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  1. This is one sick SOB.

    HEADLINE: Cleveland police say suspect was on Facebook Live when he killed someone

    This POS is black and he murdered an innocent 74 year old black man in cold blood; I thought black lives were supposed to matter.

  2. United Airlines just doesn’t seem to get the message, yet.

    HEADLINE: Bride and groom booted off United flight in Houston
    A bride and groom headed to Costa Rica for their wedding got kicked off their United flight out of Houston on Saturday afternoon.

    The incident took place on United Airlines Flight 1737 which was headed from Houston (IAH) to Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR).

    The couple, along with their friends, were flying from Salt Lake City and had a layover at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

    Michael Hohl, the groom, said he and his fiancé, Amber Maxwell, were the last to board the plane.

    According to Hohl, they noticed a man was spread across their row napping when they approached their seats, 24 B and C.

    So, the flight crew failed to do their duty to keep the paid for, assigned seats available and the passengers simply found other seats.

    Hohl said after complying with the flight attendant’s demand, a U.S. Marshall came onto the plane and asked them to get off.

    The couple cooperated and got off the plane without incident, but they still don’t understand why.

    “They said that we were being disorderly and a hazard to the rest of the flight, to the safety of the other customers,” said Hohl.

    United Airlines claims they actually tried to sit in an upgraded seat “repeatedly” and they “wouldn’t follow crew instructions.”

    I’m sure there is plenty of passenger video evidence that supports the passengers view of the events and not so much that of the nazi-like, thuggish flight crew.

    In a truly Capitalist system, United Airlines would fail to be a going concern. I hope Trump does not interfere with that happening.

  3. I started working on Sunshine’s special blanket last night. I pulled out my book that has instructions for all kinds of “photo” blocks, which I’ll then connect to make her blanket. I started with the butterfly.

    After a half hour of trying to figure out the instructions for just the body part, I finally just winged it, no pun intended. Then I started on the wings, but once again the instructions didn’t seem to fit. So now I’m doing what we call “free form crochet,” just making it up as I go along. I’ve almost got one side done. The trick is making the second side match the first. Having a popeye butterfly may be cute and I’m sure Sunshine won’t care, but I’d rather have a symmetrical insect rather than one that I’ll have to pass off as having “perspective” differences. “It’s really flying away, sweetheart, and that’s why the nearer wing looks bigger!”

    Kinda dreading the dog square….

  4. Time to mow again already. And I’ll start on the house painting project any day now, just like I’ve been planning for the past several months. Maybe it will rain a little bit today, maybe it won’t. But first, it’s time for ant patrol. I wonder if they could make a TV series about ant patrol – probably wouldn’t be any worse than the other crap they show on TV these day. The hardest part would be weaving all the perverts and weird sex into the plot while tromping around killing fire ants.

  5. My cousin in Lubbock posted a video of a horny toad parked outside a red ant path, no body movement just quick tongue snapping them up as they strolled by. I could watch it for hours. I’m thinking the horny toad could make a good living on fire ant control down here. All you can eat!

  6. Used to be horny toads all over the place around here when I was a kid. Haven’t seen one in years. Don’t know why they all died off. But the fire ants will kill them for sure. They can’t keep up with a fire ant attack. Seriously, the fire ant has no natural enemies, at least here in Texas.

  7. Before long FLA is going to be a dinosaur-infested hellhole unfit for anyone but FlardaMan.

    Oh, wait…

  8. Fighting the most vicious allergy episode for nigh on ten days.
    Fay, too.
    I’m praying she can soon kick it before it develops into something more dangerous.
    I haven’t had an earache like this since I was in the single digits.

  9. 2 Shannon

    My most important criteria for female objectification photos is if my brother will like it.


  10. Well, I’m BACCCK!! Come to find out they called too many Jurors today so anyone with a number higher than 3400 got to leave about 10 AM. I was 3660-17,…oh and did I tell you that Jury Duty STILL SUX?!?! What a monumental waste of time. FWIW; I venture inside the loop about once every two years, only to go the Harris County, Jury Assembly Room.

  11. Oh, and the speed limit in the parking garage is 80 MPH! So, be careful, be veddy, veddy careful……

  12. female objectification photos

    I prefer to think of them as an admiration of G-D’s handiwork.

  13. Good afternoon Hamsters. Waiting on that prediction of rain today after 1 pm so I ran the errands this morning while spouse was working at home.

    We have a lead on a possible companion for Contessa from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society. Two veterinarian friends in College Station and in Hearne are helping evaluate the 20-year-old Arabian mare’s condition, as she has arthritic knees (don’t we all eventually?) and some past foot problems to see if they are stable now. Her disposition is described as just what we want, and she has manners.

    Sadly, given her age and lack of use as a riding horse she will be difficult to place other than as a companion. If she passes our vet friends’ evaluation, she can try out for the job. If that works out, she has a forever home.

  14. #17 – Give that bus Driver a RAISE!

    He didn’t do A N Y T H I N G that that young ‘Blankety blank’s’ Mom or Dad SHOULD have done a long LONG time ago!

  15. 23 mharp

    It went just fine. It is rare to get all four of the sisters together anymore, so that was pretty special.
    Fay and I stopped to eat on the way home, also a rarity these days. First time I’ve had Mexican food since last September, blowing my diet clean out of the water.
    Ask me if I care.

  16. Just started raining here on the moors of the Brazos. It’s breezy and getting darker, temp’s down to 67 and dropping. Spouse was mowing the back pasture about half an hour ago and decided to come in as the dark clouds came closer. I brought Contessa in the barn about the same time. Radar looks rather ominous at the moment.

  17. El Trumpo has a very interesting strategy for the lead up to individual negotiations with the former TPP countries.

  18. We still like Galileo’s Mexican Grill for Mexican food. For either Tex-Mex or other Mexican food.

    It’s on HWY 36. On the south side (Sealy side) of town. Right next to the dumpy Shell station. On the left.

    The other place (on 159 towards Hempstead) has changed hands every several years and I haven’t been, lately. Though I hear that it does good business. Straight Tex-Mex…or it always has been.

  19. When I took Her Highness to Bellville the first time, we went to Galileo’s and I ordered queso flameado for one of the appetizers. Blew her mind when they sat that dish on fire on the table. She had never had real South Texas texmex cuisine.

  20. Sarge
    If you find yourself petering out after such a long drive, you could stop instead at Cazadores in Sealy – the best TexMex in the county.

    A small independent chain, they have a number of locations on the greater west side of Houston. The Sealy location beats them all. Their dark salsa (served warm) is worth a hundred mile drive.

  21. 2 Shannon

    My most important criteria for female objectification photos is if my brother will like it.


    You may have outdone yourself this time.

    Some may direct their gaze initially elsewhere. I’m a face man.


  22. We had a cloudburst here at 6 pm. Dark outside, very heavy noisy rain, lasted maybe 15 minutes. I was glad to get it. I raked Springtime magnolia leaves today and did some hand-watering. I am concerned my ligustrums look exceptionally stressed — in West Texas it would be called “peaked” — two syllables. I’ve been watering them but that doesn’t seem to help much. I think maybe it was that freeze.

  23. Shannon

    You may have outdone yourself this time.

    Some may direct their gaze initially elsewhere. I’m a face man.


    Heh me too. I’ll get to the other parts sooner or later, but yeah the face first and then if I am looking at a woman live I seek out evidence of intelligence.

    One sure turn off………tattoos on a woman. Argghhhh. Ladies if that is chauvinistic of me…….oh well.

  24. I’ve always said the face – eyes, lips and expression – is the sexiest part of a woman’s anatomy.

    There are, however, a couple of other body parts running a very close second….

  25. Texpat

    …and she’s left-handed.

    Everyone knows how smart left-handers are.

    Yup my BSue is left handed. That woman is sharp as a tack. She is so smart she married me twice. Course she will tell you she was sparing the women of the world anymore of my advances. Of course I know that is just her humility shining through.

  26. Texpat

    Mom is doing fair. Memory loss has become an issue along with a blood clot in her leg which will be addressed Wednesday. We take everyday one day at a time and thank God for it. We try to take day trips as often as possible. That seems to help and it keeps her mind engaged rather than being numbed by the constant drone of TV.

    Thanks for your concern and thanks for asking.

  27. I have a secret list of those that I think are
    Lefties. It will be interesting to find out the results.

  28. Right handed here, so’s the kid. Mom and sister are lefties. My brother is right handed but bats and golfs left handed. Catches with his left. The same for both his boys. He’s the middle kid so what can you say, we love him no matter.

  29. I listen to enough Dennis Prager to fully understand how visual-oriented the human male is. Otherwise I might be puzzled by youse guys salivating over a black-and-white photo on an electronic display.

    Apparently you can’t he’p it.
    It’s ok, Prager says it is normal.

  30. 9 pm, time for my 10 mins on the stationary bike, to keep my bionic knees all loosy goosy.


  31. I started out ambidextrous. I finally started batting and catching right, but could never write with anything but my left hand. I could bat right or left for a while, but finally quit cultivating it. As you get older, you have to practice both ways or you lose it.

  32. 46 Squawk

    The relentless television watching is the absolute worst. There are studies now to confirm it. Anything to avoid that is the very best thing you can do.

  33. GJT says

    Right handed here, so’s the kid. Mom and sister are lefties. My brother is right handed but bats and golfs left handed. Catches with his left.

    I too have a physco brother.

  34. Right handed for spouse and me. Back in the miniature golf days and softball in grade school, I was left handed for those. Didn’t even think about it.

    #59 mharper42

    Sinister, Latin for left, has acquired another meaning along the way.

  35. Those of us that are the not first born.

    And not left-handed.

    Understand it’s up to us to save the world from

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