Wednesday Swingin’ Open Comments

In my travels around the internet, I find some interesting things. I came across this site and thought “What a cool idea!” Of course, my back porch would have to be screened in, because anything with six legs seems to see me as lunch. Just looking at the beds relaxed me.

It got me thinking about swinging, so I exercised a search on “swinging”. Once I got past all the scuzzy sites, I found interesting ones:
Competitve swinging (and no, it doesn’t involve married couples): I never thought of swinging as a competitive thing, but okay. Different strokes, and all that.

Then there’s the awesome video of the handbag swinging granny foiling a robbery. Get her a nice cup of tea, folks!

And then there’s those crazy, swinging animals!

And corgis!
And pugs, too!

And for all you cat lovers – or haters – here’s one for you as well:

So, even though it’s hump day, why don’t you go swinging instead? Reduce your stress! Stick your feet out and kick someone (that always reduces my stress, anyway.) Laugh a little. Laugh a lot! Lean back and make yourself dizzy!

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87 thoughts on “Wednesday Swingin’ Open Comments

  1. An announcement from Washington late last night indicated that as Washington DC emptied it’s offices and sent everyone home for the earthquake, there was a brief but strong uptick in the economy. It is expected things will return to normal today as everyone reports back to work.

  2. Evidently the quake occurred on a little known fault line outside of DC called “Bush’s Fault”.

    Breaking: Obama administration points out they “inherited” fault lines from previous administrations.

    Fox News claims the Washington monument is leaning to the right, MSNBC claims it’s leaning to the left. More news at 11.

    “I won’t stop shaking until Obama makes a speech telling me that everything is ok and that he has a plan”

  3. Fox News claims the Washington monument is leaning to the right, MSNBC claims it’s leaning to the left.

    Moderates claim it’s the middle holding it all together.

  4. #1

    Any savings will more than made up for once we make all the victims, first responders and their families whole again after such an awful experience.

  5. The guys with the butterfly nets and funny jacket are needed at Paul Krugman’s home again.
    🙁 Eeeeekk!

  6. Bill Bennet said this morning they found the cause of yesterday’s earthquake.

    It was the founding fathers all simultainously rolling over in their graves.


  7. Good morning Hamsters. Yea for the granny above. Yea for those who pitch in to help. Wonder what is in her purse that makes it such an effective weapon. Only The Shadow knows.

    We’re off to another hot day, starting at 75 with lots of dew on the grass not only on the spots the sprinklers covered last night. Hit 101 again yesterday, 102 on an asphalt road in full sun on the way home from the store–if that counts.

    So Irene is marching up the Atlantic coast, and we shall have stock TV reporter pictures from every overused angle. Several longtime residents of the Outer Banks will not evacuate and be sought out by every last reporter from anywhere on the planet, this being the second team sent in so as not to disturb the first team reporting on the earthquake from every stock angle.

    It is after all the dog days of summer, and everybody important is on vacation. 🙂

  8. #5 Sarge: from the comments section on your linkie:

    Krugman was really hoping for that alien invasion – then again he looks like the kind of guy who would enjoy an a*$& probe.

    theflyonthewall on August 24, 2011 at 12:57 AM

    the above comment was slightly modified so as to not irritate Hammies Granny or the angry blog monkey.
    Paulie K would be a real popular guy in San Fran Sicko.

  9. G’Morning all

    I noticed a cop strolling over to Granny while several citizen went running to her aid. You never saw the cop again, probably peed his pant and had to go home to change.

  10. Daughter Reesa got back from England and came to stay a coupla weeks with us Monday. Last night she fixed us crab stuffed Tillapia and herbal rice. HMMMM-hmmm-mmmm.
    Sure nice to see her.

  11. TEXCAN: What they are describing is weakness and lack of direction. This is a result of our leadership refusing to accept the consequences for poor decisions AND refusing to make the appropriate corrections. They are too cowardly to admit that they made a mistake so they keep on toiling in the failed plan and blame the inherent flaws and resultant failures on others. Pride, narcissism and cowardice are signs of weakness, incompetence and fundamental inadequacy. Unfortunately, those character flaws seem to be prerequisites for holding political office.

  12. From Accuracy in Media’s Ben Johnson:

    Have you ever been taken hostage by an 86 year old white haired lady in pink glasses? I have. I am lucky to be alive today and writing this after my near death experience with the terrorists of the Tea Party in Waco, TX. AIM present’s to you, the face of evil in America.

    With elected officials scrambling for a cross to hang their economic failure upon, the Obama administration has declared open season on the Tea Party.

    This is our generation’s form of McCarthyism. Witch-hunting at its finest. Attack, blame and demonize the Tea Party for all of America’s troubles.

    Never mind the fact that the TP has never acted violently and is packed with veterans who served our country and sweet old ladies who love America.

    The administration is enthusiastically joined by a chorus of vitriol and hate by the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and every on camera personality at MSNBC.

    I guess innocent American citizens are an easy a target for Washington when policies fail.

    Waco is particularly close to the last time the US Government labeled its own people domestic terrorists. It ended pretty badly. However, this time, they are not living on a rural compound in a Texas field. The patriots of Waco did not seem intimidated by the government’s charges against them. They were ready to fight, down to the last pair of pink glasses.


  13. OBH relaxed the immigration policy and will allow illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. without being deported. An administration spokesman said you can’t just move twelve million people to another country.

    That’s not true, Mexico did it.

  14. OBH bought two books in a Martha’s Vineyard bookstore Sunday about politics in Louisiana and Chicago.

    He’s doing research on how to carry the dead vote in the next election.

  15. Apple’s coming up with an for an app that will turn iPods and iPhones into mobile karaoke machines. You can view lyrics on a screen and change a song’s key to fit your voice.

    It also has a voice analyzer which advises you forget singing and stick to comedy.

  16. #18 OTL: Dya think they have come up with a way to make lib-VSRs sound.. . . . ya know, sane and reasonable?

  17. Wonder what is in her purse that makes it such an effective weapon.

    Prolly a lead bar. Who knows what you wimmins put in those satchels you haul around everywhere.

  18. #18 OTL

    advises you forget singing and stick to comedy.

    Can it advise some of us to take up singing and forget comedy? 🙂

  19. MHarper

    Been there done that, it didn’t work either. I can find flat notes that you didn’t even know existed.

  20. #22 WB

    Prolly a lead bar. Who knows what you wimmins put in those satchels you haul around everywhere.

    Well, in Hillary’s case, I can guess it’s various manly body parts from her husband and several members of Congress.

  21. #11 Texanadian:

    The President of ExxonMobil Exploration once said, “To go far, we must go slow.” XOM couldn’t find oil in a Jiffy Lube as his comment was interpreted as, “If we stand absolutely still, there’s no limit to how far we can go.” The paralysis of analysis took over.

  22. I’m thinking about buying a netbook for business purposes. I’ll need to show some video on it and be able to surf net and do some basic wp and spreadsheet functions. Of course, email and other basic functions. Cost is a major factor, and I’m looking at a refurbished model. (I used to work with a computer guy who told me he’d rather have refurbished, because then he knew that the bugs had been fixed.)

    What brands do you recommend? I keep seeing Acer and Asus, some HP, but I’ve been really happy with Baby Dell and Lil Toshiba. I can pay a little more for a brand that will be dependable. I’m going to be carrying it around a lot, so it needs to be small (10 inch screen is fine), and lightweight (my chiropractor warned me years ago about the amount of weight I carry).

    Here’s a few samples of what I’m looking at:

    ACER – Aspire One 1.66GHz Intel Netbook w/ 160GB Hard Drive – D255-2301 – Black
    1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 Processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Fast Ethernet, Intel Graphics, 10.1″ High-Def LED Display, Webcam, Windows XP Home Edition – Refurbished / Recertified $170.00

    ASUS – EeePC Intel Atom N270 Netbook – 1GB RAM, 12GB SSD, 8.9″ TFT Black WSVGA Display, Fast Ethernet, 802.11n, Bluetooth 1.3 Megapixel Webcam, 6-cell Li-ion – Refurbished (Open Box Product, Limited Availability, No Back Orders).
    Intel Atom N270, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, 12GB Solid state Disk Drive, 8.9″ TFT Black WSVGA Display, Fast Ethernet, 802.11n, Bluetooth 1.3 Megapixel Webcam, Microsoft Windows XP Home. $152

    Toshiba NB505-N508BN 10.1-Inch Netbook: $265
    Intel Atom processor N455 1.66 GHz, 512KB L2 Cache
    Configured with 1GB DDR2 (works at 667MHz, max 2GB)
    250GB (5400 RPM) Serial ATA hard disk drive
    10.1? diagonal widescreen TruBrite display at 1024 x 600 native resolution (WSVGA) with a 16:9 aspect ratio and LED backlite
    Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32-bit with a 6 cell/48Wh Lithium Ion battery pack; Battery Life (measured by MobileMark 2007): 8 hours, 21 minutes

    Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 7.5 x 1.4 inches ; 2.9 pounds

    I’m strongly thinking about trying to partition the hard drive and load Ubuntu (which scares me a little, since I’ve never done it before). I hear Linux doesn’t take as much oomph to run and is better on the netbooks.

    Okay, geek friends. What do you think? Any suggestions?

  23. #28
    I’ve been using the Acer you describe in #1 at work for several months now. It fits nicely in my work space, and with a tiny USB mouse, I can maneuver pretty well. Typing takes a little getting used to if you have fat fingers, and it does not have a CD capability (I have a USB plug in/play only for about $12 or so). Overall, I like it as it does what I need it to do – did I mention it has an LED screen which does make a difference. I can also stream Netflix movies, so it has enough horsepower to do that.

    I previously had a Samsung netbook which was a little thicker than the Acer. I think the Sammy Netbook was probably built a little better, but I’ve not had any problems with either. My theory on refurbs, extended warranties, etc. is that if it’s going to break down, it will do so sooner rather than later – if I break it later, it’s my expense anyway, so no problem. Cheap is the magic word when it comes to tech gear as it is all disposable anyway due to obsolescence.

    Windows 7 is good, but XP is good for the netbook as well. I have 7 on the Acer and XP on the Sammy. XP will be a good, stable OS for many years to come. Suggestion on Linux program – just put it on a bootable thumb drive and don’t mess with the hard drive. Puppy Linux if very good for that and easy to set up. That is all.

  24. #21 Geezer:

    P.S. Boney

    Going in for my spine evaluation next week.

    Unless you have chunks of disk material floating around or a severe bulge with lots of arthritis, don’t let them cut on you. There are many ways to treat a wissed off disc if it is not too far gone that don’t involve invasive procedures. Always remember that you can not “uncut”; and scar tissue can be a real pain to deal with.

  25. via Drudge: Russian re-supply spacecraft crashes. From the comments section:

    “@Drudge_Report: Russian cargo flight to space station crashes… & our Astronauts are hitching a ride. Thanks W & BHO!

    I could have not said it better myself (without drawing the attention of Hammies Granny or the angry blog monkey).

  26. #28 TT
    My husband bought the Acer soon after Hurricane Ike. It is his disaster portable. We had no electricity for 13 days. As soon as power was restored to the office building where my group works, I simply went to the office every day for a week, since I could not work from home.

    David has an ebay store selling yearbooks and can’t go very long w/o internet access. If you have a small portable, you can drive to wherever you can find a coffee shop with power & wi-fi and check your email. I have used it a few times at home when I had problems with my laptop and found it completely usable even with its small screen, small keyboard, small mouse.

  27. #39 TEXCAN: That really wisses me off big time. I can not believe that the sheep folded like lawn chairs with barely a whimper. I would have shouted so loud they could hear me in the next zip code “you can not take my camera in this public meeting”. I would have told the cop to go and read the constitution and back the wiss off. Had the cop chosen to escalate, I can assure there would have been a civil rights lawsuit. I don’t give a rat’s wiss if the congressVSR was an R or a D – the right of the people to record a PUBLIC SERVANT’S words shall not be infringed.

  28. This is enough to make you wanna puke!

    The Obamas’ summer break in Martha’s Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.
    But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.
    White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year.

    $10 million wissin dollars of money she did not earn on wissin vacations this wissin year alone. The report states that they have taken 42 days of vacation this year (so far); when was the last year that anyone here got to take even 21 days? When was the last time anyone here ever spent $50,000 in a single year on vacations let alone 10 wissin million dollars??

    /ht Drudge

  29. I feel like I’m talking to myself; I guess I killeded the blog again. . . . . . . . . . .At least I don’t answer in a different voice.

  30. #50 BigTex: That ain’t nuttin’. I believe that they are not reading out the names of the victims, nor letting their families attend. They’ll be having a special service later in the week or two.

    Anyhoo, Pyro, I’ll probably have some horse lard available.

    Rocket has been lonely and spends all day, trying to figger out how to get to his ladies. He broke the boards in his stall. He’s just tore up all the fixed fencing, using his rump. Rocket 12. Mom 0. I took him down to my neighbors house about 3/4 mi. down the road. He has 4 mares and 4 colts. And Dudley. *previously named Studley* The mares are beating the crap outa him and Dudley is happy he ain’t the full brunt of their wrath. Heh. That’ll learn ’em. He ain’t whinnied since about 7pm last night when we brought him down there.

    I also cleaned up my 1st crime scene on Sunday. People, if you’re going to blow your brains out, please do it outside. Someone has to clean that crap up. It took CSI 8 days to determine suicide. Duuuuuh.

    Anyhoo, I knew that I could visit on Hammie’s couch for some giggle or 5…….. Thanks, guys. Y’all put the fun in dysFUNctional family. /off to fix the fence, again……I’m thinking hotwire but he has an oral fixation about licking cars. He might actually like the *zap*……

  31. #40 Hammie: Did you watch the videos in the linkie?

    I won’t watch anything on Jones’ sites unless it is in preparation to ridicule. My curiosity about a story cannot override the absolute bat-$h!t craziness of anyone associated with him. Like I said the other day, if it’s legit then someone who isn’t foaming at the mouth will have covered it.

    But I’m a little confused. How can videos of the event exist if cameras were prohibited?

  32. #52 – Hammy there were TWO television station cameras visibly in operation (and I “think” some other private citizen caught this w/o their camera being noticed)…………………I say watch it – it’s a pretty serious violation of the constituent’s rights for my 2 centavos…………

  33. Katfish – I’m not disputing the validity of the story or standing up for the idiot congressman. I simply do not want links to anything Alex Jones-related. The guy is a deranged, evil, douche bag bastard.

  34. Katfish – I’m not disputing the validity of the story or standing up for the idiot congressman. I simply do not want links to anything Alex Jones-related. The guy is a deranged, evil, douche bag bastard.

    And the evil deranged douche bag bastard will make money off the hits—which it why he posts most of the bat shizzle stuff. What’s really disgusting about the creep is that he knows he’s full of crap, but goes on anyway cuz he knows there’s enough people out there who will listen to it that he can make a few bucks on it.

  35. The guy is a deranged, evil, douche bag bastard.

    Well, since Hammie sed it……pretty much my, opinion.

    And the evil deranged douche bag bastard will make money off the hits—which it why he posts most of the bat shizzle stuff.

    Yeppers. Pretty much what broke me’an Daniels James’ lovefest up. I still lubs him and all, and we share a love-child together. *sigh*

  36. #51 ST

    I also cleaned up my 1st crime scene

    New job? How does a terrorist pass the background check for a job like that? 🙂

  37. #58 katfish
    Obviously The Man has gotten to hammie & the sarge to turn them away from the formidable Mr Jones. Jones has told us many times of how the govt has sent its agents out to suppress the rights of us citizens.

    It’s a conspiracy dude!

  38. #54 Kat
    I watched the Chabot thing on the approved channel (thanks, Katfishy!). That POS Chabot needs to be GONE ASAP. I don’t think Texans would have surrendered their cameras.

  39. #51 ST

    People, if you’re going to blow your brains out, please do it outside. Someone has to clean that crap up. It took CSI 8 days to determine suicide. Duuuuuh.

    Dang Dammit Sugar, was it someone that you knew? A buddy of mine did that twice, first time, back in the late 60’s the guy that lived next door to him put a 12 Ga shotgun in his mouth and removed the top of his head, brains and all. He said the worse part was trying to get the bone fragments outta’ the ceiling. The second one was a father-in-law-that did the same thing with a 25 auto and it left a couple of gallons of blood in his mattress. 🙁
    BTW; On a lighter note, did you get the care package?. 😉

  40. Thunder and lightning in deep Waller county. The rain has just started. My trophy dog is trying to get under the soles of my feet. 🙂

  41. Pretty much stopped now, the trees will drip for some time creating the illusion of falling rain. Just enough that now I will have to cut the grass for the second time this summer.

    Work, work, work…

  42. In the suburbs of Cypress, the skies are black and the power can’t decide if it wants to stay on. Lots of lightning & thunder.

    Our “dog” is trying to find a place where she can hide.

  43. Texanadian #7;

    Bill Bennet said this morning they found the cause of yesterday’s earthquake.

    It was the founding fathers all simultainously rolling over in their graves.

    Indeed. And don’t forget “The Forgotten Man”.

  44. We lost power here in Copperfield lost of Lightning but no rain yet. First drops.starting now

  45. I went out to do the rest of my allowed watering after 8 pm but not only is it dark, there is a ferocious wind whipping up the trees. I didn’t want to stay out under stressed trees that are being whipped around, so left some sprinklers going and came back inside. There is some rain chance for me visible on the doppler radar, if it makes it this far tonight.

  46. Hey, the wind is picking up and I hear thunder boomers coming from the north! Clear Lake my get a few drops. 😀

  47. We got a little soaking and light show also. What is it with the power this summer, any hint of a storm it goes out.

  48. Been getting light but steady rain for over 30 mins. No thunder heard or lightning visible out my front window as I was watching TV.

  49. #70 Pyro
    Gotta ask: What type of “dog” do you have? Are real dogs not expected to be afraid of thunder?

    We have a scaredy cat who was rescued from a strip center parking lot about 6 yrs ago with a severely injured tail. She is afraid of almost any noise. Been known to run and hide when she hears the city garbage collection truck turn onto our block. Most of her tail could not be saved and it was bobbed at 3″. It’s a cute little tail and she wags it vigorously just like a dog when she is happy.

  50. It’s a tall weasel. 4lb of chihuahua fury we somehow got stuck with from the MiL.

    Being afraid is one thing, but this “dog” will burrow into the back of a closet at the first hint of thunder.

  51. I had a golden retriever that would try to hide under a water bed. That was some years ago. My border collie can fit into some tight spaces if the lightning is really bad.

    Stopped here for now.


  52. Chihuahuas can be very timid, or outrageously bold for their tiny size. Can you say something nice about her?

  53. We used to have a pound mutt that was guesstimated to be part Rottweiler, part Blue Heeler. Rock was a great dog, but scared to death of lightning. Hubby called me one morning and told me I’d need to pick up Rock and take him to the vet, as he had damaged himself during the night. We’d had a big storm, and it seems that Rock was trying to force himself between the sheets of tin that makes up Hubby’s shop. It must have been a corner that caught his skin, and his cheek was laid wide open in a 90 degree tear, like the corner of a rectangle. The short edge was about 1½” from nose almost to his mouth, and the long side reached well over halfway up the cheekbone.

    I know it must have hurt, but I guess by the time Hubby found the poor thing, the pain had probably settled to a steady throbbing ache. He jumped into the back of my Suburban and for once didn’t try to climb up front to be next to me. At the corner near the vet’s office, a panhandler approached the car with his sign. Rock jumped at the window, barking and looking a little like Frankenstein. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a corner hobo crawdad as fast as that one did.

    Good times.

    PS: Rock got his stitches and recovered nicely. Hubby cut a doggie door for him so none of us would have to suffer through another injury like that one.

  54. As usual, we’re right on the edge of the good stuff and missed the real rain as it passed slightly to the west. What a light show most of the evening after 8 though, and the thunder. Now we have some very light rain that wets the exposed areas free of tree leaves and softly taps on the garden room roof. Fading lightning drifts off farther to the west, so the show and moisture are over for today. But the power stayed on.

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