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  1. Where did Y’all come from? I peeked in around 8 and no one was home, no coffee, no beer in the fridge, outta Zapps Hotter’N Hot chips. 🙁
    So I grabbed a cup of joe and headed out to get beer and chips. 😉
    Mornin’ Gang

  2. Well the mail Lady came and got the Dawg yesterday and it was sad, but she’ll go to a very good home. I’m glad we got rid of her when we did or we wouldn’t have been able to give her up. I think I mentioned the dog a while back but anywho, Sunday about 2 weeks ago my wife saw a small kennel sitting in the MIDDLE of the parking lot at the Home Owner Assn. Inside was a female black puppy, about 6 months old, she looked a lot like a Chihuahua but with real long legs. She’s about a foot high at the shoulders and she’s all legs. She was clean, no fleas, and trained. She can jump up about 4 feet and likes to jump up into your lap while you’re standing up (you have to grab her of course). After a little Googling we decided that she might be a Miniature Greyhound but possibly mixed? Her head is just like a Chihuahua without the longer nose of a Greyhound. We kinda’ wanted to keep her but my wife didn’t think that she had the time to properly take care of her, and I certainly don’t so we started shopping around for a good home and the Mail Lady’s Husband is a shut in and loves dogs so it will be a win/win for him and the dog. We had 2 other to folks interested and one was OK but the other a little iffy. We wouldn’t have gave to just anybody.
    Oh, and “Small Back-Up Dawg” didn’t like her one bit! 😉

  3. I hear rumors that a guy is looking for a sewing machine …….but no leather will be involved.

    So I called 1-800-REALITY ……

  4. Jobs, we don’t need no stinkin’ Jobs;
    Obama has threatened to veto a House bill that includes the Keystone pipeline.

    WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser on Friday broke with his former boss over the Keystone XL pipeline, warning that continued delay of the project risks a stable supply of crude oil from a friendly neighbour.
    Gen. Jim Jones said a failure to approve the $7-billion project will leave the U.S. dependent on oil from far-flung nations and vulnerable to the “whims of leaders and other actors” hostile to American interests.
    “I believe strongly that approving the project serves the economic and the security interests of the United States,” said Jones, who served as Obama’s top security adviser through the first two years of his presidency.

    Yanno’ its times like these that even an Idiot realizes that Obama puts politics ahead of the country/jobs…..Sad, sad indeed.

  5. You have to love Gabriel Malor’s subtle yet biting humor.

    Iranian advocate Ron Paul was asked about the other Republican candidates on the Tonight Show last night. He starts off a little funny—not howler funny, mind you, but at least a little funny—saying Governor Romney should maybe run for governor again. But when Leno asks about Bachmann, Paul gets nasty:

    “She doesn’t like Muslims. She hates Muslims. She hates them. She wants to go get them.” No laughing from the audience there. Leno mutters “well that’s not good.”

    Video at the link.

    If this clown gets anywhere near the candidacy, or screws things up by running 3rd party, I might move to Mexico.

  6. 6 Super Dave says:

    December 17, 2011 at 9:36 am

    Jobs, we don’t need no stinkin’ Jobs;
    Obama has threatened to veto a House bill that includes the Keystone pipeline.


    Dems Cave on Keystone XL

    You might have seen this from Guy Benson a little while ago: Victory II: Democrats Cave on Keystone in Payroll Tax Cut Deal. He’s got a GOP source that says the Democrats are giving us Keystone XL in exchange for a mere two month extension of the payroll tax cuts.

    We should congratulate Boehner on this. Not only did we get the pipeline, but in two months there will be more negotiations over the Payroll Tax Cut, which means the Dems will have to give up on more stuff.

    Some folks might say this is playing into the Dems hands. They are saying that doing this allows them the chance to do something that is wildly popular with the electorate but unpopular with their base and they get to take the credit for doing it with those who think its a good deal, and blame the Republicans for making them do it with their base.

    They’ve also temporarily ended the incandescent light bulb ban, but they’ve done that by removing the funding from the enforcement program, which is still unacceptable to me and seems like another way both sides can tell their base that they’ve done what they could in the face of the Evil Opposition.

    10 years ago, I would have said that this is why we need an unequivocable Victory by the Republican Party so that, when they control the Excutive and Legislative branches of government, sensible Conservative legislation can be passed—but we know how that turned out the last time, so lets be chilly.

  7. I went to a party last night, and after I came home, Hubby and I stayed up until 1:30 watching some old shows. He was actually asleep when I arrived home, but when a book slid off a table he woke up.

    I cannot remember the last time that he and I were able to watch a late night show together and laugh before we went to bed. It was kinda nice.

    I may get to show our Sweeny unit this afternoon. I hope we rent the sucker soon! We need the money.

  8. #8 Sarge I read the article and understood that they made a compromise but do you think Obama will sign it, veto it, or let it become law on it’s own. I don’t know, but he NEVER lets the Republicans or Democrats get in the way of his agenda and I just think he feels like he has to have his lunatic fringe base at the expense of everyone/anything else.
    Just my 2 cents, FWIW; I do hope he caves.

  9. If this clown gets anywhere near the candidacy

    Isn’t Ron Paul already in the candidacy? He’s also pretty candid.

  10. Also about my #6, the main point is that only an Idiot couldn’t see that Obama will put politics above the good of the country. While unemployment is at an all time high, he and Mooschel are vacationing in Hawaii, AGAIN. 🙁

  11. Obama will sign it. Yesterday, when asked pointedly, his press secretary refused to say whether he would or would not. That means that he will.

    Obama can still cancel the pipeline under the deal, but, as Guy writes, it’s much more likely that he’s about to throw the enviroweenies under the bus. It was one thing when the vague “Obama State Department” was putting the pipeline on hold for further studies that wouldn’t be concluded until after the election. But now Obama would be on the record as saying that the proposed pipeline isn’t in the national interest. That’s not going to happen. This man doesn’t vote “no.” He votes “present.”

  12. 11 Darren says:

    December 17, 2011 at 10:45 am

    If this clown gets anywhere near the candidacy

    Isn’t Ron Paul already in the candidacy? He’s also pretty candid.

    You don’t become “the Candidate” until after the Primary. Right now, they are all candidates for the Candidacy.

    Excpet Ron Paul.

    He’s a candyass for the Candidcacy.

  13. You don’t become “the Candidate” until after the Primary.

    True, you’re not “the” candidate unil after the primaries but isn’t Ron Paul currently “a” candidate? If so, what do you call the process he’s going through right now?

  14. Two days ago I saw my doctor so that I can keep getting my blood pressure drugs. My blood pressure was measures 123/83. That’ a big improvement from 201/97, eh? Taking the drugs faithfully as well as altering my diet, especially cutting out the soda consumption, apparently has had positive effects.

  15. Good afternooon Hamsters. Brisk 51 at 6 with a light breeze out of the north, overcast but becoming partly cloudy later. But it remains sweater/jacket weather this afternoon.

    Our red oaks have at last sported red leaves this year. Must be the long fall and drought that delayed leaf shedding, plus about four freezes out here. This is the first time they’ve made it to red–usually some leaves make it go golden yellow before they turn brown and fall off. Spouse took pictures for posterity. This is the most fall color we’ve seen out here, and it’s beautiful.

    Some woodsy critter is eating the pansies at night, mostly just here and there in several beds. They are bitten off at ground level and usually disappear, but some wilted and broken tops lie near the scene of the crime. Whoever is doing this is not an acorn or pecan eater, as there are thousands of them on the ground now. Squirrel and crow nirvana.

    Bill Whittle’s essay above nails it.

  16. The D controlled Senate just passed an extension of the payroll tax cut and the Keystone pipeline provision is included in the bill. The provision requires the POTUS to reach a decision on the pipeline construction within 60 days.
    If the jug-eared jack@$$ signs the bill he will be required to make a decision – he is between the the spear and the wall (entre la espada y la pared) on several levels:
    1) If he signs the bill he will have to decide on the pipeline
    2) If he says no on the pipeline, every R will use it as a major campaign theme and make O choke on it. This will expose him as the anti-American that he is to everybody. The VMG will flee from him in droves into the arms of the Rs
    3) If he says yes on the pipeline, his ecoweanies will have a melt down and may not vote for him. They prolly won’t vote R but they may go green party and draw crucial support from O, thus throwing the election to the Rs.
    4) If he does not sign the bill he shuts the govt down, and the Rs will savage him for it and make him choke on it. He will be branded as the ultimate obstructionist and #2 above will be the case.

    I am real glad to see the Rs finally starting to play some hardball. The big question is will they carry it through to the end and change their ways for good?

  17. #19 Darren
    Good on you for keeping up with your health campaign. Say, when do we get to see your family Christmas art project?

  18. Well my Bride is finally decorating the tree that we got last Sunday it has to be the smallest one ever (5 1/2’) and that’s a good thing. The first tree that we had in this house, in 1982, BC (before children) was 15’ tall, I stood at the railing on the second level, pool room and put the star on top.
    That said I’ll leave you with this; “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” Dedicated to Matt,…..ducks and hauls BUTT, running in that Zig-Zag pattern that I learned from our own Southern Domestic Terrorist. 😀

  19. #23 Adee
    Your weather report made me go to the front yard and look at my Shumard red oak. All the leaves are still on it, top third are golden, bottom 2/3rds are still green. (When I’m work-busy, I don’t see the front yard every day.) Guess I’m not going to make it to red on that tree this year. My large Bradford pear in the backyard has been a glorious red for about 2 weeks now, as have others in the neighborhood that were well watered this summer. I saw quite a few Bradfords that turned brown and dropped their top leaves during the first few cold fronts. It is sad to let your trees suffer, but there are people who couldn’t or wouldn’t water them.

  20. Darren are you getting any regular exercise to help with your BP?

    16 12 ounce curls,….Budwiser Dr Pepper I think. 😉

  21. bonecrusher;

    Darren are you getting any regular exercise to help with your BP?

    Thank you for asking. I was walking regularly untuil the pain in my knee got too bad to continue it. It wa a joint pain so I didn’t want to walk through it. It’s settled a lot since then and so I may resume my night waks. My doctor recommended excercising a well.

  22. Mharper;

    Say, when do we get to see your family Christmas art project?

    Hopefully soon. I encountered a snag this year. I’ll link it when it’s up.

  23. 25 – 28 – I’ve no clue what got Yall on Guitfiddles but RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!

    The world of guitarists is like an infinite neapolitan ice cream sammitch with flavors beyond imagination – here are a few of my faves (in no particular order)

    Samba pa ti

    There are numerous live versions I just like the cleanliness of the original

  24. and HERE is a glorious TWO-FER…………for those that have never imagined such a duo or if you have not listened to the CD “Neck and Neck” by these 2 you simply MUST……………………period!

  25. We are so skrood. Watched a rerun on C_SPAN a while ago that featured Peter Schweizer talking about his new book, THROW THEM ALL OUT. Here’s a link to the C-SPAN video that is 1 hour and 2 minutes long. You won’t get anywhere near all the way through because you will lose your supper before you do.

    BTW, anyone know who is the 2nd wealthiest person in Congress? None other than our very own Michael McCaul.

    I gotta go woof my cookies again.

  26. Katfish #40;

    I was wondering when Santana was goingto actually play Samba in his Samba Pa Ti piece. It was all Blues until about half way through the numner then he played some good Samba. It was actually a pretty good transition between genres.

  27. #47 timdenchanter

    McCaul’s wealth consists entirely of trust funds set up for his wife by her father, Lowry Mays, the founder of Clear Channel Communications.

    I have no way of knowing, but it is quite possible McCaul has no say or control over that wealth or how it is spent. He is, by law, required to list it in his financial disclosures because it is the asset of a spouse.

    McCaul lists his congressional paycheck as his only income so he apparently derives none from his wife’s family’s investments.

  28. Well Chistiane Amawhore is on the tube with a panel discussing the size and scope of Government, on the right, Paul Ryan & George Will, both are highly intelligent and know about finance and on left Barney Frank & Robert Reich, absolute socialist idiots. You know this would be funny if not for the fact that she actually thinks these two morons know anything about finance or job creation.

  29. There is no more dependably conservative Congressman than Mike McCaul. Except maybe Ted Poe.
    What? Are we going to put a ceiling on legislator wealth?

  30. GJT

    Being married to woman whose family is richer than Croesus comes with a big wagon of baggage, no matter how many children you have together.

  31. #58 Shannon

    I don’t know what McCaul’s position is on the bill, but if Ted Poe and Louis Gohmert vote the atrocious and likely unconstitutional SOPA bill out of the Judiciary Committee, neither one of them should ever be allowed to call themselves a conservative again.

    The chairman of that Committee, Republican Lamar Smith of San Antonio, has proven in the past and presently with his sponsorship of SOPA, that he is a fraud and should be thrown out of Congress. I have no respect for the man and he has completely prostituted himself for the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

  32. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”…OK? HAL?

    Muhwahahahahahahaha………………………….. uhhhh ahem sorry bout that.

    /Retirement never felt so good.

  33. 56 Texpat
    Here’s the link to Mr. McCaul’s financial filing where anyone can see what he claims as income.

    #56 Shannon
    I sat through a “town hall” with Mr. McCaul a few weeks ago at the Merrill Center in Katy. If he is the best we can get, we are in deep tapioca.

    I would not seek to limit anyone’s income as long as that income is derived legally. The fact that congresspersons are exempt from the insider trader restrictions by which every other citizen must abide is a travesty. The fact that congresspersons use their elected positions to impact the markets with malice aforethought in order to line their pockets makes them lower than Hou-Actinite at the bottom of Lake Conroe. Just my opinion and my standard Disclaimer of Contrition still applies.

  34. #66 wagonburner, It was my #58 and I think Texpat kicked HAL in the shins for me since he was lurking about. I’m sure that my name for a certain ABC news talking head is what Granny Hamous was upset about. Thanks anywho! 😉

  35. #67 timdenchanter

    I don’t have time to look further right now, but news reports have described the securities listed in McCaul’s disclosure as being included in trusts set up by Mr. Mays for his daughter and grandchildren. I don’t know if that is the case, wholly or in part, yet one can’t tell from these documents.

    My own disclosure: I have never been a fan of McCaul, think of him as a benchwarmer in a safe seat and, like you, think we could certainly do better. The same is true for several other (R) House members from Texas, three of four who are far worse than McCaul.

  36. #68 I’ll see your “Let it Snow” and raise you “Silver Bells” Both are great, Is it just me or was music better back in the day. We still have all the old classics, first on 33 LP then cassette, now CDs.

  37. Tonight I perform my last expected duty as an HOA Nazi: the annual judging of Christmas decorations in my subdivision. Noticed already that only about 1/2 the usual number of homes have decorated this year. And 4 big corner lots that always went full bore and have received Hall of Fame yard signs for the 6 years I’ve been on the board, have just passed this year. No lights up at all.

    I do have a “Charlie Brown Award” sign, but I have never put it out. My next door neighbor won it 2 years in a row, long ago, when he had one string of lights over his front door. He got a kick out of winning that sign. This tough year, it would be too cruel to put it out anywhere, so I guess I’ll retire from the board w/o ever having awarded that sign.

  38. #76 Super Dave,
    Ditto squared. No offense to Sinatra, whose talent catpured the era before Elvis and kept on
    mesmerizing audiences until he could sing no more. May they both rest in peace.

  39. #79

    The BBC’s Lucy Williamson in Seoul says Mr Kim’s death will cause huge shock waves across North Korea.

    If a shock wave goes across a barren land, does anyone notice?

  40. Got back from Christmas signage — that is hard work – to see that KIm Jong Il is announced dead. Guess we’ll see what the next Kim is like soon enough.

  41. Sorry the Packers and Texans lost today. A bump in the road for both but not fatal.

    Some neighborhood drama took place while the Packers game was on. Nothing serious of course, more like a hilarious distraction from the game. Actually, wish we could have distracted Kansas City with the goings on. The character everybody in the neighborhood loves to avoid lives across the road from us, and his pasture containing two “pet” Angus cows of considerable vintage is in view from all our front windows. This fellow has had his small stock trailer in that pasture for several weeks, tail gate open, as an assumed lure for the cow(s) to consider climbing into. This in the past has meant that a cow was destined for the great stockyard in the sky, and one of them has been down quite a bit. The cast consisted of two unbelievably patient gentlemen who were presumably friends of the neighbor; the limited-mobility elderly neighbor who is quite arthritic and stooped over as a result; the two Angus cows; and Nugget, a neighboring retired elderly Appaloosa mare in the next pasture who was taking it all in over the fence.

    One of the helpers hitched the trailer to his pickup and pulled it just outside the double gates to the pasture, blocking the opening enough so that the gates could be positioned to funnel the cow toward the trailer, ‘cept they didn’t quite cover the open space. The truck unfortunately blocked most of the road so anyone wanting to pass had to drive through the ditch on our side. The owner’s Tahoe was parked in the pasture near the gates, with the passenger side door left open to presumably act as a barrier to escape. As an aside, this is not the best use for your expensive almost-new Tahoe, given the size of each cow and the determination with which they can throw caution to the winds in given circumstances…. They are not huge but do have lots of substance.

    I gathered that the two mobile gentlemen lured one or both toward the trailer with a flake of hay–several times over two hours–with no ultimate success. IMHO it would have been better to use grain in a pail, as you can’t make the siren call of shaken grain by shaking hay, but what do I know? Anyway, several times one cow ventured through the gates and near the trailer but then lost inerest and ended up grazing in the ditch outside the fence and between the trailer and the fence with one of the gentlemen trying to block the way to freedom down the road by standing in the way. Trying to shoo the cow back toward the trailer’s open end resulted in the cow running back to the barn in the pasture where both cows ate several piles of hay placed there.

    Since this happened several times, eventually the cows became bored with trailing after the fellow shaking the hay at them and stayed put beside the barn until they’d eaten all the hay there and then considered following–only to end up grazing between the trailer and the fence on the outside. How the gents helping managed to keep going for so long on this venture is beyond me. Could be our neighbor cajoled them into it, but I wonder if they will do it again. Cows 2, people 0, and fortunately nobody hurt. Even Nugget the mare got bored with it after a while and went back to grazing. So the trailer is back in the pasture, and after everybody left the cows spent time sniffing it and hanging around the open end. 🙂

  42. Fox has their war whore, Geraldo, on bright and early today. That scum sucking wiss gives legitimate pimps a bad name.

  43. A previous comment linked to an article about ‘Tribes’ which brought up the story of Spicoli in a row boat. I’d never heard of the thing sinking before and looked for a picture. Found this. What was interesting in the comments was this reply from Matt Taibbi.

    Just passing. Doing my thesis research on how online blogging is breaking down news reporting. The Sean Penn “fiasco” is a perfect example:

    Personal account by Rolling Stone reporter M. Taibbi who was in the boat with Penn in NO. he was labeled by most bloggers and news services reported as a “personal photographer”:

    “I was on the boat with Sean Penn this weekend. That’s me in the background of the above photo. (he saw the boat bailing photo) The article you (spoke about) is completely mistaken. He did not bring a personal photographer. He came with me and his friend, a New Orleans writer named Douglas Brinkley, and the reason he came was because a friend of his had asked him to help him find a family member still stuck in her house. He did not consent to any photographs taken. The boat did spring a leak, but only at the end of the trip, after one of the people we pulled out of the water kicked the plug out by accident. The articles you read probably based reports on came from an Australian writer who was angry that Sean had declined an interview… “

    Matt is a good writer but no more honest, or sailor, than any other screaming left wing ideologue. (At least Sean seems to see the need to get the wet stuff out.) Just thought it interesting to know who else was in the boat.

  44. Kim Jong Il (sick wissin SOB) has assumed room temperature. I would imagine that what is left of his person is slow roasting on a spit in the 7th circle of H_ll about now. Can you imagine the shock on his face when he found out that there really is an Elohim?

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