Thursday Open Comments

I had a rough night last night.  Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and worrisome thoughts run through your head?  At 2:30 am, I woke up and the hamsters in my head started running crazily on their worry wheel (present company excluded of course).

It makes for a short night and a long morning.

So as I rub the sleep from my eyes, and stumble into the kitchen, I throw open the cage doors and welcome my fellow Hamsters into the living room.  The usual admonitions about the newspaper and toilet plunger still apply.  Come on in, and I’ll pull out the sweet tea.  Kick off your shoes (unless you have stinky feet), and make yourself at home.



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108 thoughts on “Thursday Open Comments

  1. A woman found out that her dog (a Schnauzer) could hardly hear, so she took it to the veterinarian.

    The vet found that the problem was hair in the dog’s ears. He cleaned both ears, and the dog could

    then hear fine The vet then proceeded to tell the woman that, if she wanted to keep this from recurring,

    she should go to the store and get some “Nair” hair remover and rub it in the dog’s ears once a month.

    She went to the store and bought some “Nair” hair remover.

    At the register, the pharmacist told her, “If you’re going to use this under your arms, don’t use deodorant for a few days.”

    She said, “I’m not using it under my arms.”

    The pharmacist said, “If you’re using it on your legs, don’t use body lotion for a couple of days.”

    She replied, “I’m not using it on my legs either. If you must know, I’m using it on my Schnauzer.”

    The pharmacist says, “Well, in that case stay off your bicycle for about a week.”

  2. G’Morning All:
    Not much time to sit and chat this morning, IRA check was deposited overnight and I’m down to $20.00 in my pocket and several $100.00 things to do.

    Sorry for the bad night, here’s something that might take your mind off it:

    Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

  3. Boney: 🙂

    BTW, I copied Blue Roses and sent it around to my cronies (With a H/T to you, of course)

    Hillary’s hand is over her mouth in the photo showing Obama’s security team watching the Navy SEALs kill bin Laden in real time.

    She suddenly realized that Obama could get re-elected.

  4. And, before I go banking:

    McDonald’s announced a billion-dollar interior re-design in its U.S. restaurants. They will have leather chairs, muted colors, sit-down counters, flat-screen TVs and Internet access.

    The only way Starbucks will be able to compete is to put marijuana in the brownies.

  5. TED POE knocks it out of the park again about the stupid CFLs. I have found only ONE good use for a CFL and that is for a drop light similar to what a mechanic would use under the hood of a car. The incandescent bulbs get too damned hot and if your reflector/housing is made of aluminum IT WILL BURN THE SCHIZZLE OUT OF YOU. Other than that one application, the CFL bulbs really suck as they put off a crappy color of light, not enough of that light, are expensive and toxic and the frequency at which they operate can be detrimental to those who are sensitive; flouresent bulbs have long been known triggers for headaches, including migraines, confusion, eye strain, etc.
    This is one of those items that can be fixed quickly, starting in the house. Just attach a rider to a bill and negate the phase out of incandescent bulbs and be done with it.

  6. I wish I had a night of worry instead of this constant snotterfall, chest congestion, cough and head cold that has beaten me down. But i take comfort in knowing that nothing lasts forever and just like gas this too shall pass.

    Hang in there Miss Tedtam our magic magnifying mind often deceives us and most if not all that we worry about never comes true. But I know you know this.

  7. I guess we are going to have to change Squawkbox’s handle to Snot-Box for the duration of his infermity.

  8. I find this position more than just a little disingenuous. If he were really serious, the FIRST WISSIN THING HE WOULD DO IS ADMIT FAILURE WITH ROMNEYCARE IN TAXACHUSSETTS. I don’t believe that he has a small enough ego to admit a mistake and therefore he is not a good candidate for POTUS. He is just a RINO in RINOs clothing. That being said, he may be a little better than the wissin jackass currently usurping the position.

  9. #13 Snot-Box: Remember when Queen TT was “River-of-Snot”? Get well soon and get rid of the handle.

  10. #8 bone
    Just be careful using a CFL like that when you are using rotating tools or the motor is running. The stroboscopic effect can really bite you.

  11. Well this is a sure sign of elitism:

    Obama Tells Companies to ‘Step Up’ and Hire Workers

    Yeah, just telling us to hire workers is gonna solve everything. I’m sure that CEOs all over the country are falling over themselves to increase their payroll expenses, just ‘cuz TBO said to do it.

    What a wissin’ idiot this president is. 2012 cannot get here soon enough.

  12. #16 Pyro: That same strobe effect causes learning difficulties for some people.
    My father sent me something about how microwave ovens really transform the food they heat by virtue of the high frequency rotation of the water molecules in the food during the radiation process.
    He even cited a study where they nuked water and let it cool before watering plants on one group and had a control group where they did not; the nuked water plants all died.

  13. #17 TT: If there was ever a more glaring example of utopidiocy I do not know what it is. This guy, who is supposedly really smart, does not grasp the simple concept that “workers” must be able to produce more than they cost in order to stay employed. IF there is not sufficient work for that additional employee to perform and generate more revenue than he costs, he will not get hired. Demand drives employment, not the other way around. The usurper believes that companies exist to hire employees instead of make profit; he therefore is unqualified to be potus.

  14. Unless you eat all your food raw it is transformed. If you take a piece of meat and apply heat you’re “transforming” it by denaturing the proteins. You don’t even have to apply heat. You can put it in an acidic solution and denature the protein. That’s how the fish in ceviche is “cooked” in lime juice.

    Water itself is a fairly simple molecule. There’s not much you can do to it by heating it other than cause it to evaporate, whether the heat source is a flame or microwave energy. In the absence of any soluble contaminants in the water about the only thing you could do to water to “transform” it would be to electrolyze it into hydrogen and oxygen. Even if microwave energy could electrolyze water, and I don’t think it can without a catalyst, since those are both gases at room temperature you wouldn’t be able to water plants with them.

    I haven’t checked but I’d bet the microwaved water experiment has been debunked.

  15. Good morning Hamsters, I’m with TT on having a tossing and turning night with less than optimum sleep last night. Our lovely alpha mare Mara has some sort of upper respiratory ailment/blockage that has steadily gotten worse over the past 6 weeks and is no longer responding to decongestants and antihistamines. Her comfort range for head motion and head level has gotten smaller, and that’s affected how much she can eat so she’s been losing weight as well. That piggybacks on her breathing discomfort.

    Took her in to the vet hospital this morning to have her examined as many ways as it takes to find out what’s wrong. The possibilities range from simple to ominous, and of course the ominous ones pop up in thoughts in the dark of night. The vets should have some preliminary info for us by late today. She’s lived with us for 15 of her 22 years, and of the three mares she is the dearest companion. She’s also the one you would want to ride if your life depended on your horse. Have spoken a bit with St. Francis.

  16. You know I had to go check. I came across this anti-microwave site and found this statement that I guess is attempting to prove the dangers of eating microwaved food:

    Final question: How much water is in the human body? I wonder, if microwaves affect the water in your body just like the plant, what would that results be?

    Not good!

    I have no doubt that if you crawled into a microwave oven and turned it on the results would be disastrous. Not coincidentally, if you crawled into a conventional oven and turned it on things wouldn’t turn out too good for you either.

  17. 22 Hamous: The article I read had to do with the microwave radiation causing the individual water molecules to spin within the food and that process somehow messed with the food on a molecular level.
    I was skeptical about the nuked water and plants dying and still am. I would like to see more testing done and not conducted by those with an axe to grind on either side.
    As far as the transformation process, I understand that head (infrared radiation) transforms the food as well as acid although not in the same way. I really dig ceviche.

  18. Sweet story.
    NSFW language

    It brought to mind all the stories Lovely told me about the gypsies who ordered huge amounts of food, cleared the table of every condiment on it, then left without a tip.

  19. Boney – its entirely probable that microwave energy cooks food differently than heat, just like acid does. Does that make it bad for you? I suppose it could produce some different compounds unique to the microwaving process that may be harmful. Barbecuing does but I ain’t about to give up my brisket. Any cooking makes food less nutritious than its raw counterpart by destroying chemical compounds like vitamins. I guess my bottom line is, I have more important things to worry about.

  20. #22 Hammy

    I haven’t checked but I’d bet the microwaved water experiment has been debunked.

    I agree — haven’t checked but don’t believe it.

    Along the same line, I have been a big fan of Tom Tynan’s home-fixit radio show for 20 some-odd years, and he has some odd ideas. I’ve heard him say he thinks microwaves are harmful to humans but his opinion is based on some published “research” done by Nazis in 1930s Germany.

  21. . . . . . .just in from the e-mail-thingie: Words of profound wisdom from a little squirt.


    A father wanted to read a magazine but was being bothered by his little girl.

    She wanted to know what the United States looked like.

    Finally, he tore a sheet out of his new magazine on which was printed the map of the country.

    Tearing it into small pieces, he gave it to her and said, ‘Go into the other room and see if you can put this together.

    This will show you our whole country today.

    After a few minutes, she returned and handed him the map, correctly fitted and taped together.

    The father was surprised and asked how she had finished so quickly.

    ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘on the other side of the paper is a picture of Jesus.

    When I got all of Jesus back where He belonged,

    Then our country just came together.

  22. HEADS UP Hamoustonians™ !!

    There’s a pretty hefty line of T-boomers inbound from the west – yall keep your weather eyes up for SEVERE wind, downpours, hail etc in the next 2-3 hours

  23. Hmmmmm, Sarge too huh?? maybe we should start a “special-ed” class so we can open TT’s linkie-thingies.

  24. Joshua Green is a Senior Editor at The Atlantic where they publish things I more often disagree with than concur. I read their bloggers, Megan McArdle, the economist, and Jeffrey Goldberg. Otherwise, I usually don’t take the time. But Green has written a feature article on Sarah Palin I would not have read since had it not been highly recommended to me, for reasons including the fact I am tired of Palin analysis and everybody’s cheap shots. Given the overly dramatic title of the piece, it was unlikely I would read it without prompting.

    I have also believed her most serious obstacle to being taken seriously in the future was her unrestrained over-exposure in public. In short, I was just burned out on the subject.

    However, Green is good writer and demonstrates his fairness and equanimity for Palin. He clearly spent a lot of time in Alaska talking to many people, friend, foe and ambivalent, who have known Sarah Palin. The article was released yesterday and 150,000 people clicked on it last night. You may not agree with some of final conclusions, but it is well worth the read and provides some very interesting insight to her political career and persona.

    In the Republican primary, Palin crushed Murkowski, delivering one of the worst defeats ever suffered by an incumbent governor anywhere. She went on to have little trouble dispatching Knowles, an oil-friendly Democrat. “A lot of people on the East Coast, when they think of Sarah Palin now,” Cliff Groh, a former state tax lobbyist, told me, “some five-letter words come to mind: Scary. Crazy. Angry. Maybe some others. But the five-letter word that people in Alaska associated with her name was clean.”

    Palin has gained a reputation for being erratic, undisciplined, not up to the job. But that wasn’t how she looked as governor. She began by confronting the two biggest issues in Alaska—the gas pipeline and the oil tax—and drove the policy process on both of them.

    Today, Green cites John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine for an observation he made about Sarah Palin:

    In some ways, the story of Palin is a story of temptation. Rather than sticking to her guns and deepening her political credentials and her knowledge base, she embraced her celebrity instead. And in doing so, she didn’t defeat her critics and enemies; she capitulated to them. Listen, it’s her life and her fortune and she is free to do what she wishes with it. And there’s no telling what the future holds for anyone in America. But she had and has more raw political talent than anyone I’ve ever seen, and, alas, as phenoms go, it looks like she is headed for a Darryl Strawberry-like playing career.

    I have no idea what the future holds for Palin and I would be the last to count her political career over, but I do think she has made some strange strategic choices regarding it. I am also very sympathetic to her seizing financial security for her family while she could. However, it may have come at a dear price.

    Ultimately, I very much agree with Podhoretz on his statement, “But she had and has more raw political talent than anyone I’ve ever seen…”.


    William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection takes exception to Josh Green’s article and John Podhoretz’s comments.

    See his response here.

    Podhoretz threw that epithet on the pile in reaction to a fairly predictable piece by Joshua Green in The Atlantic. (Green, by the way, was featured in an earlier post by me when he accused Herman Cain of running “mildly racist” commercials when Cain headed Godfather’s Pizza.)

    The thrust of Green’s lengthy post was that Palin had only herself to blame for the reaction to her; if only she had been nicer Democrats, the media, and Hollywood would have liked her more. It is a delusional conclusion because it does not address the phenomenon of Palin Derangement Syndrome.

    I expect it from Joshua Green, who seeks to drive traffic to The Atlantic now that Palin basher No.1 (Andrew Sullivan) has left for The Daily Beast. Indeed, Green brags at The Atlantic how there were 150,000 hits on his Palin hit piece. Green also uses Podhoretz’s post as confirmation of the Green’s own reasonableness, calling Podhoretz’s use of the Darryl Strawberry analogy “the best political epitaph for Palin.”

  25. #23 sarge
    Yet they didn’t utter a peep when President Passion Fingers spoke at Georgetown or Notre Dame.

  26. Just don’t start thinking about them at 2:30 in the morning.

    Too late. I was up until 3 this morning. There’s some really weird crap on tv at 3 am.

  27. Apparenlty, the school has no zero tolerance policy for chemical weapons.

    Their 13-year-old son and another boy were on the school bus Thursday when they both experienced an emission. Children being children, the flatulence apparently caused a ruckus on the bus amid a flurry of laughs, jeers and lowering of windows, Nichols said.

    Canal Winchester Middle School officials cited the boys for making an obscene gesture in violation of the student code of conduct in revoking their rides to school Friday.


    He said the bus driver reported the boys to the vice principal, Daniel Senu-Oke, with whom he discussed the punishment.

    He suggested my son should hold his gas on this hourlong bus ride, if in fact he has gas,” said Nichols, whose family lives in Bloom Township in Fairfield County south of Canal Winchester.

    If this policy was in effect in 1966, I never would have finished Junior High.

    Dang. I just realized the example I set for my kids in countless dxrives across the country. I need to warn them to save my grandchildren.

  28. Regarding yesterday evening’s light rain, I was surprised to see only 0.15″ in the rain gauge when I checked it this morning. And yet the ground was still damp. After the prolonged drought, and in spite of my watering when I have time and remember to do it, I would have thought 0.15″ would have been so thoroughly absorbed as to leave no trace at all.

  29. Man, I don’t know where I’m gonna get my raccoon meat now:

    HOUSTON—Four people were arrested at a North Houston car wash where, in addition to washes and waxes, illegal drugs and raccoon meat were sold, Houston police said Wednesday.

  30. HOUSTON—Four people were arrested at a North Houston car wash where, in addition to washes and waxes, illegal drugs and raccoon meat were sold, Houston police said Wednesday.

    Has anyone seen Southern Tragedy lately?

  31. #50 Sarge

    Has anyone seen Southern Tragedy lately?

    ST prolly does not have to buy her raccoon meat at a car wash…

    Oh wait, are you thinking she was SELLING it to the car wash !?!?

  32. Oh wait, are you thinking she was SELLING it to the car wash !?!?

    Actually, I think she runs the dead raccoon cartel in NE Harris County

  33. Ron Paul destroys any chance he had at becoming President.

    Rep. Ron Paul, a likely Republican presidential candidate known for opposing U.S. military intervention overseas, said if he were president, he would not have duplicated President Obama’s plan for taking out the man responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

    In a radio interview Tuesday, Paul suggested the U.S. government could have worked with Pakistan to secure Usama bin Laden’s capture instead of unilaterally entering the country and killing him — despite concerns that the Pakistanis could have tipped him off.

    “It was absolutely not necessary,” Paul said of the May 1 CIA-led Navy SEALs raid.

  34. Yo’ KatFish LQQks like the rain has hit your place, the radar looks pretty nasty. I hope it makes to Clear Lake.

  35. Adee, so sorry to hear your Mara isn’t feeling well. I see the storm front has engulfed your part of the world now, hope it is benign rain and not destructive.

  36. I just got an automated call from “Memorial Credit Union” informing me that there was a problem with my debit card due to billing errors. For help, I was to press “1”.

    1) I don’t know any “Memorial Credit Union”.
    2) I rarely use my debit card. Twice a year, maybe.
    3) My bank knows me well. They know how to get ahold of me if necessary.

    Obviously a scam. I thought about pressing “1” just to try to get a name so I could report them to the cops, but figured if I did that I might be opening the door to something worse.

    Damn thieves.

  37. The winds on the leading edge of this massive front have reached my house near Tidwell & TJ Jester. This may get hairy but a good soaking rain should be worth it.

    Batten down your hatches, y’all! Later…

  38. Whoohoo real rain in Cut-N-Shoot. Hey wait. This ain’t right. What little grass I do have is rolling a tarp over itself. Danged East County grass I tell ya.

  39. Well, at least we’re getting some soaking-type rain. Didn’t get much excitement, though.

    I guess some of you got the sex, and all I got was the cigarette.

  40. Is that all we’re gonna get? I’m so disappointed.

    Exactly how I felt. After looking at the radar it looked like we were gonna get hammered. They must have the sensitivity turned way up on the radars looking for even the slightest bit of precip.

  41. I still have cracks in my yard, but the grass is breathing a sigh of relief.

    Now if I can only get Hubby to bring the lawnmower back over here from the shop. I have a feeling I’m gonna need it soon.

  42. Lovely called me a little while ago. She’s all excited about nesting in her new digs. Hubby brought some left-behind furniture from a past tenant, so she got a dining room table, couch, and a few other things for free. She’s clipping coupons an’ everything! Got herself all stocked up on food and cleaning stuff, and is ready to cook me a dinner when I can get over there.

    Reminds me of when Hubby and I got our first house. We had been renting an apartment that had a long living room with a tree right next to the one window, so it was always fairly dark. Our new house had windows all over, and one of the first things I did was run around opening all of them. I was so excited to have sunshine in my home!

    I’m just tickled pink that she’s tickled pink.

  43. On the Luap Nor interview Darren linked last night:

    “What if he had been in a hotel in London?” Paul said on Newsradio 1040 WHO. “So would we have sent the … helicopters into London because they were afraid the information would get out? No, you don’t want to do that.”

    But he wasn’t in London, Mr. Cootchie Doctor. He was in a third world Muslim country known to be sympathizers of Muslim terrorists. Had he been in London MI5 would have dispatched him to his just rewards a very long time ago.

  44. If he keeps this inanity up I may have to do another “hit piece” replete with Nazis, White Supremacists, Troofers, and Birfers 😉

  45. #25 Hamous
    I went to college with a guy whose father worked for Texas Instruments during the 70s and 80s. Whenever their job required work around a microwave tower, his dad had a friend that would climb up and position himself in front of a transmitter. The anecdotal evidence seems that this is a good way to warm yourself up on a cold winter day. I have no idea about this guy’s condition today e.g. cancer/death.

  46. Whatever happened to that dude in New Hampshire holed up in his compound Randy Weaver-style after evading his taxes?

  47. I have not read all the comments today so I apologize if this has been discussed. I came across this today.

    A group of prominent Catholic academics have signed a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner, on the occasion of his forthcoming commencement address at the Catholic University of America. I will provide commentary later today, but the letter really speaks for itself, respectfully, clearly and in a way to challenge the Speaker to consider his policies. The letter will be delivered to Boehner’s office personally by some of the signatories tomorrow morning.

    Can some of the Catholic here expand on this for me? There seems to me that a balance needs to be struck here. A Catholic is taught to tithe wherein the Church then uses that money to help the poor (among a multitude of other uses). A Catholic is also taught to give to the government what is the government’s. I believe this is a case where the government has overreached and certain elements are trying hard to reign it back in. I think these Catholic academics and other signatories are failing to see the big picture. If something is not done now to curtail the behemoth that is the U.S. federal government, MORE people will end up needy thus creating a self perpetuating vicious cycle.

  48. #71. Some of HeadShaker’s friends talked some sense into him and he’s currently out on bail and has worked out a payment arrangement with the IRS!

  49. Can some of the Catholic here expand on this for me?

    There is a not insignificant subgroup of “Catholics” that are stuck in the ’70s liberation theology movement. These are also the ones that are always demanding that the Church marry homosexuals, support abortion rights, etc. A prime example of that communist wing is that self-loathing priest (Mike Pflegler) that is booty buddies with Barry’s racist preacher. Frankly, I wish they would join the Presbyterians where all those sins are celebrated and leave our Church alone.

  50. Hey Katfish, don’t know if you’re still lurking about, but I work w/ someone who’s going to start riding w/ you BACA folks. He said he met you the other night when your bike was broken down and was about to trailer it for you. I knew it was you he was talking about when he said you’d lived through a head-on in Colorado. Small world, eh?

  51. Hamous

    Frankly, I wish they would join the Presbyterians where all those sins are celebrated and leave our Church alone.

    I know this goes without saying, but all religions have the same problem. I was born and raised Protestant, been to several denominations over the years and frankly I have been more than just a little put off from some the theology I have see put forth. That old time “religion” that i was taught seems really hard to find today.

    Heh however I must confess that one old timer straightened me out on finding the “perfect” church.
    “Yup”, he said, “ya find the perfect church and the second you walk in it is no longer perfect.”
    Then he and I spent a few years readjusting my attitude. I miss that man.

  52. #77 – Whoa – if you mean last Friday evening that Gent was a Godsend!

    He refused my offer to buy He & his Wife’s supper and would not let me contribute a dime to his fuel expense – he toted us (and Gracie) from 2920 & 249 back down to Morton & Fry Rd. My mechanic gave him a chit for a free oil change at a later date. I truly hope he does accept our invitation to check out our chapter at Sunday’s monthly meeting! BACA truly aint for everyone – we will NOT ask for a person’s money but we DO ask for a considerable amount of one’s time.

    How about you tossing in 2 cents worth since you know the Guy? As we all have ‘road names’ that are our own or the Chapter will choose one (which can be quite hilarious in the moment)…………….any ideas for a road name for him?

  53. Guess it was just weather hype, predicting 4-5″ of rain, flooded freeway feeders, etc. While we may get more rain late tonight, the storm that blew my yard only added another 0.2″. Sure is muddy outside though — must have been a lot of dust to settle.

    I am off to my HOA board meeting, check y’all later.

  54. I was born and raised Protestant, been to several denominations over the years and frankly I have been more than just a little put off from some the theology I have see put forth. That old time “religion” that i was taught seems really hard to find today.

    While what you say is true, no other large religious organization, except maybe Judaism has its belief system as clearly and completely documented and defined as the Roman Catholic Church. Especially on the big issues and topics.

    Holy Mother Church is not in the slightest bit likely to change her stance on life, homosexual marriage, or any of the other settled issues. Those “Carholics” who are not able to abide by those teachings are Protestants in deed and should go find a worship community in line with those beliefs. I’m pretty sure the Anglicans can absorb most of them.

  55. #76 goatboy
    I’d bet that all of those dogs are ridiculously well cared for by their partners.

    I’d also bet that they have the best-scratched ears and tummies ever seen. 🙂

  56. Bunsonburner
    Uhhhh my “Protestant worship community” falls squarely in line with the stances of the church on those “big issues”. I was not being critical merely making an observation.

  57. I was more pointing out those whom hammie mentioned earlier. I meant absolutely no criticism of you or what you wrote.

  58. Quite a bit of rain here in Hooterville. We have a 6 mth old puppy and we were thinking he might not have ever seen rain before. He sho nuff never heard thunder before….Mercy! 😀

  59. There is so much to mention about presidential hopeful Mitt romney.

    To compliment a post I made the other day regarding the disastrous effects of universal healthcare in Massachusets, read Massachusetts: The Canary in the Coal Mine for ObamaCare

    Meanwhile health costs continue to skyrocket out of control, both for the state government and for privately insured patients. In a recent Forbes article, Sally Pipes notes that over the next 10 years, the plan will cost the state government $2 billion more than predicted. Similarly, prior to the new law insurance prices in Massachusetts increased at a rate 3.7% slower than the national average; after the “reform,” they’re increasing 5.8% faster.

    It’s a good piece from Pajamas Media.

    Not only do I have no problem criticizing Romney care, I outright encourage it. I find it prudent to “remind” Romney that not only has it been disastrous, increasing governemnt control over healthcare will result in the ire of many, especially conservative, voters.

    But this takes us to today’s speech Romney made regarding healthcare, epscifically, Obamacare. During the 2008 campaign, the more I listened to Romney, the more I liked him. The more I learned about his political past, the more I disliked him; and at times outright worried about him. This has notr changed even today. ultimately what caused me to do a 180 from worrying about Romney as president, to firmly support him is what I determined as what Romney would do as president.

    Thus today’s speech. Since I have not listened to it thus far, I’ll trust articles on it. While I think I think (and Hewitt agreed with me) Avik Roy has no idea what he’s talking about, Jim Talent seems to have a firm grasp of what Romney spoke about and what I read is very comforting to me.

    Romney seeks to lower the price of health insurance and health-care services by removing current restrictions on individuals and small businesses. His proposal enhances the attractiveness of Health Savings Accounts, allows individuals to buy health-insurance products across state lines, and ends tax discrimination against individuals who don’t get coverage through their employers by permitting them to deduct their health insurance premiums. The plan is especially friendly to small businesses. It would enable them to pool together and buy health insurance through their trade associations. Competition will lead to lower prices and lower prices will in turn make it easier for small businesses to provide insurance to their employees.

    HSA is something very likable to me. If I had one I could manage all my doctor bills and perscriptions as well as have coverage for when I was rushed to the hospital. If Talent’s take on Romney is accurate, and I do think it is, Romney as president would do very well for healthcare.

    Romney is very likely to be the GOP nominee for 2012. He pretty much positioned himself to be it by the manner to which he bowed out of the 2008 race. While at this point I like Herman Cain the most and am wanting to support him over all others, Romney is very likely to win the nomination. When I think of Romney as president I need to, in large part from my misgivings against Romney, to think of what I can trust Romney to do as president. Some of following I think will be done or at least pursued by Romney. I trust he’ll kill jihadists where they live. I trust overall taxes will be lowered. I trust the federal budget will be much more secure. I trust domestic energy will be developed. And now I trust that Romney wuill reform healthcare as it should be.

    As all can see, I have a lot of trust in Romney. I really do not want that trust to be broken.

  60. Hamous #68;

    Had he been in London MI5 would have dispatched him to his just rewards a very long time ago.

    Yup, they would have. And in the chance that England allowed bin Laden to kick back in a mansion with a crappy TV, then I say, yes, send in SEAL Team 6. Even in England. In fact, I’d say the same if bin Laden was allowed to kick back in Ron Paul’s blimp.

  61. Romney gets a pass or pardon by many for RomneyCare by his supposed economic wizardry. To me, if he couldn’t foresee the negative economic impact of a universal type healthcare system, he has no free market conservative instincts.

  62. And now I trust that Romney wuill reform healthcare as it should be.

    Good luck with that. I don’t see any way he can run away from being labeled the architect of Obamacare. Maybe, just maybe, if he refutes his own plan and admits it was an utter failure. And even then I don’t see his primary opponents letting it go.

  63. GJT;

    The fact that Romney thought government could control and determine what its citizens bought is scary. Such a foundation for action is doomed to fail and prove itself burdensome. But one thing that’s not a controversial point is that Romney believes that such action belongs to the states, not the federal government. I know that “belief” is a debatable verb here regarding Romney and so I’ll fall back to what i trust. I trust Romney will NOT use the federal government to usher in universal healthcare.

    Romney does know free markets. Why he didn’t see this downfall is anyone’s guess. Why he doesn’t acknowledge its obvious disaster is debatable and most likely, I think, Romney will not acknowledge it is for political reasons.

  64. Hamous;

    Good luck with that. I don’t see any way he can run away from being labeled the architect of Obamacare.

    Romneycare is justifiably Romney’s number one political cross to bear. Do you think Romney will use the federal government to promote Obamacare or make healthcare a more free-market based one?

  65. I would think Romney would obviously follow the political winds regarding ObamaCare and not make the mistake of promoting it. As for future issues, do we trust his conservative instincts? I don’t.

  66. As for future issues, do we trust his conservative instincts? I don’t.

    Good question. As I said before, there are conservative principles I trust Romney will follow. I don’t think I would have ever come to like him were it not for this trust.

  67. Politicians

    Past performance is indicative of future returns.

    v/s Investments

    Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

  68. Human behavior is not so predictable as investments though research can show patterns in both. Profession politicians often become deluded and destructive. That is in and of itself a big plus for Herman Cain. I’m going on trust here that Romney will be good for healthcare at the federal level.

  69. I’m going on trust here that Romney will be good for healthcare at the federal level.

    You dreamer you. The most Romney will do is follow what Congress gives him. Romney’s inclination will be to “fix it” rather than repeal it.

    Human behavior is not so predictable as investments

    Man is a creature of habit

  70. The part tha worries me about Romney is that he will tend to “fix it”. However, if he’s true to conservative principle, that’ll be a nice fix.

    Man is a creature of habit

    Romney’s a man and therefore a creature of habbit. At the federal level, will he increase or decrease mandates? Thus far I cannot think of a single reason he’ll increase them. Though he personally likes government mandates, will he use them as president over healthcare? I honestly think he will not.

    Like I said before, I’d hate for this trust to be broken.

    (Gotta get the kids to bed now. I’m a man in the habit of not allowing Mrs. Darren to get upset over tired kids running around the house. Talk about scary.

    I love that woman.)

  71. How about you tossing in 2 cents worth since you know the Guy? As we all have ‘road names’ that are our own or the Chapter will choose one (which can be quite hilarious in the moment)…………….any ideas for a road name for him?

    Will do, Katfish. I think we are indeed talking about the same guy (recently moved here from Singapore) and I think he is pretty interested. A road name for him? Hmmmm…. don’t know. Ask him if he wants to be called Bufford (he’ll laugh at that suggestion – inside joke). Whatever you do though, don’t ask him to go by Evil Sam. He might get violent about that one.


  72. Katfish,

    Give the guy the name Sag as in a SAG wagon that supports bicyclists on long rides. It sounds like it fits perfectly since he actually gave you a lift back to where you needed to go. Can you give us some examples of some other BACA riders names? Do the names vary from whimsical to mean?

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