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  1. And a happy pi day to all of you this lovely morning. The good news for me is that I can turn on my TV (which has no antenna or cable type connections) and see the same thing everyone else is seeing today – snow. 99% of the country could be ravaged by snow, flood, wildfire, earthquake, tornado, rockslide, nuclear contamination, and the like and we would never hear a peep, but let it snow 2″ on the east coast and the world is ending. Hunker down and enjoy it folks, you deserve a day off. BTW, will the government be shut down today; and if so, will there be any survivors?

  2. Looks like everyone is snowed in this morning and can’t get to their computer. It was 40 degrees when I got up; it’s now down to 36. A smattering of bluebonnets are starting to bloom, but the big bloom is still a few days (or more) out. I’ll probably be taking my Texas bluebonnet tour in the next couple of weeks or so. In the interim, I found Mother’s old cedar chest out in the store room, so I dragged it out to take a look. It’s solid cedar, no veneers, and needs stripping and refinishing. There are no markings on it, so I assume that it was hand made somewhere, and it’s approaching 100 years old. Amazingly, it still smells good when you open it. I’ll probably put a light stain on it to draw out the wood grain and then put a finish on it (after getting it stripped and sanded of course). I don’t think you ever know when you have sanded enough – you just sand and sand and sand until you can’t sand any more, and then you decide that you have sanded enough. Overall, it’s in good shape, and I think even an amateur like me can make this thing look good again.

  3. It’s a brisk 46 down here on the Bay, fair with the big old moon and Jupiter hanging in the SW sky.

  4. #3 EG: Try some tung oil on a section and see what it does. No color but it penetrates and protects the wood, really makes the grain pop. It also seems to hide any minor scratches you may have missed in the sanding process.

  5. #6 EG: I have had great results with the stuff. It come in shiny or matt finish. I put the matt finish on the stair treads in my house.

  6. I’ll second that tung oil recommendation. Used it on a poplar bass body and was quite pleased with the result; and poplar isn’t generally thought of as a nice appearance wood, grain-wise.

  7. #12 Dood,

    Watched the vid, the tapping on a bass. Tapping, bending, still wonder how she gets the rolling notes.

    I guess I’m not clear on what you mean exactly by “rolling notes”.

  8. I was talking to a friend last night, and the topic of my resignation from faith formation came up. I just need some time off, to recuperate from my high stress levels. I love teaching, but just gearing for the Wednesday night class, dealing with my DRE’s constant inconstancy, and losing the time from my other responsibilities is just a “little off the top”. I can’t walk away from the other stressors in my life: MIL’s cancer, running our businesses, etc., but I can release myself from ministry, at least for a while.

    I shared with my friend that I was already considering an adult level apologetics course. It’s running through my head already, how I’d do it, my materials, etc. I laughed, because here I am, considering another responsibility to replace the one I’m walking away from!

    Somebody stop me!

  9. Oops, looks like this week’s storm of the century for the east coast has turned out to be a bust (again). Why do people even listen to the weather forecasts any more? Just more fake news.

  10. 3 El Gordo

    When you refinish the cedar chest, sand the inside of the chest with 220 grit sandpaper until you get to a rich, dark color. This is the oil below the surface and will immediately fully restore the cedar smell.

    I prefer Watco Danish Oil over the various tung oil finishes available. The Danish oil finish will last much longer. The tung oil finishes, like Formby’s, are some mixture of varnish, linseed oil and tung oil and they take a long time to cure. You can use a Watco finish in a couple of hours. Danish oil finishes were developed centuries ago and have been used continually ever since.

  11. So far, a few miles west of Manhattan, we have only about 6 inches of snow on the ground, but it switched to heavy sleet and there is about 4″ of the heavy sleet on top of the snow. I’m going to go out and make a pass with the snowblower in a while and get rid of this stuff because it’s so heavy.

    We are due for an additional 6-1/2″ of snow and snow/sleet/rain mix over the next 6 hours so we should end up with around 18″ total. The weather morons will report 12-14″, but the heavy sleet packs down the snow and makes it appear lighter. This stuff is going to be heavier than a light powder 30″ snow with all the ice in it.

  12. The fortunate thing for my area immediately west of the City is the high winds have not materialized so the power outages haven’t happened…so far.

  13. Since we have very little food prep area I bought an unfinished oak island very similar to this one. I wiped on three coats of Watco Natural on it and it turned out beautifully.
    That was ten years ago and probably should do it again. And no, I didn’t use the Watco on the butcher block top.


  14. Because the island is a horizontal surface, the Clutter Queen rarely uses it for the purpose intended. Only when she makes bread.

    She instead uses a one foot square area on the kitchen counter for food prep. Unless that area, too, is cluttered up. In that case, I assume she does it in thin air.

    What a cook that woman is. Magic!

  15. Max slept well. Even took a short walk at 10:30 last night. A “successful” walk, too.
    Which is a good sign.

    Other than that he sleeps non-stop.

  16. 13 EG

    All TV and radio broadcast hysteria aside, the serious online meteorologists I was reading online all agreed the “conditions would exist” for a monster storm. Real weather scientists speak in probabilities, not hair on fire we’re all going to die jargon.

    It just goes to show how little we still know about how climate works, on the micro or macro level.

  17. ABC is going to have to face a jury in the infamous “pink slime” case.

    HEADLINE: ABC News to Face South Dakota Jury Over ‘Pink Slime’ Story
    A judge in South Dakota has cleared the way to trial of a lawsuit claiming ABC News “pink slime” coverage caused $1.9 billion worth of damage to the business of Beef Products Inc., which makes the meat product tagged with the term.

    Judge Cheryle Gering threw out defamation claims against anchor Diane Sawyer but left standing accusations against ABC News and multiple Emmy award-winning journalist, Jim Avila.

    Judge Gering, in rejecting ABC’s bid to have the case dismissed, said a jury could find the network was pursuing “a negative spin” on the story before conducting any research and that Mr. Avilla had an anti-meat-industry agenda.
    Due to a South Dakota food-libel law that triples damages against those found to have knowingly lied about the safety of a food product, ABC News could be hit with as much as $6 billion in damages.
    Beef Products also launched a counteroffensive, mustering governors of big meat-producing states and advisers to persuade others writing on the topic that ABC News got it wrong. Marion Nestle, the Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, who wrote about Beef Products’ problem in 2012, says she was confronted with “nothing less than a major effort to get me to agree that pink slime is safe, something that was never at issue,” she told The Wall Street Journal. “Yes, it’s safe, but that does not make it acceptable. What we like to eat has a great deal to do with cultural values, and the unfortunate name, ‘pink slime,’ made it culturally unacceptable. ”

    ABC, like NBC and CBS had a virtual monopoly on the news for 70+ years or so and they became corrupted by the power. THey have been anti-American for a long time and I hope that the jury breaks it off in their collective hoo-haas for their decades of attacks against that which made our country great and their outright lies. The push back against the left(ists) is only going to grow.

  18. mharper42 says:
    MARCH 14, 2017 AT 11:30 AM
    The Guatemalan nanny added authenticity to the situation, I thought.

    She’s Oriental and she’s his wife.

  19. #27: Some of the commenters suggested that he wasn’t wearing pants. Others indicate that the woman was his Korean wife.

  20. On a crepe myrtle walking stick or something.

    I bet that a Crepe Myrtle would make a great walking stick.

  21. I thought she looked Asian and the man being interviewed looked like he could be the newly appointed Minister of this department which could trigger a Fox News Alert.

    Is there anything that isn’t a Fox News Alert?

    Dog hikes leg, pee$ on tree–Fox News Alert.

  22. Good afternoon Hamsters. We had a brisk 43 this morning at 6 under a glorious full moon and clear sky. A fine return to winter without a blizzard or ice storm, so it is to be enjoyed while we see the mess created farther north and east. Freezing rain or sleet on top of snow can be wicked since it forms a frozen crust that can get pretty thick depending on how much falls. When you break through the crust, it has sharp edges that can be painful walking on the legs/ankles and hazardous to driving. Snow shoveling by hand is treacherous.

  23. #31 SD: Ifn I could figger out how to post/link to a picture from FB I could show several that I have made. Crepe Myrtle is hard enough to where it sands well, the grain is very light so a stain is a must to bring out what little is there. When I find the right amount of knots and bends I just let the wood guide me. On the bigger diameter pieces I usually just cut a spiral down the shaft. They sticks usually want to favor right or left hand carry, when I figure out which way the stick wants to be then I cut the hand piece to fit.

  24. Well, I just got through with our property and while it was only about 18 inches thick, it was so dense and heavy it took me over 3 hours to do what normally takes about 60 to 90 minutes. The blower was making headway just inches at a time.

    I told my 2 young neighbors who bought houses on either side of us they could use my snowblower, but this time they have to do the work. I’m almost old enough to be their grandfather anyway. I know I’m older than their parents.

  25. In keeping with the weather-blizzard narrative of the day.

    Viewed the video and my forecast is that the UW-Madison student’s brains have been snowed in, melted and subsequently turned into a slushy mess of sheep mush.

  26. Okay, kids, it is officially summer. I encountered a small swarm of disgusting black gnats a minute ago.

  27. I just want everybody to know we have our priorities straight in this little town.

    I just went slipping and sliding through the village and the only places open are the two liquor stores, two convenience stores and one Chinese/Mexican greasy spoon joint.

    They are all run by Indian immigrants except for the Chinese Fast Taco outfit operated by a Chinese couple. The city hall, US post office, both banks, the grocery store and all other establishments in town are closed.

    White people have wimped out despite their privilege.

    You can still get a greasy Mexican taco, egg rolls, lottery tickets and all the whiskey you need in a blizzard here thanks to Asian folks.

  28. So, if the Secretary of Health and Human Services is a Trump appointee

    Most don’t remember how “the Secretary” is sprinkled generously throughout the Affordable Care Act. Dormant cancer cells waiting to be activated. For a good summary, read Philip Klein’s excellent piece from 2010 in The American Spectator. When the bill was signed into law, Kathleen Sebelius was “the Secretary” of Health and Human Services. Not so today. Now it’s Dr. Price.

    Within the bill there are 2,500 references to “the Secretary”. 700 times the Secretary “shall” do something, 200 times the Secretary “may” do something, and 139 occasions when the “Secretary determines” what should be done.

    These “shall” and “may” determinations cover things like what type of insurance coverage Americans are required to have, how insurance networks and exchanges are organized, how grant money is doled out, what the “essential health benefits” that every insurance policy must cover are.

    Suppose the new Secretary determines that Americans “shall” only be required to have catastrophic insurance? Or no insurance at all? What if the “essential health benefits” are left to the discretion of the purchaser of the insurance policy? What if the Secretary “determines” that there will be no insurance mandates or penalties? Or that insurance “may” be sold across state lines?

  29. #36 Bones, to link a picture all you have to do is click on it so it’s on it’s own page, then hold your mouse over the picture and you will see properties, right click to find the address. If you don’t see properties, click on view image info and you will see the background/image addresses. Copy the address after clicking the link button, above.

  30. She’s Oriental…

    Check yer privilege! Um, they’re called Asian now, mmmkay? Sort of like Colored People (racist) are now referred to as People of Color (not racist).

    I actually had someone tell me that referring to them as Oriental was racist. They couldn’t explain why, just that it was racist. I tried to explain the root Latin word, orientum, just meant east and there was nothing derogatory. Didn’t matter. Racist.

  31. The Benedict Option?

    Is that a book about the Deep State’s strategy of removing President Trump and replacing him with…

    Juan McShame?
    Mike Pence?
    Mitch McGobbler?
    The BillHilly?
    Paul Rinoyn?
    The Pink Fairy, Loosey Goosey Graham?
    Nancy the Senile Numbskull?
    The Minister of Baloney Grease Schumer?
    A media propagandist stooge–just pick one.

    Tell me more.

  32. 49 Hamous

    Edward Said, the Egyptian/Palestinian scholar and anti-American jackass started this whole “orientalism” crap back in 1978.

    Here is Daniel Pipes’ 1979 book review of Said’s famous book, Orientalism. Said resented hated the West and its study and scholarship of the the Middle East.

    The Left has adapted his ethnic chauvinism to include anyone from Morocco to Manila regarding the use of the terms “Oriental” or “Asian”.

    Orientalism has a well-established meaning in English – namely, the scholarly study by Westerners of eastern cultures, languages and peoples, a meaning Edward Said sometimes adopts. But he primarily uses the word in two other ways, both original to him:

    Any writing that makes an Orient/Occident distinction, including poetry and prose, philosophy, political theory. and economics, the memoirs of imperial admini­strators; and,

    A mentality: “a Western style for dominating, restructuring, and having authority over the Orient,” “a kind of Western projection onto and will to govern the Orient”, or most simply, “the Western approach to the Orient.”

  33. Max made some long strides today. Less sleeping. More personality. Back to loudly demanding supper with that classic beagle baying.

    Big mouth.

  34. I watched the OC vid before noon. Before the dictum in #43. Shall I assume that yields extra credit?

  35. 46
    That is certainly the plan.

    But the plan “is a piece of crap because what’s his name’s name is on it”.

  36. 53 Shannon

    Max’s cousin, Talia, stands in the kitchen at exactly 5:29 AM & PM every day and barks like the house is on fire until someone comes in to feed her and Libby, her companion.

  37. Now that Hamous got double bonus points for living next door to a crazy latina state representative everybody wants them. Let’s just award everybody participation trophies and move on along.

  38. Texpat, the big local story is the sting of a Montrose area veterinarian and her boyfriend trying to hire a hit man to kill her ex husband AND his ex girlfriend.
    The po po even got the targets to pose for death photos.
    These two are toast.

  39. 65 Hamous

    Typical Jersey resident. Predict 2″ of snow and you can’t get into the grocery store parking lot.

    66 Shannon

    I read that last night. It sounded like something from a Jerry Springer show.

  40. El Gordo says:
    MARCH 14, 2017 AT 5:11 AM

    And a happy pi day to all of you this lovely morning.

    Must be why the Rice basketball coach is offering free pizza to any student who attends some obscure tournament the Owls qualified for.

  41. 55 mharper42

    Shall I assume that yields extra credit?

    Yes, but not much.

    61 Tedtam

    Do I get extra points for that?

    How can you get extra points for off site viewing ? That’s like getting a discount at Capital Grille because you lunch ate at Burger King.

  42. #69 – Well, it is spring break you know. Even if it were not break time, I think he needs to sweeten the pot a little more to draw a crowd – maybe free beer?

    The weather service is now saying that their forecasts were not faulty; that they knew what was going to ha;p;en. But they decided that the stupid peons who were relying on the accuracy of their forecasts might be confused if they were told the truth, so they did not. They know better than us you see. I hate to even think how much economic activity was put on hold for this latest storm of the century. They should be fired and billed for all the airplanes moved out of the area, schools and groceries that were closed, and punative amounts just for being liars.

  43. I watched the OC vid before noon. Before the dictum in #43. Shall I assume that yields extra credit?

    Heh she said dictum. That oughta be worth something.

    I don’t watch open comments videos. Nuttin personal mind you but years ago I took a vow to be celibate concerning open comments videos. It is a religious thing don’t yanno.

  44. 71 EG

    The roads were totally impassable here from 5 AM until at least 2 PM and unless one has a good vehicle and knows how to drive on black ice, they have absolutely no reason to be out now. I am talking about all of northern New Jersey, most of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. That covers a lot of millions of people. We have a daughter living in north central NJ and the snow is waist deep in her driveway.

    Now, I think the problem with weather and weather forecasting comes down to ignorant populace and imbecile broadcasting. One begets the other since the weather media continue to dumb down forecasts as the younger generations become even more scientifically illiterate and simultaneously dependent on the big gov/big media/big academia triad to tell them what to think, say and do. Yet conversely, the dumber the weatherman, the dumber the media consumer, and on and on…

    Two or three generations indoctrinated in the lie that government weather wonks are omnipotent wizards whose climate science is beyond reproach has produced a young demographic incapable of understanding basic scientific and physical concepts with their ranges of probabilities and possibilities. Ergo, the only thing they broadcast now are varieties of cataclysm.

    Example: See the video at the top of the page. It’s really hard and makes their brains hurt.

  45. #53 Shannon, good to hear that old Max is up to par!
    #59 Bones, very nice, just as I’d have expected, very Knurled and light in color.

  46. RE: 72

    I don’t watch open comments videos. Nuttin personal mind you but years ago I took a vow to be celibate concerning open comments videos. It is a religious thing don’t yanno.

    Squawk has been on academic probation for so long he’s never gonna get off. There’s no religious exemption for turbans, ukuleles, burkas, mankinis or avoiding OC comments [videos edited].

  47. Ok I’m outta jail now, this morning my wife was still asleep, I didn’t want to wake her, then I couldn’t watch cause I was at work. Now I watched it, OK??!!
    😛 Awesome I loved it!

  48. After he retired my daddy made a lot of walking sticks to give to his elderly friends and family. He was the youngest and had brothers and sisters quite a bit older than him, not to mention uncles and aunts. Here’s three that I got after he passed away.
    My favorite is one that he gave me before he died, I love it because it is made of sassafras and the handle is the root of the tree, it grew over a flat stone and has a disc like shape on the every top. You can’t really make it out in this picture so I need to dig it out and take a picture of the top.

  49. SD: Those are some real nice sticks.

    When I do mine, I strip the bark, do all the shaping and some of the rough sanding with an angle grinder and a coarse flap disk. Works like a champ.

  50. #80 The cane in the top of the picture is the first one that he made. He made it for his second brother who was dying of cancer, my dad was the fourth and youngest of the boys. After his brother died, he got it back and used it himself, when he got older. he added the rubber end thingy after he wore down the end of the cane on the gravel road.

  51. Davey, I like the cane in the middle, the one with the spirals around it. Makes you wonder if that was the result of some wood carving, or a natural condition in which that branch was found. Either case, unique and memorable.

  52. Bones in #36 said:

    . On the bigger diameter pieces I usually just cut a spiral down the shaft.

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