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    I saw that. And I am a proud Kubota tractor owner. A little bitty one, but it is Kubota. Go Orange!

  2. GJT

    I saw that. And I am a proud Kubota tractor owner. A little bitty one, but it is Kubota. Go Orange!

    WHOOHOO NEW CONTROVERSY for us to indulge in on the couch. And I have GJT to contend with………….

    Let the games begin

    Nothing runs like a Deere.

  3. John Deere crossed to the Dark Side several years ago.

    IT’S OFFICIAL: JOHN Deere and General Motors want to eviscerate the notion of ownership. Sure, we pay for their vehicles. But we don’t own them. Not according to their corporate lawyers, anyway.

    In a particularly spectacular display of corporate delusion, John Deere—the world’s largest agricultural machinery maker —told the Copyright Office that farmers don’t own their tractors. Because computer code snakes through the DNA of modern tractors, farmers receive “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle.”

    It’s John Deere’s tractor, folks. You’re just driving it.

    Several manufacturers recently submitted similar comments to the Copyright Office under an inquiry into the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. DMCA is a vast 1998 copyright law that (among other things) governs the blurry line between software and hardware. The Copyright Office, after reading the comments and holding a hearing, will decide in July which high-tech devices we can modify, hack, and repair—and decide whether John Deere’s twisted vision of ownership will become a reality.

    But hey, farmers and ranchers are fighting back…

    That’s when your new best friend may turn out to be a shadowy software hacker living in the Ukraine.

    As reported in Motherboard, a thriving crop of black-market hackers in Europe is creating and selling software hacks to John Deere software, which local mechanics in America’s breadbasket are downloading and using to repair the company’s tractors.

    “When crunch time comes and we break down, chances are we don’t have time to wait for a dealership employee to show up and fix it,” Danny Kluthe, a hog farmer in Nebraska, told his state legislature earlier this month. “Most all the new equipment [requires] a download [to fix].”

    But farmers who buy new John Deere equipment must sign a license agreement that forbids nearly all “unauthorized” repair and modification to the company’s machines that contain embedded software. You can tinker under the hood, but don’t mess with the software.

  4. Texpat

    John Deere crossed to the Dark Side several years ago.

    IT’S OFFICIAL: JOHN Deere and General Motors want to eviscerate the notion of ownership.

    That is not surprising. I had wondered when companies would start that question of ownership based on “code” thing. If you take time to read what you are agreeing to when you fire up that personal confuser for the first time you will find that you do not own it. Microsoft etal basically tell you that they are loaning your software to you. License agreements say outright that you do not own the soft/hardware and they can dictate your use to include maintenance. Dell is the worst. Bottom line you are simply paying for the right to use your electronic devices and nothing more.

    Back when spyware bots were on the front page everyday computer companies and software makers actually floated the idea that they could either shut down your computer or even take it away if it was not properly protected/updated or if it was found to be a botnet hive. They claimed they had the right to do this since you and I were just borrowing their software etc.

    Because we “do not own our software” software companies have changed their business model to subscription services. Are you seeing the trend here with what John Deere tried to do? It is a way to force farmers to use only their services among other things.

  5. I think Xerox started this early on when they had a virtual monopoly on the copy market. Nobody could buy one, you could only lease them. Look what happened to them. I run Linux now and am pleased with it, so MS can KMA if they want to. I won’t even buy a car that is new enough to have air bags that explode in your face and break your neck in order to keep you safe. I predict an even stronger market for used farm equipment, which is already through the roof.

  6. Well I helped my brother-in-law with his John Deere compact tractor trying to figure out why the $100 shut off solenoid kept burning up and that was the goofiest electrical system I ever did see. Of course my Kubota could be just as bad, but I don’t know … Cause I Never Had To Work On It !!!


    The Trump Administration has awarded a contract to United Airlines to effect the removal of Bashar Assad from Syria.

  8. Interesting how the Asian “community” isn’t screaming racism! over the United Airlines incident.

  9. 16

    Reminds me I need to find the auto-shutoff wires on my mower and tie them together, as I’ve done with every mower I’ve owned.
    Sick of that thing dying every time I leave the seat.

  10. The tractors are alright, but don’t ever make the mistake of buying a John Deere backhoe.
    What a dog.

  11. Shannon says:
    APRIL 11, 2017 AT 11:27 AM
    Interesting how the Asian “community” isn’t screaming racism! over the United Airlines incident.

    Maybe if he was an Asian hoodlum?

  12. Dateline Bellville:
    OSHA swat team surrounding home of miscreant who disabled his dead-man switch, thus endangering the entire community.

    Dateline Bellville:
    Tinkered lawnmower turns on miscreant, chases him up and down country roads.

    Dateline Bellville:
    OSHA calls in Federal Labor Dept drone strike on out-of-control lawnmower, blows up municipal water system headquarters by accident.

    Dateline Bel…

  13. The ugly storm system is at our doorstep now, a blob sticking out of the main storm and moving pretty fast. A friend in Bryan I spoke to around 11:30 said that area was having a really wild storm with all the trimmings including crackling and static about bad enough that I had trouble understanding him.

    Rush is on a roll about T-Rex and his meeting with Putin, representing Donald Trump, the 180 from compliant dupe Obama.

  14. Rush just said that AG Sessions has announced that his Justice Dept. will be doing all the things the Dems said could not be done about enforcing existing immigration law.

    Ha! Get ready for more idiotic lawsuits filed before compliant squish lefty judges to stop it. And look for so many Dems seen taking to their fainting couches.

  15. Humph. I had no idea who RGB was, thought it was some famous NFL guy.

    Apparently that is RG3.

  16. The storm has moved in with great lightning & thunder fanfare and steady rain mixed with some heavy rain. Very gusty winds led the way as it approached around 1:30.
    So much for the recent forecasts that promised much and delivered not much or 0.

    This one is delivering.

  17. We’re getting good steady rain at Maison du Harp. This should help all my poor-looking shrubs. All the thunder I’ve heard so far seems distant, and rolling. Should be good napping here pretty soon.

  18. Glancing at The Drudge headlines, I think I’m living in the twi-SpyDuckus-light zone, where I woke up and FlushJohn McLovesWar is president and Lindsey GrahaMamaLovesWarToo is the VP.

    Quick, there’s a doodlebug on the sidewalk FlushJohn, you better bomb it.

  19. Rain has slacked off a good but, but rumbling thunder strong enough to rattle things keeps popping up in the background. Have not ventured out to the rain gauge yet or the mailbox. The mail truck arrived just as the rain started pounding down after lunch. Presume ours made it into the box reasonably dry, but that might be optimistic.

  20. fat albert
    I know i am opening the door to mas criticism but ……. oh well.

    Within an hour the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, a group linked loosely with the famed girl diarist, demanded Spicer’s removal as it claimed he ‘engaged in Holocaust denial, the most offensive form of fake news imaginable.’

    This disturbs me, I do not care who it is. Spicer prolly just made a real stupid mistake. To declare outright on the basis of one statement that a person is a holocaust denier is offensive to me. I am sick and freaking tired of people forced out of their jobs for one stupid mistake in what they say. The accusations are probably unfounded. If they can find a trend or history of Spicer making anti-semetic comments then yeah full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes and sink sink Spicer’s boat.

    I am reasonably sure Spicer was referring to the battlefield like the German’s did at Verdun WWI never thinking about the gas chambers. He enaged his mouth without thinking.

  21. We need to build a wall on the Florida border. Any Florida plates leaving have to pass a driving test. Anyone going in, good luck. I guess I should be grateful those plates are easy to see.

  22. RE: My #45
    Remember the doctor from the United flight story?

    And why do we need to know this?
    Why does this doctor’s past even as sordid as it may be, why just because he was part of the news, why do we need to drag him through the muck when United was clearly in the wrong. Our country sucks. It is sick and it is getting sicker.

  23. Shannon

    Interesting how the Asian “community” isn’t screaming racism! over the United Airlines incident.

    Proof positive that China is watching you with their peking ducks.

    Video of United Airlines Passenger Creates Furor in China, Too

    By Tuesday evening, the hashtag “United forcibly removes passenger from plane” was the most popular topic on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, garnering more than 270 million views and more than 150,000 comments. Many Chinese social media users accused United of racism, while others called for a boycott.

  24. I think Squawks was fond of her slim figure in her weight-loss ads. Had nuffin to do with her music.

  25. Brother Squawk

    Heh–I’ve seen it and the way I see it is Tom was feeling charitable for this performance.

    He probably volunteered to give EH some singing lessons and also on how to wear sideburns properly.

  26. OC pic….

    •Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame.

    •Judy Holliday in Bells Are Ringing.

    •Taxis with fins.


    I can’t find the credit for Super Dave, amateur photographer.

  27. #45 Squawk:

    I know you’re right. But these guys continue to engage their mouths before engaging their brains. It happens over and over. It starts with Trump and runs through all his people. They need to just keep their yaps shut and do their thing.

    Once is understandable. Twice is a mistake. When you get to 14 or 15 it’s time to look at why. . . .

  28. 65 FA

    These guys have singlehandedly saved the entire dying comedy business.

    Melissa McCarthy doing Spicer is right up there with Belushi, Ackroyd, or Curtain.

  29. 65 fat albert

    I sympathize with your frustration. However, I spent 8 years listening to various White House, State Department, Pentagon, Justice Department spokesmen utter the most outrageous bulls**t and lies. I had to listen to Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius utter one stupid, twisted mendacious comment after another.

    Additionally, as someone who has done considerable public speaking I have real empathy with all those press secretaries and spokespersons (no matter who they are) who have to respond extemporaneously under tremendous pressure before an international media. It is so, so easy to stumble, misspeak or have the words tumble out of your mouth communicating the opposite of what one means.

    As a Jew, I am not offended by what he said because it was so clearly a blunder. There will be endless outraged Leftist Jews screaming bloody murder for days. Screw them.

    There will be no end to hysterical hand-wringing from every pompous a$$hole on the Left demanding Spicer be fired and Trump resign because they are all a bunch of Jew-hating Nazis. They can go straight to hell.

    This is a new administration under attack from every direction including plenty of Republicans standing in the shadows hoping they will fail.

    I’m not going to worry about it.

  30. GJT says:
    APRIL 11, 2017 AT 7:11 PM
    I agree with Squawkbox Noise.

    Jeez. That could come back to haunt you.

  31. So I got into a discussion on the innerwebs yesterday about changes that need to be made to save the Republic. Reverse Marbury v. Madison and repeal the 16th & 17th amendments. Someone chimed in and said repeal the 26th. I agreed, but with the caveat that selective service registration for 18-20 year old men would have to be discontinued. 18 year olds generally aren’t qualified to vote conscienciously, IMO. But it’s always seemed blasphemous to me to force young men to fight while denying them the right to choose the old geezers sending them into war. Then something completely unexpected happened. For the first time in my memory I was called a hippie. I had to laugh.

  32. A while back, Verizon bought AOL and paid real money for it. I didn’t even know that AOL was still around, but I did know that it was time to short Verizon.

    The screaming spy ducks are back over my town tonight. But these ducks have afterburners and can climb straight up. Must be more Trump military exercises – if they were Obama exercises they would all be just saying “duck.”

  33. Reverse Marbury v. Madison and repeal the 16th & 17th amendments.

    That would do more to fix what is broken than most people can grasp.

  34. Note that **I** did not mention the aol email address at all. I thought, why embarrass the man any more than he did himself??

  35. Well, I don’t think he has any old girlfriends, so I figure he never could figure out how to get AOL off of his computer. Like the rest of AOL users.

  36. I went to Beloved Fluttery Aunt’s home today. I met my cousin, one of her executors, and received some items that BFA wanted me to have – some ancient pictures of ancestors, and a few other things. The rest of BFA’s things were laid out all over the place. I cried for the first few moments I was there. Cousin told me to have my moment, she’d had hers. We went through the place, and I picked out things for myself and for LD. I felt like a vulture, and was hesitant about taking things, but cousin encouraged me strongly, and almost threw things at me if I showed the slightest interest in them. “I’d rather them go to someone who knows them and appreciates them, than to some stranger,” she said. That made sense to me, so I felt better.

    I found a couple of ruanas, a rectangular type of shawl, and took those. Our church gets really cold sometimes, and I always take my shawl. I can use these now, and feel like BFA is hugging me during mass. /sniff

    The Harpies have their turn tomorrow morning, and I go back in the afternoon. Cousin really wants to get rid of everything so they can sell the condo. We just happen to have found tenants for one of our units, and they have nothing for their kitchen; I’m not sure about the rest of the house. I think I’ve solved Cousin’s problem for her.

    Even with things picked over and items laid out like a garage sale, those rooms were still so full of BFA. I felt like she was there with us, especially as Cousin and I sat on her bedroom floor, looking at old family pictures. I was snapping away with my phone camera. I need to upload these to my genealogy files, and try to get names for all the faces.

    Miss her.

  37. When Steve Case pulled off the Time Warner – AOL merger in 2000, it was the ultimate scam to end the 20th century and Clinton’s dotcom bubble.

    Unbelievable. Case became a billionaire, unloaded a soon to be worthless company and Gerald Levin blew his career and reputation on the deal.

    It was staggering. Case was a mid-level exec for Pizza Hut when he dreamed up the idea for America On Line.

  38. People goodness take a valium! 🙂

    I dumped aoHELL’s memory heavy / proprietary software many MANY m00ns ago (right about Dec of 2000 or so)

    Their web based email is easily on par w YaHELL or gmail or hotmail in functionality terms. (ALL of them = “ya get whatcha PAY for” aka not much!)

  39. #72 Hamous:

    I’d go with Heinlein on this one. No selective service, no draft. Ever. If a country doesn’t have enough people to step forward to defend it, then it’s probably finished as a country anyway.

    There’s also a part of me that’s just not comfortable with conscripted military. It feels a bit too much like involuntary servitude.

  40. My son said that in an earlier sneak preview Dodge said it would come with the driver seat only, but if you wanted the passenger seat they’d put it in for a dollar.

    The NHRA said it would be banned from their events because a roll cage is required for under ten second cars.

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