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  1. Kennedy’s message was simple. He proposed an unabashed quid pro quo. Kennedy would lend Andropov a hand in dealing with President Reagan. In return, the Soviet leader would lend the Democratic Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 presidential election. “The only real potential threats to Reagan are problems of war and peace and Soviet-American relations,” the memorandum stated. “These issues, according to the senator, will without a doubt become the most important of the election campaign.”

    Kennedy made Andropov a couple of specific offers.

    First he offered to visit Moscow. “The main purpose of the meeting, according to the senator, would be to arm Soviet officials with explanations regarding problems of nuclear disarmament so they may be better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the USA.” Kennedy would help the Soviets deal with Reagan by telling them how to brush up their propaganda.

    Then he offered to make it possible for Andropov to sit down for a few interviews on American television. “A direct appeal … to the American people will, without a doubt, attract a great deal of attention and interest in the country. … If the proposal is recognized as worthy, then Kennedy and his friends will bring about suitable steps to have representatives of the largest television companies in the USA contact Y.V. Andropov for an invitation to Moscow for the interviews. … The senator underlined the importance that this initiative should be seen as coming from the American side.”

    Kennedy would make certain the networks gave Andropov air time–and that they rigged the arrangement to look like honest journalism.


  2. Second!
    Thursday doesn’t have a feel…
    Oh and Hamous, I remember that well and how it was downplayed by the Lame Stream Media.
    Mornin” Gang

  3. Good morning Hamsters. Down to a really brisk 35 here and light frost. Dawn’s rosy fingers need gloves today.

    Hamous exposes precious Teddy Kennedy again with this post. Of course the LSM/Dem Propaganda Machine will ignore it so as not to confuse folks about their jihad against Trump supporters or aides. Spits.

  4. #1

    For all the efforts of Senator Drunk Murderer and The Soviets, Ronald Reagan was returned to the White House with an Electoral College victory of 525-13. Mondale won only Minnesota and DC.

  5. Re: the OP pic.

    We can’t be that guy, because its not really a guy. Its a rather famous award winning sculpted and painted miniature. Its very good and there’s a lot of attention to detail on it, but the tip off is how the guy is holding his pistol and the teeth. Nobody has teeth like that.

  6. I have friends who comprise a large family, 4 girls and 1 boy, all now teenagers or 20-somethings, but mostly still living at home. Papa Bear was laid off from a private security job several years ago, and Mama Bear brought in a little bit with handmade jewelry sold on the internet. When the steady job went, so did the family insurance. They have suffered greatly from the Obamacare tax.

  7. #10 El Gordo

    Those turf punchers look like something one would wear while in serious philosophical or religious meditation so the time would pass faster while walking the lawn. Or they are suitable for doing penance for sins against Gaia.

    They also look like hazards to merely walking. Hmmm, more like a broken ankle/leg waiting to happen.

  8. 7 Sarge

    We can’t be that guy, because its not really a guy. Its a rather famous award winning sculpted and painted miniature.

    Yes, you can be that guy. The photo is allegorical and is meant to convey a principle beyond the actual existence of the subject.

  9. Why is it the very women who should never wear yoga pants manage to find the loudest, most garish psychedelic yoga pants and wear them in public ?

  10. So Michael Flynn didn’t do anything other than possibly not explain properly his conversations with a Russian official when speaking to VP Pence.

    Depending on the content of the conversations, Flynn could have violated a law called the Logan Act, which bars a private individual from conducting foreign policy without the permission of the U.S. government. For instance, if Flynn told the ambassador the Trump administration would drop the sanctions, that would have been illegal.
    The intelligence official who has personally seen the transcripts told Mary Louise they contained “no evidence” of criminal wrongdoing, although the official said it can’t be definitively ruled out.

    The official also said there was “absolutely nothing” in the transcripts that suggests Flynn was acting under instructions “or that the trail leads higher.”

    “I don’t think [Flynn] knew he was doing anything wrong,” the official said. “Flynn talked about sanctions, but no specific promises were made. Flynn was speaking more in general ‘maybe we’ll take a look at this going forward’ terms.”

  11. Here we are two days past Valentine’s Day, and the beautiful dark pink roses Spouse brought home last Friday are still beautiful and fresh, just more open now. One rose had broken off at the base of the bloom where it attached to the stem, and it is still fresh floating in a large wine glass. Nothing lost from the bunch. Guessing they will last well into next week.

  12. Since scenes springing from the mind of an artist now lack legitimacy, I guess we need to start by bulldozing the magnificent Korean War Veterans Memorial.

  13. BTW, it’s another day of complete Rep domination of government, yet Obamacare remains the law of the land; and nothing, I repeat nothing, has even been introduced in Congress to change that. What a bunch of lying crap weasels those congresscritters are. As a matter of fact, the House has not considered anything since it reconvened, which I would normally consider to be a good thing. In this case I thought they had some repealing to do – like EPA regs and last minute Obama crap..

  14. And it’s high time we took down this piece of crap from the wall of the Senate in Austin.

    Battle of San Jacinto, one of two paintings by Texas artist Henry Arthur McArdle, anchors the west side of the Senate Chamber. Completed in 1898, the 8×14 foot oil painting it is an extremely detailed, although not entirely historically accurate, interpretation of the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution, which was fought on April 21, 1836, in present-day Harris County, Texas. Led by General Sam Houston, the Texian Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s Mexican forces in a fight that lasted just 18 minutes. About 630 of the Mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured, while only 9 Texians died. Clearly visible in the foreground are both Mexican and Texian warriors, including officers Filisola, Castrillon, and Almonte and Houston, Lamar, and Rusk. Towards the rear, General-President Santa Anna, disguised in civilian attire, is fleeing on horseback. Subtitled “Retributive Justice,” the painting implies the comeuppance of good over evil.

  15. 14

    Because they want to know if you think they’re this.

    How can they tell if you think they are you ask?

    Well, if you manage to keep your breakfast down, they take that as a yes.

    If the WalMart porter has to be called out to clean up the uh, spill, in the Housewares Aisle, then that can’t taken as a no vote.

  16. Just because the media doesn’t report it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

    In the four weeks since President Donald Trump was inaugurated, congressional lawmakers have moved to address some of the 22,700 regulations adopted under President Barack Obama.

    “There has not been nearly as much attention paid to this issue as there should have been,” Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “I think President [Ronald] Reagan focused on this and I think President Trump is focusing more on this issue than any other president since Reagan.”

    The tool Congress is using to undo these regulations is known as the Congressional Review Act, which allows it to repeal executive branch regulations.

  17. Obamacare Death Spiral

    Bertolini’s doomsday prophesy: More insurers will pull out of the government-run marketplaces in the coming weeks and many areas will have no insurers to provide Affordable Care Act coverage in 2018.

    “It’s not going to get any better; it’s getting worse,” Bertolini said in an interview at a Wall Street Journal event.


    Humana, which had already significantly limited its exchange footprint this year, announced Tuesday that it would completely pull out of the exchange markets next year after determining its customer base would still be unprofitable. That followed major pullbacks this year from other national insurers, including Aetna and UnitedHealth Group.

    Obamacare is repealing itself, all by itself.

  18. President Trump is kicking the Fakers of News/Real Propagandists a$$ in his presser.

    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of not so nice liars and losers.

  19. There is, I suppose, much wrong with the prez handling a press conference this way. But I just have to give in to my inner evil desires. I loved it!!

  20. Brother Phil

    President Trump is kicking the Fakers of News/Real Propagandists a$$ in his presser.

    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of not so nice liars and losers.

    And this makes me like the guy even more. I bailed on GWB for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is a lot of good people defended that ungrateful pi$$ant, mesquite cutting miscreant, without nary a peep from his own office or from any of his staff. Chaney wanted to defend the president against the onslaught but nooooooo Bushco did not want o sully the office as the MSM was crapping on his office and birthday cake. Very refreshing to hear The Donald stand up to these punks.

  21. So, yesterday the Lovely Princessa showed up here at 4:15 PM and said the windshield wipers on her Nissan Rogue were not working and it was drizzling at about 30 degrees. I only had 2 hours to fix the problem because I had to leave at 6:00 and I had never worked on a Nissan before.

    I popped the hood, removed the firewall gasket, removed the firewall shroud, removed both wiper arms and found one of the linkage arms had come off. I jumped in the car, drove 4 miles in rush hour traffic to the Nissan dealer, bought both linkage arms and came back.

    I then realized I would have to remove the whole wiper motor and assembly to install the arms. I did that, replaced both new parts, reinstalled the whole assembly, reinstalled the shroud, the gasket and both wiper arms. Voila – it worked perfectly just as it began to really rain.

    One hour and 15 minutes, start to finish, including the trip for the parts. I couldn’t believe it myself.

    The Lovely Princessa sent me this new portrait and you can see why she is called lovely at 5’3″ and 114 lbs.

  22. #34 – Wow, I’m impressed. Took me 4 days just to replace the coil and get my lawn mower running again.

    As to the press conference, I was just mesmerized. It was sort of like watching the Aggie band perform at half-time. Just awesome. He played them like a fiddle.

  23. That is your step-daughter? Tres exotique, Texpat.

    Oh and great job on the car fix. There is nothing so nice to have around the house as a handy man!

  24. Rush is playing the Trump press conference that followed the announcement of the Labor Secretary nomination as Squawk says in #33. The LSMs are choking mad at not being called on at first and whining about all the conservative reporters getting the questions. When Trump started calling on them and they rattled off their drivel, he’s throwing it back in their faces so fast they can’t catch their breaths.

    This Is a hoot and just what the American people need to hear. Seeing it has to be even better. Actually, Trump is figuratively firing the big guns on BB64, the Battleship Wisconsin, the last of the Missouri class ships to see service. From 50 miles offshore and hitting the target every time.

  25. I found a station out of San Antone that carried the whole press conference. I’ll give him a 9 out of ten. The exchanges with CNN and MSNBC were classic.

  26. ‘Priebus spends so much time putting out all these fires, FAKE FIRES!!’

    I wanted a cigarette after that one. 😀

  27. Brother Squawk

    good people defended that ungrateful pi$$ant, mesquite cutting miscreant, without nary a peep from his own office or from any of his staff.

    Sounds like something I’d a wrote.

    Maybe we really are brothers from somewhere else.

    Except of course, for that Tom Jones thing one of us has.:)

  28. Brother Phil

    Maybe we really are brothers from somewhere else.

    That would be a good thing

    Except of course, for that Tom Jones thing one of us has.:)

    Wellll you know. We all have our bear to cross. 🙂

  29. I kept thinking of a famous line from a certain secret agent when President Trump was ripping the propagandist press a new one.

    He really seemed to be loving it.

    And so was I.

  30. 38 mh42

    That is your step-daughter? Tres exotique, Texpat.

    Yes. And she’s finally getting married on September 16th. Extra large soiree.

  31. From the UK by James Delingpole. If you liked the press conference today, you’re going to love this:

    The occasion was a press conference hosted by the Global Warming Policy Foundation for Myron Ebell, head of the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency transition team. Satan’s Emissary, as liberals prefer to think of him.

    Ebell had come to tell them about Trump’s plans for the environment and energy, which I won’t repeat here because you know them already. (It’s going to be beautiful, that’s all you need to remember.)

    No, the reason I went wasn’t to hear what Ebell had to say but to watch how his audience reacted.

    You know that scene in The Omen when Damien’s parents try to take him into a church? It was a bit like that. Or maybe the one in The Exorcist, where Regan’s head does a 360 degree spin.

    They hated it. (Especially the bit where Ebell told them that Trump would definitely be pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate treaty) They couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They curled their lips. They laced their questions with the bitterest scorn. But they didn’t really tune into Ebell’s measured, silken, soft-spoken answers because, hell, they knew what he was saying just had to be wrong and they didn’t really understand what he meant anyway.

  32. Really all one has to do is look at this video because it is the quintessential vidiot, that sums up the Fakers of News/Real Propagandists coverage of Hussein the Destroyer’s 8 year reign of madness and mayhem, compared to what’s happening now and only 4 weeks into the Trump presidency.

    You also had people like Harry Smith asking questions something like “in a fatherless world, how did you learn to love”?

    WTF???? Is that? Tough journalism or tough circle jerkin” with a big bottle of Jergens Hand Lotion?

    The thing I’m still trying to figure out is what happened to The Spitter after Evan Thomas said what he said.

    Did you hear that groan of ecstasy?

    Did he have a simultaneous combustive/ tingly orgasm that blew a hole in his shorts, split his pants leg down the seam and rocked the table off the ground?

  33. This article may have been posted here before, but it is short and shines some light on why we have so much trouble from the muzzies: there ain’t enough branches in the family tree.

    HEADLINE:The Keystone of the Islamic Milieu: Inbreeding
    The Reproductive Health Journal reports the following rates on consanguinity in Muslim countries. Where a statistical range has been recorded, I have used the lower parameter:

    Algeria: 22.6%
    Bahrain: 39.4%
    Egypt (North): 20.9%
    Egypt (Nubia-South): 60.5%
    Iraq: 47.0%
    Jordan: 28.5%
    Kuwait: 22.5%
    Lebanon: 12.8%
    Libya: 48.4%
    Mauritania: 47.2%
    Morocco: 19.9%
    Oman: 56.3%
    Palestine: 17.5%
    Qatar: 54.0%
    Saudi Arabia: 42.1%
    Sudan: 44.2%
    Syria: 30.3%
    Tunisia: 20.1%
    United Arab Emirates: 40.0%
    Yemen: 40.0%

  34. I tell ya what.
    When I really need “a cigarette after” is when PresidentTrump looks those scumbags in the eye and insists, “The American people don’t believe you anymore!”

  35. Texpat
    I figure Gibbons is now balder than Hammie on a Saturday night and wears that skull cap to stay warm.

  36. 73 Shannon

    Those beards and long hair were always fake. Bill Ham came up with that whole ruse so the guys in ZZ Top could come back home to Houston, live a normal life and walk through Randall’s or Home Depot and not be recognized.

    It’s also the reason Ham insisted they not play in Houston except on very rare occasion. Don’t play in your own sandbox…buy a home, get married, have kids, live a normal life and don’t fall into the phony rock n roll druggie death spiral.

    I know. I saw it with my own eyes.

  37. In 1942, Esther Bubley, a fresh graduate of the photography program at the Minneapolis School of Art, landed a job as a darkroom assistant at the Office of War Information (OWI) in Washington, D.C.
    The OWI had recently absorbed the famed photographic unit of the Farm Security Administration and shifted the photographers’ assignments from rural poverty to various facets of the war effort, including aircraft factories and broader aspects of American infrastructure such as railroads.
    Bubley’s talents were quickly recognized by the photographers and program director Roy Stryker, who transferred her out of the darkroom and into the field.
    Her biggest assignment was a study of bus travel in the Midwest and South, which had dramatically increased with wartime rationing of rubber and gasoline.
    Over four weeks in 1943, Bubley rode crowded Greyhounds and other buses through major cities and dusty backroads, capturing the passengers, drivers, porters, mechanics and cleaners of the system in elegant and empathetic images.


  38. People that weren’t around Houston in those days probably don’t understand why the boys might need a disguise after they made it big.

    And those that were have perhaps forgotten and take them for granted.

    They’re certainly the closest thing we ever had to a home town SuperGroup.

  39. I used to go see ET regularly at the Esquire Ballroom out on 290 back in the good old days. Ernest discovered Loretta Lynn, and then once Loretta brought her little sister out with her to sing – now calls herself Crystal Gayle. During the intermissions, some of us would go out back and just visit with them like they were regular people or something.

  40. One of the boys lived on Sherwood Forest at Timberline. My first in laws lived on Timberline, a good rock throw away. I always looked over at the house but never saw him.

  41. I used to go see ET regularly at the Esquire Ballroom out on 290 back in the good old days.

    I tried to get in, EG, but the bouncer kept kicking me back out. Something about my ID.

  42. #76 Shannon
    Interesting shots from the 40s. I am stunned by the goofy hairstyles seen on many of the bus station women and girls.

  43. Fox news is reporting something about the appeals court suspending proceedings over travel ban.

    I don’t know if the ban is now in or out, the chiron graphic does not say which court.

  44. Texmo
    Stand down. That was thirty years ago when Texpat and Gibbons were 35.
    The beards aren’t fake anymore.

  45. That was thirty years ago when Texpat and Gibbons were 35.
    The beards aren’t fake anymore.

    Have they ever been seen at the same time? Texpat = Gibbons

    Is Elvis still alive? Jim Morrison?

    Area 51-UFOs?

    Is Alice Cooper really Eddie Haskell/Ken Osmond?

  46. I used to accuse Texpat of being Eddie Haskell.
    Cruel and undeserved. I should apologize.

    But I just can’t.

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