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  1. Last night GJT mentioned the Dodge Demon, I had not heard of this but the Boy called me last night and told me all abou it. Apparently they were teasing everyone with bits and pieces of info on the new car and finally unveiled the machine last night. 840 Hp, 9.65 second quarter! DAYAAM, the first ever production car to come with street drag slicks and AC powered “Ice Box” for the intercooler.
    My Boy is a big CTSV fan and said that this machine beats the latest version of it.

  2. I rent from National quite a bit when traveling for work. The company has an agreement where we automatically get a mid size car. There’s usually a Charger or Challenger available and I get that. They are always V6. Last week in Tulsa I got a Charger. Pushed the button and was surprised to hear the rumble of a hemi. Man that thing was quick! Too bad it was a mopar. I like sleeper muscle cars.

  3. Cool morning and still damp from yesterday’s showers. Maybe the grass will catch up with the weeks soon. Taking a short trip to Brady for my quarterly meds refills (it’s the closest pharmacy that’s in my plan). After that, who knows. Hoping a nice day to all.

  4. SHOT:

    Press Secretary Sean Spicer caught serious flack from notable Democrats on Tuesday for showing questionable knowledge of the Holocaust.

    Spicer had said that “someone as despicable as Hitler… didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” Spicer’s comments were a condemnation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s gas attack which claimed the lives of at least 80 Syrian civilians on April 4.

    The world media erupts in hysterics…270,000 hits on Google…


    Journalist Jack Scahill, co-founder of The Intercept, compares the former Vice-President to Bashar Assad. Video at link above.

    “Bashar al-Assad was a brutal thug when he was torturing prisoners on behalf of the CIA. Saddam Hussein was America’s friend when he was using chemical weapons. We need to have more than just the immediate crisis memory. We need to understand the historical context of how a butcher like Assad actually has more in common with someone like Dick Cheney than he does with the average Syrian or the people that are on these airwaves as brave reporters.”

    Mostly crickets…44,700 hits on Google (no mainstream media)

  5. It won’t really be a revolution until Ruth Bader Ginsburg is replaced by Eugene Volokh.

    This would have serious impact on the alternative fuels industry, particularly corn ethanol. There just isn’t enough popcorn in the current supply to provide what would be needed to watch that show and thousands of metric tonnes of corn would have to be diverted to popcorn makers—-

  6. Just had a conversation with a co-worker. He tried, but I remain adamant that Paradise By The Dashboard Light is the song Meatloaf should be remembered for and NOT Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. Freaking pop song philistines.

  7. When I had my ’06 Chrysler 300 SRT8, I surprised quite a few people with that 6.1L Hemi with 425 HP and 420 ft/lb of torque.

  8. I am sure Hamous already knows this regarding Orthodox “art”, as he called it the other day, which is in fact a series of iconography inside St. Joseph Orthodox Church.

    In the Orthodox Church an icon is a sacred image, a window into heaven. An image of another reality, of a person, time and place that is more real than here and now. More than art, icons have an important spiritual role. Michel Quenot says it well in his book, The Icon: Window on the Kingdom, an icon is “theology in imagery, the icon expresses through color what the Gospel proclaims in words”.

  9. #6 #11 – Just so you know, bluebonnets are out; IPBs are now in. Saw a few stragglers but the IPB’s are everywhere. And, as our esteemed brother Super Dave says, life is grand.

  10. Good afternoon Hamsters. Cool 60 this morning and a northerly breeze makes me think the front actually did come through. Probably will back up fast so there will be no benefit for long though. We got an inch of rain yesterday spread out over about 5 hours. That was nice.

    We await further info coming out about the United debacle. There’s always more to be learned than the first reports. ‘Tis a wonder the United CEO did not have another coronary trying to manage the blowback. No matter what else comes out, nobody can unsee what those cellphone videos showed. And seeing stuff sticks better than written stuff.

  11. As Tucker Carlson has pointed out, nothing is against the law in DC. No one ever goes to jail. Just another of the unwritten rules – the laws are for the little people.

  12. If written by a current day politician(pick one) it would be titled, I’d do Anything for a Buck, Bribe or Steal–Yes, I’d even Do that!

    Loafster Linguistics Lives.

  13. That Dodge Demon, from last night?

    No question it’s a Camaro Killer.

    Vette smusher too, right?

  14. For a car straight off the assembly line? Yes by far.

    I’m not a Mopar guy, but I love the pressure it puts on the other guys. It’s still fresh on my mind I figured the last real production V8 was built in the early 70’s and someday all those motors would get used up and hot rodding as us old geezers know it would be over.

  15. Was over at BFA’s place again today, with my cousin. She’s still throwing things at me, desperate to empty the place. We’re going next week to get the hutch. No one else wanted it, and I plan on painting it and using it to store some of my craft stuff. I’ve also asked for her vinyl, since no one else wanted it. I have a turntable, and I like some of the old stuff. It will be interesting to see if her taste in music matches mine.

    We have a new tenant moving in soon, and they are coming from a family member’s home, so they are lacking in some items themselves. They’ll take some of the other items, which makes my cousin very happy. We took a load to Goodwill today, and we had a nice visit along the way.

    I’ve always liked this cousin, so the silver lining in BFA’s passing is a growing relationship with her. She and Eldest Sister have been good friends since childhood. I’d always wanted a closer relationship with Eldest Sis, too, and the brouhaha with the Harpies brought that about.

    There’s always something good to come out of the bad, if you look for it.

    PS: I have my Santa for the year, also. I didn’t see him hiding behind some of her frillary, but there was an Old World Santa there waiting for me. As soon as Cousin saw my face light up and I told her I collected Santas, she said “TAKE IT! IT’S YOURS!”

    Silver linings. 😀

  16. 34
    I am apparently incapable of figuring out what that dead judge story is
    supposed to be about.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  17. #39 – If you read the whole story, you might be able to figure it out. Let’s just say that you are known by the friends that you keep.

  18. Celebrating my 21st anniversary with the lovely wife. 21st? Hey that means we are legal. Took us 42 years to get 21 consecutive years together. Oh and we have never had a fight.

  19. Ditto on Brother Squawk and his wife’s 42 years of 21 straight.

    Now if it were me and mine celebrating, there’d be a little of this and some smooth Cab in a glass.

    I kind of believe Brother Squawk really is an undercover TJ fan.:-)

  20. Those screaming spy ducks that shoot fire out their azzez are buzzing around out here again tonight. I’d better go cover my head in bed so they will not be able to see me. Night all.

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