Happy Birthday, Granny Hamous


Tuesday Dive, Dive Dive !

Bar-Lev lifted the nose of the aircraft, dipped one of the wings, and then tilted the nose down to earth. The plane began to plummet, dropping 10,000 feet in a minute. When he pulled out of the dive, Kol charged through the door and killed Argüello.

The second terrorist, Leila Khaled, a Palestinian veteran of previous skyjackings, rolled a grenade forward but it didn’t explode. In her memoir, Bar-Lev said, Khaled claimed to have been violently subdued, but the air marshals found her passed out from the dive and quickly arrested her.

“The whole thing took two and a half minutes,” Bar-Lev said.

No good deed goes unpunished – abroad or at home in Israel.

For Bar-Lev, though, the ordeal was still not over. Upon return to Israel, a man he did not recognize took him into a side room and began asking questions: Why had he insisted on bringing the sky marshal into the cockpit? Why had he refused a direct order to return to Tel Aviv? Why had he dismissed the dentist’s assessment?

The next day, El Al Director General Mordechai Ben-Ari told him that the Shin Bet would not provide security for Israel’s national air carrier so long as he remained an active pilot. Ben-Ari tried to convince him to take a year off, to pacify the Shin Bet, and then return to service.

“In those days, though,” Bar-Lev said, “you could still call the prime minister.”

The incredible story of El-Al flight 219 London-New York City on September 6, 1970.

Weekend Values Open Comments

Our teenagers cry when their phones are taken away. Heck, during the cold front we had after Ike came through, families moved into hotels because their A/C wasn’t working. I really think it’s because their spoiled little babies couldn’t handle life without an iPhone fully charged up.

We have schoolchildren who skip class, threaten teachers, refuse to be educated; and we have teachers who only want to take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide until their union retirement benefits are in place.

We have parents who blame all of their kids’ failings on society, the government, and the schools. They only arrive at school to berate the faculty or bring QX to raise a ruckus for the media over some imagined slight. Their priorities are on getting things done for them, brought to them, and provided for them.

And then there’s this man. He wanted the kids to get to school, so he bagged them up and swam across a swollen river to get them school dry. Over and over and over – until all of them were safely across the river and ready to be educated.

We’re all a bunch of spoiled wimps.

In Which We Study Art History

The Medieval period brought many changes in how mankind viewed himself and the world in which he lived. Monks, since they tended to have a bit more free time on their hands without being subjugated by The Man, were at the forefront of the studies which preserved these changes.

We can see this pictorially in how art, particularly painting, depicted this world.


MONK #1: what does it look like when some people are far away but some are closer
MONK #2: draw them all exactly the same size

Exotic animals:

MONK #1: what do whales look like?
MONK #2: pretty much exactly like squirrels or any other animal but in front of a blue background

Babies and still life:

MONK #1: what do babies look like
MONK #2: ….huh good question
MONK #1: kind of like a very old man?
MONK #2: but also baboons

MONK #1: dang whats a table look like
MONK #2: oh wow
MONK #1: i know right?
MONK #2: ahhh i KNOW this

More at the link.