to mount,” Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, said.

    Tuesday, when Mr. Obama delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, also marks the 1,000th day since Congress passed a budget.

    I think, as more stories like this come out, the question won’t be ‘will O lose the reelection’ but by how much and how long will the Rs coat tails be?

  58. That’s alright.
    I’ve been carrying an extra roll of wire and a few posts for just this possibility.

  59. I have been meaning to contact Cbr to see if you’re okay ST, but I keep forgetting which days of the week he is awake.

  60. Yo fence mender …. over here!!!

    Lil ST an me hang out ober in anoder medium and boy ya shudda seed how she tears up dem OWS’ers. WHEW!!! Sure glad dat womans on my side.. Luv ya ST ….sic um darlin!!

  61. Glad to see we have a new, important culinary preference to wrangle over. IMHO, a runny egg is the Devil’s Phlegm.

  62. “Lil ST an me hang out ober in anoder medium”

    That “Unmentionable Medium” ????

    Homey don’t do dat medium.
    But i sures be miisin you all.

  63. On further reflection, I’ll lobby, for free, to outlaw runny eggs and won’t even send in a 1099 on you.

  64. Basic nutritional science says you should cook yer food before you eat it. That goes double for animal flesh, i.e. meat and eggs.

  65. Turns out this is almost a real verb after all!

    to Google-search a love interest

    There seem to be some noun meanings too, but they don’t apply to Shannon. I’m sure he has street smarts if he drives around with a roll of bobwar.

    Oogles are street rats that don’t have street smarts.

  66. Never having been a fan of Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich (or especially John McCain), it is still important to point out the following in light of the insistent comments about Mitt Romney losing to John McCain who lost to Barack Obama in 2008.

    It’s irrelevant and stupid to say so.

    Ronald Reagan lost to Gerald Ford who lost to Jimmy Carter in 1980.

    So I guess we should not have nominated Ronald Reagan that year for the presidency.

  67. NBC letting Romney and Newt duke it out. Romney is boxing, Newt is brawling. Santorum looks well dressed and behaved, Ron makes great points when he gets the mike.

  68. Bonecrusher #2;

    There’s lots to like about Newt. I have never liked him as a person; nor how quickly he cozies up to some of the big ideas out there. As president my guess is that he’ll be OK at best. He’ll do some good things but not as much as George W. and in the balance of things he’ll do worse things than did George W. I especially do not trust him with Supreme Court nominations. He obviously doesn’t have a record of court appointees but I cannot trust he’ll pick ones that follow the Constitution; rather the ones that have big ideas. Do yu know if he’s ever addressed that topic if he were president?

  69. #84, Bonemasher,
    The Dragon Lady and I have noticed that for a while. Chemo perhaps? Who knows, but he is aging faster than the bimbo line up is gaining weight.

  70. First ST where the HE!! have you been,…we’ve missed you.
    Now, “bout eggs and Red meat, runny eggs over easy is OK, not my favorite, BUTT when you scramble them you crack them whole in the skillet and stir them real fast over a hot fire, cooking them fast but not so much that they are rubbery, IE take them up while they’re a little soft so that they will be firm but NOT like rubber,…think of the way the “House of flap Jacks” cooks them. Now on to Bulls Ar$e, I like mine RARE, but medium rare is OK if’in you are a WUSS, and although I’m not much of a wine drinker I like a Hearty Burgundy with my RARE Porterhouse. Nuff Said? 😉

  71. # My #117, I forgot to add that the eggs HAVE to be cooked in Bacon Grease AND they have to be brown “Yard Eggs”! 😉

  72. I couldn’t find a steady stream ofor the GOP debate until I found it on Mediaite.

    Santorum’s on about Iran.

  73. Super Dave;

    I forgot to add that the eggs HAVE to be cooked in Bacon Grease AND they have to be brown “Yard Eggs”!

    As one who now eats becon sparingly, I really do agree.

  74. Paul’s now giving what wil be the best answer as to a national language. He’s the only one who entioned allowing local communities decide forthemselves wha language to provide ballots in; and keep the federal gvernment out .

  75. Gingrich says he’s worked to get rid of sugar subsidies. He’s mentioned beat sugars. As Speaker he says it’s hard to reform farm subsidies.

    Romney wants to rid farm subsidies and let markets work. He’s now slamming Obama over Florida’s economic woes. Points to rounds of golf while 90,000,000 out of work & killing Keystone pipeline.

  76. Newt Gingrich’s consulting firm tonight released a copy of its 2006 contract with Freddie Mac (FMCC), which covers just one year of his multiple years of service and documents only $300,000 of the $1.6 million he received from the mortgage company.

    The Republican hopeful’s first contract, spanning 1999 to 2002 and worth between $1 million and $1.2 million, according to two people familiar with the agreement, wasn’t released because officials at the Center for Health Transformation can’t find it, said Susan Meyers, a center spokeswoman who also works for the Gingrich campaign. The 2006 contract also applied to 2007, she said, which means the total value of that contract was $600,000.

    Good for Gingrich to get on this (good foresight) but I’d say this is much more significant than to see that Romney made lots of money as a capitalist and has donated lots of money to charity as a Christian and conservatie. If the issue of tax returns had not emerged than I really would not care to know about Gingrich’s fees to Fannie and Freddie; just what he advised them on.

  77. Gingrich just invited all to not be for him but with him when he fights the political trenches.

    He also said that people should not have sex with barn animals.

    (Just kidding on that last line)

    UPDATE: “Just kidding” meaning that Gingrich never saidany such thing; not that he thinks we should have….[oh dear]

  78. #133 Darren

    I never really though about it before. They trademarked their phrase in English, I wonder if that covers Spanish or do they have to make another application?

  79. shamaal;

    It doesnt work in a literal translation. I don’t see why they can’t simply script as “FOX NEWS” and then translate “we report, you decide” if they want to keep that motto.

  80. Interesting couple of Supreme Court cases.
    The first concerns police putting a GPS locator on a vehicle, which then led to a 100kg cocaine bust and $850K confiscation.. All 9 justices agree it was unconstitutional under the fourth amendment, but split on why. 5 justices agreed that personal property is sacred and the feds couldn’t place the tracker.
    4 justices however it violated the criminal’s expectation of privacy. I find what Alito wrote interesting:

    To date, however, Congress and most States have not enacted statutes regulating the use of GPS tracking technology for law enforcement purposes. The best that we can do in this case is to apply existing Fourth Amendment doctrine and to ask whether the use of GPS tracking in a particular case involved a degree of intrusion that a reasonable person would not have anticipated.

    That is, the Congress hasn’t legislated so the courts must interpret; in effect creating new legislation until Congress chooses to remedy.

  81. The second court case is sad. After animal right activists showed secret film of animals being abused at slaughterhouses, California passed a law regarding downed animals. If animal goes down, it must be euthanized and not sold for food. The USDA permits downed animals to be stimulated back to their feet and then consumed.
    Under the commerce clause, the federal law triumphs state law and SCOTUS confirmed. As usual, the administration sided with business and the primacy of federal law.

  82. I imagine cat yak would be worse ……..

    New Castle’s assistant fire chief Jim Donston tells The Associated Press that firefighters were called when an electrical outlet on a floor was smoking, only to find that happened because the family’s cat urinated into the outlet.

  83. You really don’t want to know where the drawn butter was stashed …..

    And now there’s Corpus Christi’s Dwayne Porter. Police there say that employees of an H-E-B watched as the 53-year-old attempted to leave the store without paying for the lobster tail that was, rather unfortunately for Porter’s dinner plans, protruding from his pants.

  84. It appears that el Rushbo is siding with the Lord’s Liberation Army.

    You never heard of Lord’s Resistance Army? Well, proves my contention, most Americans have never heard of it, and here we are at war with them. Lord’s Resistance Army are Christians. It means God. I was only kidding. Lord’s Resistance Army are Christians. They are fighting the Muslims in Sudan. And Obama has sent troops, United States troops to remove them from the battlefield, which means kill them. That’s what the lingo means, “to help regional forces remove from the battlefield,” meaning capture or kill.

    I thought people’s access to the internets kept this type of foolishness in check.

  85. I just decided to peek in on the LDS newsroom and found this on marriage and religious freedom.

    Bishop H. David Burton, Presiding Bishop of the Church, joined more than three dozen other religious leaders in signing an open letter promoting marriage and religious freedom.

    “The promotion and protection of marriage—the union of one man and one woman as husband and wife—is a matter of the common good and serves the wellbeing of the couple, of children, of civil society and all people,” the letter begins. It continues, “We join together to affirm that marriage in its true definition must be protected for its own sake and for the good of society.”


    It is not merely the freedom to worship or to believe the way one chooses, the article states.

    “While religious freedom encompasses the liberty of religious belief and devotion, it also extends well beyond that, incorporating the freedom to act—to speak freely in public, to live according to one’s moral principles, and to advocate one’s own moral vision for society,” it reads. “The breadth of religious freedom and its relationship with freedom of conscience helps explain why religious freedom is important for everyone, not just for people of faith.”

    That’s excellent. Read the whole letter below.

    An Open letter from Religious Leaders in the United States to All Americans

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