Tuesday Open Comments

The Left is already outlining who to blame for Obama’s 2012 defeat. Looks like it’s gonna be redneck whitey’s fault:

Each election cycle there occurs a tired ritual, in which pundits and reporters rediscover that yes, indeed, there are still a lot of white working class voters in America, and they represent a serious vulnerability for the Democrats. But just this once, let’s skip the period where everyone initially ignores this group and cut straight to the chase: There will be a lot of white working class voters showing up at the polls next November, and the degree to which they support (or abandon) President Obama could very well make or break his reelection.

I guess it couldn’t be because unemployment is 9.1% (actually it’s much higher, but that’s another story) or that the anemic growth in the economy shows no signs of improvement in the foreseeable future. So much for “post-racial” America.

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87 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Comments

  1. All Whitey’s are racists, it can’t have nuttin’ to do with the 20% REAL unemployment rate.
    Mornin’ Gang

  2. Hey, we got a trace of rain here in Clear Lake, Can’t hurt. The grass was smiling when I left. 😀

  3. So much for “post-racial” America.

    We’ve somehow managed to go from a promise of “post-racial” to a reality of hyper-racial, at least among the professional grievance mongers. Then again, they were that way to start with. Sigh.

  4. HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!! I s’pose its time for the pagans to go sacrifice a virgin or something.

  5. Good morning Hamsters. Rain overnight. Rain overnight–not much, just enough to wet the grass and sidewalks. Hoping for a lot more today and tomorrow. Meantime it was 78 and uggly at 6, breeze is up and running now from the SE and gaining strength.

    Prayers for our neighbors who are fleeing wildfires.

  6. Perhaps the hurricane that is on the west coast of Mexico will bring some rain our way.

  7. #8 Surely there must be one at the elementary school. Not that there are any pagans on these pages that would need one anyway.

  8. #8 I would rather cleanly butcher the goat and split it longways and slow roast it on a spit.

  9. So one of my colleagues was cleaning out some files and found an interesting document. It’s your standard letter requiring vendors to comply with the company’s ethical standards, except this one was particularly ferrous.

  10. #9 SD: That was absolutely beautiful! How many times is one required to allow some terd-nozzle to call one a liar, cheat, fraud and coward to one’s face before one smacks him? I would absolutely love to see the same thing, only more severely, happen to Michael “the fat tub of crap” Moore, Al “I’m full of crap” Gore and a whole slew of others.

  11. #9. Hell yeah!

    Buzz catches him square on the jaw and redirects this misguided young man’s focus.

    At 74 no less!

    Note: don’t harass Buzz Aldrin.

  12. If Dear Leader should lose the next round, I would suggest that it’s his own fault. However, given the generally lackluster crowd of R challengers, I would not count him out just yet. You can bet your whatever that this election will be the down and dirtiest of all time, with fraud and corruption at the highest levels ever. I don’t think a decent gentleman or gentlelady would stand a chance, and conventional techniques will not work. Sarah Palin has blazed the trail to sidestep the media and shown how to take a message directly to the people. Rick Perry and others have suggested that trying to make the media like one of us is folly, so once again, the message is “take it to the people unfiltered.” Of course, that means we need to have some first class techies out there running all over the net, and I really have not yet seen the necessary level of internet skill demonstrated so far. Anyway, talk about Hope and Change, I’m all for it now.

  13. #18 TT: That was a great article and one that everyone should read. If China has approx 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE and the ratio of boys to girls is 112-100 or higher the excess number of boys with no hope of marriage is approx 90 MILLION MEN. Lets put this into perspective; you have 90 MILLION young 20 something male, hormones raging and really pizzed off because they do not have the money or social standing to acquire a bride. The article statistically correlates that crime increases in direct proportion to the number of un-attached(able) males. What does the gov’t do when faced with an increasingly dangerous and growing segment of the population? A reasonable solution would be to send them off to war in a far away land; perhaps way to the west from China and viola you wind up at the valley of Armegeddon. Add in the over supply of pizzed off men from the nations surrounding Israel in the region who want nothing more than to exterminate every Jew and you wind up having enough people to fulfill the prophecy that there were so many killed that the blood ran in the street up to a horses bridle. Can anyone else see that happening?

  14. #23 Bonecrusher

    I read a related article sometime in the last six months or so where families with daughters are having to keep close tabs on them – the girls are being kidnapped at very young ages and being raised as future brides for the son of the family. The family is ensuring that there will be a wife for their son, since girls are in such short supply. We’re talking about kidnapping toddlers, and raising them until marriageable age.

    Again — sad, so, so, so sad.

  15. I must say I’ve never met a politician I initially liked or trusted. There have been a few that, once in office, were able to earn some trust but I am suspicious of them all. Democrats are the worst (they have never been able to gain my trust) but I don’t like or trust any of them.

  16. Just had a guy come out and give a spiel on 3D printers. Very, very cool and much more affordable than I had thought. I don’t think we’ll be getting one very soon, but it was good to plant the seed. BTW, Jay Leno uses one to produce parts for his autos that are no longer commercially available.

  17. John Huntsman announces presidential bid.
    While I don’t normally place a whole lot of faith in the accuracy of any D official; I have heard similar things about Huntsman from other sources:

    Utah Democratic Party chairman Wayne Holland told reporters that Huntsman worked with Democrats to pass cap and trade legislation and embraced Obama’s stimulus plan. Holland says Huntsman only criticism of the economic bailout was that it “should’ve been larger” — a stance that’s anathema to most conservative voters.

    “The Jon Huntsman that is announcing his candidacy tomorrow isn’t the Jon Huntsman that most Utahans have known,” Holland said. “It is pandering and not consistent with whom he has been in the past.”

    If he is for cap and trade, Like that terd-nozzle Romney-hole, that pretty much guns him down (figuratively) in my book. That he thinks the bailout/stimulus should have been larger makes me want to put another couple of rounds in him (figuratively, of course).

  18. #27 Dooooodski: That looks like a way cool gizmo. It would be really great to work in a place that such a critter could be put to good use.

  19. Driving through the King Ranch (Brazos River Division) affords an uninterrupted, 360 degree view of the distant horizon.
    Bright white, massive, towering thunderheads are building all around.

    Here’s hoping you have a shot at some showers.

  20. I put John Huntsman, Bob Dole, John McSwine, Trent Lott, and Mitt Romney all in the same category: squishy. Note to all: squishy R’s lose everytime. If the media is pushing an R candidate, it is only because they think that one is beatable.

  21. #20 EG

    Anyway, talk about Hope and Change, I’m all for it now.

    Cool spin on the Obammybot motto!

  22. Well how’s about that, seems that Ole Dave won a “Star Award” and will be traveling to the Cape to see the STS 135 Launch! 😀 Thought sure that I’d have to take that one off the “Bucket List”

  23. That looks like a way cool gizmo. It would be really great to work in a place that such a critter could be put to good use.

    Yeah, the challenge is to present it as a utilitarian device rather than as an expensive toy. In truth, it really is useful, but there is already a preconceived mindset to overcome. I could see where it would be useful for sales and marketing as well as for us engineering types. Entry level (all required supplies included) would be ~$20k. A lot of money yes, but definitely within the reach of even small businesses.

  24. Intellectuals in America speak out on the issues just as often and as loudly as intellectuals in any other country, and their views are presented to the country just as often as the views of intellectuals in any other country, but in a society where their views are not enforced in any way, and not privileged almost at all, not much of anybody is listening. Outside of college campuses and a few left-leaning foundations, it’s hard to find anybody in America who cares what “most educated people” think, or are supposed to think. It’s hard to find anybody who even cares what the major media thinks. When the content on CBS and NBC and CNN goes off in a direction they can’t support, actual people ditch the majors for niche-marketed opinion writers more to their liking. That’s why Rush Limbaugh is a rich man. That’s why Matt Drudge is famous. That’s why an entire network of successful “Christian conservative” media has grown up and entrenched itself in less than thirty years. That’s why Fox News exists in the first place. Intellectuals aren’t being vilified in America, most of the time. They’re just being ignored.


    One thing has become increasingly clear to intellectuals in America since Ronald Reagan was elected over their vociferous objections in 1980: as long as capitalism survives, their claims to respect and deference are a lost cause. If actual people are allowed to think that their own opinions are just as good as the opinions of experts, if they’re allowed to refuse to follow expert advice, if they’re allowed to choose what they think is best for themselves–under those circumstances, the status of credentialed professionals in the humanities and social sciences, whether intellectuals in name or only members of the “knowledge professions,” will sink to zero.

    The real surprise is that it hasn’t done so already.

    From Part IV of mystery author Jane Haddam’s essay titled Why Intellectuals Love Marx.

    HT: American Digest

  25. Pssst, look at me, look at me, I’m posting two days in a row!! 😀

    Just FYI I did finally add more to my bloggy about the current status of my France move.

    Can I also give a plug for my dear dear friends we’ve known for YEARS (like 15ish maybe?) who have 9 children at home, no insurance, and their house burned down Sunday in the Plantersville fire? They were at church when the fire broke out and of course had no time to go home and save anything so they lost all but the clothes on their backs. Go here to donate to their rebuilding fund. Please and thank you!

    Also on that vein sending lots of prayers to all those who are affected and perhaps don’t have an amazing group of friends who are donating to a fund in their name, and to all the amazing people fighting the wildfires all over this state. I know resources are getting scarce and I’m sure people are exhausted. Please dear God send some rain to help them!!

  26. #22 – That about sums it up I guess. I apologize for marring this optimistic article with my suggestion that continued diligence appears warranted, even when things appear to be slam dunks.

  27. Does anyone have a link to a map of where the Grimes county fire is located? My access to the net is limited and the last correspondence for TW was that people around us, not us are being evacuated. Friends from the eastern parts are holed up with friends in the Western part and our place in middle.

    Concerned minds would like to know.


  28. #39 – MsMeglet! good ta see you drop by! (sad subject matter notwithstanding)

    *kneemail* is up for all best results………………………..

  29. Go here to donate to their rebuilding fund. Please and thank you!


    Will write a check tonight and get it mailed tomorrow. God bless those poor folks. I can’t even imagine.

    I just heard that KTRH’s website has “an interactive map to locate the wildfires in Texas”. I hope it gives you what you need.

  31. Tex,

    Nothing new! Even Shakespeare had low humor and overt theatrics in his plays, so the folks in the “cheap seats” could enjoy the play.

    Do you believe the yellow sheet journalists of the late 19th and early 20th century were targeting the intellectual crowd?

    Rush and Drudge are certainly very popular, but so is TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Judge Judy, Cheaters, and the entire Reality TV Genre. I don’t believe any of them target the intelligentsia.

    I am reminded of the words of Bob Dylan from “Its Alright Ma…”.
    “The Masters make the Rules for the Wisemen and the Fools.”


  32. #37 Texpat

    “If actual people are allowed to…”

    Ain’t freedom a pain in the arse? 🙂

  33. Dylan also said this in “Lilly, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts”:

    The only person on the scene missing was the Jack of Hearts

    How dat work?

  34. Then of course there’s “Ballad of a Thin Man”:

    Now you see this one-eyed midget
    Shouting the word “Now”
    And you say, “For what reason?”
    And he says, “How?”
    And you say, “What does this mean?”
    And he screams back, “You’re a cow
    Give me some milk
    Or else go home”

  35. A while ago, I think on Lone Star Times, Texpat posted a video that showed a hypothetical society creating laws about how to crack an egg. The point of the video was to show how the more local political power is, the happier more people are in society. Does anyone remember the name of the video. The soceity was named something like Vespusian and I think it was part of a project sponsored by the Heritage Foundation.

    I’d really like to find a link to that video. Any help is very appreciated.

  36. Hamous,

    Disillusioned words like bullets bark
    As human gods aim for their mark
    Made everything from toy guns that spark
    To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
    It’s easy to see without looking too far
    That not much
    Is really sacred.


  37. Could this be a sign of the future for the foul “O” and family?

    Jacob Zuma has snubbed the visiting Michelle Obama by sending his prisons minister to meet the first lady at the airport and failing to see her during her three-day stay.

    He did not want to see her and sent his prisons minister to meet her instead??

  38. Texanadian
    There was unconfirmed coffee house reports that the community of Whitehall was severely affected.

  39. #51 Darren
    I don’t think it was that long ago, maybe a couple of months. Coincided with one of the long bitter Big Endian/Little Endian name-calling sessions that lasted for a week or more. Whoever posted can probably find it again.

  40. #53 Hammy
    Newt was an old stale goose when he announced, the sooner he fades out the better for us all.

  41. It probably was on Hamous’ blog. I really can’t remember but it was a great video. Come to think of it, I think it was rated with the thumbs votes so that would place it on Hamous’ blog.

  42. #59 M42: Newt is a walking tragedy; most of his ideas are brilliant – not all but most. He would make an excellent adviser but an awful pres based on the character issue. I, too, wish that he would abandon his bid for pres, unfortunately I don’t think his ego (character issue) will allow him to bow out for a while. I think the lack of money will force the issue.

  43. 43 Katfish says:
    June 21, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    #39 – MsMeglet! good ta see you drop by! (sad subject matter notwithstanding)

    *kneemail* is up for all best results………………………..

    Thank you ever so much!! Prayer accomplishes amaaaazing things…

    44 Dooood says:
    June 21, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Go here to donate to their rebuilding fund. Please and thank you!


    Will write a check tonight and get it mailed tomorrow. God bless those poor folks. I can’t even imagine.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You have my undying gratefulness (and theirs too I know)!!!! This family has had a particularly rough last few years (the Mr lost his job about four years ago I think and has been trying to grow his own business in addition to some family stuff) and they mean so much to me and mine. They’re the nicest little family you could ever hope to meet and both Mr. & Mrs. have been so encouraging to me in my quests this last year or so. I just wanted to cry when I heard they lost everything but I know God can make beauty of ashes quite literally and I’m so excited to see how the community comes together to help out in a crisis.

  44. I just did a “texpat” search in the searcxh boxy thingy at the upper right corner of this page. I got a hit on about 6 front page posts and only about two had a comment by texpat.

  45. Further to my #61, on Social Security back in the 80’s Newt Suggested a phased option out method of giving people a choice on their retirement plan. He said that, given the choice, most Americans would opt to control their own plan and the govt plan would simply die on the vine. In his plan, he specified that those on SS or about to be on would not have any changes and he said the opt out was an option, not a mandate. I wish that would have happened, so we could have removed at least one of the swords of Damocles from over our heads.

  46. Meglet,
    Small world, several of my friends from church sent out the same prayer/assistance request last night. I think we are looking to see what some of us can do to put together some care packages and what not.

  47. does anybody remember the youtube link about the old guy telling the story in a diner about dynamite blowing up a cistern/septic tank?

  48. #54: Shannon
    Thanks, not very specific. From what I read It is close to home. It might be the access I have here but all I see in a little campfire on the map. I am right on the Grimes county line in Waller, to the left of the spike. TW is not answering, could be she’s done for the day and has moved to her prearranged secure spot, the secret bunker in an undisclosed location …

    Thanks for trying.

  49. 67
    How frustrating.
    Just reinforces the need for a family disaster plan, which sounds like you had.
    I guess one should have an intermediary contact that all family & friends should use to pass messages thru.

  50. Texnadian
    I’m just down the road if I can help in any way. At this writing I can be there in 30 minutes. Be glad to head that way now OR ANY TIME. Just LMK.

  51. Thanks Shannon, we loaned out our 5th wheel to some friend is for a parents visit next week. I took it over before I left. I think TW has gone over there so there is no rude awakenings in the night. She went there last night and our friends helped her get important stuff out of the house. She is safe and secure. My boss sent me this link

    And according to the map the fire is still a couple of miles away. Other friends of ours have not been so lucky. Their property is in the middle of the map.


  52. Simple Simon

    If your #46 comment is a response to my link in comment #37, referring to Jane Haddam’s lengthy essay, then I have to say I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    It makes no sense at all.

  53. We will do that, I really do appreciate your offer. Thank you.
    2230 here and I have to what they pay me to do tomorrow so it’ s try to nap time. My boss sent me a note offering to relieve me. Not practical because there is nothing I can do and the wife, bless her heart has once again looked after things while I’m off galavanting around the world.

    Good on him though for making the offer.

  54. #s 69, 70 etc——— I’m not as close as Shannon is – but I can darn sure try to help if need be – let Shannon know OR you are welcome to use my non work type emailage






  55. …….and the wife, bless her heart has once again looked after things while I’m off galavanting around the world.

    Funny how the good ones always seem to do so. 🙂

  56. I’m taking a short break from working on the car. Any ideas on what Texpat’s egg cracking video was called? I’ve searched a long time this morning and no luck. i’m trying to get it to share with family via email. Since one of our topics is federalism, it’ll fit very well.

  57. #78 Darren

    I vaguely remember the egg video, but I didn’t have any luck finding it. I posted it on the front page of LST, not here.

    The LST archives are in deep cryogenic storage currently until we decide to repopulate the blogosphere by unleashing them on the world.

  58. The title of this video is “Lilliputian Liberty” and that’s how I found it, by including Lilliputian in my search string. I did have to look up Swift’s work to remember what mythical country had a civil war over which end of the egg to crack.The video was produced by Young Americans for Liberty and the contest it won was sponsored by the Center for Freedom & Prosperity Foundation.

  59. texanadian, we are off Nichol’s Sawmill road, please let us know if we can help.

    goodjobtim @sbcglobal.net

  60. mharper #80&81;

    “On a scale of one to ten YOU are an eleven”

    Thanx! For the life of me I could not remember the name of that hypothetical society.

  61. Got an update from TW this mornning, looks like things are going to be okay at the casa. The wind continues to cooperate and while that bods ill for others it keeps my place out of harms way.

    Thanks all for your offers of support.

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