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  1. #2 SD: Where is your head when you forget to secure that load on the trailer? If the driver was a hired hand, his company (his insurance company) is in heap big trouble.

  2. Lieawatha is told to sit down and shut up by the Senate.

    HEADLINE: Why Elizabeth Warren was accused of ‘impugning’ Jeff Sessions

    In her letter, King detailed the systemic barriers to voting blacks faced and argued that Sessions contributed to them by unfairly prosecuting three voting rights advocates on voting fraud charges.

    In this case the AG, Sessions prosecuted 3 blacks who committed blatant voter fraud against other blacks. It is a mystery to claim that race somehow played a role when the perps and victims were all black.

  3. The Greek financial can has been kicked down a real long road; are they getting to the end?

    HEADLINE: EU faces crisis as IMF warns Greek debts are on ‘explosive’ path
    The EU faces a looming crisis which could threaten the sustainability of the eurozone as the International Monetary Fund has warned Greece’s debts are on an “explosive” path, despite years of attempted austerity and economic reforms.

    Global financiers at the IMF are increasingly unwilling to fund endless bailouts for the eurozone’s most troubled country, passing more of the burden onto the EU – at a time when Germany does not want to keep sending cash to Athens.

    The assessment opens up a fresh split with Europe over how to handle Greece’s massive public debts, as the IMF called on Europe to provide “significant debt relief” to Greece – despite Greece’s EU creditors ruling out any further relief before the current rescue programme expires in 2018.

    I read somewhere that Italy is growing weary of the Euro. I wonder how long the EU will last?

  4. Everything you could possibly want to know about prickly pear and cows.


    Another interesting result of this study was that at the conclusion of this trial, the heifers did not feed on prickly pear on the native range. This was in contrast to the work by Hoffman and Darrow (1955) who claimed that a major disadvantage of feeding prickly pear was that cattle would eat unsinged prickly pear as a result of discontinuing the feeding of singed prickly pear. Apparently cattle fed at least a balanced, maintenance ration will not eat unsinged prickly pear.

  5. Poor Hammie. This morning there’s a wreck on 290 outbound at Gessner!

    Unless it’s at 04:30 doesn’t affect me. Txdot is good about pushing those to the alert signs in the morning. I just exit 34th over to hempstead.

  6. #10 EG
    That’s right! I have seen prickly pear pads in certain grocery stores. And at the right season, the fruits — “tunas” — appear among the mangos and papayas.

    Also banana leaves. What are those used for?

  7. Cactus in scrambled eggs mixed with the kitchen sink used to be a staple omelette for breakfast around here. Don’t know why we got away from it. Lazy I suppose. Good stuff for sure. Prickly pear jelly is yum good too.

  8. Not terribly long ago I linked to a story about 3 IT staffers (employed by several D congress-terds) and I raised the question about links to the muzzy bro-hood. Surprise, surprise, they are.


    My suspicion is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  9. I saw the fortifications that Shannon proposed for my house last night. But why? I live in a fairly safe enclave in near NW Houston. And Tidwell isn’t unsafe between 290 and I45. Some years back, we were doing the HOA newsletter for USPS bulk mail, and I was the one who drove our tray of 280 folded pieces to the downtown PO — by Tidwell to I45 then south.

  10. Yup, love me some Prickly pear jelly!
    The gal down the street, from Puerto Rico, used the sweet flowers on the ends of the bananas and the leaves, she’d show up when I trimmed my banana trees.

  11. Good morning Hamsters. Moving toward a mugly start to the day except we have a westerly breeze along with 71 on the front porch.

    Rush mentioned the Muslim Trio working for the Dems in the third hour yesterday, so I expect he will have much more to say about it today. This has to be shouted from the rooftops.

    As for St. Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, gentlemen forget it at your peril. 🙂

  12. There’s something really fishy up in Buffalo.

    HEADLINE: Was Buffalo mom jailed over homeschooling decision?
    Things took a turn when she says a week later, Child Protective Services called, wondering why her kids weren’t in school.

    “I told them that my kids were homeschooled now and that I could furnish the documents if they need to see them.”

    Thinking everything was fine, Harris says she went on with her homeschooling, but then, less than a month later she says she was confronted by CPS workers and police. According to Harris, they told her they had a court order to take her children and when she told them no, she was arrested for obstruction.

    She says she hasn’t seen her kids in three weeks, and they’ve been in a foster institution.

    Is this a case of the Education-Nazis going nuclear? I do not know. Something tells me that there is more to this story.

  13. It’s going to be 62 degrees here today, breaking all records for February.

    As punishment for this good fortune, we are predicted to have 8 inches of snow between 3 AM and 1 PM tomorrow.

  14. It’s going to be 62 degrees here today, breaking all records for February.

    Oh yeah? Well we’re going to shatter the record today, too. Pushing 90.

  15. At 4:15 yesterday when I was on the I-10 super slab, the thermometer in my truck indicated an outside temp of 90 degrees. IN WISSING FEBRUARY!

  16. OK, now that the marketing program is showing signs of success, I am again announcing a free prickly pear harvesting program. All you have to do is to show up with a suitable container to haul it off in. I’ll even supply the harvesting tools and burn the spines for free. And you don’t even have to be a Mexican to benefit from this program. No need to thank me. It’s the least I can do to return the favors from the many kind comments I receive from time to time here on the couch.

  17. The Prickly Pear Bed & Breakfast of San Saba, TX.

    We have a special deal with the Skyline Motel in town to house your womenfolk.

  18. This kind of crap is why the “old guard Republicans RHINOS” can never be trusted. James Baker is among the miscreants.

    Old-Guard Republicans to Push Carbon Tax at White House Meeting


  19. I got a pretty good workout this morning, and got a “Spring chore” done in February. Extension ladder, bleach in the hose-end sprayer, spray clean the west-side gable siding surfaces. Now I’m wondering if this is the first time I’ve had my extension ladder out of the garage since the 2013-2014 knee surgeries.

    I did some cleaning on the east side of the house last year, a small spot in the shade of a crepe myrtle. But it was reachable from the stepladder.

    I have an old blue sweatsuit that got peppered with bleach spots the first time I ever wore it to spray dilute bleach on that algae that grows on everything in Houston. So it became my reserved uniform for this job. I need to do some fences too, but another day, perhaps. My uniform has already been through the washer and dryer, ready for that next event.

  20. It will be interesting to see what becomes of a few Democrat strategists who have had a big hand in running the show during the Obama years who are now seriously urging caution regarding the ugliness of the ever-present protestors and protests against President Trump and Republicans in general. It appears they clearly see the ongoing and self-inflicted damage by the Democrat Party upon itself and are attempting to halt it.

    About time some of them finally see the wild radicals they’ve helped turn loose for the lunatics they are. Good question is can they have any influence to stop it before total destruction of what’s left of the party ensues. If they have any sense they will jump off this train wreck before it goes over a big cliff. But then, they are Democrats/Socialists first…. It is an interesting spectacle to behold.

  21. Went to the courthouse on Clay Rd to get license plates. The LaRoucheites were out in force trying to explain why Glass-Steagall should be reimplemented and why we need a railroad under the Bering Strait.

    Those nutters live at that courthouse.

  22. A group of prominent Republicans and business leaders…

    Hank Paulson and James Baker haven’t been prominent in a while.

    Baker, who served as secretary of state and Treasury secretary under two Republican administrations, as well as former Secretary of State George Shultz, Rob Walton, former chairman of the board of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Sequoia Capital Operations LLC partner Thomas Stephenson, among others.

    I can’t make heads or tails out of that sentence.

  23. #36 dave
    According to comedian Brian Regan, if you have second thoughts about taking a vacation at a Native American community, you would be having a reservation reservation reservation.

  24. 41

    I had to go there last year because I never received my tag renewal in the mail.

    They had all these windows but maybe 2-3 people manning them. And this one dude was at one window for almost the entire time I was there.


    The line went on forever.

    I never knew before that day that move like a snail He11 was located on Clay Rd.

  25. Well Phil, let’s just face the facts. Those people who work at the tag renewal office are important, and their time is valuable. The rest of us, not so much. You think they work for us or something?

  26. I am trying to come up with an appropriatly derogatory slur for the LaRouche “people.”
    Loser LaRoids
    LaRoid Losers

    /work in progress, feel free to chime in.

  27. Is this our couchmaster on ACE?

    17 > I just want Done. I want Gone. I want Goodbye.

    The crazy people of the left, embedded in academia and beaurocracies, will never change.

    They will not stop.
    They will never leave you alone.
    They want Control.

    They are your enemy.

    Posted by: hambone at February 08, 2017 07:26 PM (g6yUI)

  28. Well Phil, let’s just face the facts. Those people who work at the tag renewal office are important, and their time is valuable. The rest of us, not so much. You think they work for us or something?

    Heh. you’re right.—I’m just one of the trees the guvmint picks when it needs money.

    When I was in that line this song kept going through my head.

  29. Bonecrusher says:
    FEBRUARY 8, 2017 AT 7:05 PM
    I am trying to come up with an appropriatly derogatory slur for the LaRouche “people.”
    Loser LaRoids
    LaRoid Losers

    /work in progress, feel free to chime in.

    The world waits with bated breath for your decision——

    As if our very lives depended on it.

  30. 47

    Since you missed the most obvious one, I’d say it’s time you indulge yourself in more liquid separation and while you’re at it, contemplate the most obvious choice for your LaRouche-ism.:)

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