Friday Hovering Open Comments

Not quite a Star Wars speeder, but getting there:

If these ever become marketable, just think of the changes in society:

Roads will become less important.
Neighborhoods possibly can be designed without permanent roads.
There will be less wear and tear on the pavement, reducing those expenses.
Fences will have to be higher, to keep the impatient drivers from cutting across or through your yards.
How many house collisions will there be, when drunk-hovering will be available?
Since it doesn’t depend upon wheels and friction, will this reduce gasoline consumption?
Parking garages may have to reconfigured, as these can be parked vertically.
Can they be taken up onto mountainsides? Can they carry loads? Can we see houses on otherwise inaccessible cliffs soon?
If they can’t handle large loads like, say, concrete delivery, how will having fewer, but heavier vehicles impact road design and tax structures?
How will we manage traffic, with vertical levels for lanes? (This has been seen in science fiction for some time now.)
Will we begin to have traffic jams over water?
Will we have to increase/enhance rescue to include towing vehicles and emergency vehicles for water rescues?

These are the thoughts I have late at night, when I should be sleeping…

Friday Croce Music Thread

What a talent. I grew up listening to his music when my sisters played his records. We now have his CDs, and I still remember when Hubby played them for — 18 — hours —- straight while we driving on vacation one year. Even I got tired of Jimmy after a while. Here are some of his not-as-well-known hits:

While this is not his most popular song, it’s one I find myself singing to it when I hear it play.

My college dance class final was done to this song:

And this one always brings a smile (Hubby always has a toothpick in his mouth, too):

Then there’s Speedball Tucker:

One day I looked into my rear view mirror
And a-comin’ up from behind
There was a Georgia State policeman
And a hundred dollar fine
Well he looked me in the eye as he was writin’ me up
And said, “Driver, you’ve been flyin’!”
“And ninety five was the route you were on, it was not the speed limit sign.”

heh heh heh


Weekend Baby Open Comments

(PS: This is NOT Darren’s baby, though I’m sure his is just as cute.)

Darren gave us the great news last night:

Around 9:30 Aedhun Rean Zechiel was born. 7 lb 14 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. All seems well. Thank you all for thoughts and prayers.

I think we’re all very happy that everyone made it through the pregnancy and the delivery okay.

Some pics are on Facebook and when I can I’ll get my unsavy tech self to post them on my website and link them here.

We’re holding you to that, Darren!

Friday Worst Word Ever Open Comments

What is your least favorite word? Let’s narrow it down a bit. It must be:
In English
Well-understood (i.e. everyone knows what it means)
Clean (i.e. won’t offend Granny Hamous, though it might make her uncomfortable)
A single word (phrases are in a different category)

In general, it just sounds icky.

For Zoë Triska, it just happens to be the word panties. I agree with her that it is a “bad” word, maybe even top (bottom?) five, but it is certainly not the worst.

You know what word I can’t stand hearing? “Panties.”

The word “panties” earns my vote for “worst word of all time.” But there are plenty of people who find it perfectly acceptable.

That’s the way of the worst word. It’s different for different people. These words do tend to congregate on the worst word lists of many people.

And, it turns out, many of us are bothered by seemingly random words. Last year, we asked our readers to contribute the words they shuddered upon hearing, and they assailed “moist,” “viscous,” and “maggots,” among others.

Some words on my own list – in no particular order (also assisted by the comments in the link):
Panties (is there a singular form? pantie? panty?)
Nipple (not really on mine, but Yellow Hair can hardly say it unless it refers to a baby bottle)
Penis (close to the edge of Granny’s tolerance…)
Peeve (actually a split decision – noun is ok, verb – not)
Briefs (clothing, not legal)

What are yours?