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  1. @ Work there were about 6 ladies waiting for me at the back door this morning. Also, I saw Mr Skunk, on the back 40, first time I’ve seen him in a while.

  2. If the Republicans have the guts to do this, mass hysteria will engulf the Left like never before.

    These special rules hinge on what is known as “reconciliation,” a process which allows legislation that affects the budget but has a limited scope to be passed with only a simple Senate majority, leaving such bills immune to filibuster.

    Traditionally, it has fallen to the parliamentarian — who advises the Senate “on the interpretation of its rules and procedures” — to determine what should and should not be considered a reconciliation bill.

    According to Cruz, however, a provision in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 would allow Republicans to both drastically increase the scope of their new health care reform bill and still let it fall under reconciliation by essentially bypassing the parliamentarian and leaving that decision up to Vice President Pence.

  3. Fascinating article on memory and the human brain:

    Memory athletes such as Mullen can remember hundreds or even thousands of random words, numbers and images — a feat that may seem unbelievable to onlookers. But according to a study published today, anyone can train their brain using the same tricks as the world’s top competitors, reshaping their brain’s networks in the process.

    For the study, researchers recruited 23 of the world’s top-ranked memory athletes and compared their brains with those of people who had never practiced memory techniques at all. Then, they put some of the newcomers through a memory training program and observed how their brains changed.

    The more the rookies practiced the techniques, the more their brain scans started to resemble the memory athletes’ — and it took only six weeks.

  4. I hope they catch these terds and charge them with felony vandalism.
    This is not protest, protected speech nor courageous it is nothing but butthurt, whiny, worthless, little sheets who can’t cope with the fact that they lost. The behavior is criminal and should be treated as such.

  5. Rainy and 47 degrees out here this morning. Maybe it will clean a little of the pollen out of the air so that we human folks can breathe again. Who knows what I’ll get in to before the day is over. You all have a great one.

  6. 100 years ago, the Russian Revolution of 1917 was gaining force. Tsar Nicholas would abdicate on March 15, ending the empire, making it the first of four to fall in the wake of WWI.

  7. #6
    It wasn’t called memory palace 40 years ago, but I learned that “moss cow” visualization mnemonic technique as a way to study for exams, especially in biology. When you have to be prepared to list the 31 pairs of spinal nerves, in order, there is no other way than a memory trick to be able to do that. The initial task I set myself as a test of whether it worked and I could do it, was to recite the 37 U.S. Presidents in order through Nixon. But I never could have memorized any sequence of more than 2 items in 17 seconds!

  8. 9 WB

    And then commenced the most chaotic, murderous, barbaric century in the history of mankind, almost wholly wrought by the governments of the world.

  9. GTO (from this past Friday):

    I hope some Dude explains how she rolls a note up and down with a single strike on the string.

    First, off… cool song! Really enjoyed listening.

    As to rolling notes up and down, it’s surprising how much your fretting fingers can sound a note on their own just by pressure on the fretboard. Does require some degree of strength and dexterity on the fingers of that hand which is why running scales is such a vital part of your practice routine. As evidence of this, I would offer up a guy who is an amputee and manages to play quite well with no plucking / picking whatsoever.


    Notice how his thumb stays planted firmly on the back of the neck. That’s an important technique point, even for players with the normal amount of limbs. Playing with your thumb up (somewhat wrapped around) is generally considered poor technique.

  10. I’m ramping up into blizzard prep mode.

    I have a bunch of errands to run and equipment to pick up.

    Forecast at wunderground has extra heavy snowfall conditions from 2 AM until 6 PM Wednesday. If they are right about 3-5 inches per hour, this will be the Mother of All Blizzards.

  11. I had a few more words with lib bro in San Diego. If you remember my previous posts, I had to tell him that Obama was responsible for claiming that his inauguration marked the day the oceans would begin to recede and the earth begin to heal.

    “Well, at least he was poetic, and talking in general terms about taking care of the earth,” he rationalized.

    I then told him about the paper I read from the psychologist/psychiatrist who specialized in the narcissistic personality disorder. There were 3 basic levels, the third level being pathological. Clinton, to the best of my recall, was somewhere between the second and third level. Obama was off the charts. And yes, Obama was charming, charming, charming…which is part of the disorder.

    Haven’t talked to him since.

  12. Here’s an article on politics and narcissism.

    In the field we use clusters of personality disorders. Narcissism is in cluster B, which means it has similarities with histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. There are similarities between them.

    Is Donald Trump a narcissist?

    Perhaps, but that’s not the interesting question.

    The real question is why psychiatrists and psychologists are conclusively and decisively claiming Donald Trump has narcissistic personality disorder, while ignoring all of the evidence in support of Barack Obama’s narcissism. The inconsistency and naked intellectual/professional dishonesty involved here should make you skeptical of their claims.

    Let’s start with degrading people. Throughout his presidency, Obama has degraded people who disagree with him on matters of policy and principle.

    What about the facts, logic and history standing in the way of Obama’s socialism? What about the self-evident failures of Obamacare to deliver even on its own promises – “You can keep your doctor, keep your insurance,” for example? No defense was ever provided; nor will it be. Narcissists (and the people who love them) do not worry about conflicts between objective reality and fantasy. It’s as if they’re above reality. Obama is a picture-perfect example of narcissism in practice. He’s a better example than Donald Trump, who at least has been able to survive in the real profit-and-loss world of business. Obama never has, and never will.

    The whole thing is worth reading.

  13. He’s a better example than Donald Trump, who at least has been able to survive in the real profit-and-loss world of business. Obama never has, and never will.

    From what I recall, less than 10% of those who worked in the 0 administration had any business experience.
    I don’t think JugEars has the capacity to run a taco stand on his own.

  14. #17: EG : The unhinged lunacy is in the commentary. The article claims the bill is satirical; I hope this is the last we hear from Ms. Farrar.

  15. Somebody stole the sun this morning and held it hostage a good part of the day. Only 52 at sunup and stayed in the mid 50s until after noon. Also breezy out of the north and downright chilly. Made it to 63 at 3 pm when the sun finally escaped captivity. On the whole, we can enjoy this return of winter down here. But for everyone in the seriously threatened areas to the north there is nothing enjoyable about what is coming at them. The winter storm watch for my kin in Wisconsin is trifling compared to what kin in PA and Virginia near DC will see, never mind farther north along the Atlantic coast.

  16. #19 – She is a Houston Democrat of course. My point is that if she has time to deal with this sort of nonsense, maybe her constituents are not getting their money’s worth from her. The Texas legislature meets for 140 days every other year to take care of all of the state’s business, therefore, you might think that time would be at a premium for these folks. Obviously not if you are in a protected class; double bonus points if you are in more than one protected class.

  17. maybe her constituents are not getting their money’s worth from her.

    I’m one of ’em and I can assure you we’re not getting our money’s worth. She is one sick cow. I’m also unlucky enough to have her as a neighbor.

  18. I went by, unannounced, to get an update and was shocked to find that Max was ready to be released. He’s on two antibiotics and a nausea pill, yet I was told the blood tests came back negative. I wish a could have spoken with the vet.
    He’s pretty worn out but ate some special food and drank water.

  19. Sounds like your boy Max is still good for some more rounds, glad it is good news so far. Maybe you can find out by phone tomorrow.

  20. #30 Shannon

    Hope Max is now in his loving home and feeling better because he’s there. Presume there will be a call to the vet to discuss what was or wasn’t discovered and what to expect from the meds and home care instructions.

  21. I had a cardiologist appointment this morning scheduled for 9:15 and arrived a little early thanks to less traffic than anticipated. The receptionist said there would be a delay until at least 9:30 because the doctors was with a patient in the ER.

    No problem on my part, as first off I’m glad I’m not the one in the ER, and second I’m pleased that he is in the ER taking care of someone who needs him a lot more than I do. His staff has previously indicated that some waiting patients get fussy about such delays when they happen, and they have a delicate job to assure them and explain why it is happening. They are greatly limited in what they can say without further ruffling feathers. I, as a fellow patient, do not have such a constraint. And I am willing to tell the complainers how fortunate they are not to be the person in the ER, as I can speak up whereas the staff really can’t.

  22. #11 texpat
    Tsar Nicholas II abdicated on March 16, 1917, ending the Russian Empire.

    Had the revolution happened a couple months earlier, Britain & France would likely have entered into peace negotiations with Germany, who made that offer in January. This would likely have forestalled the entry of the US into the war in April of that year. The postwar world would have been very different.

  23. 34 WB

    I’ve played the fantasy history game off and on regarding WWI and tried to imagine the world and ensuing history without the War to End All Wars. I’ve always called it the dumbest of all wars. Really stupid.

  24. Hey I just discovered that GJT’s handle is an innanet meme, y’all. I never heard of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! that ran on the Comedy Channel. I think I was working 60 hrs a week back in 2007, but I did watch a lot of FX shows. Anyway, I stumbled across a gag about Good Job, Tim and had to look into it. There is a lot to find.

  25. #37 Hammie
    Sorry, I am bewildered. Although when I went to that link, I tawt I taw a comment by Pyro’s avatar from the Simpsons. How Trigglypuff linked to Good Job, Tim??

  26. Shannon says:
    MARCH 13, 2017 AT 10:34 PM
    If you like wallowing around in the healthcare policy mud, here’s a summary of the CBO scoring.

    As usual my timing really sucks. Old people too young for Medicare and buying individual policies get screwed.

    At least Trump dispensed with the penalty already.


    It is a horrendous piece of trash riddles with Smaller Big Government solutions and enough cuts in the right places that it only confirms the worst sterotypes.

    In its present form, I won’t pass the Senate, then they go into 2018 without fulfilling a promise and no way to blame the Democrats.

    And Trump is pushing it big time, so the supposed White Knight just ain’t gonna be there.

  27. 46
    Could never forget the tune.
    But who in the world could ever remember the title or the band?
    You’re weird.

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