Thursday OC

Victor Davis Hanson notes it’s all about arrogance:

The bookish, twice-unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson once sighed that if most thinking people supported him, it still wouldn’t be enough in America because “I need a majority.”

For some reason, Democrats have chosen to follow the disastrous model of Stevenson and not that of feisty man-of-the-people Missourian Harry Truman — though the former nearly wrecked the party and the latter got elected.

Wednesday Open Comments

At MyFoxDC . com is a story about the brouhaha being raised over a Tea Party coloring book. It seems that the selfsame people who don’t mind bringing sex and homosexuality into our children’s elementary schools somehow take offense with a discussion of taxes.

Death threats against the publisher have been made. I’m guessing that the fact that he has also published an Obama coloring book does not grant him any amnesty. No brownie points here! (No pun intended.)

The opponents of said coloring book don’t want to indoctrinate the children.


BTW – I’m not much of an early morning person, so please be patient with me.


YHWH has answered my prayer, finally. After all these years, my wife is smiling like a young woman again. It has been such a long time. Like a spring rain, the tears of happiness spill down my wife’s cheeks, and her smile is like the sunrise over the desert plain. Her eyes meet mine and all the years of pain and frustration pass between us…

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Tuesday OC

One of the nefarious pieces of legislation slipped into the Obamacare monstrosity that no one read had to do with new reporting requirements on small businesses to fill out 1099 forms on all transactions greater than $600.  This seems to be rankling gold dealers in particular.

Thomas Sowell explores the ins and outs of this legislation:

Whether gold is a good investment for individuals, and whether the gold standard is the right system for a country, are much more complicated questions than can be answered here. But what is clear is that the Obama administration sees people’s freedom to buy and sell gold as something that can limit what the government can do.

Good-bye, Lone Star Times

Benzion & Company are closing shop.  For those who want to see their good-byes, go to the LST home page.  I am opening this thread for those who wish to express their feelings on this matter and share contact information.  I, personally, am very upset over this turn of events.  I have come to think of the LST group as my family, and have come to love you all in a very special way, warts and all.  I guess there isn’t enough pixie dust and rainbow farting unicorns to combat the lawyers and their minions. What was that Shakespeare said?  Today, free speech has taken another blow.

Perhaps one last get-together would be appropriate.  I would love to make one more face-to-face with everyone, some of you whom I have never seen. Let’s get the word to others who may not know we are here so that everyone can be included.

Thanks to Benzion, Squawkbox, Texpat, ReeC, Hamous, and all the others who have given of their time, talent, and treasure to create an environment where a community could be fostered.  God bless you in your future endeavors, and please let us know if and when you decide to re-emerge.

Weekend Open Comments

A quick perusal of the liberal op/ed pages and you come to the realization that the Democrat Party is deluded and hellbent on self-destruction:

Bob Schrum opines that Obama has been too non-partisan and it’s Time to Sound the Progressive Trumpet.

Matthew Iglesias wants Dems to go to war for the Health Care debacle that Republicans are promising to replace if returned to power.  You know, for the children.

Eugene Robinson ridicules the Republican “Pledge to America” as “nonsense” while lauding the sharp increase in public employees as the savior of our economy.  Guess he hasn’t seen what’s happening in Europe.

John Nichols is singing the praises of soon-to-be ex-Senator from Wisconsin.

Marxist UT professor James Galbraith predictably argues that the deficit and public debt are not something we need to worry about, the death tax isn’t high enough, and old people should make way for the young, give up their jobs, and die already.

Another Site Redesign

We’re back to WordPress.  Joomla was nice but it had been so long since I messed with it I forgot all the intricacies.  Frankly, I didn’t feel like relearning it.

I restored all of Tedtam’s posts from the old site but not comments.  Just too tedious.  I’ll probably be tweaking the theme and plugins for a while but the basic site is now up and running.

WordPress should be familiar to most folks.  You’ll have to register to comment and I think I have it set so that your first comment will need to be approved and after that you should be cleared.