It’s Gonna be a Long Weekend

Imagine, if you will, your daughter has a black history month project. Since your last name is at the end of the alphabet and the teacher went in alphabetical order, your daughter was left with Jesse Jackson of all people. You have to deal with life size Jesse in your living room all weekend.


Courtesy of TexMo

Weed Log

Since I am very sensitive by nature, I have heard many of you wondering where a safe place to store your weed might be. I know, I know, nobody has actually said, “wagonburner, surely you, with your great wisdom and knowledge will tell us the answer to the Greatest Question Of Our Day.” You would be correct, but remember that I hear not only the spoken word, but the words behind the words. And the silence.

Fear not, my good friends. Let your minds not be troubled. I have found a product that is not only discreet, but environmentally sound.

I hear your questions. “But wagonburner, please teach us your ways and impart unto us some of your great wisdom.” Alas, I cannot, much as I want to, but your minds simply could not bear the strain.

Be thankful you have me.