Weekend Open Comments

The New York Times ramps up the idol worshiping as we get closer to election season:

At the White House podium a few minutes later, the president radiated a righteous fury he rarely displays in public, finally placing the blame for this wholly unnecessary crisis squarely where it belongs: on Republicans who will do anything to upend his presidency and dismantle every social program they can find.

Smite them, oh Great One! Smite them dead with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy your Democrats!

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188 thoughts on “Weekend Open Comments

  1. I’m gonna re-post my comment from a few minutes ago on yesterday’s thread:

    #137 Katfish: It seems that Ahmajackass, Janet Reno, Janet Incompetano, The ATF are all using the same tactic to achieve different ends. For Ahmajackass the tactic is to create as much chaos as possible to bring on the madi, the 12 immam or whatever his title is (actually it is the anti-christ), for the others tactic is to create as much chaos as possible so that the people demand that “something be done” about all the gun violence and to a lib that means confiscating all the guns. We must never forget that very strict gun control has been a hallmark of liberalism/progressivism (actually regressivism) for a long time. The libs have not given up their goal of making that happen. They are trying to create a “demand pull” for the legislation instead of a “supply push” – bottom up instead of top down.
    I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to assume that the wack-jobs running Iran are following the evil one, and I don’t mean Soros. I have always felt that the libs were also following the evil one as all/most of their positions are flagrantly anti-God. Now it is becoming more clear that the libs in civilization and the whack-jobs in the ME are working towards the same goal, chaos, and serving the same evil one.

    This pres is calling evil good and good evil – and he is doing it with extreme arrogance a classic hallmark of serving evil.

  2. Boonecrusher #137 Katfish: It seems that Ahmajackass, Janet Reno Sterno, Janet Incompetano, The ATF are all using the same tactic to achieve different ends. (Dreaded Banned Acronym) 😉

  3. #2 Sarge: How about a tent made of those cells? That may produce enough juice to power a small computer and better satellite assisted communications. Maybe even enough to run a small fan.

  4. G’Saturday morning all

    How has OBH handled the debt talks?

    First, he wanted the debt ceiling vote separate from spending cuts.
    Now he wants them linked.
    Next, he vowed to reject any short-term deal to raise the borrowing limit.
    Now he says he says it’ O.K.
    Then he pledged to meet with congressional leaders every day until a deal was reached.
    After 5 days the daily meetings disappeared from the schedule.
    Yesterday, after he was still demanding more taxes and raising the debt ceiling, Boehner left the meeting.
    Then OBH SUMMONED both Houses to a Saturday meeting. What country is he king of? In the U.S. the three branches are EQUAL, he has no authority to DEMAND anything of them.

    And exactly what budget cuts has he brought to the table? Just ONE, raise Social Security and Medicare age to 67, BEGINNING in the year 2136.

  5. “I’ve told them she has to be transferred north of the Red River, east of the Sabine River or west of El Paso; she’s not working in Texas anymore.”

    BRAVO Congressman!!!!

    We need a whole bunches of his kind.

  6. Before you complain about how hot it is… remember, that at least:
    1.) it isn’t 109 degrees
    2.) you’re not 5,700 miles from home
    3.) you’re not dressed in a full BDU uniform and helmet and carrying 70+ lbs
    4.) there is very little chance that anyone will shoot at you or that you might drive over a bomb in the road today!

  7. #7 Geezer: I heard Culberson speak of that on 700 KSEV around 6:30 or so Fri morning.

    12 Bonecrusher says:
    July 22, 2011 at 9:10 am
    Didjall geta hear Culberson on KSEV around 6:30 this am? He absolutely blasted the wiss-wad Acasio the head of the VA Cemetery here in Houston. He said that he would zero her salary and prohibit her from working for the VA anywhere in Texas if she were not fired TODAY. He is head or on the committee that heads Veterans Affairs. That woman is toast and so likely is her boss who authorized her outrageous behavior. Well done Rep Culberson!

    I am really glad to hear that he has done this on more than one station. It makes me positively giddy that the conversation was recorded and is now easily transmitted all over. The “outing” of that witch is official; I wonder where the “O” admin will put her now? Will they do the right thing and just remove her from public service. . . . .not wissin likely!

  8. Will they do the right thing and just remove her from public service. . . . .

    Naw…………He’ll create another Czarship and make her the director of it.

  9. #2 Sarge: How about a tent made of those cells? That may produce enough juice to power a small computer and better satellite assisted communications. Maybe even enough to run a small fan.

    The Army is evaluating a system right now

    Two years ago, a Frog company unveiled a concept tent that is closer to what you’re talking about, but I don’t know whether the concept moved from there into the marketplace. That rig there is a bit much for me. I figger bofus is looking more for a packable rig. There was a product called the Bitle Emergency Shelter that advertised itself as a post-hurricane living shelter that could provide 300 watts, but it seems to have disappeared from the web.

    There are plenty of options out there right now for solar lighting and tent fans. I got me a bunch of those lil bitty pathway lights from Walmart. The cost about a dollar apiece, and aren’t all that heavy. I lash them to the side of the backpack so that they get sunlight all day, then stake them out around the entrance to the tent once its been pitched. Not much light, but shows me where the tent is and where to get in after dark. One of them is enough light inside the tent to take your shoes off, get into the sleeping bag, or find stuff if you wake up in the middle of the night. There’s also a couple of nice solar powered flashlights.

    You can see a bunch of the products here.

    The limitation is going to be what kind of camping you want to do. If its from the back f the car to the pickanick table at the State Park, you can get a few commercial solar panels and a couple of deep cycle batteries and have a complete set up using 12 volt appliances that should last you the weekend. If you’re hiking in to do primitive camping, or at waypoints on a days long trek, your options diminish, depending on how much food and water you’re willing to give up in favor of electrical power.

  10. H/T Drudge:
    Human/animal embryos being produced in the UK. Now we have man mixing human DNA with animals “trying to find a cure” for something. We have a bunch of mad scientists there and here attempting to defile the Divinity of man’s CREATOR at all costs. IMHO, this is just another sign of the times and that we are near the end – HANG ON its gonna be a rough ride.

  11. #14 Sarge: The issue of which you speak is that of weight and having to tote it. That is why I want to make a better hand truck/golf club pull cart to enable a person/soldier to tote a 150 lb load with out having to carry it; man created the wheel a long wissin time ago – why not use it now?

  12. #17 Bones

    man created the wheel a long wissin time ago – why not use it now?

    Think how long it took for wheeled luggage to show up.

  13. #19 Sarge
    Wow! I halfway expected to see a link to the Himalayas, but this Charon’s Garden looks daunting too. And I never heard of it before, even though it’s only one state away.

  14. Its not as bad as it looks. Its actually closer than the Davis Mountains and is closer to major metropolitian areas (Dallas, OKC, Lawton, OK and Witchita Falls,) which means that better medical aid in the event of something catastrophic occurs is better and quicker to get to. Its also not near as remote as it looks. A safe place to take kids if you want to challenge them just a bit more than walking down the Brazos Bend pathways.

    My two favorite places are Forty Foot Hole which is actually a pretty easy hike. The first time I took my kids there they were 8 and 10 years old. Nice hike with a good swim at the end. Its in the Refuge proper, not Charon’s Gardens.

    Post Oak Falls is an absolutely gorgeous place and can be either a destination for a half day hike, a way point on a longer day hike, or part of an over night trek if you get one of the coveted over night permits to camp in that area.

    April/May and September/October are the best times of year to go there.

  15. My interpretation of what the NY Times writer really meant to write.

    Standing behind his glorious throne at the lord’s House, our lord and Saviour Obumma radiated a heavenly glow and righteous indignation he rarely displays in public, finally placing his hands on this unholy crisis, he healed it with one touch and placed the blame squarely where it belongs: he then chased the money grubbing Republicans out of the temple as they continued to attempt to take his throne and dismantle every social program that helps the children.

    The Republicans were then banished from DC and forced to spend 40 days and forty nights illegally crossing the border in the Arizona desert.

    Upon hearing the news of the devilish Republicans being banished to the desert, Contessa Brewer and Chrissie Matthews fell down and began to speak in tongues as everyone at the Times shouted out in Hallelujah course–Mighty is he our lord OBumma, how majestic are his ways.

    Glory be to our lord Obumma forever and ever.


  16. #24 ST: I hope that aint cuttin too close to the quick for you. I guess that is the way your exes just “fell all to pieces” and wound up as fertilizer in your back 40, huh?
    Who woulda thunk ST would be good with a sword?

  17. The Norwegian police on Saturday charged a man they identified as a right-wing fundamentalist Christian in connection with a bombing in central Oslo and a shooting attack on a nearby island that killed at least 92 people. Officials said the death toll could climb as they continued to search for the missing.

    Glad they got him and if guilty he is punished. I wouldn’t mind if he gets the sleepy juice neither. Is it me or does it seem that it’s quickly pointed out that he’s probably a “right-wing fundamentalist Christian”.

    As stunned Norwegians grappled with the deadliest attack in the country since World War II, a portrait began to emerge of the main suspect in the case as a gun-loving Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threat of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration.

    The police have not identified the suspect, but Norwegian media have identified him as Anders Behring Breivik, 32.

    Interesting that this seems quickly pointed out/described as well.

    Now, as for, “in connection with a bombing in central Oslo and a shooting attack on a nearby island”, am I out of the loop or have the two been connected? I thougt they were seen as two separate incidents (however unlikely that is).


  18. 14 & 15,

    Check out Ready Made Resources for Solar Panels or a least a good starting point for finding what is available.

    None of these systems should be considered portable once you factor in the Rechargable Battery Banks, Inverters, and VFD Drives for AC Motors.

    Ready Made Resources Online Store


  19. “I thought it was a probably an international terrorist attack,” said Kristian Ulrichsen, a researcher at the London School of Economics whose main topic is the politics and security of the Persian Gulf. “But when I heard about the attack on Utoya, I knew it must be domestic, it was a Norwegian political target.”

    He said he was “quite relieved” to learn that it had apparently been a homegrown attack, because an international terrorist attack would have further agitated Norwegian society.

    “It may make a lot of people reflect on the challenges of integration and ensuring tolerance and antiracism, so that these views can be openly rejected by everyone in Norway,” Mr. Ulrichsen said.

    I guess this is the connection. A bombing and then targetting a popular Liberal campout. Put the two together and you have a domestic terrorist. Why this is a “relief” to anyone is beyond me, even given the stated reasoning behind feeling “relief”.

  20. After thousands of terror attacks by “The religion of peace”, Wagonburner’s “Terrorist Lutheran” tag finally rings true, and the media rejoice. At long last they have their poster boy. “See??? We’re just as evil!!!” Completely lost on the media and the self-loathing Left is the fact that what they call “homegrown terrorists” are actually certifiable lunatics acting alone – as opposed to well-organized large groups of terrorists who are hailed as heroes within the Islamic diaspora.

    Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

  21. None of these systems should be considered portable once you factor in the Rechargable Battery Banks, Inverters, and VFD Drives for AC Motors.

    Options are getting better for camping and hiking. There have been a number of small devices that use AA & AAA batteries developed recently. Most of them are in the lighting and charging/recharging of small devices such as GPS units, Cell Phones, and walkie-talkies. I would highly recommend all three as safety devices, and the solar panels for them. Most of those units can run right off the solar cell, thus saving the batteries, or two sets of rechargables, putting one set in the device and the other in the unit. Having recharge abilities in the field for such units can be indispensable in a survival situation where rescue might not be possible for a couple of days, or if the incident occurs near the beginning of a trek that you’ve told everybody will last a few days and nobody will even realize you’ve gone missing until a day after you were scheduled to return. It could mean the difference between actual life and death, especially the GPS units.

  22. Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who happen to be walking about. -G.K. Chesterton

  23. I have a native Norwegian friend from church.
    She says that if, from the the road, you see fruit, nuts, etc. growing wild on “private” property, the law allows you to walk right in and harvest what you will.
    Strange place.

  24. Norwegian gun laws are pretty strange as well. You can own guns for a few reasons – reasons you must document in the permitting process – hunting, sport shooting, occupation as a security guard. The one reason almost never accepted for gun ownership is self defense. But you can buy silencers OTC with no permit.

  25. At long last they have their poster boy. “See??? We’re just as evil!!!”

    Seems like that’s exactly what they are saying rigt off the bat. I’m sure Huff Post, Media Matters, Move On, and lizzard king Charles Johnson are propogating the same message. If this tall desendent of Vikings is guilty of what he’s suspected up it’s too bad Norway has banned the sleepy juice he needs. In fact, he could get out in 21 years faccording to the New York Times article I linked. He could then kill again. He can’t kill again if he’s dead.

    And does anyone else find the existence of “youth camps” run by political parties a bit disconcerting?

    Not if you support political brainwashing. China has or had “education” camps, why not Norway?

    The one reason almost never accepted for gun ownership is self defense

    Like many other instances of someone on a mass killing spree, it only takes one person to fire back and take him out. Thus preventing further murder.

  26. She says that if, from the the road, you see fruit, nuts, etc. growing wild on “private” property, the law allows you to walk right in and harvest what you will.

    We had an illegal alien neighbor next to our first house (rented) in Texas. He would always allow us to go in to his back yard and pick off the oranges from the orange tree he had. They were yummy and, of course, access was his choice, not the law’s.

  27. Shannon;

    From your Sanger link:

    But over the next few years, Sanger shifted tactics. In order to cultivate people of wealth and influence, she subdued her socialist proclivities.

    How ironic. Would this be a case of hiding one’s socialism in order to get money from the rich capitalists?

  28. #36 shannon

    But to finally succeed, Sanger needed an enemy; the Roman Catholic Church fit the bill perfectly. Sanger correctly perceived that pre-1914 fears of Roman Catholic expansion in America would swell into a wave of anti-Catholicism after the war. The Ku Klux Klan enjoyed explosive growth after 1918, with membership climbing briefly into the millions and with “Catholic hordes” among its foes.


    I’m part of a horde!

  29. wagon;

    You’re also a domestic terrorist. And your mother said you’d never mount to anything.

  30. According to several outlets, Breivik identified with some conservative causes. But the more one digs, the more one finds that Anders Behring Breivik holds the views of a racist, bigoted, zealot that really can’t be fit into a neat box.


    Consider this: The Daily Mail opens its profile on Breivik with some information that would seem to shake up any simple explanation of who he is or what he believed:

    The man responsible for the massacre in Norway was a member of a Swedish nazi forum which encourages attacks on government buildings.

    It was also revealed by local police that he had extreme right wing views who hated Muslims.

    According to Swedish website Expo Anders Behring Breivik is a member of ‘Nordisk’ which has 22,000 members and focuses on political terrorism.


    [His Facebook profile] also listed interests such as body-building and freemasonry. [Emphasis added]

    That’s certainly a mixed bag. And some of that information would seem to hint at a possible extreme leftist position, perhaps anarchism, would it not? It certainly doesn’t reflect the views of a conservative Christian, as he claimed to be.

    Good points. Also important t pint out is this:

    It’s also important to note that the terms of American politics are not easily transferable to European politics. Often, the extremes in Europe are communists on the left and fascists on the right. In America, “extreme right wing” has been hijacked to label conservatives who adhere strictly to the Constitution, or who fight for legal immigration. (Some on the American left have even succeeded in making “extreme right wing” synonymous with the Tea Party.) In Europe, however, the term could mean zealous nationalists and militant fascists.

    So, an “extreme right wing” individual in Europe is not always an “extreme right wing” individual in America. That’s important to note, as the designation will undoubtedly make the rounds in the attack’s aftermath.

    Is the Oslo Gunman Really Right-Wing?

  31. Poster Snidley Whiplash provided this link for the Labour Party’s campout. In it we read:

    Around 1,000 young supporters of Norway’s Labour Party were making their way over to Utøya this week, an island in the Tyrifjord that’s often viewed as an incubator for future Labour Party leaders. Detractors call it a breeding ground for a relatively small clique of would-be power mongers.

    The summer camp for members of Labour’s youth group AUF (Arbeidernes ungdomsfylking) has launched the political careers of many a Labour Party leader. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was a fixture at the camp in his youth and remains keen to visit every summer. Both he, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and former Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland were due to make appearances at this year’s camp during its five-day run that began Wednesday.

    Eskil Pedersen, current AUF leader, told newspaper Dagsavisen that this year’s camp will include speeches and debate over the upcoming municipal elections in Norway, the rival Conservative Party’s current policies, the even more conservative Progress Party’s asylum policies and the state of Norwegian schools. The latter is traditionally the issue of most interest to the young politically minded AUF members.

    Get your liberal leaders trained, yo.

    Labour’s summer camp opens

    Now, from where I found Snidley’s post, if the photo correctly shows the gunman, than the photo is a living testimony of the horrific carnage he inflicted.

    Are These Photos of the Norway Gunman While He Was Carrying Out the Deadly Attack?

  32. Brievik refers to Hans Rustad, who, on May 11, 2008, praised Obama’s speech in Chicago. The translation is spotty in areas, but Brievik’s posted response (timestamp 2010-02-02 13:35:11) seems to be praising Obama’s public speaking skills.

    The Telegraph, which has never been accused of fomenting or supporting terrorism, agrees on this point.

    Brievik also seems to be differentiating between American and European approached to multiculturalism, apparently stating that right-leaning(?) Republicans are anti-socialist but pro-multiculturalism, which reflects our tradition of support for legal immigration.

    Brievik rails against the Labor and Socialist Left parties for allegedly financing “Norway’s own violent ‘Marxist/Islamist Jugend’ (red youth, SOS Racisme, Blitz, in collaboration with Jihad young) who has injured and terrorized hundreds of cultural conservatives in recent years in Oslo…” (timestamp 2009-11-02 01:05:02)

    “Mina” hypothesizes he may have “gradually lost control of reality…A crazy gunman/bomber that wanted to set his world straight.”

    What Motivated Anders Behring Brievik?

  33. #40 Pyro: Death is usually the end of the line when one tosses the guardrails of life. Ms. Amy, apparently never had much use for the life savers and ended up as one would expect.

    The dog weighs 18stone and 1 stone = 6.35029318 kilograms x 2.54lbs/kilo x 18 = 290 lbs
    If left untended, the back yard would look like a volkswagon dealership.

  35. #36 Shannon:

    For a more detailed (and documented) account of Ms. Sanger ( /spits) and Planned Parenthood ( /spits again), you might read Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood by George Grant. He details her decent into depravity, her antinomian worldview and the roots of her philosophy which permeate the Planned Parenthood organization to this day.

  36. And does anyone else find the existence of “youth camps” run by political parties a bit disconcerting?

    Silly rabbit! We already have “youth camps”. It’s our public edjumication system. 😉

  37. #49 Boney: I read that article. Isn’t the dog 7ft. long? Sheesh. He’s bigger than my horse. 🙂

  38. And does anyone else find the existence of “youth camps” run by political parties a bit disconcerting?

    Let’s analyze this just a bit. . .a lefty camp full of yutes, on an island with no auto bridge, thus ensuring a far greater degree of privacy, males and females young and with hormones raging, wadya think is really going on in those camps, prolly just political indoctrination. I bet there is only rampant sexual activity there during the highly restricted hours of daylight or dark.

  39. #44 Darren, Dang Dammit Man put up a disclaimer, that Thang is UGLY NASTY.
    Bleaching Eyeballs……..

  40. Nobody would eat dog burgers.

    Yabbut you’ll never get a horse to play fetch or guard the house.

  41. Yabbut you’ll never get a horse to play fetch or guard the house.

    Nor are dogs a good source for future steaks or glue.

  42. SuperDave;

    You’re right, my links do need a disclaimer. Especially the second. When I first saw Winehose’s photo on Drudge over the title that she died the first thing I wondered is if she ever ate. And, form a strictly biological point of view, if you don’t eat, you’ll die.

    Like you, I’ve no idea who she is or why she is well known in the music biz.

  43. I bet there is only rampant sexual activity there during the highly restricted hours of daylight or dark.

    Dude, it’s not the University of Southern Illinois.

  44. HA! I knew better than to click on the Winehouse photos links. Can we say “skink?”

    I’m ignoring the resta the posts about my poor little pony. He jist can’t git no repect./shakes fist

  45. About my #56 I shouldn’t have been so crass, even though SHE was responsible for her looks/life she did pass away and at a yong age, it’s just sad.

  46. Good afternoon Hamsters. Oh boy, the foreign and domestic amateur shrinks are already having a field day with the Norwegian bomber/assassin/off the rails nutcase’s motives in yesterday’s horrors. Looks to be that anyone can find something to bolster a pet theory, and various factions will likely shortly be slugging it out in the press and on the net. There’s political hay to be made in all directions. How long will it be before some leftwinger blames George W. Bush? The circus has begun before the murdered are properly buried. 🙁

    On a much ligter note, spouse’s old friend and fellow ham radio licsensee from decades back e-mailed him about an accidental find on Ebay in the postcards for sale section, which he does not usually view. Big as life were some postcards hams send to each other to confirm contacts made by radio. Several of the friend’s cards were there and one of spouse’s. It dates from 1956 when he was 16, has his old call sign and all the pertinent info of the contact, his address and name on the front and the address of the recipient on the back–all carried by a 2-cent stamp. Oh boy, can you say inflation?

    I urged him to buy it, and he did for $15. Sent 55 years ago and in good condition now. He has some really venerable cards received in his collection from that time. We presume it was in the estate of a deceased ham radio person. Kind of neat to get your own card back.

  47. #66 Ms Adee that is so neat, how far away was the contact? Since your Hubby is a Ham Operator, have you heard of “The 1000 Marbles” I think it’ s a ture story because several years ago I Googled his Call Sign and it was real but inactive.

  48. #40 Pyro

    Amy Winehouse suffering from acute death.

    She finally found a rehab program that will work for her.

  49. #69 SD, The tale of 1,000 Marbles is wonderful for anyone. Will ask spouse if he’s read it.
    Also need to ask him where his recently purchased card had been sent 55 years ago, as I was so busy looking at his side of it I don’t recall where it went. 🙁 Will find that out too.

  50. #65 Squawk

    What do blog monkeys do in their spare time?

    Well, what do they do? Play that game, or bang out more games like it?

  51. Boehner bails from debt meeting.

    In the call with his House GOP colleagues, Boehner (Ohio) said he still hopes to slice as much as $4 trillion out of the federal budget over the next decade, despite the collapse of talks with President Obama on Friday over a bipartisan “grand bargain” to restrain the nation’s debt.

    I still don’t think the “leadership” really understands the problem:
    $4,000 Billion in cuts to the budget over 10 years = $400 billion/year in savings. . . . .but wait!
    $1600 billion/year in deficits (this is probably not as bad as it really is) minus the $400 billion in phantom savings = $1200 billion in deficits that are still there.
    Bush’s worstest (just for you grammar nazis out there) budget deficit was $400Billion and now Boner wants us to think that $1200billion/year deficits are a good thing??
    IN order to restore any semblance of fiscal sanity to our country, we must run SURPLUSES and pay down the debt, anything short of that is absurd and will fail.
    IF the “leadership” is unwilling to restore at least a semblance of sanity and go back to FY 2007 budget levels (the last of the pre-Nanzi Pelousi budgets) , then at least go back to the last budget that the Senate actually passed – AND START CUTTING FROM THERE!
    The very idea that they could claim that moving the yearly budget deficit from 1.6 Trillion wissin dollars to 1.2 Trillion wissin dollars is making progress tells me they do not understand the problem

  52. #69 Super Dave, Spouse had read 1,000 Marbles sometime back but doesn’t recall where.
    He read it again today and agrees it’s a pretty good way to look at life.

    His 1956 card went to Columbus, OH and will arrive here in a few days.

  53. 76 Adee,

    Like your husband I have been a Ham Operator most of my life. Shortwave communications bit me hard in the mid-sixties. People today do not realize how difficult long distance communications were in the 40’s thru late 60’s.

    I can remember listening to K7UGA (Senator Barry Goldwater) arguing politics on 20 & 40 meter phone in between running phone patches for service personnel in Viet-Nam and other delightful places.

    I will retire soon and one of my primary goals is to fix my station and return to 75 meter phone at night with rest of the old geezers swapping lies.


  54. So T. Rex Obama is still demanding Congress show up at his digs again to present a plan he can adopt, still having nothing of his own in writing to be examined. By his behavior I would guess his lifeline to Soros is outta working order and the instructions aren’t coming through clearly, so he’s winging it badly. And the fawning media keep swooning at every utterance.

  55. Bruce Bawer, whom the Oslo bomber and Utoya shooter suspect Anders Behring Breivik directly criticized as too soft on Islam, wrote an excellent piece on the situation in Norway and it can be found on Pajamas Media.

    It is chilling to read my own name in postings by this mass murderer. And it is deeply depressing to see this evil, twisted creature become the face of Islam criticism in Norway. Norwegian television journalists who in the first hours of the crisis were palpably uncomfortable about the prospect of having to talk about Islamic terrorism are now eagerly discussing the dangers of “Islamophobia” and “conservative ideology” and are drawing connections between the madness and fanaticism of Breivik and the platform of the Progress Party.

    That’s exactly what the press is doing.

    A Double Tragedy for Norway: Not only has it lost almost one hundred people to a senseless rampage, but legitimate criticism of Islam has been profoundly discredited by association with a murderous lunatic.

  56. 77 Boney

    Hams do it at a higher frequency.

    Talking about Sex, Politics, or Religion is considered to be taboo, but I would be lying to say that it is not done. There is a group (net) that meets on 3950 khz at 10 pm local time. The “Liberty Net” has been the source of some controversy for years (Google Liberty Net).
    The net is usually a raucous affair with proponents and opponents engaging in some ungentlemanly and sometime illegal conduct.


  57. In this country we have people who are FAR MORE concerned with personal aggrandizement than they are with what is actually good for the entire country. I don’t think that is news to anyone here. The same crapola happens in Israel and the biggest “self aggrandizer” in the country is Tzipi Livni. She, like Harry Reid and Nanzi Pelousi, is perfectly willing to sacrifice her country in order to gain power over her rival, Benjamin Netanyahu.

  58. #78 Simple:

    75 meter phone

    Is that the minimum length of antenna/wave length? I’m more than a little confused. I understand that submariners use an Extremely Low Frequency antenna that has to be unspooled from a reel and may be several hundred meters long, are you talking about a real tall antenna or one that has that much wire. Does it have to be vertical or can you run an antennae all the way around your property and have it do double duty as barbed wire?

  59. #84 Darren, Yes that is a thoughtful post on a possible Perry run for the Presidency. And the suggestion of a governor from a resurgent blue turned red state for running mate is good strategy. Scott Walker is already turning Wisconsin around and has the grit to keep on keepin’ on despite the viciousness of the unions and socialists who are losing. The object is to defeat Obama in 2012, period.

  60. I played Othello several times online against the computer at novice level. I tell you, I really suck at Othello.

  61. Just one of many EPA recommendations when it comes to cleaning up after a CFL is broken in the home.

    Continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the H&AC system shut off, as practical, for several hours.

    That’ll work out great this time of year in Houston Texas.

    Proof positive that that the politicians that supported the banning of the incandescent light bulb in favor of the mercury laden CFL are completely insane, bought off and corrupt.


  62. very, very dull micro economics class.

    Economics is fun!

    Not quite as much fun as physics or math, but c’mon, what could be?

  63. 89 Phil:

    Proof positive that that the politicians that supported the banning of the incandescent light bulb in favor of the mercury laden CFL are completely insane, bought off and corrupt.

    I beg to differ with you a bit there Phil; they are not insane, they just think that the majority of people are idiots and will not see through their plan. They are absolutely corrupt and bought off; further the overwhelming majority are amoral.

  64. #91 Pyro:

    Economics is fun!

    It is really not a “hard” science. They still teach Keynesian theory as a viable economic model, so how can anyone take the subject seriously?
    When you get very far beyond basic supply and demand curves, rationality takes a vacation.

  65. #91 WB

    Macro economics I loved. I had a great professor, and I found the subject matter extremely interesting. I still remember the supply/demand charts. Like my geography class, it explains so much about how this life works. In geography, we learned about the formations of the earth, the circulation of the atmosphere and oceans, and the whys and wherefores of their development and placement. We also touched briefly on how those developments affected cultures and nations – and politics. Dr. Libecap and Dr. White were two of the best professors I ever had, and I’ll be eternally grateful for their ability to make their subject matter not only interesting, but practical.

  66. just in from the spit box:

    Short spelling lesson:

    The last four letters in American……….I Can
    The last four letters in Republican…….I Can
    The last four letters in Democrats………Rats

    End of lesson. Test to follow in November, 2012

    Remember, November is to be set aside as rodent extermination month.

    Ifn you have to hold your nose to vote R, its better than whats coming ifn you dont!

  67. I don’t remember Keynes in any of my eco classes. Perhaps I just don’t remember it – which means that if it was mentioned back then at A&M, it wasn’t given much time.

  68. Economics is fun!

    Macro economics is lots of fun. Microeconomics can be a whole other story.

  69. #88 Darren:

    I saw Captain America last night, and I would have to mildly disagree with your reviewer.
    apparently he was looking for a Pro-America, political pep-rally. Unfortunately the economics of film-making on that level require that a producer take the foreign market into account.

    Hayward whines about the “unwieldy” title, but if he had stayed until the end of the credit roll he would understand why the title was justified.

    He feels the characterizations are un-motivated. I didn’t see that at all, they just weren’t as cynical as Hayward would like….

    I could address other points, but it’s late. So, here’s my take – Captain America is one of the very best comic book films. Certainly the best this year so far, and, in my opinion, one of the best ever. It’s well worth the price of a ticket – at least a 2-D ticket.

  70. 83 Boney,

    75 Meters is the appx. wavelength for the phone band @ 3.8 to 4.0 mhz (3800khz to 4000 khz) This is a night time band much like the commercial AM band.

    Antennas for 75 meters come in all sizes from relatively compact verticals to wire antennas that.

    See the following link for more details. For More info

  71. This has been an unusually low-volume weekend on the Couch. I don’t have anything in particular to contribute either.

  72. Have we caved yet? I suggest that we already have, since Speaker Bohner is now talking in terms of “not going to default” rather than terms of “raise the debt ceiling.” Just how ridiculous is it? They are talking about increasing the debt ceiling a few hundred billion dollars for a couple of months just to give them time to regroup and go through it all again (kicking the can down the road). Yet they cannot agree to cut only 300 billion dollars a year for the next 10 years….We can’t even cover the “kick the can down the road” portion in 2 or 3 years assuming anyone is even telling the truth about the situation.

    Insanity – we are doomed. Just say no to an increase in the debt ceiling. Pay as you go, prioritize spending, (we still take in over 200 billion each month, not counting what’s in the bank right now), and get ready to start shuttering non-essential agencies for keeps. FAA was shut down last week due to the absence of a funding agreement from congress, and no one has even noticed. There are probably other agencies out there just like that.

  73. fat albert;

    It’s well worth the price of a ticket – at least a 2-D ticket.

    Dang, I guess I’ll not see it in 4-D or 5-D. 😉

    Thanks for your input, albert. I’ve heard lots a great reviews on it and my wife and I want to see it. There’s a local theater that’s kinda crappy but the first showing is only $4.00 per ticket.

  74. With Christians, it is rather rare to see a self-described Christian engage in heinous terrorist acts. In fact, in as much as there is an Arab Street filled with muslims more often than not cheering on the latest terrorist act of radical Islamists, you will be very hard pressed to find a Christian who does not condemn the act regardless of the faith of the person doing the killing.


    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Bible is quite on point about this.

    Secular leftists and Islamists are both of this world. Christians may be traveling through, but we are most definitely not of the world. In fact, Christ commands us to throw off our ties to this world. But the things of this world love this world and hate the things of God. That’s why secular leftism can embrace both activist homosexuals and activist muslims when the latter would, when true to their faith, be happy to kill the former.

    All of them can pile on and condemn the Christian because the Christian is just passing through, a stranger in a strange land.

    Over the next week, assuming the budget fight in Washington doesn’t over shadow it, you can expect lots more gloating that the guy in Norway described himself as a conservative Christian. Never mind that a conservative Christian would not do what the guy did. The left, however, will not be persuaded otherwise. They are of this world and this world is all that matters until the last day.

    Good popints made by Eric Erickson

    God and Oslo

  75. # 77 BC. Yes, at least it is for my spouse and for most of the hams I know.

    Good afternoon Hamsters. Another 75 at 6 am and resonably pleasant until about 7:30 when I turned the mares out. Muglies appeared shortly afterwards but not severe, and that usually means it will be dry. It is 93 with 35% humidity on the front porch and under the tree shading St.Francis in the back yard. In the sun it’s 103 under variable clouds coming and going, none of which seem promising. 🙁 But what else is new here?

    Kin in Madison, WI have had for a week just about the same temps as we do, and happily for them they have central air in their home. But by overnight they will have rain and a cool front come through to give them a break. Ummm, our break is a long way off.

  76. I finally finished cutting the grass at my house here in Glorious Copperfield, started around 11 and after several cool off breaks I am done, showered and finally clean and not fouling the air with the stench of sweat and dirt.
    It is really hot out there, I can’t imagine Hell being much worse.

  77. #109 Bones
    I mowed Saturday morning and thought it seemed more humid (“the mugglies” as Adee calls it) than the 50% stated on the indoor/outdoor weather gizmo. First time this summer I soaked my clothes while mowing & edging.

  78. Man, I’m tripping down memory lane. Watching “The Flying Nun” and “The Monkees”. Takes me back.

    Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy back.


  79. If I went waaaaaaaay back, I’d be watching “Rin Tin Tin” and “Rocky & Bullwinkle”.

  80. Ooooh, oooh, and “Petticoat Junction” and “Green Acres,” too!

    It’s good to find some TV shows I could show to kids without being arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  81. Got a notice from Bettencourt Tax Advisors yesterday announcing we received ~$22,000 reduction in property appraisal thanks to their efforts in contesting the original appraisal and ours in supplying them with specific sales/market info in our area. Also thanks to our neighbor who is a Realtor working primarily with foreclosures for supplying that info for us to pass along. We’re taking the neighbors to dinner. 🙂

    Bet the Fort Bend County appraisal board bled a bit in giving the reduction,. But they couldn’t ignore 1) the home two properties down our street that was a foreclosure finally purchased below market after almost a year on the market or 2) the home directly behind us that sold way below market because the widowed owner had to sell before December 31 or it would go into foreclosure. Then there was the home ~ half mile away that had been on the market nearly 2 years before it sold and several other homes in the immediate area on the market for almost that long that have not sold.

    Bettencourt has much more experience than I do in such matters, so there was certainly more to the protest than the info we gave them. I did the protesting myself for years before we got the 65+ exemptions, and it kept our appraisals near the low end for our neighborhood. Our school taxes are frozen, but I understand that if the appraised value goes down 2 consecutive years then the taxes will be lowered accoringly and also frozen at that level. Cant imagine a zooming recovery in a year.

  82. Harry Reid is “adamant” that he does not want a short term deal. Does anyone who is able to fog a mirror believe that he wants anything other than to remove a campaign issue? He is perhaps the most myopic, hyper-partisan, crap weasel in the combined congress. I am no where near to the point where I am painting the Rs lily white, but the behavior of the Ds including PF is appalling!
    I still don’t believe they are serious about the whole budgetary thing, until they start chopping entire agencies and institute a zero baseline budget process, we are not going to get anywhere.

  83. Remember that link several Hamsters posted recently to the gal with a purported 3rd nipple on the bottom of her foot? That factoid came up one recent evening on the Neal Boortz radio show, and Neal’s producer Belinda commented “Well, if she has triplets, she’ll be golden.”

  84. Off to do some shopping for mater, and deliver her clean undies and stuff. I guess Mommy duty is pretty well over, and daughter duty has taken its place.

  85. #116 Adee
    I also turned my appraisal protest over to The Tax Man’s company and have been very pleased with the results. BTA has done much better for me than the previous protest company I used. I did my own for a long time, but I found it too frustrating after I realized the outcome seemed to be directly related to the ethnicity of the HCAD personnel I got assigned to each year. That was true for both the informal interview and the formal board hearing. That was a very unhappy realization for me. Anyone else ever have this experience with their local appraisal district?

  86. #122 M42: Yes I have and that is why I use the Tax Man myself. I have experienced, on an increasing frequency, surliness/hostility from a certain ethnic group in my normal consumer activities. The bad attitude is frequently present in government employees of a certain minority group/protected class. That attitude has never surfaced in the grocery store (Kroger), however nor at the bank (chase).

  87. The condition of having more than two nipples is probably more common than what you realize. I have 3 but the third is much smaller and looks more like a mole until you really start to examine it.

  88. This dude is my attorney. Northside dude. And one of the nicest guys that you’d ever meet.

    As for Captain America? When Hollywierd tried to make him a “Citizen of the World”, I dropped that movie like a ton of bricks. Captain America ain’t getting my money, sukkas.

  89. Hmmm, th animal cruelty story in #126 doesn’t mention the gender of the horse but presumably it was a mare. The idiot is darned lucky the horse didn’t kick him into the middle of next week, though had that happened it would likely change his mind–if not his physiology–about such activities. 🙂

  90. #126 Pyro:

    Johnson was charged with this same offense in October 2002 for a similar incident at Carson Park

    Once you go nay you can’t stay away.

  91. wagon #126;

    What if the horse actually liked it?

    There’s times when the title libertarian pervert seems so redundant.

  92. mharper #112;

    “Rocky & Bullwinkle”

    YES!!! Rocky and Bullwinkle ruled my list of favorite TV shows for some time.

  93. The latest from the United Nincompoops.

    One reason mathematicians and others rejoice in mathematics is that it is precise. There are no penumbras in math. With history, however, historical events are subject to the biases of the historian, or the historian’s nationality or era.

    But even history cannot be entirely created out of whole cloth merely to comport with the politics of the writer, as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) should know by now. In a recent report, according to http://www.LegalInsurection.com’s Matthew Knee, the renowned medieval Jewish philosopher, Maimonides, is now, presto! a Muslim. Knee writes:

    A recent United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) report on Arab contributions to science has declared Moses ben Maimon (also known as Maimonides or Rambam), generally considered the greatest of medieval Jewish philosophers and theologians (and incidentally, among the most prominent physicians of his day) to have been a Muslim named Moussa ben Maimoun.

    I guess they think the less Jews and the more Muslims, the better the world.

    UNESCO Now Rewrites History Its Own Way — Great Jews are Suddenly Great Muslims

  94. Maybe he should be allowed to marry the horse to make it legal. If I have a split personality and I live in New York can I marry myself? And then if one of my personalities “dies” shouldn’t I be able to receive his/her SS benefits?

  95. 115 Ted,

    Be Carefull. The humor of Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillys, and Gilligan’s Island was on many levels. There was an obvious “G” rated humor, but there was no shortage of double entendre and biting social critique.


  96. No NASCAR today, 102 and me were on our own. Fed and brushed the chemical dump, mowed the dirt. Some of the front yard has developed that disease (gang green or whatever it’s called), I remember hearing Randy Lemmon saying you could spread compost on it so I did that – I don’t remember if he said compost with waste oil or without, hope I didn’t screw up.

  97. #131 Darren:

    I would call the UN the world’s biggest collection of maggots and worms – but it seems a shame to insult innocent maggots and worms that way. And UNESCO is possibly the worst part of the bunch.

    Given our current budgetary woes, the fact that the US continues to support these anti-semetic, racist, buffoons is incomprehensible. We should cut them off without a dime and tell them to get the heck off our soil.

  98. #135 Tim
    I usually understand at least 75% of your posts, but this one is a stumper.

    1. Who/what is 102?
    2. Who/what is the chemical dump and why does it need brushing? (Is it your dog?)
    3. You don’t fertilize in a drought.
    4. What kind of waste oil would be in your compost?
    5. Where is Your Sweetie who has let you get yourself into this chaotic state?

  99. Just came back from visiting Mom in nursing home. She’s convinced that her SS and other aid will be cut off, and it’s all the Republicans’ fault for not wanting to work with the president – “They’ve said they won’t cooperate as long as he’s in office!” All she does is watch TV all day while she does her puzzles and stuff.

    She won’t listen to me when I try to tell her the truth. I finally said we need to get off the subject of politics.


  100. Cadet Don ?

    There’s somebody native enough and old enough around here to remember Cadet Don ?

    How about Captain Kangaroo ? That will really date you.

  101. #137

    1) Shiner 102
    2) swimming pool, grrrr – don’t ax about it
    3) can’t spread compost in a drought? I watered it in, does that count?
    4) I have one compost pile I put my waste oil on and the other I don’t. Going green don’t ‘cha know.
    5) She wus bizzy and let me outta her site. 😀

  102. #141 Squawk

    They didn’t show those movies in the mornings on TV. Children who watched those movies were not allowed in our neighborhood.

    We watched Godzilla movies around the clock until my mother, who never forgave Pearl Harbor, realized they were made by the Japanese.

  103. #131 Darren
    Good post. I never heard of Maimonides, but if he was writing about Jewish law and philosophy, he was not a Muslim. Good grief. This is part of a despicable trend, claiming Jewish patriarchs and sites were actually Muslim. These tombs in Israel are sites that predate the Roman occupation, certainly predate Mohammed and Islam.

    Doesn’t this remind you of Obammy’s plan to use NASA as a propaganda tool to boost Muslim self esteem?

  104. Doesn’t this remind you of Obammy’s plan to use NASA as a propaganda tool to boost Muslim self esteem?

    Good point. It does now.

  105. #139;

    How about Captain Kangaroo ? That will really date you.

    I remember Captain Kangaroo though I was never a fan.

  106. Tim, I would ixnay the motor oil in either of your compost piles.


    Although it’s relatively easy to recycle, motor oil can present a big environmental problem and is considered a hazardous substance. You must never include it amongst your compost pile.

    The heavy metals and other toxic substances kill fish and wildlife, so if you’re changing the oil in your car make sure you don’t allow it to run into storm drains which eventually lead to rivers, lakes and ocean systems.

  107. #139 Texpat:

    Not only do I remember Cadet Don, I remember Romper room and……. Kitirik on Channel 13. Her real name was Bunny Orsak. My mom actually took me to be on her show for my birthday one year.

  108. #133;

    The humor of Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillys, and Gilligan’s Island

    Three shows I watched regularly. They cracked me up.

    I still do not know anything about Cadet Don.

  109. Romper room and……. Kitirik

    I remember Romper Room (didn’t watch it) but not Kitirik.

  110. Texpat;

    This thought just occured to me.

    We watched Godzilla movies around the clock until my mother, who never forgave Pearl Harbor, realized they were made by the Japanese.

    Did you and Shannon watch them in secret? Tom and Jerry as well as Speed Racer were banned from the house due t violence so my brother and I frequently watched them without Mom or Dad knowing. That included scheduling a visit at our own friend’s homes durng the viewing times. Mom and Dad weren’t stupid. They knew what e were doing over there at those times and simply asked we didn’t watch those shows there. Beyond that they didn’t make an issue of it.

  111. GJT #151;

    Dangit, I thought I was being progressive.

    You were. Progressives are experts at using enviromental saftey practices that further place the envirnment at risk.

  112. #149 FA

    Kitirik was every Houston boy’s first introduction to the erotic suggestion of chicks walking around dressed like cats. Very clever marketing on the part of KTRK, but, of course, we had no idea of the subliminal threat to our tender psyches in thse days. I’m sure the crews at Channel 13 got a big kick out of it.

    The last photo of Bunny Orsak I saw around 1999 or 2000, she still looked hot.

  113. Well, there’s still no debt ceiling deal, the Asian markets are now open, and yet the end of the world has not occurred – or if it did we all moved into the next dimension simultaneously and failed to notice the change.

    Once again, President Obama, Tax Cheat Timmy, the Fed Chair, other politicians, and Chicken Little have all been proved wrong again.

  114. Tom and Jerry as well as Speed Racer were banned from the house due t violence so my brother and I frequently watched them without Mom or Dad knowing.

    When youngest son was, well younger, I set up the parental controls on his TV in his room a liitle tight regarding violence. He came in saying Dad, I can’t even watch the Texan’s game! 😀

  115. Tex(elitist)pat 😉

    Children who watched those movies were not allowed in our neighborhood.

    We did not have televidiots so we were forced to make a march to the local base theater and spend a quarter every Saturday morning to be entertained. It was not till ’61 that my Dad bought his first TV. We listened to the radiot and records at night for entertainment when not visiting friends and family.

    Prolly a good thing that children “who watched those movies” were not allowed in your neighborhood. We woulda been woopin your candy…… on a regular basis. 🙂

  116. #153 Darren

    Our parents weren’t overly concerned with violence. I was always a huge Warner Bros./Chuck Jones cartoon fan and remain so. Bugs, Daffy, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, etc, etc.

    Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner.

    We also watched endless westerns – series and movies.

  117. Speed Racer! Johnny Quest. I too, remember Romper Room. Is the Electric Company still on? It was a kind of jazzed up Sesame Street.

    Bob Newhart Show
    Dick Van Dyke
    Mary Tyler Moore
    The Partridge Family
    The Brady Bunch (my family of fourteen laughed our heads off at that show. Six kids wuz nuthin’ to us.

    Dang, I’m feeling really old now.

  118. All this reminiscing about old TV shows brings back the Friday night horror show that ran on a local station in Midland when I was in junior high and high school. Had a local host who dressed as a ghoulish character. They started a fan art feature where during some of the breaks, he would display spooky drawings and voodoo dolls they had received by mail. Got to where some of my school friends would recognize my work and call to chat about the show at midnight. Confirmed my parents’ worst fears that I was some kind of freakazoid. 🙂

    I hadn’t thought about that in years. I’ll have to ask my husband if I ever told him about this example of what a weird kid I was at 15. We both grew up liking science fiction, but I loved to see my vampire sketches on that show.

  119. #151 Tim

    Dangit, I thought I was being progressive.

    I hope your HOA rules prohibit any wind turbines in your yard. 🙂

  120. “Norway’s mass killer faces a maximum jail term of just 21 years. Astonishingly, that is the longest sentence available to judges in Norway’s benevolent justice system.” Most murderers in Norway spend just 14 years behind bars. The terrorist is 32 years old. He will get out when he’s 53. That means he’s serving about 3 months for every person he murdered. Justice?

    “Justice?” Good question. Give him the sleepy juice and that’ll be justice. You can do it in ten years. That’s less than half the time his full sentence would be.

    Norway Terrorist Can Only Be Sentenced To…..21 Years Max; Will Be Out By Age 53!

  121. I hope your HOA rules prohibit any wind turbines in your yard.

    Yes we do have an HOA, but if you have 3 acres you can do things in the back.

  122. Texpat #160;

    Bugs, Daffy, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, etc, etc.

    Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner.

    We also watched endless westerns – series and movies.

    Whether ironic or hypocritical, those were also allowed in our house. My brother and I loved the Looney Tunes. We never got too much into westerns. I know while he grew up Dad liked Gunsmoke.

  123. I was a major fan of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” at a young age too. I think it was the only evening show I watched for a year or two. I was a voracious reader back then. Could get through both sides of an Ace Double sci-fi in about a day and a half. Well, more acurately, a night and a half, since I had school, chores, and a part-time job at the Midland Public Library.

  124. GJT #158;

    Although my enthusiasm for Speedracer has dwindled considerably over the years, I still enjoy catching a glimpse or even an entire episode of classic Tom and Jerry. Their later stuff stunk in quality.

    As for Speedracer, Mrs. Darren and I allow our kids to watch anime far more violent than Speedracer ever was. As long as it’s the good guys who win I guess.

  125. “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”

    Ohhhh yeah, those were really good. Hitchcock was a masterful director.

  126. #168 Timber
    Ok, what kind of things are you doing in your back property? I mean besides experimenting with bioengineering in your compost heap.

  127. #159

    Hah !

    I’ll have you know our neighborhood was invincible. My next door neighbor, Terry, and I were military history buffs and would study Roman and Civil War battle strategy and tactics. Terry is a science prof at the U of H these days. He and I would spend days, literally, gathering ammunition, rocks, hard green pine cones (the best) and make up buckets and garbage cans full of hundreds of water balloons. We built reinforcements, bunkers, escape tunnels, catapults, sling shots, ad infinitum…

    Then we would bait the neighboring gangs, who were meaner and bigger, into a war. They would show up and even though we had the smaller kids, we would recruit them if they were a good shot with a decent aim. Sometimes we would have more than a dozen kids hidden behind fences and even on roofs. It was all planning.

    We won every single battle because we worked so hard at preparation and tactics. The other guys always gave up and left because they would run out of ammo and we just continue to bombard them endlessly. They could never understand how we did it, but it never occurred to them to work as hard as we did.

    Looking back, it was like an Our Gang movie.

    Yeah, we were obsessive and our parents thought we were completely nuts…but, hey, we always won.

  128. TT #162;

    Dang, I’m feeling really old now.

    No worries. Though not as a family per se, my brother and I, mostly me since I was a TV junkie, watched, in order from most to least, lots of episodes between CHiPS, Brady Bunch, Partridge Family (I always think of them when I hear Twelve Days of Christmas), Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Adam 12, and Bob Newhart. The Incredible Hulk, Different Strokes, Cheers, and, of course, The Cosby Show, and Coach were huge hits in the house. The whole family enjoyed latter three.

  129. Ok, what kind of things are you doing in your back property?

    You mean besides having Ma-In-Law’s travel trailer parked out back? Heh, the tall red-tips we have planted in front to hide it began wilting in this drought, even with the sprinklers. I put out a hose to drown them suckers toot-sweet!

  130. Only in America:

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders [M-Pluto] said in a radio interview that he’s thinking about trying to encourage somebody to run against President Obama in a primary election, claiming the president has drifted toward Republican positions because “no one will stand up to him.”

  131. the president has drifted toward Republican positions

    I’ll take WTF for $2000 Alex

    One word description for life in the United States.

    What is surreal?

  132. Speaking of violence and Westerns, Mrs. Darren and I just got done watching Silverado. Pretty good movie. It had some good shooting and hooves hitting people in the head.

  133. Squawk;

    And I dunno why this one reminds me of Darren.

    I don’t know either. I never knew about Beanie and Cecil before. I did like dinosaurs growing up. Perhaps I give of that vibe to others so they think me a water dragon or somethin’.

    I did see “Roger Ramjet” on the suggested links. I remember the physco Navy SEAL being called that on the movie The Abyss. I did not realize that was an actual cartoon.

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