Friday “Shake It Up” Open Comments

First off, my prayers and hopeful wishes to the people in Japan, suffering from that massive earthquake.  May the death and destruction be as limited as possible, and their recovery swift and strong.

My daughter and a group of her classmates were scheduled to leave for Japan this morning.  Needless to say, she is back in her bed, sleeping after waking up at 4:00 am to board the plane.  Her teacher thinks they may leave on Sunday.  Lovely Daughter and I think it’s best they just scratch their trip.  I’m sure the Japanese would love to have all those American dollars, but right now digging out of the rubble is their main priority.

My big question:  How will this affect the world economy, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel?

The unions continue to try to shake up the legislators and bully them into allowing the unions to continue their seemingly unfettered power.  Death threats against legislators, overwhelming the police force trying to control them, threatening citizen journalists (or anyone with a video camera without the union designation) with physical pain, property destruction – and yet I wonder how much of this bad behavior is being reported on the mainstream news?  And how is this lack of coverage going to make the MSM look?  I mean, there are so many people on the internet these days, and those videos are out in the public…but then, Katie Couric and her ilk cannot be bothered with those pajama media types.

But those types of people practically shut down ACORN, took a huge bite out of Planned Parenthood, and are giving NPR a migraine.  Yeah, go ahead ignore them.  Go ahead.  They are shaking up the news, and the MSM are merely holding onto the handrails, trying not to get tossed over the side.

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89 thoughts on “Friday “Shake It Up” Open Comments

  1. QUEEN TT:

    But those types of people practically shut down ACORN, took a huge bite out of Planned Parenthood, and are giving NPR a migraine. Yeah, go ahead ignore them. Go ahead. They are shaking up the news, and the MSM are merely holding onto the handrails, trying not to get tossed over the side.

    Look at what has happened to the MSM ever since they made the decision to lampoon, lambaste and malign talk radio and its listeners. . . . .they have been circling the drain ever since. Now with FOXNews and the army of citizen journalists teemed up with youtube, facebook, twitter, etc they will either change their ways and start doing their stated jobs (actual reporting) instead of propagandizing or they will wake up in the sewer plant.

  2. I think it ironic that the Thug in Chief is ramrodding the Wisconsin (and other states as well) debacle while talking about bullying and even claims victim hood status himself. The entire middle east is unstable, our own economic and social ills are right where he wants them to be, out government is on the brink of reverting to mob rule, civil discourse is fine unless you are a conservative (then nothing short of death threats is proper). The Japanese are probably looking forward to all the dollars that will flow their way in the form of aid – but they of all people realize they are worthless since they hold too many of them anyway – maybe they will ask for something they can barter with. In summary, here’s the way it looks to me:

    If you are getting a government check (and related food and medical benefits), everything is OK. If you are trying to work and earn a living, times are tough.

  3. From TT’s linkie thingie:

    But Barack Obama ran for president of the United States. Maybe he should start behaving as one.

    I think that there is a far greater chance of the moon hitting the earth than the foul “O” actually behaving like a POTUS.

  4. My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.
    I turned to her and said, ‘Do you want to have Sex?’
    ‘No,’ she answered. I then said,
    ‘Is that your final answer?’
    She didn’t even look at me this time, simply saying, ‘Yes..’
    So I said, “Then I’d like to phone a friend.”
    And that’s when the fight started…
    Mornin’ Gang

  5. #7 Mharper

    /snark off

    You know, when one is discussing the arrogant and hypocritical FLOTUS, you should just leave the snark on.

  6. Okay, I really, really like this lady, but reading her emails is a pain. I have GOT to buy her some commas and a more than a few periods. Here is her last email to me:

    Did we reserve a meeting room for you to meet with your volunteers who do you have to help you time is getting close for your retreat also you need to collect the money how much have you collected?

    Imagine what it’s like to read a whole paragraph! Seriously, I got an email from her that was six lines deep. It contained one period in the middle somewhere and one at the end. It consisted of about ten sentences.


  7. Is anyone else having trouble getting back on Hammy’s couch after they leave for a while? Several times today I got an error message: website may be down or moved. . .
    Is it my server/computin iron/sun spots . . . .wassup?

  8. G’Morning all

    Prayers to the Japanese people.

    On the NPR thing. I saw where after NPR said they were going to reject the donation and the MSM dutifully reported it as fact, O’Keefe released Emails showing they were trying to approve them and a voice recording of Liley telling Them they would be getting a letter that afternoon telling them how to donate the money without leaving a trail back to them.

  9. My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high school reunion, and she
    Kept staring at a drunken man swigging his drink as he sat alone at a nearby table.
    I asked her, “Do you know him?”
    “Yes”, she sighed,
    “He’s my old boyfriend…. I understand he took to drinking right after we
    Split up those many years ago, and I hear he hasn’t been sober since.”
    “My God!” I said, “Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?”
    And then the fight started…

  10. #11 TT: Perfesor JP Morgan would have failed her for sure. The section you block quoted is best described as: “grammatical vomit”.

  11. Can we start drilling yet?

    Hope and Change: Gas Prices Have Gone Up 67 Percent Since Obama Became President
    That’s compared to a 7 percent increase under Bush in his first 26 months.
    6:00 PM, Mar 9, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY

    Ah, January of 2009. Hope was in the air, but more importantly, gas was under two dollars a gallon. Since then gas prices, have gone up 67 percent and it’s an ominously upward trend. Interestingly enough, the Heritage Foundation also took a look at the first 26 months of Bush’s presidency — gas only rose 7 percent during that time frame.


    This is the President that appointed a Secretary of the Interior that famously said he didn’t mind if gas hit $10 a gallon.

  12. Project “Gun Walker” is heating up.

    From the Mexican Government requesting extradition of the U.S. persons involved:(Google translation, not too good, but is understandable)

    The coordinator of the PT in the (Mexican) Senate, Ricardo Monreal, presented tomorrow to the full one point of agreement in order that the Senate send a stranger to the U.S. government for the “Fast and Furious” for violating Mexican sovereignty.

    Moreover, the point intended to encourage the federal Executive to request the extradition of U.S. agents who executed the program, for having committed the crime of trafficking in arms against the Mexican government, as well as those responsible for crimes likely .

    In the document, the former governor of Zacatecas proposed that prompted the Foreign Ministry to send a diplomatic note to the U.S. government which condemned “the unilateral measure scrubbing national sovereignty.”

    The paper, which states that senators must act “fast and furious action” – also requests the Executive a copy of the report and then you get results against part of the United States of America on the research program called “Fast and Furious. ”

    Monreal’s intention is to issue the banishment “by the attitude” in this program.

    PT senator said the introduction of illegal weapons by a U.S. agency in the country, without notice to federal authorities, “we put in front of an unprecedented legal reality: a law of submission and docility, indifference and scrubbing the status and sovereignty of the Mexican state that no one approved, but are applied in practice in our country. ”

    He warned that if the issue of illegal arms trafficking is an issue that if not addressed in their proper perspective by both governments (Mexico and U.S.), will soon cause more havoc.

    Read it in Spanish and English here:

    And Congress wants some answers from Eric Holder, also:

    Republicans Want Answers on ATF Gun Trafficking Program
    Washington, Mar 9 –

    Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and 13 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee today sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder regarding recent allegations that ATF may have been complicit in the illegal transfer of firearms into Mexico. The members requested information regarding the Phoenix-based program known as “Fast and Furious,” which according to reports intentionally allowed straw buyers for criminal organizations to purchase thousands of guns so that ATF could track them across the border.

    Smith and the members criticized ATF’s alleged actions saying, “We find it ironic that the government allowed guns to be trafficked into Mexico as part of a program designed to stop guns from being trafficked into Mexico. We are also troubled that ATF engaged in activities that may have facilitated the transfer of guns to violent drug cartels while simultaneously attempting to restrict lawful firearms sales by border-area firearms dealers.”

    According to the Center for Public Integrity, ATF allowed nearly 2,000 guns—valued at over one million dollars—to cross the border to known criminal organizations. Two of the guns from the program were found at the murder scene of Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry in December.

    The Department of Justice has requested that the Inspector General investigate the allegations. But more questions for the Department remain, including who authorized and directed the program.

    Read the letter here:

  13. #15 Bonecrusher

    And the scary thing I wonder about – does she send these types of emails out to other churches and to the diocesan offices? Or is she just punctuation lazy with people she’s comfortable with?

  14. Did I say smell of fear and stench of (political) death yesterday?

    Senate Dems Defect From Own Budget Plan

    Senate Democrats are in disarray. In a vote Wednesday, 11 of them rejected their own party’s budget plan, The Hill reports. The Republican budget bill received more votes (44) than the Democratic proposal (42), despite Democrats’ control of the Senate.

    “Eleven Senate Democrats just voted against their leadership’s proposal,” said Michael Steel, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). “The bill supported by Sen. Reid … proved less popular than the ‘draconian’ House Republican proposal in the Democrat-controlled Senate.” Democrats had called the Republican bill “draconian” during Senate debate.

    The defectors included centrists and liberals: Michael Bennet, D-Colo.; Kay Hagan, D-N.C.; Herb Kohl, D-Wis.; Carl Levin, D-Mich.; Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.; Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.; Ben Nelson, D-Neb.; Bill Nelson, D-Fla.; Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; Mark Udall, D-Colo.; and Jim Webb, D-Va.

  15. #17 Oletimer
    RE: Fast and Furious Guns into Mexico program

    As the saying goes: “Guns don’t kill people. It’s stupid, idiotic, bureaucratic narcissists who kill people.”


    Sura (8:55) – Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve
    Sura (48:29) – Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves

    Sura (9:30) – And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah… Allah (Himself) fights against them. How perverse are they!

    Sura (8:12) – I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them

    Sura (9:123) – O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness

    Sura (5:33) – The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement

    These verses come from five different places in the Qur’an. There are dozens of others scattered throughout that advocate violence in open-ended fashion. There are hundreds more that speak of hatred and hell toward Christians, Jews, and other non-believers. (Is it any wonder that the Muslim world is split largely between those who tacitly support Islamic terror and those who do nothing about it?)

    I am going to refrain from personal comment and let the quotations and website speak for themselves.

  17. Read it in Spanish and English here:

    Funny, When I clicked to check the link, the Spanish version was gone.

  18. As the saying goes: “Guns don’t kill people. It’s stupid, idiotic, bureaucratic narcissists who kill THEIR OWN people.”


  19. #19 OTL: I wonder just how many of those D’s who defected from the party line are up for re-election in 2012? Carl Levin, Claire McCaskill, and Bernie Saunders are some of the most vocally obnoxious POS’s in the entire senate and they voted no??

  20. #24 Bonecrusher

    I wonder just how many of those D’s who defected from the party line are up for re-election in 2012

    Hereyago. Surprised?

    Herb Kohl, D-Wis 2012
    Carl Levin, D-Mich.2012
    Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.2012
    Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.2012
    Ben Nelson, D-Neb.2012
    Bill Nelson, D-Fla.2012
    Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.2012
    Michael Bennet, D-Colo 2014
    Kay Hagan, D-N.C 2014
    Mark Udall, D-Colo.2014
    Jim Webb, D-Va.Not seeking in 2012

  21. Not quite all

    Michael Bennet, D-Colo 2014
    Kay Hagan, D-N.C 2014
    Mark Udall, D-Colo.2014
    Jim Webb, D-Va.Not seeking in 2012

  22. #29 Geezer: Point taken. We still must be extremely vocal about their behavior prior to this vote so that the sheeple don’t get fooled again. One good vote does not make a good senator, nor does it atone for a lifetime of crappy votes.

  23. Saturday morning I got up early, quietly dressed, made my lunch, and
    Slipped quietly into the garage. I hooked up the boat up to the van, and
    Proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour. The wind was blowing 50 mph, so I
    Pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, and discovered that the
    Weather would be bad all day. I went back into the house, quietly
    Undressed, and slipped back into bed.. I cuddled up to my wife’s back, now with a
    Different anticipation, and whispered, “The weather out there is terrible.”
    My loving wife of 5 years replied, “And, can you believe my stupid husband
    Is out fishing in that?”
    And that’s how the fight started…

  24. #32 Only one. And only briefly. There’s a lot of “Dilbertness” in the company, but I’ve been lucky with the managers I’ve had along the way. For the most part they’ve stayed out of my hair and let me do my own thing, and I’ve produced results.

    Years ago when I called my boss and his boss to let them know I was going to be a single parent, and could no longer travel at the drop of the hat, within a week I had two offers for work from home positions with no unexpected travel.

  25. #12 Bones

    Several times today I got an error message: website may be down or moved. . .

    I heard Hammy was thinking about changing the URL and not tell certain people where The Couch went.

  26. #18 TT

    punctuation lazy

    Punctuation is like class — you either gots it or you don’t. A classy person doesn’t start picking his/her nose around people they are comfortable with. 🙂

  27. Ah, yet more top-notch work by our government:

    The computer programmer also noticed that the “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” site appeared to have been designed using a 2003 version of Microsoft’s FrontPage. In retrospect, she remarked, the use of such outdated software should have tipped her to the fact that the site was a U.S. government production.

    As if the undercover operation could not be more blatant, the name “Ray Gould” is a reference to the pseudonym of a notorious pedophile who spent five years on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives before his capture and imprisonment in 2007.

    …she could not understand why federal agents did not clue in the web hosting firm as to who was behind the “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” web site. Or why DHS did not simply place the site on a server it owned or better controlled (and to which it would easily have been able to mask its connection).


  28. IDIOTS! Misguided Effort Will Drive Thriving Internet Businesses to Nearby States.

    In response to the Governor’s approval of HB 3659, Scott Kluth, CEO of, issued the following statement:

    “The Governor’s approval of HB 3659 is deeply disappointing. As a result, Illinois will lose jobs, many thriving businesses like CouponCabin and other affiliate marketing firms will be forced to move to other states, and most important, this law will not generate the tax revenue Illinois thinks it will collect.

    “Those of us who opposed HB 3659 made every effort to persuade the Governor that it is a misguided attempt to bring ‘fairness’ and new revenue to Illinois by requiring out-of-state merchants who advertise on websites operated in Illinois to collect sales taxes from Illinois customers.

    “The reality is that just like other states that approved similar legislation, Illinois will not collect additional tax revenue. Instead, the merchants who would be affected by this law will simply sever their contracts with Illinois affiliate advertisers, as they have done in every other state. The only result of this law is that high-growth businesses like CouponCabin will be driven out of Illinois to maintain their relationships with out-of-state merchants.

  29. A work buddy of mine who lives near the Carolina coast mentioned that he’d just made the last tuition payment for his youngest kid, who graduates this semester. He’s thinking about buying a “boat”.

    Some say that life begins at conception, others say it begins at birth. I say life begins when the youngest kid graduates, and the dog dies.

  30. #43 WB

    Well, I guess DU has found a useful purpose after all. That, and corralling all the crazies in one place so we know where they are.

  31. A classy person doesn’t start picking his/her nose around people they are comfortable with.


    But what is it about driving alone in the car makes someone want to do it?

  32. Heh heh

    So I thought I might modestly propose a means of redressing the imbalance between liberty and freedom that now exists, if only as a conceptual experiment. Perhaps the answer to our current conflict between civilized values and the nihilism of pure “negative liberty” (to use Isaiah Berlin’s phrase) is a revival of dueling. This may seem like an extreme solution, I grant, but only because we have allowed so many of the charming customs of the Old World to lapse into desuetude that we have lost our sense of solemnity and etiquette. Dueling is really a very polite and efficient way of dealing with an intolerable impasse, and one that has almost everything to recommend it.

  33. According to the Urban Dictionary, Hamous is defined as:

    Anyone that wears a pink shirt,drives and extreemly over done up car, listens to rap and doof doof dance music or belives that calling one’s self a lad. Also anyone that thinks conformity is a way of life.

    A leb driving a Suberru WRX with loud dance music, a person weraing a pink polo shirt, a lad wearing a white nike cap that doesnt sit properly on their head! That is what Hamous is.

  34. But what is it about driving alone in the car makes someone want to do it?

    So you can fire boogers at people who annoy you in traffic. Natch.

  35. #52 pyro: BOOGER FLIPPER!

    That’s a sight. FLAMING BOOGERS

    They look like little comets.

  36. After retiring, I went to the Social Security office to apply for Social Security.
    The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver’s License to verify my age.
    I looked in my pockets and realized I had left my wallet at home.
    I told the woman that I was very sorry, but I would have to go home and come back later.
    The woman said, ‘Unbutton your shirt’.
    So I opened my shirt revealing my curly silver hair.
    She said, ‘That silver hair on your chest is proof enough for me’ and she
    Processed my Social Security application..
    When I got home, I excitedly told my wife about my experience at the Social Security office…
    She said, ‘You should have dropped your pants. You might have gotten disability, too.’
    And then the fight started…

  37. 58 Shannon says:
    March 11, 2011 at 3:00 pm
    Okay that’s it. You and Bobo can start up again.

    Actually, I was thinking of elevating the tone a bit and introduce farts as a subject—-

  38. Anyone hear from Big? I assume the tsunami hysteria in Hawaii is probably similar to the hurricane hysteria here, except with idiot tourists sprinkled in.

  39. Seeing as how my nickname predates rap, doof doof dance music, Suberru (sp) WRXs, Polo shirts, and even Nike, I’m not worried what any trendy dirtbag thinks it means.

    I also think its time we take back purple from the heterophobes.

  40. Raising the level of discourse today is like putting socks on a rooster

    Only if you add wingtips and spats.

  41. Anyone hear from Big? I assume the tsunami hysteria in Hawaii is probably similar to the hurricane hysteria here, except with idiot tourists sprinkled in.

    And fewer places to go.

  42. No, Japan’s earthquake was not caused by a “supermoon.”

    Despite what a lot of people are saying, there is no way this earthquake was caused by the Moon.

    The idea of the Moon affecting us on Earth isn’t total nonsense, but it cannot be behind this earthquake, and almost certainly won’t have any actual, measurable affect on us on March 19, when the full Moon is at its closest.

  43. Wisconsin Governor Rescinds Layoff Notices.

    MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker announced on Friday that he was rescinding layoff notices for 1,500 state workers after Wisconsin lawmakers approved his plan to cut collective bargaining rights and benefits for public employees. The approval, after nearly a month of angry demonstrations and procedural maneuvering, will create enough budget savings, Mr. Walker said, that layoffs will not be needed now.
    “While tough budget choices certainly still lie ahead, both state and local units of government will not have to do any mass layoffs or direct service reductions because of the reforms contained in the budget repair bill,” Mr. Walker said in a statement Friday morning.

  44. My wife was standing nude, looking in the bedroom mirror.
    She was not happy with what she saw and said to me,
    “I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly.
    I really need you to pay me a compliment.’
    I replied, “Your eyesight’s damn near perfect.”
    And then the fight started.

  45. No, Japan’s earthquake was not caused by a “supermoon.”

    I blame Bush.

    Or global warming.

    Or maybe…

  46. I gotta say it.

    Bob42 telling me that Newt Gingrich is crazy for saying that our Judeo-Christian civilization is under attack from two fronts. On one front, you have a secular, atheist, elitism; and then turning around and telling us about the agenda of the religious right wing dominionists that want a large and powerful government to impose their beliefs on everyone via force of law, and mixing God with government; is roughly analgous to Charlie Sheen telling me that Gary Busey is acting strange.

  47. I got bumped at a stop light this morning which in turn led me to bump the car in front of me. The driver of the car in front got out and walked back to where I was still sitting in my car. He was a dwarf, so I got out of my car to talk to him. He said “I’m not happy.” I said “well which one are you then.” That’s when the fight started.

  48. With all this booger flipping talk it makes me worried that at least some of you have a camera viewing me while I blog on hamous’ site. 😳

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