Weekend Open Comments

I see the door is still locked.  I went to breakfast with Lovely Daughter and Hubby this morning, and I am shocked – shocked, I say! – at the rudeness with which our family has been treated.

I am unlocking the door.  I have not had time to research a beginning topic, so the floor is wide open for conversation ideas.  Just give me a few minutes to make some tea and clear some seating space, but ya’ll come on in out of the cold!

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42 thoughts on “Weekend Open Comments

  1. Well, I haven’t seen Lovely Daughter in weeks, and it will be weeks before I see her again. She is busy, busy, busy. She arrived yesterday, and we stayed up watching a movie together last night. We went to breakfast this morning. She leaves shortly with Aggie Beau to check out wedding venues in College Station, so I won’t see her again all day.

    THAT’s where the he!! I’ve been. Sorry I was late.

    Book thread now opened.

  2. Good morning Hamsters. Well the much heralded front with rain has come through and left us with a trace–that’s all. Farther east was much luckier. Started out at 66 at 6, and of course that’s long gone; curretnly at 51 with a rip-snortin’ wind has more live oak leaves and pollen swirling in its billows. Nobody’s working on the house today–yea, peace and quiet.

    Spouse is off at his radio club’s annual Hamfest at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds. He’s one of the club’s radio operator licensing group conducting exams for interested attendees.
    He also took one of his more, umm historic, radios for the club to sell. From pictures of previous Hamfests, this is a really specialized flea market and social gathering. Hope his radio sells–we can use the space at home.

    I am replacing some items that got moved around this week to make way for the updating.
    Front and back porches are mostly bare with the usual decor stashed here and there out of the way of painters. Back patio looks like a yard sale minus the price tags. A few things inside are dislodged temporarily for minor interior touch ups. Blessedly we are not Chaos Manor this time around.

    Yikes, the Modify/Delete buttons are baaaack!

  3. TT,

    Thanks so much for your hosting efforts here. I appreciate you being able to weave that into your (other) family life! And ignore these grumpy men. It’s like Pyro always clamoring for the wimmins to bring him a sammich. 😀

    And HOLY COW! We have an EDIT command again!

    And it works! Hoorah!

  4. Adee, looks like we found the Modify command simultaneously. It’s a good thing indeed. Sorry to hear you also didn’t get any real rain.

  5. I can barely open a post without screwing Baraking something up.

    Hamous wants a clean, family-friendly site. Please do not use such vulgarity such as “Baraking”. You shalackle, you. 🙂

  6. And ignore these grumpy men.

    I’m not grumpy.

    And one o’you wimmins bring me a sammich! And a beer.

    And make it snappy.

  7. Mrs. Darren has some family in town. We all met at once at Mrs. darren’s cousin’s house. Their home filters did not let me view Hamous’ site so I searched sround the net and since Texpat cites Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) a lot, and since I like his bloggin but do not read it much, I decided to scroll around there. On Instapundit’s site, I found this article he linked to.

    The Further Death of “Liberaltarianism” I’ve never learned much about the Koch brothers but listening to the media, you’d think they were ultra right winged billionaires. Well, chec this out:

    The Kochs would appear to be the perfect liberaltarians–they support gay marriage, drug legalization, opposed the Iraq War, want to substantially cut military spending, and gave $20 million to the ACLU to oppose the Patriot Act (compared to a relatively piddling $43,000 to Scott Walker’s election campaign).

    Not very “far right”, I’d say. The Koch brothers, nevertheless are the viscious targets of the Left. So one lesson the koch brothers should have learned is to NOT support the Left, nor try to cozy up to them in order to get some of their ideas to become reality.

    Liberaltarianism is a movement best described i the article as:

    The underlying premise of liberaltarianism was that libertarians could emphasize their policy positions that appeal to liberals but not conservatives–drug legalization, hostility to war and military spending, support for civil liberties and for gay marriage–while liberals, chastened by the Bush years, would tone down their support for big government in other areas.

    Take some time to watch, WHERE DO LIBERTARIANS BELONG? A REASON EVENT FEATURING BRINK LINDSEY, MATT KIBBE, AND JONAH GOLDBERG. It took a bit for it to upload. The video’s worth it. I watched it a while ago and it’s always stuck in my head.

  8. #15 Pyro

    I know this subject gets you all fired up, but I don’t think it’s news. I remember Jon Matthews (before he imploded) chuckling about a study reporting this health benefit on his morning radio show. I can’t even remember now how long he’s been off the air, but it is years and years.

  9. Frankly, I don’t see the problem.

    When people enter my home, I expect a certain degree of conformity with my house rules. Smokers go outside, because my nose picks up cigarette smoke for days after the smoker leaves. Clothes must remain on the body. Profanity should be taken elsewhere. Pick up things if you drop them. Depending upon the length and type of visit, you may or may not be expected to help with certain chores: e.g., a summer long visit from a niece would require her to help with dishes and laundry; a weekend visit from a college buddy would not require any help at all, except to not make my life a living hell or cost me a ton of money (long story).

    If I were to live in another country, DUH! I would be expected to learn the language and respect my host country’s culture. In my home I could speak Arabic or Hindi or Spanish or Czech. I could eat falafel, goat, pasta, or borscht. But if I were to interact with any kind of governmental authority, I would expect to have to do it in the language of that country. Especially after five years.

    But then, I wouldn’t be a victim.

  10. #19 mh42
    I realize it’s almost certainly a hoax, but I choose to believe in their healing power. 😉

    Besides, it never hurts just in case, right?

  11. #17 S-Dave

    Those life-savers and first responders were old-time, small-town Brits, not the new type of politically correct National Health Service dependent folk. Inspiring story, thanks for posting.

  12. #21 Pyro

    I’m just saying I think this was from an old report, not that it isn’t true. Or maybe the first report from years ago needed to be verified ? After all, that is the scientific method, test the hypothesis. 🙂

    I heard Tim wants to apply for a study grant.

  13. #20 TT

    Guess Europe, like us, has a bunch of liberal nitwits who so despise their own culture that they will fight to the last man to prevent it being forced upon their third-world immigrant population.

  14. I am listening to the radio, and the Ortho Fire Ant commercials are running. They always make me smile.

    Dead fire ants. That alone is enough to bring a chortle.

    Kick fire ant butt!

  15. When I get to heaven, I’m gonna ask the Big Guy what the deal is with those little b@stards.

    And chiggers.

  16. #17 Super Dave; Yea for the good folk of Goodhue, MN and surrounding communities for saving a life in 1.5 hours’ worth of CPR. Fortunately the Mayo Clinic in Rochester is only 35 miles away and has life flight service. And in the dead of a Minnesota winter.

  17. #27 Adee

    Ms. Adee, you read it more carefully than I did. I didn’t pick up that this story was from the US. Because it was reported in a UK website, I assumed those were Brits who lined up and performed CPR for 1.5 hours. So in retrospect, let me restate, I am glad we have small-town Americans who step up with the proper training to save a life.

  18. Dead fire ants

    Fire ants and white guys, the last things it’s ok to hate…..and cock roaches.

  19. Sarge Vining = Strother Martin

    Sarge Vining is Strother Martin.

    Strother Martin and Sarge live on forever merged in stone like a psychedelically inspired dream.

    I honestly do not know how I could have ever missed this.

  20. Apparently Iowahawk was called out to explain some apparent contradictions in his article comparing public school student performance between Wisconsin and Texas which he initially wrote in response to Krugman’s NY Times article. So, here’s the rest of the story:


    Gotta love the title – Badgering the Witless

  21. #31 El Gordo

    I dare anyone, anyone, to go up against Iowahawk in battle.

    It would be futile and suicidal.

  22. 175 years ago today, Santa Anna overran the defenders of the Alamo, and as promised, put them all to the sword. Defending the Alamo was a futile effort from the beginning, but the time and resources required of SA’s army to finally finish it off gave Sam Houston time to raise a ragtag army to continue the fight. Even the WAPO acknowledges the significance of the fall of the Alamo in it’s historical one-liners today.

    Not all of the Texicans were English speaking transplants. There are several latino names included in the history records as well. Remember the Alamo, and pay attention to the events of the next few weeks as they were recorded in Texas history – there will be a test at the conclusion.

  23. Not everyone in the Mexican army spoke Spanish for that matter. There were still natives there who had yet to acquire the language of their European invader.

  24. 30 Texpat says:
    March 5, 2011 at 8:08 pm
    Sarge Vining = Strother Martin

    Sarge Vining is Strother Martin.

    Strother Martin and Sarge live on forever merged in stone like a psychedelically inspired dream.

    I honestly do not know how I could have ever missed this.


    Squawk is Strother Martin.

    I’m LQ Jones.

  25. This reminds me of when my husband knew how to handle me. I remember having a huge disagreement with him over driving a boat while he was skiing. When we docked, I stomped off to an empty bedroom, my blood thundering in my ears. He came and found me, and despite my best efforts to keep my mad going, he calmed me down. He knew just what to do to make me feel better.

    Those days are long gone. /sigh

  26. You may or may not know that the book was written AFTER Douglas Adams wrote that series for the BBC.

    Arthur C. Clarke did the same with 2001: A Space Odyssey. The book & the movie were written at the same time.

  27. My favorite quote:

    There are chemical signatures released by the egg to act as a “guide” to the sperm, but have you ever known of a man to take directions from a woman?

    It reminds me of a joke:
    Q: Why are there so few men in Heaven?
    A: Because they won’t ask for directions!

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