We Return To The Performing Arts

And by that, I mean actual fine arts.

Kaare Norge is a Danish classical guitarist. He is noteworthy in that he has a very light left hand. You will almost never hear a string squeak when he plays.

A nocturne that one usually hears on a Steinway:

Tango, the dance of sensual love:

Film theme (Cavatina – The Deer Hunter):

Classic rock anthem:

A hymn that was a pop hit by a now-Muslim:

Poor Benny

So my dad pretty much lays this one on every friend of mine he ever meets.

There once was this man named Benny, who had the strongest desire to live forever. The devil knew these desires, and arose out of the depths to make a deal with Benny.

The deal stated that, in exchange for Benny’s soul, he would be gifted with immortality. The only condition was that Benny could not shave any part of his body, ever, or he would be instantly transformed into an urn.

Benny went on with his now unending life and found himself falling in love with a girl shortly after accepting this deal with the devil. The girl however. Would not love him back because of his ridiculously long hair covering his entire body. It was said that the hair from his knuckles would sweep the floor when he walked into the room, and he would constantly trip himself on his beard.

The girl eventually died and Benny fell into a deep depression. He decided it would be best to end his misery by going to a barbershop, and getting a shave. He sat in the barber’s seat, and as soon as the blade reached his skin, he was transformed, and all that remained in the seat was a large, metal urn.

The moral of the story… A Benny Shaved is a Benny Urned.

Th Magic Plant

The Man is denying humanity the benefits of a wonder plant.

This plant has the potential to free us from oil, prevent deforestation, cure cancer, and provide raw materials for rope and textiles of many varieties.

AND it’s environmentally friendly to boot!

Of course, we are talking about cannabis sativa, or hemp. The safe, non-addictive cousin of the evil killer herb, cannabis sativa var indica, or marijuana.

Fight The Man!