Monday Abortion Ghouls Open Comments

A new abortion clinic video has appeared. These ghouls should be exposed for exactly who they are:

It may be rough to hear these soulless creatures first thing Monday morning, but this needs to be exposed. The calm callousness with which they discuss “terminating” a “fully grown” baby’s life assures me that there’s a special place reserved in Hell for these “women’s health” workers.

Since when is pregnancy an abnormal health condition requiring such intrusive and lethal intervention? Pregnancy is a normal condition for a woman engaging in sexual intercourse.

But if you want to hear about the real war on women:

Not enough spit nor tape in the entire world.

Tuesday Croaker Open Comments

Okay, since some of you are having SO much fun with my allergy affected vocal intonations, I bring you a variety of croaking finds:

And fish:

And lizards (the Jamaicans are supposed to be afraid of this??):

And here’s a song about the croaking lizard:

I guess since Jamaicans are afraid of the croaking lizard, it’s appropriate that the band is named “The Upsetters”.

And the ever-so-exciting croaking gourami:

So, go have fun! Remember, I have a shovel, I know how to dig, and if necessary, I have a friend with a shotgun and a backhoe.

Just sayin’.