Friday Personality Types Open Comments

The first class I teach for my church each year has little to do with Catholic faith or doctrine. I usually don’t have my full roster of students yet, so I don’t want touch on the “hard stuff” until most of my class is in place. The first class is a brief study of personality types, which we then apply to our personal lives and then to Bible characters. My goal is to not only have the students understand themselves better, but to make the dusty pages of their Bibles more real to them, to help them understand that the names in the Bible are real people, not just stories from some bygone time.

I base my class on a book by Florence Littauer titled Personality Plus. She bases her book on the ancient Greek study of personality types using the body fluids, hence the four types are (and remember these are general descriptions of common traits, not every person will have every trait):

Choleric: Choleric personalities are born leaders and dynamic doers. They are independent and self-sufficient. They exude confidence and charisma. Cholerics are goal oriented, and see the big picture, and don’t bother themselves much with details. They move quickly to action and delegate work. They thrive on opposition and are usually right. They can run anything. They are the ones who can and do get things done. TAKEN TO EXTREMES, these traits can yield individuals who are unaffectionate, headstrong, proud, domineering, tactless, manipulative, stubborn, argumentative, and short-tempered workaholics. Most of the world’s leaders have strong choleric streaks in them, and the tyrants take their usually positive traits to the extreme.

Phlegmatics: Peaceful Phlegmatics are wonderful people to have around. They are low-key, calm, and patient people. They are happily reconciled to life and make great parents and sympathetic friends. They are not easily upset or ruffled, operate well under pressure, and keep their calm in a crisis when everyone is losing theirs. They don’t get in a hurry, and are competent and steady in their affairs. They are inoffensive and make good listeners.They have many friends. They don’t like conflict, and are great peacemakers. TAKEN TO EXTREMES; the phlegmatic can be a lazy, timid, indecisive, unambitious, and aimless person to whom results are not important. “Don’t worry, be happy” (I have a relative like this and he drives me up the wall!)

Sanguine: The Popular Sanguine is fun to be around and very charismatic. They tend to have appealing personalities. They are the life of the party because they are usually cheerful and bubbly with a good sense of humor. The Sanguine can be quite naive, because he is so trusting and childlike. He is quite the talker and loves to tell stories. Full of energy and creativity, the Sanguine inspires others to join his group. Sanguines love people and are quite charming, and make friends easily. They seem exciting and are good on stage. They look great on the surface. They don’t hold grudges and apologize quickly. TAKEN TO THE EXTREME, Sanguines can be talkative, disorganized, messy, loud, scatterbrained and unreliable. They ride an emotional roller coaster of high highs and low lows, but neither state seems to last for too long. They are easily hurt, but that’s okay because the perfectly Sanguine personality has the attention span of a gnat, loves being around people too much, and can’t hold onto a grudge for long. Think of your ditzy blonde at the party who can’t remember where she put her car keys.

Melancholy: The Melancholy personality is deep and analytical, desiring perfection. They can be very talented and creative, appreciating beauty. They are philosophical, poetic, idealist, and conscientious. Content to stay in the background, they are genius prone and can be very persistent and thorough. They pursue order in their world and find creative solutions to problems. Good listeners, they also have a deep concern for others, though they make friends cautiously. When they do make friends, they are devoted and faithful. They have a need to finish things. Many artists and engineers are melancholies. TAKEN TO THE EXTREME: The Melancholy can be a persnickety perfectionist, pessimistic, critical and hard to please. This causes them to be unpopular and feel alienated, which generates a negative attitude. The Melancholy can be very insecure and bashful. They can be too sensitive and thus withdrawn. They can be loners and very moody. They are usually a calm and steady personality type, but when hurt or depressed they hold onto resentments and suffer long, deep lows. They are champs at carrying grudges and can be revengeful.

Everyone has all four types in their personality makeup, but usually one or two are dominant. Even day to day someone can fluctuate from being a strong Sanguine to a strong Choleric or even a strong Phlegmatic, but over time a person will usually fall into a particular category. Choleric/Sanguines make great leaders. Phlegmatic/Melancholies are great diplomats. Phlegmatics are good in emergency situations. There is no good or bad personality type, only strength traits taken to the extreme to make them weaknesses.

We had several students experience revelations about themselves last night. One girl pegged herself as Phlegmatic and has a strong Choleric for a sister. Now she knows why they don’t get along very well. One boy thinks he’s a Melancholy, and true to form, he didn’t want to raise his hand. The Sanguines just lit up. Everyone seemed to know of a Choleric in their school. Duh. Cholerics are hard to miss.

Then we looked at various stories in the Bible – Adam and Eve in the garden, Moses trying to weasel out of his commission to bring the Jews out of Egypt, Peter and the foot washing incident – and discussed their types and the fact that God uses all types and all people.

At the end of the class, as we were closing it down and preparing for dismissal, I asked them if they liked the class and if they learned something. Somewhere in the mumbles I heard “This class was AWESOME!” My sanguine side appreciated that comment!

It’s good to do the things I do, sometimes. Thanks to the Holy Spirit that drives me, and the gift of my personality to reach the students.

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108 thoughts on “Friday Personality Types Open Comments

  1. Well, I suppose that with with world as we know it coming to an end soon, now would be as good a time as any to get in touch with higher power and see what our prospects for redemption and/or salvation might be. Who know, there might still be hope for all of us.

  2. MsTT – if you have not read “The Four Agreements” (by Don Miguel Ruiz) you might find it of worth – you might even find some use in your class. Short book but quite DEEP

    just a thought

  3. #2 EG:

    our prospects for redemption and/or salvation

    Very astute, sir. Redemption and Salvation are not the same thing.
    Redemption is being put back in a free state and there must be an exchange, the Hebrews were redeemed from Egypt, the first born of Israel was redeemed by the first born of the Egyptians.
    Salvation is achieving the final goal. Of all the Israelites that left Egypt who were “of age,” only 2 achieved salvation in the natural sense ie they got into the promised land. This is a great example of the wide and narrow gate.

  4. I’ve been trying to figure out what the P types for TBO are, but he’s so wrapped up in his narcissistic personality disorder that it’s hard to tell. Sanguine, for sure – he sure loves to be in front of people. Some Choleric – he thinks he’s always right and hates to be corrected.

    Michelle obviously is a strong Choleric. I don’t know that she’s much of anything else, from what I’ve been able to see.

  5. Re: Personality Types
    If you ever have the opportunity to participate in a Myers-Briggs evaluation, don’t pass it up. Out of the sixteen personality types, they nailed me perfectly. It was uncanny. And a lot of fun.

  6. #7

    Yeah, I know that there are a ton of personality tests and ways of divvying up the different characteristics. I try to keep mine simple and easy to understand. One guy has the “DISC” method (Rohr, I think), but I actually have a harder time remembering his methodology than Littauer’s. Four’s about the most I can handle as far as categories go. Beyond that, and you really have to spend more time than is necessary to describe a person.

  7. We are having some power fluctuations here at the Boss’s office. I think we may have lost a 220 leg because most of the lights are working, but the elevators are not, nor is the A/C. We are in the Southeast quadrant of Kirby and Richmond.

  8. Phrase of the day (for me):
    Lack of planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency for me.

  9. #13 Texakanukianite: That was really funny. Each screw-up from the D’s yields another funny edition of creative closed captions.

  10. The Baylor Family Medical Bldg, across the street from Ninfa’s to the South, on the East side of Kirby.

  11. I think the power-mongers have successfully accumulated their collective feces into a central location. The a/c is back on:>)

  12. 16
    If I wasn’t such a nice guy, my response would have been, You’ve had a month to plan this little project, and you forgot to order ;$,/!:’l #€ pipe???????
    Peppered with many curse words.

  13. #15 – ROFL (as I recall you used to make a living on other folk’s lack of planning 🙂 )

    I still DO!

    I smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll whatcha steppin in Mon Ami!!

  14. Caroline Glick at has an interesting view on the upcoming UN meeting next week and the “palestenian” underpinnings. Definitely worth the whole read; some interesting tidbits below:

    Every single Palestinian leader from the supposedly moderate Fatah party has rejected Israel’s right to exist and said that they will never set aside their demand that Israel accept millions of foreign-born Arabs – the so-called Palestinian “refugees” – as citizens. They say this with the full knowledge that this demand is nothing less than a demand for Israel’s destruction.

    And yet, both the US and the EU, which certainly do not support the destruction of Israel, insist that it is imperative to strengthen and support the supposedly moderate Fatah party which seeks the destruction of Israel.
    Yet despite its mafia economy, and its exploitation of their aid funds to support a terrorist organization, the US and EU insist on maintaining the PA’s status as the largest per capita foreign aid recipient in human history. And they do so even as the Eurozone is on the brink of collapse and the US is descending rapidly into a new recession.

    Finally, in the interest of maintaining the peace process, aside from periodic pro forma statements, the US and the EU have turned blind eyes to the PA’s routine and institutional glorification of terrorist mass murderers and Nazi-style anti-Semitic indoctrination and incitement of Palestinian society.

    Given their absolute commitment to the so-called peace process, it would be reasonable to expect the US and the EU to oppose the Palestinians’ decision to move their conflict with Israel from the negotiating table to the UN.

  15. G’Morning all

    I am about equal parts of 3 personalities so I guess that would make me a Cholerphleguine.

    It’s got to where you can’t tell the D’s from the R’s as far as OBH is concerned. The D pundits, press and politicians are really laying into him.

  16. 15 Shannon and
    21 Katfish

    In the offshore business we rephrased that to:

    A F-U on your part does not necessarily constitute a crisis on mine.

  17. A few more tweets:

    From PoliticalGravity: “Saw a kid with a lemonade stand and she didn’t have a permit.”

    And from the always excellent IowaHawkBlog: “#AttackWatch have you cried “uncle” yet? Because we can keep this up all f***in’ day.”

    (with a bow to Warren Zevon) From DrFreeLance: “I saw a werewolf drinkin a pina colada at Trader Vic’s, and his hair was perfect.”

  18. A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral. A huge Heart covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service.

    Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

    At that point, one of the mourners burst into laughter.
    … … When all eyes glaring at him, he said, “I’m sorry, I was just thinking of my own funeral…I’m a gynecologist”.

    The proctologist fainted.

  19. Dear #AttackWatch: I just saw several people refuse to eat their peas. Do you have a SWAT team?’ ”

    Hey, #attackwatch , there wasn’t any sauce for my McNuggets. Do we contact you or 911?

  20. 10) @ScottSwett1 #AttackWatch: I, for one, am honored to be recruited as an informer by our new insect overlords.

    9) @iowahawkblog: I’m grateful to live in a country where the totalitarians are so hilariously inept. #AttackWatch

    8) @justkarl: .@Doc_0 #AttackWatch already has a bat-signal, but it’s solar, so it doesn’t work at night.

    7) @secupp Watch out, monthly jobless report. @AttackWatch is onto you. #attackwatch

    6) @freeulysses Hey #attackwatch my boss just said the purpose of a business is to make a profit for it’s shareholders. Can I like, citizens arrest?

    5) @RachelWard301 @attackwatch I sneezed & some guy I don’t know said “God bless you”. I want him arrested for forcing his religion on me. #attackwatch

    4) @madisonmom4 #attackwatch I have to turn my husband in, he told my son there’s only 50 states. What a commie

    3) @CalebHowe Extra points if you turn in your parents. MT @AttackWatch See a new attack on the President or his record? Use #attackwatch to report it.

    2) @johnhawkinsrwn Bush wanted people to say something if they suspected terrorism. Obama wants you to alert #AttackWatch if you think someone doesn’t like him

    1) @mkhammer I prince of Nigeria. Please to unleash many riches I send you. Simple help by report @michellemalkin to #AttackWatch. Also, ur credit card.

  21. Been so dang busy lately I’m not sure if I’m washing or hanging out. After today things should be kinda back to normal. Gotta make a mail run, so I’ll leave you with another medical joke. (We went to a doctor’s party yesterday)

    Two 10 year olds were in the surgical prep room an one asked the other
    “What’cha getting done?”


    “That’s no big deal, I had it done last June, it only takes a few minutes, then they take you to a room and feed you ice cream and jello for a couple of days.”

    “Thanks, what are you getting done?”


    “Man, that’s terrible. I had it done when I was born. Couldn’t walk for a year.”

  22. #10 TT

    Four’s about the most I can handle as far as categories go.

    I think this grouping dates back to the ancient Greeks, I remember something about “the 4 humours” which were substances bile, phlegm, blood, and something else.

  23. #attackwatch, People are calling our President the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, that’s not allowed is it?

    My personal favorite is King Barry The Green

  24. Oh, I finally looked it up and the reason I couldn’t remember all 4 “humours” was because 2 of them are bile — yellow bile is the choleric and black bile is the melancholic type.

  25. #44: Pyro: The headline writer for the Chicago Tribune needs to be fired.

    Instant view: Jjobless claims post surprise increase

  26. Hammy has uncovered a funny new site which is where those #attackwatch tweets were listed. And there is lots more to enjoy. I tried the Politically Correct Fairy Tales, where this was my favorite:

    The Ants and the Grasshopper

    All summer long the ants worked and prepared for the winter while the grasshopper went to Rage Against the Machine concerts and played Everquest. The grasshopper laughed and laughed at the ants for working so hard. Then winter came. The ants had plenty of food and shelter while the grasshopper had none. So the government took the ants tax money and built the grasshopper a house, gave him welfare cheese to eat, and paid for courses at the local university that the grasshopper didn’t bother to go to. When the ants complained everyone agreed that they were greedy rich jerks for having more than the grasshopper.

    The Moral of the Story: Taking money from people who work hard and giving it to the lazy is compassionate!

  27. You know, after the 50th “unexpected” news story, someone might :
    1) resign for reasons of incompetence
    2) point out the incompetence of the administration that can’t foresee the results of their actions
    3) people in #2 asking for #1

  28. #50 TT
    I think it is the MSM that continues to find bad news “unexpected”. They are either economically illiterate or still besotted enough with Obummer to believe his BS, or more likely BOTH. What amuses/impresses me is how Boehner declined to set up a rebuttal for the HNP’s Big Jobs Speech because he KNEW there would be nothing new, nothing that would actually work, in it.

  29. #51 M42:

    What amuses/impresses me is how Boehner declined to set up a rebuttal for the HNP’s Big Jobs Speech because he KNEW there would be nothing new, nothing that would actually work, in it.

    I think the phrase goes something like this: When the fool keeps asking for more rope, give it to him and he will eventually hang himself with it.

  30. I am listening to Michael Berry more lately and enjoying his voice impersonation of Obammy’s “If ya luuuv me, ya gotta heee’p me paaass this biiill!”

  31. You people should read this piece about W. It talks about the changes in him over a 25 year period where he and a reporter/author developed what appears to be a good friendship and how W tends to treat people when others are not around.

    One good quote:

    His only remark about Barack Obama was, as I recall it, ‘No matter who wins, when he hears what I hear every morning, it will change him.’”

  32. From Michele Malkin’s comments

    On September 14th, 2011 at 12:34 pm, oldcollegeguy1980 said:
    I guess I have to register and report myself

    I was just in the restroom and all my rear end kept saying was Obama this and Obama that

    At least that is what it sounded like to me

  33. More or less.

    Instead of a dryer for ironing, I’d hang stuff up in the bathroom and let the shower steam do its magic. Also, I never had any dishes in the sink. It wasn’t that never cooked, which I did, but I only had out one plate, one glass, one knife, fork & spoon. It then takes less time to wash the dishes than it took waiting for the water to get hot.

  34. #56 Hammy

    Whaddya mean “You people”???

    Us Hamsterousians, I reckon. It was long, but I read it all. I actually didn’t like the writer that much, he seemed like a stuffed shirt egotist to me.

  35. #60 TT
    I am starting to see why someone here on Hammy’s Couch calls you “crazy aunt”! How do you come across some of this amazing stuff you find on the net? “Bachelor Vision” is a good example of it.
    /flinches, ducks, runs for her life

  36. I am starting to see why someone here on Hammy’s Couch calls you “crazy aunt”!

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  37. the only enjoyment most Americans get out of it is knowing that when we win, the fact that we don’t care is like a shiv to the heart of soccer fans from whiny, ungrateful, countries around the world who complain incessantly about our country.


  38. #69 Pyro

    How quickly is the butter sliding off Michelle Bachmann’s noodles?

    She is unfortunately very polarizing. But with only Lege experience, I have gradually concluded she is not a great candidate anyway.

  39. With tears flooding my keyboard, I have to inform y’all that my friend, Kevin, lost his battle with cancer about 3:15 today. I am really bummed to have lost one of my closest friends but am grateful that his suffering is over and most importantly that he is now in the arms of THE MESSIAH.

  40. #72 T-C
    I heard Doug Urbanski read that story on air late last night. Couldn’t make much sense of it. I know there is a Brit TV show called “Midsommer Murders” that always refers to a mythical village named Badger’s Drift.

  41. Bless their stinky little hippie hearts. Trendy hipsters from Austin open up a gluten free vegetarian Mexican restaurant smack dab in the middle of the barrio in Northside. Nothing sez Mexican like a baked chili relleno stuffed with soft tofu.

    Along the way, Staci catered other gatherings for presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich, Daniel Ellsberg, the Bioneers Convention and the Pacifica National Board to name a few.

    Yeah, baby! Little Dennie Kuku is a client? I’m there!

    Looking for a great place for lunch, dinner or a rocking vegan snack? Our Radical Eats restaurant located in the Houston Heights is the place for you.

    Uh, this ain’t the Heights, sweetie. That’s on the other side of 45. This is Northside. And if’n it ain’t got pork fat, it ain’t Mexican.

    I don’t remember what the restaurant in this location was called before but it has been known by the locals for ages as Tacos de los Muertos (it’s right next to a funeral home) and they served some damn fine tacos. Now it’s run by guys with soul patches. I give it two months.

  42. Boney – prayers of peace for your friend and his family.

    Unfortunately I’m on my way to a Rosary for a good neighbor who died unexpectedly this week. Y’all keep the Hernandez family in your prayers as well.

  43. I am very happy at a development in our neighborhood. The local Ace Hardware store owner purchased the previously struggling neighborhood store and has done a lot of renovations to it. My “second son I never had” is now a manager there, and doing well, so good for him. They recently opened a post office inside the store, so now I have a post office only a few blocks from my home, and it is staffed by the employees of the hardware store. Whenever I walk in with an envelope in hand, someone hustles PDQ to the counter and I get great service. They perform all the regular services that my old PO provided, and they smile while they do it! I was told that the two post offices that we’ve used for years are closing their customer counters, though they’ll still be used to process mail.

    It’s a win-win for everyone except the union employees. The post office is able to provide services to the public without paying union wages and pensions, the hardware store gets the money from the leased space, and the hardware store gets the extra traffic. The Ace Hardware in Pearland has had a post office for a while now, and I hear the Beamer Street Ace has one, also. Most of them are supposed to have POs on the premises eventually.

  44. I wonder if the USPS will be able to retain leased P.O. boxes. We’ve had one for 20 yrs, originally because it was a way to subscribe to a lot of computer magazines, w/o having them destroyed by being crammed into a small residential mailbox. Over those 2 decades, the magazines have pretty much all ceased publication. So I think we could get along w/o it now, although my husband still gets a few magazines.

  45. Hammy, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Dang dammit there’s people dying out there that have never died before!

  46. @attackwatch Bush was given the opportunity to give Solyndra the loans but declined; can you blame him anyway?

  47. This really offw me with urine! A Saudi Prince/ambastarder to the US is telling us we have to support palestenian statehood. When have the delicate palestenians ever recognized Israel’s right to exist? Wouldn’t one reasonably assume that that would be a prerequisite for statehood. Why the wiss does their capital have to be in the historical ancestral capital of Israel? Why the wiss do the ethnic arabs who call themselves “palestenian” have to live in that spot??Afterall, they have all of NOrth Africa and all the rest of the Middle East, why the wiss do they have to have that tiny parcel of land as well. Prince Fiuasal bin camel jockey can go pound sand.

  48. Dang dammit there’s people dying out there that have never died before!

    Yes, my HOA newsletter editor is MIA since last night with her 84-yr-old mother on her deathbed. There have have been 2-3 close calls in recent years, but this time it is described as last go-round. A really nice woman, she will be greatly missed.

    When I say MIA, I refer to the fact that the daughter has my election issue of the newsletter in her hands, with the clock ticking on when I can have the ballots in the residents’ hands. The clock ticks differently with these new HOA laws about when the ballots have to be out. This is terrible timing.

  49. #88 Bones
    Reading that made me so dayaam mad at THE NY TIMES I was spitless.

    Israel should see the Palestinian bid for statehood not as a threat, but as a chance to return to the negotiating table and prevent further conflict. Recent polls show that up to 70 percent of Palestinians say they believe there will be a new intifada if the deadlock is not broken shortly; this should encourage Israel to seek peace with the moderate Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

    Pure-dee lying dreck.

  50. #72 Texanadian, I heard that on the radio yesterday, Michael Berry’s show, I think?
    Ooh and I left out, you can’t make this $#i! up!!

  51. #75 Bonecrusher, prayers to his family and yours. May the good Lord help his family and friends through this difficult time.

  52. They recently opened a post office inside the store,

    WHAT!! I thought that the last time a Post Office was located inside a private store was 1890?!?!

  53. Welp, Ole Dave Kilt the dang Blog again,….sniff,sniff, nope not the deodorant, maybe I’m just a wind-bag?….Humm, scratching chin…. you really don’t have to answer. 😀

  54. Welp, just got finished rehanging my closet shelves/rods and bolstered them from below with some 1x furring strips that I cut with my jigsaw. I have been purchasing items for my use around the house, including a 16 foot heavy extension cord. I didn’t want one much longer than that, because then it just becomes to cumbersome and takes up more room to store. I later purchased a 100 ft cord to run a light to my makeshift greenhouse during the winter. I marked my items with pink tape so Hubby would know not to “borrow” them. (I broke him of “borrowing” my kitchen items when he used my best Pyrex measuring cup for fuel additive and my good roasting pan to drain oil, but I use caution, anyway.)

    Imagine my fury when I realized that both of my cords had “disappeared,” only to have my worst fears confirmed when Hubby told me he had “borrowed” them to use at the shop. It took him two weeks to return my long cord, but my shorter one still hasn’t made an appearance. I kept asking for it because I wanted to use it for some household projects, but he never brought it back. Three days ago he told me he had one “like it” in the back of his truck, but never brought it in. When I realized this morning that my closet shelves had collapsed, I asked about it again. He and I ran an errand this evening and ate dinner, and then I headed outside to the truck. “It’s too dark, you’ll have a hard time finding it” he said. “That’s why we invented flashlights,” I replied, and went outside. I didn’t find my cord, but I found one really, really long one and one not as long one. I grabbed the shorter one and came back inside. “That’s not the one,” Hubby said. “It’ll work,” I said and took it upstairs to do my work. I may leave it up there for a while.

    He better not “borrow” my drill.

  55. (I broke him of “borrowing” my kitchen items when he used my best Pyrex measuring cup for fuel additive and my good roasting pan to drain oil, but I use caution, anyway.)

    Honey!! Can you get this dayaam transmission out of the bath-tub so I can take a shower?!
    ~Jeff Foxworthy

  56. #100

    BTW; Where is Iron Mary Cash? Arrrrgh

    Here she be, Davey lad. (I was watching an episode of The Unit from my tapes so IMC was tied up too.)

  57. Following up on the Post Office, I saw this in the USPS story running on Drudge today:

    And as the president and Congress search high and low for ways to boost job creation, up to 35,000 people could be laid off as part of that effort.

    My husband is convinced that the Post Office cannot fire, reduce, let go, or lay people off, that there are union contracts that simply forbid that. Can Congress pass new laws that bust the union contracts? Is that what it will take?

  58. Barf Kitty just feel completely asleep on my leg. I was surprised by the increasing pressure on my leg, and I looked down in time to see her head slowly rotate and fall down on my thigh.

    Too bad I’ll have to wake her up so I can wash dishes.

  59. Condolences to Bonecrusher on the loss of his good friend, and to that gentleman’s family.

    Condolences also to Hamous on the loss of a neighbor, and to the Hernandez family.

  60. #13 Texanadian. I never tire of seeing a new episode of Adolf and the boys schlepping through a new disaster. Whoever writes the subtitles is devilishly clever. And likely has a price on his head.

    Attackwatch is the perfect petard for the Obama acolytes to hoist themselves on. And unless it’s been mercifully put out of their misery, it’s still hoisting away somewhere in low Earth orbit by now. You just can’t make this stuff up. 😉

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