Friday’s Massacre Memorial Thread

Presidio La Bahia Chapel, Goliad

Letter from Capt. B.H. Duval to Father William P. Duval.

Goliad, March 9th, 1836    Dear Father, It has been some time since I have had an opty. of writing to you, A gentleman leaves here to day for the U. States but have my doubts if he gets fifty miles from this post as we are surrounded by Mexican troops- By last express, yesterday from San Antonio we learned that our little band of 200 still maintained their situation in the Alamo, the fort outside of the town- They have been fighting desperately there for 10 or 15 days against four or five thousand Mexicans Santa Anna is there himself and has there and in his vicinity at least six thousand troops    Contrary to the expectation of every one he has invaded the Country when least expected- Not a Texian was in the held, nor has even one yet made his appearance at this post- The greater portion of the Mexican troops are mounted, and of course have greatly the advantage over us- We now muster at this post 400 strong, and from the preparations we have made shall be enabled to give any number a desperate fight- San Antonio I fear has fallen before this; -from its situation and construction, I cannot believe it possible so small a band could maintain it against such fearful odds- D. Crockett is one of the number in the fort- We are expecting an attack hourly. An express yesterday was chased in by 200 cavalry eighteen miles from this- Sixty miles south of this is another party of 650 who have been quartered at San Patricio for some days, waiting reinforcements. Several of our parties of 20 and 30 have been cut off by them-

As I anticipated, much dissention prevails among the Volunteers, Col. Fannin, now in command (Genl. Houston being absent), is unpopular- and nothing but the certainty of hard fighting, and that shortly, could have kept us together so long- I am popular with the army, and strange as you may think it could lead them or the majority of them where I choose- They have offered to give me every office from a Majority to Comdr. in Chief- I have seen enough to desire no office for the present in Texas higher than the one I hold- I have fifty men in my Company, who love me and who cannot be surpassed for boldness and chivalry- With such a band I will gain the laurels I may wear or die without any- I am situated at present with my company, in a strong stone house immediately across the street and opposite one of the bastions of the fort from the bastion I have built a Bridge to the top of the house on which is placed a Brass Six Pounder…

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65 thoughts on “Friday’s Massacre Memorial Thread

  1. The cause of freedom marches on. Who would have ever guessed that Paul Ryan and Mitch the Turkey, as elected Republicans, would make such an efforts to once again put it to the electorate with Rinocare (ha). Where’s the repeal? The politicians have learned that they can only allow just enough appearance of freedom to keep the masses at bay while serving themselves generously at the trough. I suspect that Trump will accept anything just to say he fulfilled his promise on Obamacare, which put another way, means he doesn’t really care about it’s contents. The next election cycle is looking very promising for the Reps – but it seem they are determined to do everything in their power to squander that advantage.

    PS – One theory is that Ryan is an Obamacare supporter, and his plan as set forth is intended to fail in the House, thus leaving Ocare untouched. Sounds plausible to me.

  2. Sobering OC for the crack of dawn. I haven’t been up this early for several years. Off to a 7:40 am doctor’s appt. Hubs is going to deliver me, which is very kind, all things considered. 7.40 am is earlier than I am normally even standing up these days, much less driving on the West Loop to Bellaire.

  3. Bush was responsible for NCLB. Barry was responsible for OCare. Trump will be responsible for OCare 2.0. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt…until he signs it into law.

  4. Sorry, but so long as Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady are involved in any of this, I’m going to have to cast a “nay” vote on this, or just about anything else they come up with. I think that if Mr. President were to go over to the Hill and mitch slap Ryan, the rest of the congresscritters would fall in line and do something more closely aligned with what they promised.

  5. Go back and listen to what Trump said he wanted in a health care bill during the campaign and after the election. This bill is EXACTLY what he asked for.

  6. Good morning Hamsters. Still wonder if paramedics will be called to the floor of the House before all the dust settles.

    Indeed a sober letter in the OC above, however its contents is most instructive and not to be forgotten. For it was not so long after the reasons to proclaim Remember Goliad! Remember The Alamo! rang out at San Jacinto in victory….

  7. Mornin’ Gang,….I slept in until 6:30, and just finished off my third Cup coffee.
    Last fall I went to Goliad State Park and saw the Mission La Bahia, then went down the road to see the Presidio La Bahia and the Grave of Col Fannin and his Men. I can’t believe that I waited all these years to get down there and if you’ve not been, it’s well worth a trip if you’re an American, even move if you’re a Texan.

  8. OK, this dropped into the mail box @ work;

    Subject: Until Further Notice, Do Not Use Internet Explorer to Browse Sites External to JSC
    Importance: High

    To all;
    The Agency has asked that we do not use Internet Explorer to Browse Sites External to JSC until further notice. Internet Explorer has a vulnerability that can be exploited when browsing sites external to JSC.

    Thank you;

    So, I guess that we shouldn’t use Explorer at home?

  9. Squirrell Problems at Church

    There were four churches and a synagogue in a small town: a Presbyterian church, a Baptist church, a Methodist church, a Catholic church, and a synagogue. Each church and the synagogue had a problem with squirrels.
    The Presbyterian church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrels. After much prayer and consideration, they concluded the squirrels were predestined to be there and they shouldn’t interfere with God’s divine will.
    At the Baptist church the squirrels had taken an interest in the baptistery. The deacons met and decided to put a water slide on the baptistery and let the squirrels drown themselves. The squirrels liked the slide and, unfortunately, knew instinctively how to swim so twice as many squirrels showed up the following week.
    The Methodist church decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God’s creatures. So, they humanely trapped their squirrels and set them free near the Baptist Church . Two weeks later the squirrels were back when the Baptists took down the water slide.
    But the Catholic Church came up with a very creative strategy. They baptized all the squirrels and consecrated them as members of the church. Now they only see them on Christmas and Easter.
    Not much was heard from the Jewish synagogue; they took the first squirrel and circumcised him. They haven’t seen a squirrel since.

  10. Another Methodist Pastor took an effective measure as well.

    He made all the squirrels members of the church. Now they only show up on Easter and Christmas.

  11. Ok, so I called in a prescription @ Walgreens using the Robo Call. A few minutes later, I get a call from them saying that I’d have to contact my Scripts Provider, (whatever that is) and get them to authorize the purchase. I call 1 800 Eat $#!t and spend 28 minutes talking to robots and three different people before they transfer me to my Insurance company, the lady asks me what’s the problem and I tell her, repeating what I’ve said at least 5 times and she just hangs up!!! NOW I’m PI$$ED. I call back and spend 27 minutes talking to the Insurance Company and getting transferred BACK to the Pharmacy folks to get the authorization…. BUTT next month I’ll have to order them through the mail…… An hour of my life wasted for NO REASON!!!
    Kicks Soapbox aside……Stomps off!! 😡

  12. Really bad prose:

    The doctors all agreed the inside of Charlie’s intestinal tract looked like some dark, dank subway system in a decaying inner city, blackened polyps hanging from every corner like tiny ticking terrorist time bombs, waiting to burst forth in cancerous activity; however, to Timmy the Tapeworm this was home.

  13. #26 OH! Being a Gun Nut, looking at a video of a pistol shot, FPS mean Feet Per Second! That said, I do understand Frames Per Second,…..SO,….Never mind!

  14. Thus far the rain predicted to commence sometime around noon has not gotten close to us, though now there’s static on the radio so something is approaching. Most of the nasty looking stuff stayed out in the Gulf all morning and into the afternoon. It’s 75 and mugly, but spouse is sneaking in mowing the lawn while the doing is good.

    We’re scheduled to go to a fish fry with friends at 5:30 out in Wallis at the KC gathering place. They have one every Friday during Lent, and it’s a refreshing step back in time to a hometown tradition found just about all over the nation. We’ve gone several years with friends who live in Weston Lakes just outside Fulshear. Great fun and good food. Brings back fond memories of similar events when we were growing up.

  15. #31 Ms Adde, what kind of fish, catfish?
    That really brings back memories of fish fry’s back home. We usually had river caught Catfish, now days they use farm raised catfish. Of course Hamous’ fish fry’s were always Mullet. 😉

  16. Thinking about catfish, there was a place back home that bought small catfish, (squealers they’re called), from commercial fishermen that they netted on the Chattahoochee river. They were too small to sell to the fish markets but this place fried them up whole and for a fixed price, you could eat all that you wanted, along with fries, hush puppies, slaw and dill pickles. You sat at a long table and they’d bring out the fish and fixins’ and keep them coming until you were stuffed. Dayaam good eating right there. 😀

  17. I didn’t know that!! So, we have the Girl Scout Cookie conspiracy brewing over yonder. It seems that they have two different flavors of my favorite; “Caramel DeLights”. In other parts of the country, they have “Samoas” which is made with dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate and has toastier coconut. I’ve not tried the Samoas, but they’d have to be better than Caramel DeLights. I do love Dark Chocolate. 😉

  18. I managed to mow for 20 minutes before the rain came. Enough to knock down the clover so Fay might not trip on it where she precariously walks Max.

    The rest will be over a foot before I can mow again. Arrrrgh!!!

  19. When I got home from my appointment, I had a robocall from CVS that I had a scrip to pick up. (One of the things I like about the Memorial-Hermann system is your info is online system-wide, so a new doc does not ask where to send your scrips.)

    But this is a fish story. As long as I was going out (and not back to bed to get more sleep, like I wanted to) — I went a little further and hit Kroger for bananas and a fish sandwich off their deli Hot and Ready table. During Lent, Kroger makes fish sammiches around lunch time every day. I look forward to them every year.

  20. #31 Ms Adde, what kind of fish, catfish?

    Frozen. From SYSCO if they’re anything like most KC efforts.

  21. Wake up all you deadbeats.

    Speaking of deadbeats. What happened to the Russians hacked the election story?

    Did it disappear because the prog god, Hussein the Destroyer was said to be wiretapping Trump Tower? Did the Fakers of News/Real Propagandists have to go back and cover their tracks for their master so he wouldn’t be exposed?

    And since he is a god, hovering above it all in the cosmos, providing ultimate orgasms for the Spitter, Mika Brezenski, Joe Scarborough Fair and their ilk, why would he need a wiretap?

    He should be able to see and hear through walls, concrete and well, everything.

    Maybe the Kenyan King of Skullduggery is a god but he didn’t pass masonry 101, so he’s unable to see and hear through concrete.–Could explain why his college transcripts were never revealed.

    I can see it being explained that way on CenemaNN.–god needs wiretap, failed masonry 101. Story at 9.

  22. #19 Phil:

    That was Danny B. in the picture, but the actual bass line was played by the Goddess of Studio Bass – Carol Kaye.

  23. Hey, it’s called the Apalachicola River, buddy.

    Not until it comes out of Lake Seminole. 😉

  24. 41

    You mean Danny wasn’t really playing?

    I’m crushed.:-)

    Almost as bad as when I found out about Santa.

  25. My #20, Squawk’s #42: The guy describes some very complex equations. One of the things he did not mention was the heat involved. The gas exits the gun very hot AND under high pressure. The gas bubble expands under the cold water ( delta T: water-gas is big) due to pressure and heat. As the gas bubble expands the pressure goes down and the heat is dissapated into the water and it goes past equilibrium, then it collapses. As the gas collapses the pressure spikes very quickly and when pressure goes up, temp must go up as well; this is mitigated a bit by the volume going down (PV=nRT). The gas bubble goes past equilibrium again, this time towards the high pressure zone and it bounces back but not as dramatically. I call this dampened harmonic motion; it goes from high to low ith the peaks dropping geometrically, and quickly zeros out. I see the same motion, but no where near as dramatic, when I drop a hydrometer in a fluid; each cycle up and down is much smaller in magnitude.

  26. #48
    From the comments: “What happens if we all reserve tickets and don’t show up?”

    Amusing concept, but they’ll just make a call and a horde of paid protestors will show up for the empty seats.

  27. WATCH an internal combustion engine go through the 4 strokes. Briggs and Stratton engine (old, valves in block, acrylic head). You get to see the flame propagation and path.

  28. Cassie Taylor. The video is odd, just listen on phones for some subtle jazz. I hope some Dude explains how she rolls a note up and down with a single strike on the string.

  29. Sunday starts daylight saving time again. Those congresscritters are so smart that they can even manipulate the earth’s track around the sun and the spin on it’s axis. I’m telling you, that’s some power they wield up there on the Potomac.

  30. So on Thursday I was wearing a polo shirt outside. Now, the temperature has plunged towards below 20 and will not rise above 30 until 1 PM Monday.

    Oh, and we got about 4″ of snow today.

  31. 52 goat

    I volunteer to be one of her Pips, seeing as how those other white boys won’t back her up.

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