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A friend of mine sent me an email with a link to this open letter to Morgan Freeman, regarding his racism charges against the Tea Party. Excerpts:

I also understand that your reflexive comments came from experience. You grew up in a different America than the one that I was blessed to be born into. We both grew up in the south, but I never saw ‘White Only’ signs. I’ve been called a name or two in my three decades, but racism has always been the exception in my life, not the rule, as it probably was in your youth. I understand your suspicion of conservative political movements. It is rooted in pain and fear and memory, and though I never saw the horrors of segregation that you did, we share that cultural heritage.

I’ve attended dozens of tea party events. I’ve helped organize them, and I’ve even spoken at a few. The tea party is not what is often depicted in the news. It is people of all colors who are terribly concerned about the direction that America is heading. We don’t trust big government to make decisions for us.

You’ve rekindled the old painful paradigm of Uncle Tom – that any black man who votes Republican is some kind of sellout. It’s not true. I work hard, pay my taxes, love Jesus, and I’m good to my family and community. In effect, your comments have stereotyped an entire group of people.

There’s already plenty of groupthink among American blacks. Over 90% of us vote Democrat with religious regularity… I realized a few years ago that the Democrats’ promises of equality bestowed by government wasn’t working and will never work. I came to believe that redistributionist policies with the goal of social justice was essentially creating a new plantation within the federal government. Scraps might be thrown our way, but dependence on the plantation would be the inevitable result.

Over half a century since we started voting for Democrat policies, blacks in America are worse off than before…Therefore, I have become a Republican.

I’m hoping that you’ll come to a tea party in Tennessee — the place of your birth. Really anywhere in the country that works for you…I’d be delighted to introduce you to good people who will welcome you with open arms, disagree with you, and then feed you some of the best barbeque you’ve ever tasted.

You need to read the whole letter. It’s awesome. This man has stated himself clearly, firmly, but without the hate and malice with which the Tea Party is so often accused.

From the comments:

However, because we humans tend to personally attach the virtues of the character(s) an actor or actress portrays – particularly to someone of his immense screen power, should not mean that someone should allow that to give credence to that persons power of thought, reflection, or opinion.

I thoroughly agree. Being able to speak lines in front of a camera does not make anyone an expert on anything except reading lines in front of a camera. The opinions of the line readers are no more important, expert, or correct than yours or mine, but because of their name recognition, they are granted some special license to speak “the truth” when it is really “their truth”.

And I’m offended that any person of any color would be put down as “less than” because of their political beliefs. The world is defined by the people who are ready to step out of the box and stand upright before the world.

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89 thoughts on “Thursday Morgan Freeman Open LetterComments

  1. There’s lots of things up there in the sky blocking out the blue, I wonder if they are kinda like sponges full of water or something?? It/they are covering the sky, kind of like the scene in Independence Day

  2. When are the sheeple of NYC going to tell this guy to go away?

    ( – During a United Nations General Assembly summit on non-communicable diseases — a discussion that included diet and eating habits — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “governments at all levels must make healthy solutions the default social option.”

    So if it is a non-communicable disease, and it is always self inflicted, why is the govt sticking its nose in it at all??
    Bloomberg is the quintessential nanny, elitist, do-gooder, jack-ass that, when it finds its way into government, destroys everything it touches. Kind of like the dingbat Governor Perdue or Peter Orszag.

  3. G’Morning all

    Fantastically written letter to Morgan Freeman inviting him to a Tea Party meeting. This guy could probaly calm the stormy seas………

    One of the original national tea party organizers, Akbar invites Morgan to experience an actual tea party rally.

    Dear Mr. Freeman,

    My name is Ali Akbar. I’m a 26 year-old African-American small business owner and a tea party activist. I’m not writing to rake you over the coals in the way that many conservatives have done in the last 48 hours. Heck, I wrote a passionate open-letter refuting many of your claims already, but this is not that. This is an honest and standing invitation. I do believe that you are wrong in what you said about the tea party, but I would rather prove it to you than castigate you for your comments.


    I’m hoping that you’ll come to a tea party in Tennessee — the place of your birth. Really anywhere in the country that works for you; I’ll set it up with the one of the thousands of activists I know around our great country. I’d be delighted to introduce you to good people who will welcome you with open arms, disagree with you, and then feed you some of the best barbeque you’ve ever tasted.

    Racism is an ugly thing, but I assure you that it is part of our past, not our present.

    It takes bravery to admit that you may have made a mistake. But, for Geel Piet, bravery is like breathing. It’s just something you do.

    I hope you’ll take me up on my offer.


    Ali Akbar

    He also wrote a letter repudiating the incorrect statements by Morgan Freeman, equally as well written as the invitation.

  4. TT

    Didn’t mean to repost your link, but wanted both of his links in one place. This guy is awesome with the written word.

  5. Much ado about nothing:
    Watch for it to be on the half price table this week.

    According to industry sales numbers reported today from Nielsen Bookscan, the most reliable tracker for the book industry, “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin” by Joe McGinniss sold a total of just 6,034 copies in the first week. Warehouse sales were also slow for “The Rogue,” with Ingram inventory barely dropping at all the first three days this week.

    The geographic breakdown is interesting as well:

    According to Nielsen Bookscan, “The Rogue” did best in the Pacific U.S. region in its first week, with 1,553 units sold. That region encompasses Alaska, where Palin lives and formerly served as governor.

    In the Northeast, which includes New York and is a region where big national books often do best, “The Rogue” sold just 442 copies in the first week.

  6. The opinions of the line readers are no more important, expert, or correct than yours or mine, but because of their name recognition, they are granted some special license to speak “the truth” when it is really “their truth”.

    Especially when said line readers have been conducting an illicit affair for over ten years. Especially while they are married. Especially while they are a step grandfather to the other party in the affair. Especially when that affair began when you were 62 years old. Especially when the affair began and the other party was 17 years old.

    That is just wrong. And really, really creepy.


  7. #11 Pyro: I almost had the pleasure of forgetting that perversion. Morgan Freeman is a great actor and a slime ball race baiting child molester in real life.

  8. #12 TT: Drudge has this link to the same story with a little more detail. If Ooooooooooooooogo’s kidney’s are failing, he would/should be doing dialysis now. Dialysis will sap what little strength he has, I doubt that we will see any “firey” speeches from him anymore. This man has caused so much pain to the Venezuelans, not to mention his outright theft from the oil companies, that his departure and assumption of room temperature will be a blessing to Venezuela and the world. Hey Ooooooooooooooooooogo, Karma is a beyotch ain’t it?

  9. . . . . .from the inbox:

    Baby’s First Doctor Visit

    A woman and a baby were in the doctor’s examining room,
    Waiting for the doctor to come in for the baby’s first exam.
    The doctor arrived, and examined the baby,
    Checked his weight, and being a little concerned,
    Asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed.
    ‘Breast-fed,’ she
    ‘Well, strip down to your waist,’ the doctor ordered.
    She did. He pinched her nipples, pressed, kneaded, and rubbed both breasts
    For a while in a very professional and detailed examination.
    Motioning to her to get dressed, the doctor said, ‘No wonder this baby is
    You don’t have any milk.’
    I know,’ she said, ‘I’m his Grandma,
    But I’m glad I came.

  10. It is amazing how movie stars like Morgan Freeman can use their name recognition as a platform for spewing out things, It’s one thing to “act” like your smart, it is another thing to actually be smart. So it’s people like Morgan Freeman, Alec Baldwin and Susan Sarandon who need to stick to their day jobs and quit “acting” smart because it will not win them any awards.

  11. Then the Catholic guilt surges and I pray for his soul, hoping that he’ll turn to God before he loses his chance for salvation.

    Good girl. Every single human soul is equally precious before God. No matter what the person has chosen to do with it.

  12. #19 Pyro:

    Good girl. Every single human soul is equally precious before God. No matter what the person has chosen to do with it.

    When one reads the parable of the wheat and the tares, it is real easy to come away with a different conclusion.

  13. #19 Pyro: One could also gather the same conclusion as in my #21 when reading accounts in the First Testament where Y-VH commands that every man, woman and child be killed and all their possessions burned, including animals to wipe out any remembrance of that people group.

  14. Zeta Killers. This group claims to have only one goal and that is to kill drug traffickers, especially those of the Zeta group. If this group is genuine and they are not merely mercenaries from another drug cartel, then there is hope for Mexico. Only time will tell. Unfortunately, the corruption goes up so high in the Mexican govt that eradicating all of it will be as daunting a task as ridding our govt of LIB-VSR-NOZZLES.

  15. #23 – bone
    He passed judgement on those you refer to in the Old Testament. He made the place. He makes the rules. He gets to make the decisions. I’m not going to second-guess.

    Oogo has a chance to ask for forgiveness from God that was won for him by Christ. The New Testament tells us that if we are sincerely repentant for our sins and ask God to forgive us that we will be forgiven. Oogo still has that open to him; he simply needs to do it. It is his choice.

  16. This kid has heart to spare.

    One month after a knee to the groin left him writhing on the ground pounding the gym floor in agony last October, Taylor Statham did something perhaps no other man has ever done in a similar situation.

    He approached the guy who delivered the blow, shook his hand and thanked him.

  17. Drudge story – Good neighbor or not? Freedom of speech, or not?

    You gotta go see the pictures. “Seal of the Teleprompter of the United States” /grins

    As for the neighbor who claimed this was racism, I saw nothing that pertained to his race anywhere on the sign. Mayhaps the lens through which you see the world is a little warped.

  18. I checked my garden earlier. My hot peppers are going crazy. My little baby pumpkins are already turning orange, so I guess I got a “small” seed. I’ll just cook ’em up. My zinnias, which reseeded themselves in their pot, are about to start blooming. I have one large bell pepper ready to pick soon. My squash aren’t getting any real size on them, but at least I’m getting something off of that space hog.I bought three tomato plants last week and transplanted them in, and they haven’t died yet. My red onions that I left in the ground are making a comeback. They didn’t “bulb up” very much at all, so I figgered I had nothing left to lose to leave them in the ground. Perhaps I can get one or two this time around that will be big enough to use.

    So, what can I make with: pak choi, 1 small yellow squash, 1 green bell pepper, pumpkin, and mess of cayenne peppers?

    Lookin’ more and more like a potluck stir-fry.

  19. I was looking up the pronunciation of Spathiphyllum — common names “peace lily” and “closet plant” — which I reserved today to take to a memorial service on Saturday. During my research, I stumbled across a topic that would be perfect for Bobo42 if he is still reading Hammy’s blog.

    Is anyone familiar with the Episcopal church? I was informed that flowers are not allowed in the sanctuary, except those the church places at the altar. They do have a separate reception area where floral gifts may be brought to services such as I will be attending. I’ve been to funerals at various denominations of Christian churches over the decades and always saw wreaths, sprays, casket sprays, and bouquets of all sizes, pretty much all over the front of the room in which the service was held. Curious why flowers seem frowned upon by this one denomination.

  20. #39 – mh42
    AFAIK Catholic churches require real flowers/plants. There may be some local restrictions, but that would be the pastor’s call.

  21. Those rules are set by the individual parish/church, not the denomination.
    For instance, though Lutheran and not Episcopalian, our church has strict rules concerning weddings. They are not allowed to turn the sanctuary into a circus with their decorations and flowers……two large candelabras and two flower arrangents only. No flash/kleig photography during the ceremony. No photographers insinuating themselves in any way during the ceremony.
    NO CIRCUS, this is a religious ceremony. In the Anglican and Catholic churches it is actually a sacrament.

  22. You people can relax. I’m safe now. I’ve gone through the second half of my huevo-irradiation and grope. Nobody around here is armed with anything more dangerous tha a Bic pen.

    They had four people operating the Rape-o-Scan. One telling you to go through it, one observing you on the left, one on the right , and one observing them. These were in addition to the ones milling around (2), moving the plastic tubs back up to the front of the line (3 or 4), and the x-ray goobers (2).

    I sure am glad my government cares so much about me and my safety.

  23. this is a religious ceremony. In the Anglican and Catholic churches it is actually a sacrament.

    Which is why an outdoor Catholic wedding is almost unheard of.

  24. Oh yeah baby. I just love them outdoor Texas weddings in June. 95 degrees. 99% humidity. Wearing suits.
    What a brilliant idea.

  25. 46
    From what I hear, interpretive dance, pow-wows and virtually anything else is alllowed and encouraged at most Episcopal (formerly Anglican) churches.

  26. #49 Shannon
    There are a few Catholic churches like that. I don’t know how they get away with it unless their local Ordinary lets one do that so the kooks will at least all be in one place so he can keep his eye on them easier.

  27. Looks like I’ll be getting back late. There’s a bunch of storms between Lake Chuck and past Houston. At least the airport here has lots of bars and electrical outlets.

  28. re: my #38: The article was a drudge linkie. It said that a sitting board of director of Solyndra is also on the board of the other solar company, this other one just got a loan guarantee for 730 billion or so. I think this is the same company that Nanzi Pelousi brother in law has a big stake in.

  29. #43 Shannon
    How do flowers at a funeral make it a circus? It is a common way for people to show their regard for the deceased — a tradition that dates back thousands of years, in Europe anyway.

  30. I didn’t really address funerals, but gave the reasoning for restricting them at weddings. That church may feel the same about funerals and so they make accommodation for the flowers in a room separate from the sanctuary. And believe me, it could be something as simple as not wanting to have all that flower debris to clean up.

  31. Oh goody. An big Emirates plane just landed here. I assume he’s here to gas up because he ran out while flying around in circles over Houston. Also a Continental widebody. I love air travel.

  32. #54

    Looks like I’ll be getting back late. There’s a bunch of storms between Lake Chuck and past Houston. At least the airport here has lots of bars and electrical outlets.

    Humm,…. Lake Charles? If so, why in the HE!!! didn’t you just drive! It’s 3 hours from Clear Lake!? Just axing. 😉

  33. I didn’t say I was in Lake Chuck. I said that’s where the storms start.

    More expensive aluminum just showed up. A Qatar 777.


  34. Recalling my Mother’s funeral (Episcopal Church), the only flowers at the church was the spray on the casket.
    Most of the fresh flower arrangements were transported from the funeral home to the grave site early on the morning of the funeral. Potted plants were delivered to the house.

    Granted, I live in a small town…..and customs vary….but I’ve never heard of having flowers delivered to a church — you always have them delivered to the funeral home; who is in charge of handling them from visitation through the funeral, burial and subsequent reception. They are the ones who are experts at local custom and family desires.

  35. Man, it looks like an August thunder storm, lots of thunder boomers. YES!
    #62 Wagonburner “didn’t say I was in Lake Chuck. I said that’s where the storms start.”
    So where you at? If you tell me will you have to kill me? ❓

  36. I’m in N.O.

    They started boarding a few minutes ago, then made everyone get back off. New 1-hour delay.

  37. LQQking at the radar, I’d say that KatFish (in Katy), got a bunch of rain and so did Daughter and Miss Adee, over in Richmond. 😀

  38. #58 Shannon

    all that flower debris to clean up.

    Hmm, my husband wondered if it might be because flowers could bring in insects. Anyway, I am taking a live plant that is commonly used in both potted collections and cut flowers for funerals. Shouldn’t be any debris, and at the end of the service there is a nice house plant for my friend to take home.

  39. #63 Hams
    I thought you were fairly close/north of me, and we got a good rain starting at 5. High winds too, twisted a big branch off my hickory tree. Rain stopped long enough for me to go out and check if it crushed anything when it came down, then started raining again. Hooray, I love free water. Although I am charged for it now when it drains off my hardscape.

  40. #73 WB,

    Second would be preferable, but it’s not like I’d care at that point. Just be sure it’s good beer. Buttwiper light need not apply.

  41. #74 Pyro

    How do they know how much?

    They measured my hardscape from a satellite photo. Their calc matched mine close enough so I didn’t protest. Or do you mean how much rain? That don’t matter none — pay new CoH drainage fee during worst drought in recorded Texas history.

  42. That don’t matter none — pay new CoH drainage fee during worst drought in recorded Texas history.

    Now aint that just special!! Don’t it just Pi$$ you off!! It’s NOT like they’ll use the money for drainage or anything! I can’t wait to get out of the “Peoples Republic of Houston”! AND FWIW: I didn’t move to Houston, I moved to rural Harris county in 1981 and was annexed FORCED @ Gun-Point into the great city of Houston! Did I mention that they stole my $210 a year MUD district and replaced it with $630 in City taxes and doubled my water bill? What did I get, two blue cars on the last two days of the month trying to catch someone rolling through a stop sigh,….never ever see them any other time! 🙁

  43. I went to Sweeny this afternoon to finish painting a wall and hopefully to show our empty unit. I was no-showed by the prospect, but finished the painting. One more thing off my to-do list. I got to visit with our new tenants in the 3BR. They finally got their furniture last Tuesday, and the mom is still unpacking stuff. It started to get dark in the distance, and I’d been hearing about thunderstorm warnings on the way down, so I knocked on the door to let the dad know he might want to put his motorcycle under cover. Lovely told me she had some hail on the west side of town, and I didn’t think tenant wanted to ding up his nice-looking bike.

    I warned them also about the possibility for our past employees showing up. Since one was accused of stealing, I don’t know if they want to be vindictive. It seems the mom tenant has attended a police academy and is applying for a position with the Sweeny police department. Yeah, let’s see them try to show up and make trouble.

    I left as the wind started kicking up and the rain started coming down. In Sweeny proper it was coming down so thickly that I almost pulled over. I kept watching this one cloud – it looked very big, very nasty, and very malevolent. Surprisingly, there was little or no rain once I exited the town and for quite a ways on 288 towards Houston. The light show would have been quite impressive if it hadn’t felt so exposed. I swear, a few of the bolts went right over my car, I think. Pretty, but scary, and pretty scary at times as well.

  44. #84 TT: Did you catch that he was using a hydrogen torch? Hydrogen gas is a little more tricky to handle and store than propane or acetylene; prolly why we don’t have lots of hydrogen fueled cars yet.

  45. Speaking of Hydrogen, watch out for them thar exploding dishwashers!!
    If you have a hot cold water heater that is electric, it has a Galvanic Rod to help keep down electrolysis, but it is also capable of making, “Hydrogen Gas” outta’ the H2O,
    I bet Tedtams Hubby knows about this. 😉

  46. #68 – Yeppers I reckon we got an inch + easily – Thank ya LORD!

    and passed through nice and quickly which made a wunnerful & coooooooool evenin ride too!

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