Thursday Open Comments

The battle is being waged – States’ Rights vs. Obamacare

Thank goodness that various states are showing some cajones, since we’re not sure there are enough in the national capital carrying those body parts.  True, the GOP in the House have tried, but there aren’t enough in national office right now to actually repeal the law.  In reaction to the inability of Washington to listen to the people and represent THEM, various states are making laws and taking steps to effectively shut down this disgusting infringement upon our rights.

Colorado, for instance, just placed an initiative on the ballot that would, if passed, block many aspects of Obamacare – including the requirement that individuals purchase health insurance. A similar measure was overwhelmingly approved by voters in Missouri last month. And several states recently announced that they don’t believe they have the authority to enforce the new law.

With actions like these, the message to Washington is clear: If Congress doesn’t repeal Obamacare, the states just might do it themselves.

Even some Democrat controlled states are balking a bit:

Even states with Democratic [grammar error correction is all mine – ya’ll know my pet peeve] governors have expressed pessimism about complying with the law. Michigan and Oklahoma, for instance, have both stated that they do not currently have the authority to implement Obamacare. California – not exactly a bastion of opposition to President Obama – has said that it may not be able to enforce the law.

It seems that the hidden costs of healthcare – the “tribunals” required, the rewriting of policies to accommodate this “plan”, the forcing of employers to set aside a chunk of money to implement the “plan” – all of these requirements are already forcing a change in how medical care is being approached.  Needless to say, the American taxpayer will never be able to completely understand this monstrosity of a “plan,” much less be able to afford it.  That applies not only to finances, but also to our freedoms.  We will be herded like cattle into a sure-to-fail medical care plan.  Wait – let me make the correction: We will be herded like cattle into a sure-to-succeed dependency creating plan.

And then there is the whole discussion of the supremacy clause.  Of course, Democrat representatives are wanting to walk like storm troopers all over the states’ rights:

…Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) … told constituents at a townhall meeting, “The federal government … can do most anything in this country.” That statement has a nice totalitarian ring, doesn’t it?

But they don’t really understand, do they?

But the clause referred to by statists as the ‘supremacy clause’ does not give a blank power check to the federal government. Like a number of other Constitutional points, this clause has been spot-read by statist media ever-eager to help Democrats complete the goal of reshaping the U.S. into a collectivist nation. Here is the section Democrats are currently using to pass questionable legislation: “[Article 6, Section 2] This constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, any thing in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.”

What they don’t realize is:

The law has to be grounded in the Constitution. Obamacare is not; it is unconstitutional regardless of claims by Ivy Leaguers who want to transform the document into an entity that bears little resemblance to the original.


The so-called ‘Supremacy Clause’ is at present misunderstood and taken out of context. There is an equally powerful article statists don’t like to talk about—Article X in the Bill of Rights. This article is very clear: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Our founding fathers knew what they were trying to avoid:

The Tenth Amendment Center puts the amendment in context: “The issue of power – and especially the great potential for a power struggle between the federal and the state governments – was extremely important to the America’s founders. They deeply distrusted government power, and their goal was to prevent the growth of the type of government that the British [have] exercised over the colonies.”

We can only hope that the current legal fights will bear fruit, and/or that the states are successful in asserting their rights.  I thank God our founding fathers saw the wisdom in specifying a Tenth Amendment.  It may be our salvation.


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97 thoughts on “Thursday Open Comments

  1. First! Firsties! Firstarino! Not second! Before everyone else.


    Second place is the first loser!

  2. Well, I post something a little more adult.

    This makes me smile, a big slap in the face of the hollywood establishment. I have not seen it yet but hope to make some time this weekend to do so. I have read the book two or three times and while I usually skip the smalchy parts, I always enjoy the concept.

    As you may remember I tried to go Galt last year. Quit a great job and hit the road. The idea was work a whole lot less, make less and avoid the tax burden. Well, tax time came and went and guess what? I still made to too much and had to pay. I guess if you’re a producer you just can’t help but produce. I may have to try again in the future with a better plan.

    How ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Shocked Hollywood: Expanding to 1000 Screens!

  3. Something very cool happened last night. I went in to teach my pre-confirmation class and my “bouncer” couple arrived with good and bad news. It turns out the the husband, who has been so good about keeping my large class under control, won’t be able to help out anymore. It seems that attending my class has affected him so much that he is going into our adult confirmation classes so that he can receive the sacrament of confirmation, which he missed out on as a teenager.

    I’m going to miss him. I’ll still see him each week, and his wife is taking home a class worksheet for him, but he won’t be in my class. I’ll miss his smile and his sweet personality, and I’ll miss the control of my rowdier students, but I’m soooo happy for him!

  4. More scary stuff from the obama-commie regiem.

    On Wednesday, President Obama’s union-controlled National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against the Boeing Company that, if ruled in the union and NLRB’s favor, may prove to have far-reaching consequences across the American business landscape. Ultimately, the outcome to this case will state whether or not America has, in fact, become entirely hostile to business (and the jobs they provide). The complaint was issued by the NLRB’s Acting General Counsel (the same one who threatened to sue South Carolina and three other states over the states’ secret-ballot initiatives) and is set to go to hearing on June 14th before an administrative law judge in Seattle

    Who they heck are they to tell a company where they can chose to open plants and do business? If this isn’t an attempt at a dictatorship I don’t know. I wouldn’t blame
    Boeing from saying okay bye, gone to China.

  5. #7 texanadian, From your link;

    In 1989, the International Association of Machinists engaged in a 48-day strike against Boeing which caused the company to miss orders and resulted in sales being $2 billion less than projected.

    In 1995, the IAM struck again—this time lasting 69 days.

    In 2005, while not as lengthy as prior strikes, the IAM struck Boeing for four weeks.

    In 2008, the IAM struck Boeing for 58 days and cost the company $1.8 billion.

    In 2009, with orders for its new 787 having been put in jeopardy Boeing officials began exploring alternatives to having to deal with union strikes every three or four years. One alternative was to talk to the union about obtaining longer contracts with no-strike clauses and the other was to begin searching for location for a second production line outside of the Puget Sound area. It decided to do both.

    Talk about killin’ the Goose.

  6. The article also states that jobs have been created in Washingon state. So, what’s the complaint. Just plain stupid.

  7. Ok, I’ve stopped holding my breath waiting to hear the recording of The Foul O calling us “slugs”. But I’ve seen an update that clarifies he was talking about American government workers, not all Americans.

    So of those Hamsters whose occupation I’ve heard a bit about, guess Super Dave at NASA is our resident “slug”. 🙂

  8. I see that the Republicans are again threatening not to allow an increase in the debt ceiling unless certain changes are made in spending, budgeting, blah, blah, blah. Of course, all this signals to the Dems is that the Reps position is negotiable; ie., they are not committed to putting a stop to the government’s out of control spending. They just don’t seem to be able to let the word “no” escape their lips.

    Here’s my take on the situation. The deal to increase the debt ceiling (again) has already been cut. The scripts have been written, the actors selected, the lines rehearsed, and the show is underway. Of course, the climax will feature last minute theatrics whereby both sides can go back to the American people to accept their accolades for rescuing the nation from falling off the cliff and praising themselves for a job well done.

  9. Anybody know any rich Aggie memorabilia collectors or aviation enthusiasts?

    I emailed your link to a devout Aggie. If he himself is not interested he has a decent network of A & M alumni, one or more of whom might be. We’ll see.

  10. #11 Sarge man that is neat, did you know this man or was he kin to you? I love the pictures of the old Curtis Jenny, I think it was the first aircraft the Army Air Corps used. I know that they tested some Wright Flyers but I don’t think that they ever used them.

  11. Good morning Hamsters. A beautiful San Jacitnto Day started at a balmy 73 at 6, breezy, and with high humidity that’s rapidly dropping into the low 50% zone as the temp rises and the breeze increases. God continue to bless Texas.

    Note to UpChuck Schumer: Don’t Mess With Texas.

    #4 Texanadian’s link to the success of Atlas Shrugged. 1,000 theaters now. Yea. This should send the sneering, derisive, and alarmed commentators/movie reviewers back under their rocks, but it likely won’t. Saw it Saturday afternoon at the Fort Bend County Tea Party viewing party in at the Sugar Land AMC theaters. Discussion in the lobby afterwards indicated it was favorably received. Looking forward to Parts 2 and 3.

  12. #14 Squawk

    the second rat that gets the cheese.

    That also is part of a quote on my “Wall of Wit and Wisdom”. It’s nice to know that fellow Hamsters have been spending time on my potty, studying my wall.

    Who the heck gave you guys keys to my house? 😉

  13. I bought that thing about 20 years ago from another collector. He was a Third Reich collector and didn’t much care for US stuff, WW1 even more so. He bought it at the Canton Flea Market for $10 (if you look real close in the pic of the makler’s label you’ll see where somebody had written “Civic League” in pen—it was sold there and then taken to Canton). I saw the ribbon on the breast and knew immediately that, if real, this thing was something. I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    I did about a year and a half of research on him. One of the pics I have is me in front of his gravesite at West Point. I spent two days there going through his records and doing some other research in their Special Collections library. Butts got demerits from Schwartzcoff’s daddy and gave a bunch to some punk kid named Eisenhower. There’s a bunch of stuff on him that can be found in the TAMU Library.

    I visited members of his family in Cisco, TX and Farmington, NM, which is where the pictures came from.

  14. #11 Sarge man that is neat, did you know this man or was he kin to you? I love the pictures of the old Curtis Jenny, I think it was the first aircraft the Army Air Corps used. I know that they tested some Wright Flyers but I don’t think that they ever used them.

    The Army did use Wright Flyers. Benjamin Foulois flew one from the parade ground in front of the 3rd Cavalry barracks at Ft. Sam Houston (Butts probably saw it as that was his unit), and crashed it into a tent being used by Douglas MacArthur. You can visit the site today, its the large parade ground in front of where the Ft. Sam Museum is.

    The ship he’s flying in the pic is an improved version of the Jenny. Foulois burned the ones that were originally brought to Columbus as he con sidered them unsafe to fly—two planes had to turn back from a mission because they couldn’t get over the mountains. The airplane you see in the picture of of him standing is a Martin TT, which was one of the trainers that was being used, along with the Standard. Another of the pics I have is of this same ship which has had a Jenny engine installed. All of the planes the Army was using at the time were vastly underpowered. Later invesitagtion of the plane Butts is picture in revealed that if it had generated just a few horsepower less than normal, it was insufficient to get off the ground.

  15. 20 Shannon says:
    April 21, 2011 at 11:34 am
    Katfish has roots in Cisco, TX I believe.

    Neat little town, decent motel, only good restaurant I found was in Ranger, though.

  16. I still like the fact that Texas joined the Union of the United States of America BY CONTRACT/TREATY. Texas agreed to join the US in exchange for the US defending the wissin Mexican border. Texas has ample grounds to sue on the basis of breach of contract, breach of treaty due to the fact that the border is a seive and definitely not controlled. We Texans are UNDER SIEGE BY AN ILLEGAL MEXICAN INVASION and for the last 30 + years the US has done little to nothing about it.
    Add to this ongoing breach of trust and treaty, the serial violations of the 10th amendment protections, and obamacare . . . . . . . . .why is Texas still part of the US?

  17. The airplane you see in the picture of of him standing is a Martin TT,

    I wondered about the wierd curved cowling, thanks,…..very interesting.

  18. A man washed up on a desert island after a ship wreck. The only other survivors were a sheep and a sheepdog.

    The three of them got into the habit of going down to the beach every evening to watch the sunset.

    One particular evening, the sky was a fiery red with beautiful cirrus clouds and the breeze was warm and gentle. It was a perfect night for romance. As they sat there, the sheep started looking better and better to the lonely man. Soon, he leaned over and put his arm around the sheep.

    But the sheepdog, ever protective of the sheep, growled fiercely until the man backed away.

    A few weeks passed by and, lo and behold, there was another shipwreck. The only survivor was Nancy Pelosi.

    That evening, the man took Nancy to watch the sunset. It was another beautiful tropical evening-perfect for romance. Before long the man started to get “those feelings” again.

    He fought the urges as long as he could, but he finally gave in, moved closer to Nancy and told her he hadn’t had sex for months.

    Nancy batted her long, lovely eyelashes and asked if there was anything she could do to help.

    “Yes,” he said, “Take the dog for a walk.”

  19. Katfish has roots in Cisco, TX I believe.

    Neat little town, decent motel, only good restaurant I found was in Ranger, though.

    Handsome Son and I stayed at a motel near Cisco on I-20 on our way back from Lubbock. Clean, quiet, and reasonable. The a/c dang near froze us solid. As tired as I was, I finally dragged my half-awake butt out of bed ’round 3:00 am to turn it down to avoid sub-Arctic temps in the room.

  20. I-Phone and I-Pad tracks users geographic movements and stores them.

    Apple faced questions on Wednesday about the security of its iPhone and iPad after a report that the devices regularly record their locations in a hidden file.

    “The secretive collection of location data crosses the privacy line,” said Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a privacy policy organization based in Washington.

    “There is no way to really turn this tracking off,” he said. “It needs to be visually obvious, or in the settings, to see that this is happening on your phone.”

    “It doesn’t matter how Apple explains its way out of this, just the fact that consumers know that their phone is being tracked is a very big deal,” said Chenxi Wang, a vice president of Forrester Research who specializes in security and risk.

    Crazy Aunt: Do you know this Wang character?

  21. Specs for the Martin T & TT

    Pics #1

    Pics #2

    The pics agt the top of Page 2 show the removable front landing gear that was used when the student learned to taxi. It prevented them from nosing it into the ground and turning the prop into toothpics. The next step would have been to “jump” off the ground for short spells and land more ore less horizontally.

  22. #s 19, 20, & 22 – Yeppers Cisco is my birthplace ………….was only there 2 days so I’m told – but visited many times as a child when the big swimming pool / Dam was still in operation north of town

    (Cisco is much more well known for the “Santa Claus Bank Robbery” ……….)

  23. (Cisco is much more well known for the “Santa Claus Bank Robbery” ……….)

    That’s one of the things I love about small town Texas. When asked to think about what’s happened of any significance in the town’s history you get stuff like “The bank was robbed once.”

  24. Or when you ask directions from someone, you get an answer that includes lesser-known events, like when Geriatric Grizzly wanted me to drop something off at a friend his. When I asked him for directions, he said something like, “Go north about half a mile from that bridge where we stopped to talk with Joe Jones (or whatever the guy’s name was) that one time and turn left between the two big trees.”

    I found it with no problem.

  25. Seinfeld shows just how much class he’s got.

    Jerry Seinfeld cancelling a September appearance at a foundation run by Donald Trump’s 27 year-old son, Eric, that would benefit sick kids is pretty classless, but this is how the Left operates. They’ll do anything to get their way, anything to silence you, anything to intimidate – even if it means bringing children into it. First off, the benefit is for the ERIC Trump Foundation. Secondly, the beneficiary is the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. There’s nothing political about this and the cause is obviously a very good one.

    What a piece of shite.

  26. #29 Shannon: From the article on Drudge:

    OUTRAGE and envy still ripple from a report in The New York Times that General Electric, the nation’s largest corporation, paid no U.S. corporate taxes in 2010.

    Zero. Zip. Nada. Indeed, the company, with $14.2 billion in worldwide profits, claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion from Uncle Sam.
    GE did not break the law, but the bill it successfully avoided was picked up by the rest of us, or put on the national credit card.

    Understanding of basic economics: FAILURE
    Any company/corporation does not pay tax, it collects them on behalf of the Feds and builds that tax burden into the cost of goods sold. Corporate taxes are an abomination as they add a layer of costs that are not directly recognized by the ultimate consumer; ditto that for lawsuit liability insurance.
    A far more reasonable approach to the issue of funding the govt is to scrap the code as it now exists and replace it with a consumption tax (The Neil Bortz Version). THIS IS NOT AN AD VALOREM TAX! Those taxes are levied each time value is added to a product and buried in the price, the tax I (and Mr. Bortz) am suggesting is a retail sales tax, an additional line item similar to the state and local sales tax on your receipt. This tax would apply to new production only, it would not apply to used items. Think about it, you now get a full paycheck with no deductions (except for your self funded retirement if you so choose) and the price in the store changes very little. You no longer have to screw with a tax return if you are not a merchant. If you are a merchant, there is very little paperwork as it will be almost an identical system to state/local sales tax now. This would eliminate the absurdity of making business decisions based on the tax code and for the vast majority of Americans, April 15 would just be another day.

  27. 40
    Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m just harassing Cbr who is getting rich on the backs of us poor, lower middle class, tax paying schmucks.

  28. OUTRAGE and envy still ripple from a report in The New York Times that General Electric, the nation’s largest corporation, paid no U.S. corporate taxes in 2010.

    Zero. Zip. Nada. Indeed, the company, with $14.2 billion in worldwide profits, claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion from Uncle Sam.
    GE did not break the law, but the bill it successfully avoided was picked up by the rest of us, or put on the national credit card.

    This is why people should see Atlas Shrugged.

    Its becoming a documentary, not a work of fiction.

  29. I am well aware of the proposed fair tax. I strongly suggest thAt no one hold their breath waiting for it to become reality. Boortz and one of my best friends are the two biggest champions of it. I got so sick of hearing about it I had to tell my buddy to not bring it up anymore. It’s simply a pipe dream I choose not to attach myself to. It’s never going to happen, regardless of how fair it is or how much sense it makes.

  30. #29 & #42 Shannon

    Yeah if dat be da case, why is your Jobs Czar and his cronies absconding wid da big buck bonus and us grunts is on food stamps?

  31. #34 – SD WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That monstrous slide must have pre-dated me a long ways……….I have no recollection of that. But the pool was huge (like several Shamrock Hilton pools huge) – and I believe one can still see it all overgrown with weeds and such even today.

  32. a hand-crank powered PC

    See how uppity they are? They actually get cranks with theirs. The rest of us shlubs have to move the abacus beads from one side to the other with no mechanical advantage whatsoever.

  33. 50 Shannon
    Done took that tool away – non compliant. So we’re now back to tin cans and waxed string. I spect we’ll be back to smoke signals pretty quick and conditions are really good for that over my way.

  34. I tell ya I get no respect

    Well maybe not, but you do did have some way cool hair.

    Yer welcome

  35. Very low maintenance actually. No shampoo. No conditioner. No brushes or combs. No haircuts. Rub on a little “non-glare emollient” and you’re good to go!

  36. I came across this earlier today:

    “This week Glenn Beck has taken to his radio show to attack me as a Progressive, which he has said is the same as a ‘cancer’ and a ‘Nazi.’ What did I do that apparently caused him to link me to a fatal disease and a form of government that murdered millions of innocent Jews? I had the audacity—not of hope—but the audacity to give respect to the efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to address childhood obesity. I’m no fan of her husband’s policies for sure, but I have appreciated her efforts that Beck misrepresented—either out of ignorance or out of a deliberate attempt to distort them to create yet another “boogey man” hiding in the closet that he and only he can see. The First Lady’s approach is about personal responsibility—not the government literally taking candy from a baby’s mouth. He seems to fancy himself a prophet of sorts for his linking so many people and events together to describe a massive global conspiracy for pretty much everything. Sadly, he seems equally inept at recognizing the obvious fact that children are increasingly obese and that we now see clinical evidence of diseases in children that as recent as 20 years ago were found only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes. The costs to our nation are staggering in increase health care expenses, but it even effects national security with now 75% of young men between the ages of 17 and 24 are unfit for military service primarily due to obesity! His ridiculous claim that John McCain and I collaborated and conspired in the 2008 campaign is especially laughable. Is he not aware that McCain and I were competitors—not cohorts? Beck needs to stick to conspiracies that can’t be so easily de-bunked by facts. Why Beck has decided to aim his overloaded guns on me is beyond me. But he ought to clean his gun and point it more carefully lest it blow up in his face like it did this time.”

    So I looked into Huckabee’s tax record and found EDITORIALS>>Who’s biggest tax raiser? which argues:

    Ernie Dumas writes: Mike Huckabee raised more taxes in 10 years in office than Bill Clinton did in his 12 years.

    Interesting read.

    also, does Huckabee really believe Michelle Obama stands for personal decisions to fight obescity and not government? Would Michelle Obama really be telling the superintendent of Chicago’s schools that government should not get involved with fightuing obescity?

    I posted this much on and so far Darren’s post hasn’t popped up. I do not expect it to and perhaps it’s because I did somwthing wrong in posting it. I’m not going to pursue very much so I’ll simply check later if it shows.

  37. Well it sure smells like rain here in Clear Lake, it’s also cloudy and breezy, BUTT I’m sure that this is just a teaser, we’ve not had a drop of rain in 2 1/2 months? I take that back, a few weeks ago we had several hundred rain drops about the size of a soft ball, then Nuttin’. 🙁

  38. #12, Squawkster, I’m home and saw the video, it has a seat that is warmed. We’ve come a Loong from my GrandMa’s outhouse! Let’s just say that in the winter, you did your business and got the he!! back in the house! 😉

  39. I stole this from someone. Feel free to do the same. 🙂


    The world is turning counter-clockwise, so I must be sure its screws don’t loosen by turning the wingnut clockwise to slow earth from its woobling to the left.
    If this unnatural action is left unchecked the world could break lose from its axis and spin totally into anarchy. MAKE SENSE? Neither does man’s controlling or causing dramatic climate change, so we’re even.

  40. Dang, LQQks like ST is on a roll. I’m glad ya’ got the gelding back, I’m sure your “Red-Headed Stepchild” is happy. Not sure ’bout the details but from what you said it happened like I would have I figgered. 😉

  41. From a story on escalating food costs:

    When it comes to raising prices, West said McDonald’s has an edge because it attracts a higher-income diner than other fast-food chains.

    Does McD’s attract higher-income diners? News to me. Not that I eat burgers, or indeed any fast food these days. But I always preferred Wendy’s burgers if I went to a chain, and thought it was much upscale from the Big Mac.

  42. West said McDonald’s has an edge because it attracts a higher-income diner than other fast-food chains.

    I call Bovine Processed Hay on that one! higher-income diner?!?! WTF Nobody, BUT Nobody over age 16, (UNLESS they’re buying a kids meal) goes to Mc HorseBurgers! Whata Burger #1, Wendy’s #2, the rest really don’t count. You will notice I left out Fuddruckers because it’s up scale compared to the “Fast Food” burger places.

  43. An update on my #64:

    The Blaze finally posted their take on the “Huckabee Strikes Back” response to Beck. This is interesting since The Blaze (Glenn Beck owned but I find them quite objective in their reporting) posted the entire radio transcript when Glenn spoke about the Huckster. (Excuse the long blockquote):

    So far, then, we have two exaggerations and a truth. Cancer, no. Nazi, no. Progressive Republican, yes. But now let’s look at the full transcript from that part of the show and see what else Glenn said. See, when you look at that you see that Glenn was actually complimentary of Huckabee and went out of his way to praise him on some things. Here are some of the quotes:

    “Now, I will tell you somebody who I have nothing bad to say about this gentleman.”

    “He’s not I don‘t think he’s for this kind of giant government.”

    “Now, I think that Huckabee is truly deeply religious and I think he truly is a Christian man…”

    “I think Mike Huckabee is sincere in his faith.”

    “I like the fact that he’s a religious man.”

    “Now, I’ve talked to him. I thought he was a fine guy. … He was great.”

    “Believe me he’s no Barack Obama. He’s not even remotely close to that sort of thing.”

    Now call me a conspiracy theorist, but ‘dem don’t sound like fightin’ words. And they’re not. In fact, it seems like Glenn‘s going out of his way to draw a distinction between Huckabee’s progressivism and, say, Barack Obama’s. Take a look at the (unedited) transcript yourself. Note that it encompasses more than the above audio, so it’s worth the read:

    Glenn: … Now, I will tell you somebody who I have nothing bad to say about this gentleman. He is I’m not going to you know, I know he’s loved and a lot of people really support him and that is great. I think Mike Huckabee is the one, if you are somebody who understands progressives are on both sides of the aisle, I think Mike Huckabee is John McCain. I think Mike Huckabee is a guy who’s had Michelle Obama on and said, you know what? Your fat kid programs, they are great. They are great.

    STU: I don’t think he said it exactly like that.

    PAT: Well, look how closely he and McCain were aligned during the campaign.

    GLENN: Yes.

    PAT: They got together to destroy Mitt Romney. That’s what they did last time. They seem to get along pretty well together.

    GLENN: And he is a progressive. He look at his record. He is a progressive.

    STU: He’s weird on we talked about this during the 2008. He’s, you know, a little he raised taxes in his state, he’s kind of overreaching with sort of the nanny sort of health style.

    GLENN: Big time. Big time. He is the perfect quite honestly he’s the only one I think that is the perfect progressive candidate for the Republican Party. He’s the guy. He will play along with the party politics. He will get along to get along. He will move things along. He doesn’t want to disrupt giant government. He’s not I don‘t think he’s for this kind of giant government.

    STU: No, no.

    GLENN: But he will he’s John McCain. He will still do all of the policy things. He‘s perfect for the progressives because he’s also appealing to the religious side. And so you have to have the religious side. That’s why Obama has his religious outreach with Jim Wallis. Now, I think that Huckabee is truly deeply religious and I think he truly is a Christian man where Jim Wallis, I‘m not going to judge his soul but he’s a Marxist. I haven’t met a lot of Marxists that love Jesus. You know what I mean?

    STU: It’s not their defining characteristic typically, no.

    GLENN: Right. Where I think Mike Huckabee is sincere in his faith.

    STU: Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of positives with Huckabee. A lot of people like him because, A, he’s a fantastic communicator and, B, he’s one of the only guys really out there, you know, who focuses more on the social issues and that’s something that not every candidate does. So I mean, I think a lot of people like him for that reason. But I don’t like some of his bigger government tendencies.

    GLENN: I don’t like here‘s what I don’t like. I like the fact that he’s a religious man.

    STU: Yeah.

    GLENN: I don’t like the fact, whenever you couple religion with progressivism, it becomes dangerous. I don’t want somebody regulating and telling me about religion. Now, I‘m not saying that Huckabee is going to do anything to hurt my religion or anybody else’s religion, it just, I don’t like the combination no, no, let me just say this. I don’t like big government people. And Mike Huckabee is a big government person. Now, I’ve talked to him. I thought he was a fine guy. You know, he credited me with his win in Iowa last time because remember? He was on he was on the CNN show, gave him an hour.

    STU: That’s right, yeah.

    GLENN: And he made a lot of sense and he was great. He was great.

    STU: Believe me he’s no Barack Obama. He’s not even remotely close to that sort of thing.

    GLENN: He is not. He is not. But he is certainly, in my opinion, not a guy that, if you have a libertarian or small government bend to you. STU: Well, he’s bashed libertarians several times outwardly, yeah.

    It seems Mike Huckabee put his ear a bit too close to Media Matters’ post. Word for the Huckabee wise…Media Matters is NOT Huckabee’s friend. And that’s a sign that he is doing a lot of things right.

  44. #75 Darren, I don’t know where you stand, nor do I care, but are you saying that Gomer would be a good, great President? FWIW; Gomer is an Old time Democrat, always has been, always will be. The only difference between him and Clinton is that he is a truly religious person (insert Jimmah’ Carter here). SIGH 🙁

  45. SuperDave: I *think* I have custody of a horse that we rescued on Monday. SPCA animal cops are involved in this pending investigation. I faxed the investigator the vet bill, the feed bill *THRIVE is not a cheap feed* and emailing them the screw that that RHSC pulled out of her hoof. She’s got thrush in all four hooves, ta boot. Farrier is coming on Saturday for a trimming and follow up vet check *with shots and possible teeth float* next month. I’ll be also including the wicked witch of the broom, jist in case she askes for it.

    *The owner eventually gave me the horse, but I still don’t have a bill of sale from him* but the owner did call HC Livestock Law Enforcement to tell them.

    This is the same place that allowed me to adopt Rocket. Sheesh!!! /note to self……do not call the livestock cops and tell them that you are stealing a horse iffin’ they don’t show up at 6p and give them your name, address and phone #…

    Sorry, I’m new at being a criminal. Once I can get past driving without a seatbelt, my life of crime will have endless possibilities. 😉

  46. #76: Yeppers. But he’s a base player. /ducks and hauls butt away The Dude and BigJolly

  47. GJT #74;

    I’ll take a Wendy’s Double Cheese sandwich as my last meal over anything Waffle House can cook up.

  48. Super Dave #76;

    Huckabee is low on my want to be president meter. But the fact that Media Matters would play a clip out of context against Huckabee is a sign that Huckabee does do a lot of good.

    Over all I think he’d make a much better president than Obama, Clinton, and Carter.

  49. #77 ST, I’m so confused, does this have anything to do with the beautiful gelding that went missing? I’m sorry, I din’t get the memo and I lost the secret decoder ring years ago. 😀

  50. ST #80;

    /crosses arms, scowls face and taps foot

    Wow, that’s the total opposite of “twirling hair, batting eyes, and doing a toe digs”. You’re a woman of many talents.

  51. #80 ST

    Oh, and Dave? McHorse burgers? /crosses arms, scowls face and taps foot

    Sorry,….I have NO control over what they serve. AND I NEVER eat there. 😉

  52. I seem to recall — maybe it was Tim ? — something to do with the waitresses at Waffle House and not so much the food… 🙂

  53. Darren Over all I think he’d make a much better president than Obama, Clinton, and Carter.

    I’ll not argue that, but the way I figure it the Republicans need HAVE TO HAVE a fairly decent candidate to beat Obama, Gomer is NOT it.

  54. #77 ST

    Cheers for your rescue of that mistreated horse!

    Will we see you on Animal Cops Houston?

  55. I seem to recall — maybe it was Tim ? — something to do with the waitresses at Waffle House and not so much the food…

    Would that be the 83 year old GrandMa with two teeth or the 16 year old with the nose ring and all the tattos?…Just Axing.

  56. #90 AMEN, Young Lady! Well I’m off to bed, 5:30 comes early when you’re an old fart SLUG. 😉

  57. Sorry guys for lack of info.

    Dave, different horse. Ramses was missing for only 1 1/2 days. I’ll send you some emails tomorrow.

    Ms. Harper, no tv spot.

    #83 Darren: 🙂

    Oh, can we start calling Dave, Super Slug? Huh? Can we????/

    Nytol. Going to bed.

  58. #79 – Bubba you aint lived until ya tried “scattered and smothered ALL the WAY”

    Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! (Whatburger whups Wendy’s butt too)

  59. Katfish;

    Sounds yummy and doable after I get a clear handle on my blood pressure. Though Wendy’s is hard to beat.

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