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  1. Good morning Hamsters. Well it’s 63 here on the moors of the Brazos at Richmond, light rain off and on all night amounted to not much, and the weathervane points north. Radar shows big blobs on the march this way. Cammy and Contessa will have to stay in today.

    Headlines in the Chron this morning indicate vexation with AG Sessions canning all the US Attorneys and replacing them, weeping over the local one’s departure as one of those appointed by Obama the Magnificent. Also disappointment with Mayor Turner for not being as high up on their Social Justice scale as they want. Good for Mr. Turner trying to clear out the mess his long line of predecessors left him. If’n the Chron is fretting, things are going well for the rest of us.

  2. Oh and if you didn’t see Bones’ #51 last night, it is NEAT!
    Here is a website that I found years ago; Animated Engines. I learned something new, I was familiar with the standard Steam Engine including the Triple Expansion engines and the Watt/Grasshopper Beam, but I’d not seen the Coomber or Oscillating Steam Engines. I also saw a different type of Sterling Engine, (The Ross Yoke).

  3. No rain out here yesterday in spite of the weatherman’s promise of at least 80%. I fertilized my yard based on that promise, so I guess I’ll have to water it in today. I did see a couple of bluebonnet flowers popping up yesterday, and upon further inspection, the seed that I scattered last summer seem to be producing pretty well. The new plants are everywhere, so there should be a nice bluebonnet patch showing up fairly soon. I think I should go ahead and put out my hummingbird feeders also. The mesquites are putting out, so it’s obvious to all that spring is here. Have a great day.

  4. Morning, my chickadees. I’m up earlyish just in case it will be possible to work at the Butterfly Garden this morning. Prospect is bleak, forecast is against it.

  5. Raining here.


    That’s neat. I did not know, or really never thought about it, a steam engine being a 2 stroke.

  6. #6 Tim, my favorite is the insane Gnome Rotary from France, it is fascinating, the whole engine spun and the crankshaft was stationary making it very smooth. The downside is the weight of the engine had a gyroscopic affect and made the aircraft quick to turn right but sluggish turning left so the fighter pilots used it to their advantage by always turning the right direction. It also had an exceptional power to weight ratio. It had the intake valve, (poppet) on top of the piston and the exhaust valve on the top of the head. It was a four stroke but the oil was mixed with the fuel and was fed through the crankcase like a two stroke. Oh and the oil used was castor Oil and wasn’t completely consumed in the engine and would wind up on the pilots face, so the scarf they wore was for keeping their goggles clean. The Gnome was used on Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel

  7. Even if you don’t know who Shia Lebouf is (unfortunately, I do) this is kinda funny.

    When Trump was elected, he started a media stunt called “He Will Not Devide Us” where he put a camera in a public place so that people could walk up and say something to it while it streamed live on the internet. That ended in the cops telling him to take it down b/c it was causing fights. That was Season 1.

    I have no idea what he did for Season 2. Its only been a couple of months, so they must be pretty short seasons anyway.

    For Season 3, his breathless fans were treated to a live stream of a view of a “He Will Not Divide Us” flag on top over a flag pole.

    Hijinks ensued.

  8. BTW, there’s a word in there that I had to look up: autist.

    An “autist” in 4chan-speak is someone who is socially inept, not necessarily someone on the autism spectrum. Stories by and about socially inept people are a big part of boards like /b/, /r9k/ and /fit/. For instance /fit/ has many posters who have worked hard to get strong and look good enough to attract female attention but are so awkward that they blow their chances with girls in frequently hilarious ways.

    I always thought an autist is what they called Picasso in Massachusetts.

  9. In the meantime, Trump commences his negotiating on the Crapsammich Law.

    President Trump has told Republican leaders that he’s prepared to play hardball with congressional conservatives to pass the GOP healthcare bill, including by supporting the 2018 primary challengers of any Republican who votes against the bill.

    Sources told the Washington Examiner that Trump made that threat in a White House meeting on Tuesday with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and other members of the House GOP whip team that helps line up votes.

    That there is some serious negotiating.

  10. On my way up to check out MIL’s fire damage in one of her units, I noticed the bluebonnets were really getting under way. All the wildflowers made the trip more bearable. I had really planned on getting more caught up on my bookkeeping, but when a tenant tells you the stove caught on fire, just about everything else goes on the back burner. Which is exactly where the fire started.

    On the plus side, I got to spend the night with LD and play with my granddaughters. LD2 has really taken to pillow fights and hide-and-seek, which are legacies being passed down from her Noona. This time, she asked me to hide in the bathroom while she went to hide. I counted loudly to ten while listening to her climb the stairs. “Ready or not, here I come!” I called out as I opened the door. I could hear giggling. “Where’s L’il Darlin’?” I called out loud as I pretended to look for her.

    From upstairs, under my bed, I could hear this little voice “I’m heee-errr!”

    I love playing with toddlers. They light up my heart.

  11. #9

    All that and the comments might just as well be written in Chinese for me.

    Think I’ll go get some chow-da.

  12. Trump says he will primary the conservatives if they don’t go along with the RINOcare plan. The conservatives know that if they cave, their own voters will vote them out. My instinct tells me that they are better off holding their position as the conservative districts that they represent will turn on anyone, including Trump, who tries to pull the wool over their eyes. Smart people are watching the eReps all along knowing that they are the true enemy to restoring this country to greatness. I’m still willing to blow the Rep party up if that’s what it takes to get it done. The next election cycle is the greatest opportunity the Reps have ever had to strengthen their grip on the nation’s rudder, and they want to blow it and restore Dem control simply because they do not want to lead. Pathetic.

  13. I am keeping my powder dry on Trump/Congress version of repeal and replace. Having read many of the proposals for the new healthcare bill I am ———————————— and Trump is ——————————– and the republicans are ——————————————– and it looks to me like the new proposals are ————————————————.

    This leaves me to —————————————————.

    Now no one can jump on me for saying Trump is ——————————————– concerning the new ……………………….care———————proposal.

  14. 17 Brother Squawk.

    Heh that’s pretty funny.

    My philosophy is I always like to leave in the first quarter of a game to beat the traffic.

  15. Shannon says:
    MARCH 11, 2017 AT 11:28 AM
    I always thought Victoria Barkley was better looking than her daughter Audra.

    Has it always been that way, or is this now a new thing that coincides with your entering geezership?

  16. Is that geezership, or is it geezerness, or geezerhood?

    If it’s a destination, it could be Geezerville.

  17. Shannon says:
    MARCH 11, 2017 AT 12:11 PM
    Nope. I said always.

    I shall also note that you also have never seen the Searchers.

    Gotta be sumpin in the water in Bellville.

  18. Oh, I went to the Garden and we worked through several times we got drizzled on. But it wasn’t bad, and we got a lot done. We have 2 more Saturdays to work on spiffing up the place, then April 1 is the annual Spring plant sale that is the major funding source.

    Call me crazy, but I brought my 5 gallon work bucket home filled with elephant ear stalks that were being removed from an adjacent section of the grounds. I used to have some in my back yard, but they died out.

  19. filled with elephant ear stalks

    You’re welcome to all of the evil SOBs coming up in my flower bed.

  20. 34

    If you tell me you think Nanzi Pelozi is sexy then it’s over between us.

    But I’ll cut you some slack on Judge Jeanine.

  21. Elephant ears, wisteria, and bamboo.

    They should all be dynamited out of existence.

    Hope you don’t feel that way about lions and tigers and bears.

    Oh my!

  22. Elephant ears, wisteria, Kudzu, Honeysuckle, Privet Hedge and bamboo.

    They should all be dynamited out of existence.

    Insert dreaded acronym here.

  23. Plenty of showers appeared around noon, and the gauge is up to a half inch now as the rains move eastward. Whether this is the end or just an intermission is only a guess. Down to 64 on the front porch from the low 70s before all this began.

    Managed to do one laundry load by mid morning in anticipation of lots of rain today that would prevent doing any more until puddles go down and the drainfields are no longer drowning. Towels still warm from the dryer, folded and laying on the bed before putting away were too much temptation for Mariposa kitty. She likes to investigate things put on the bed, laundry in particular, even better if still warm.

    So she checked out every item and gave her paws of approval, little paw print indentations.

  24. Call me crazy, but I brought my 5 gallon work bucket home filled with elephant ear stalks that were being removed from an adjacent section of the grounds. I used to have some in my back yard, but they died out.

    You’re crazy.

    You’re welcome.

  25. Darren

    The author of that site has this to say:

    Is This Satire?
    Have you clicked a link to a story and you’re here?
    The story you are reading is satirical. The post may have links to real events that the satire is based on, but the Laughing in Disbelief article is fake.
    There are winks to readers in each piece besides the link(s) to this page that I humbly offer as hints that the story in question is satirical.
    Maybe there is someone in the story who has a name derived from canard?
    Perhaps the people in the post are named after Confederate generals or Nazis?
    The article starts out seemingly sane and then spirals into absurdity?
    All of these, my friends, are signs that the story is a Poe.

    Now go back to reading and have a laugh.

  26. This should have clued you in right from the start

    Children of all ages are celebrating the move. Groups of students have spontaneously broken out in singing Steve Martin’s Atheists Don’t Have No Songs. The cheekier kids follow up Mr. Martin’s tune with the classic from Monty Python Every Sperm is Sacred.


  27. I never post a link that I think is serious till I see who else is talking about it. I have been burnt one time too many. A story like that would have been picked up all over Europe. You can also find National newspapers from each country and double check them. Google translate work well.

  28. But squawk, the MSM has taught us that some stories are just too good to check. If they fit the narrative perfectly, that’s good enough, at least for some people.

  29. Looks like more storms are approaching from the NW and should arrive by this evening. Fortunately most of the really heavy stuff stayed out in the Gulf during the day, though the coastal counties got more than needed. Come on, cold front.

  30. Well the TV radar had a longer loop. I guess that stuff is headed this way eventually.

    On the earlier national news they said Texpat will die next week in the blizzard of the millennium. Or not. They just aren’t sure.

  31. Surely they pointed out that despite the blizzard of the millennium conditions that it would still not be as bad as a day without women was, didn’t they?

  32. Hey GramPa, what’s fer supper? Well since my wife and my dog are over in Alabama, I thought I’d make a supper that would last most of next week. SO, I fixed Honey Soy Pork Tenderloin, cooked all day in the Crockpot, Black Eyed Peas N Rice AKA “Hop N John” with Corn Bread and Gravy. Since I was going to eat on a TV tray, I didn’t bother to set the table. Good Stuff Maynard! 😉

  33. 67

    I asked my wife to be quiet when I was listening to Tom Jones earlier and she voluntarily made me a tuna sandwich.

    She also has a great career to boot.

    It’s great not being married to a psycho, proglibdyte woman from He11.

    I’d never make it in today’s college environment.

  34. Is anyone else watching 24: Legacy? I record it on Monday nights on Fox, but can’t find time to watch it until Saturday. So now every Saturday evening at 6 pm — the current family hour at Chez Harp — I suddenly snap to it being Saturday night, so I can watch this show. Sure, I preferred the Jack Bauer lead character, but even Sutherland — who is a producer this season — has stated that the format is the real star of 24.

  35. Lib brother and I have actually been sharing a few words on FB. He claims Trump’s lying about unemployment numbers, and that started a few back and forth. I mentioned I didn’t like Trump’s hyperbole, but at least he didn’t say the oceans were going to recede and the earth was going to start healing.

    He thought it was funny and wanted to know who said it. /facepalm

  36. I was thinking about bamboo. 15 years ago, my next door neighbor planted “clumping bamboo” along the dividing fence between our back yards. Within 2 years, the stuff was coming under and through the fence, into the part of our yard we see the least, namely a 6-ft wide strip between the side of the garage and that fence. So it is not automatic that I would keep track of what’s happening around there. Most of the 15′ high canes that I was finding were actually rooted in his yard, but curling under the fence and in a few cases had started growing between fence boards and eventually prying them apart. And that stuff could grow a foot a week. The hollow canes were easy to saw through at ground level or where they came through the fence, but then I was left with an object similar to an elephant tusk. A long, unwieldy, curved piece of lightweight wood that didn’t mesh well with the conventional tree waste I would put at the curb for heavy trash pickup. I got to where I would carry the bamboo tusks around to the front and leave them on his front porch for disposal.

  37. Remember to set clocks ahead one hour tonight.

    An article in the business section of the Chron admits that DST is more bother than it’s worth. That’s been known for some time, but nobody in Congress wants to be the first to suggest scrapping it. Then it must be left up to the states to kill it in their own territory.

  38. 70 TT

    I’ve had to put up with a lot from my brother but if it included progism I’m not sure how this would have all turned out.


  39. Why do they keep saying millions of people will lose their insurance coverage if ObummerCare is repealed? Aren’t those lost millions the ones who were ‘forced’ to buy insurance or pay the penalty in the first place? Wish there was some way of checking out all those protesters at those townhall meetings to see if they really have insurance problems or are just professional protesters. Hope the RINO’s can work out a plan that ruins Obummer’s signature legislation that Nancy PeLOSER said we had to pass before we could read it.

  40. Not changing my clocks. Nope, not gonna do it.

    Gonna sleep in–DST is a joke.

    Just more of the control freaks in DC doing what they do.

    C’mon Dan H_trick and Paul duh-HAWHAWHAWHAWHAW Bettencourt…

    Join Arizona in ending Deluded Sheep Tricks.

    Time travel for tribbles, the tweaking, the twerking, the incessant circle jerking, of the hands on the clock, my hickory dickory dock, it’s not even logical, opines Mr Spock.

    How about you, Oops Trick?

    Mr Secretary of the Department you wanted to uh,uh,uh,uh, I can’t–uh, oooooops.

  41. A long, unwieldy, curved piece of lightweight wood that didn’t mesh well with the conventional tree waste I would put at the curb for heavy trash pickup.

    You coulda gone fishing.

  42. ID channel was on the TV when I woke up. Some case up in Montana young family kept getting robbed but no one ever gets caught, dude gets sick of it, puts a purse on a table in the garage, hooks up a baby monitor and waits. Sure enough he gets visitors and they end up dead. 😀

    Prosecutors say you can’t do that, I say sure you can, police do it all the time. He’s claiming Castle Doctrine, I dont know what come of it.

  43. Good chilly morning Hamsters. Front came through overnight, it’s 51 and breezy, overcast, and delightful out here on the moors of the Brazos. The alarm clock automatically changes time for DST and so woke us up at 5 sun time. We got up, spouse had breakfast, I fed the mares, and we went back to bed. I got up a little after 6 sun time.

    Our delightful cold blast, which it is turning out to be, is nothing compared to the northern states doing a sharp turnaround into winter. Currently 13 in Madison, WI has a winter weather advisory and perhaps up to 6″ of snow. Yikes. But then March always turns into a lion there at some time, usually in the week St. Patrick’s Day falls.

  44. Showing 44 degrees out here in the country at 6 or 7 or what ever time it is this morning. No wind yet. A few bluebonnets are starting to pop open, but the big bloom is still a ways out. Dems are trying to rerun the old trick that got Alberto Gonzales in hot water when he was AG and fired a few assistants, but it doesn’t look like it will work with Sessions. That jerk off in NY was just seeking a publicity stunt to further his political ambitions to begin with, so hopefully we’ve heard the last of him. Things have been all too quiet on the political front this past week, so just like kids, that means they are up to something. What say we all go out and have a great day just doing whatever it is we want to do?

  45. I see Turkey is trying to rile up the Dutch, calling them “Nazi remnants”. That’s pretty funny since the weasely Turks signed a non-aggression pact with the Nazis until it was clear they were going to be defeated, then they became our “friends”.

  46. Say a little prayer for Max Beagle, if you please.
    He was admitted to the hospital about 30 mins ago.
    Some kind of hemorrhagic-gastro-something-or-other.
    This ugly carpet needed replacing anyway.
    No one around here has slept since Friday night. Brutal.
    And that’s saying a lot for a dog that usually sleeps 17 hours a day.
    Want to see a couple of zombies, just come on over. Better knock real loud, though.

  47. I’ve been reading the background meteorologists discussion at Weather Underground. They believe the convergence of these two storms, one from the Great Lakes and the other actually originating in the Gulf, will produce 40+mph steady winds for a minimum of 6 hours Tuesday and as much as 24″ of snow.

    My snowblower is not big enough to handle 24″ of snow so I’ll be out in the blizzard making at least one or two snowblower passes. I’d rather do that than have to deal with 2 feet of it at the end. With this much snow coupled with the high, steady winds means snowdrifts 3′-4′ high.

    Temperature Tuesday will be 30-32 all day but then plunging to low 20s at night and barely rising above freezing for the next 6 days.

    My biggest concern now is losing power which means I have to bring out my generator, kerosene lanterns, propane heaters, etc. Just like a hurricane but with the added dangers of frozen interior water pipes and hysterical women.

  48. At least you don’t have to worry about a freezer full of stuff and how to keep your beer cold.

  49. I have become a big fan of this guy. His name is Nassim Nicholas Taleb and he wrote the bestseller, Black Swan, a couple of years ago.

    Taleb wrote this in September of last year, before the election. It is an excerpt from Skin In the Game.

    The Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI)

    What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy league, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for.

    But the problem is the one-eyed following the blind: these self-described members of the “intelligentsia” can’t find a coconut in Coconut Island, meaning they aren’t intelligent enough to define intelligence hence fall into circularities — but their main skill is capacity to pass exams written by people like them. With psychology papers replicating less than 40%, dietary advice reversing after 30 years of fatphobia, macroeconomic analysis working worse than astrology, the appointment of Bernanke who was less than clueless of the risks, and pharmaceutical trials replicating at best only 1/3 of the time, people are perfectly entitled to rely on their own ancestral instinct and listen to their grandmothers (or Montaigne and such filtered classical knowledge) with a better track record than these policymaking goons.


    The IYI has been wrong, historically, on Stalinism, Maoism, GMOs, Iraq, Libya, Syria, lobotomies, urban planning, low carbohydrate diets, gym machines, behaviorism, transfats, freudianism, portfolio theory, linear regression, Gaussianism, Salafism, dynamic stochastic equilibrium modeling, housing projects, selfish gene, election forecasting models, Bernie Madoff (pre-blowup) and p-values. But he is convinced that his current position is right.

  50. #72 Adee

    Did it work? Did the neighbor get the picture?

    Well, he has never done any of his own yard work in the 20+ years we’ve been neighbors. so he would just ask his yard man to cut them into smaller lengths. At one point, he told me he was having the bamboo removed, and for a while, I was not seeing any of it sticking up over the 10′ high fence. But after a few years, I was seeing it again, but much farther in on his side. So he did eradicate it near the fence, but even today I can see bamboo growing in his yard. And much higher, too — what I can see right now is 25 ft high and interspersed into the limbs of an old liveoak.

    #77 Hammie

    You coulda gone fishing.

    Nope. The canes I cut on my side of the fence were 10-12″ in diameter, not fishing pole size.

  51. This daylight saving time always confuses things for a few days I guess. For instance, you can historically almost set your watch at 6:00AM when a small group of deer come out of the brush to graze next to my water trough and have a drink. Well, this morning, they didn’t show up until 7:00AM, so I guess no one told them about the need to set their clocks up. We’ll see if they get it right tomorrow.

  52. #92 Texpat

    Devastating satire that swerves into the truth lane a lot. No wonder those depicted are caught flat footed and lame brained when they encounter it, after some time to mull it over in perplexity. And so sad that these idiots ran the country for 8 years and have deeply dug themselves into the governmental labyrinth so firing them or sending them to Antarctica to count penguins will take lots of work.

  53. Nope. The canes I cut on my side of the fence were 10-12″ in diameter, not fishing pole size.

    Sure you could, you just need to go after Bigger Fish. 😀

  54. From age 24 to 37, I drove a 1965 MG Midget, and I kept all the fluids in that li’l car topped up. (I have always hated everything about car shopping. So my entire life, if I had a car I liked, I drove it till I was forced to make a change.) What forced me out of my Midget was my move to Houston in 1981. The cooling system in an old British car just couldn’t cope with the climate in Houston. During the following 34 years, I drove 2 Toyota pickups, most of that in the 1991 I sold this winter. I expect to be driving my current 2011 Corolla when I die.

  55. Update:

    Upon further investigation, Max is 12/13 ish.
    Checked his file and we’ve had him ten years this month.

  56. 106 mharper42

    I expect to be driving my current 2011 Corolla when I die.

    Please pull over to the side of the road and put it in park before you do that.

  57. 107 Shannon

    The representative who filed that bill, James White, is a black Republican. Too bad. We need more of them, but we surely don’t need them to be acting like fools. We already have more than enough white pols doing that.

  58. phil has a wife ?!

    I was sure he was still in the Danger Zone, according to the chart I posted.

    I’m glad to know he moved over into the Wife Zone.

  59. #112

    Good find! If Glenn Reynolds is on board with it so am I. Shame on so many outlets calling the guy one of the above the fray Saints.

  60. It’s time I came clean and reported that I am the target of an extortion attempt by a red headed stripper named Tiffany who cuts my hair who also poses as a guy named Phil on this blog.

  61. #112 mharper42

    Great find indeed. Now all the MSM are whining about his firing and parading his prosecutions of NY crooks in defense of his sainthood. Except he sidestepped Gov Cuomo in his jihad against corruption, according to something I read recently. Cuomo is hardly pure as the driven snow….

    Seems like there’s lots of dirt to expose on Obama’s Justice Department whenever the Sessions team is finally in charge and able to start digging.

  62. phil has a wife ?!

    I was sure he was still in the Danger Zone, according to the chart I posted.

    Yes I do have a wife.

    But sometimes I miss the Danger Zone with Tiffany, Stephanie, Leesa, strippers and my bevy of rock n roll babes.

    Ain’t nothing like those late 80s memories of makin out with a hot rock n roll babe on Halloween night when you’re both wearing Kiss makeup.


  63. Kyle Busch supposedly all growed up now with family but still doesn’t disappoint. Starts a fight with Joey Lagano at the end of today’s race when it was mostly his fault for wrecking. Walks away bloody. Heehee.

  64. Before the weekend is over, let me ask Texpat to explain the Tranny box on bottom right of his Crazy/Hot chart. I don’t quite see how it fits in, being below the Crazy axis an’ all. But somehow able to be super Hot?

  65. I wasn’t ready to plant anything in my yard this weekend, and certainly not a dozen stalks of elephant ear. But wanted to keep them, and my future options for them, alive — so I potted them all up in a rather crude fashion. I had 16 black nursery pots that I brought home from last week’s session at the Butterfly Garden. When 15 minutes before our usual quitting time, Ms Heidi showed up with 16 plants to go into the garden that day, but she was running like 2 hours late. So one other old gal and myself stayed for another hour to dig and plant and water in, then clean up all the mess. We had no instructions on what to do with the empty pots, generally regarded as trash, but not only was the Conference Center dumpster full to overflowing, but I don’t like to decide for someone else if their stuff is trash. So I brought them home and emailed their location if I should bring them back.

    I am just so glad that I was only given ONE HALF of the elephant ears that were dug up yesterday!

  66. RE: The OC Chart

    Years ago, I actually knew a red-headed hairdresser named Tiffany who worked nights as a stripper in Houston, absolutely beautiful. She also was an incredible piano player who had played at Gilley’s, once in a duo with Jerry Lee Lewis.

    She was dating a high school friend of mine, lived with him in a swanky high rise apartment, ended up getting married, chucking everything and moving to a little ranch in Centerville to have a bunch of babies.

  67. #115 GJT

    Shame on so many outlets calling the guy one of the above the fray Saints.

    That’s why I labelled it an expose. I had seen numerous glowing reports about this guy. All spin, apparently.

  68. 121 mharper42

    A) The “Hot Axis” label at the 6 o’clock position denotes the vertical line bisecting the graph.

    B) The “Tranny” box is off the chart because, really, it’s “off the chart” !

  69. I know something about these things, so it’s obvious to me that if you find what appears to be a really hot but less than 4 crazy, it cannot be a female. Therefore, you must assume that it’s a tranny, because as stated, there are no females below a 4 on the crazy axis. Actually, the unicorn section covers this area too (since they don’t exist), so should you encounter someone who appears to belong in this section of the chart, be careful where you put your hands.

  70. I do not personally know any transgender people — they usually end up in show bidness, not in STEM jobs — but hard for me to see how EG could think that a regular woman might be crazier then a tranny. But EG says he “knows something about these things”, so should I take his word that he does?

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