Since When?

Normally I am known to have rather specific opinions and, according to some, can be a bit of a know-it-all. I read a LOT, and listen to talk radio rather than the current FM brain rot, so perhaps I am a little more knowledgeable than some, less so than others. But today I began to wonder “Since when…” and have no concrete answers to my musings.

For example, Since When did it become fashionable to bash your country? I’m not talking about coherent and valid differences of opinion, but the dirty, nasty, I-hate-my-country vomit that comes not only from the screaming maws of the non-bathing, long-haired (and often hired) protestors with large and very offensive signs held high, but also from the beautiful mouths of the beautiful people that the general public adores on the silver screen. Since When did “America”become a four-letter word? I never heard George Carlin (RIP) include it in his famous “Seven Words”. Yet when certain people use the name of our great country, it is accompanied by a sneer, by a scream, and sometimes by violence. Since When has the political correctness of self-loathing become the norm? Since When did the country that responds first and best to those in need become a world-wide pariah? I love my country, and I believe capitalism – while not perfect – is the best vehicle for allowing those on the bottom to move to the top. Which they do! The groups of “haves” and “have nots” exchange members freely. Yet, to hear the retching masses in front of any conservative meeting, you would think that mercenaries with assault rifles were holding the downtrodden down at the bidding of their wealthy masters. Or you might believe that the already wealthy only got their money by squeezing the pitiful wallets of the lower class, stealing their nickels and dimes while chuckling amongst themselves in rooms full of well-stuff furniture and cigar smoke.

Since When did our media become the official approval processing center for political candidates? The way the major news media personalities are carrying on because Sarah Palin’s VP candidacy was kept a secret from them has revealed the depth of their narcissism. I was shocked at seeing Sam Donaldson almost come out of his chair in rage the Sunday after Governor Palin’s candidacy became known. The gnashing of teeth and hair pulling that continues as of this writing reminds me of a toddler’s temper tantrum. I am happy that finally someone is standing up to the media. Which leads me to my next musing…

Since When did our political candidates assume the jailhouse pose when put in front of the media? I know the media is important for disseminating information, but really! I lose all respect for the politicians that constantly play up to the media in order to get good reviews and garner public support. Since the media controls the flow of information, they are in prime position to filter out – or in – the information they want us to know. This usually coincides with their personal bias…which leads me to another musing:

Since When did the media stop reporting the news and began making the news? I was under the impression that journalism was an attempt to report news to inform the general public. Now, the pretty ones on our TV screens think they are kingmakers and policy creators. Forget the experience (or lack thereof) of any candidate – I want to know which journalists have the background to hold high public office? If they think they can select our next president, surely they would have the qualifications to know, in-depth, what the office entails. Having white teeth, pretty hair, and an obnoxious desire to ruin our society is not, in my humble opinion, enough qualification to take on this very important responsibility. I would prefer that they provide the very valuable and valid service of reporting the facts, and leave the editorial to, well, the editorials! If you are not an unbiased reporter, then be honest with the public! Even reporters are allowed to vent their opinion – as long as it is understood to be opinion instead of fact! Radio talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck admit to being biased in a particular direction, and their shows are to provide entertainment based on the current events of the day. They have never claimed to be anything other than what they are, and I believe that is fair. But when a journalist presents himself or herself as a “journalist” and are to be reporting “facts,” but in fact are spouting their personal opinions, then that is fraud. They are taking advantage of the large segment of the public who remain relatively politically ignorant. For them, it’s like taking candy from a baby. And people who take candy from a baby are usually and rightfully reviled.

Since When did we lose our pride in ourselves? Was it during the era of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” when it became very popular to despise our government? Was it The Pill, which gave the youth, full of energy and of themselves, the freedom to do the previously forbidden with freedom from consequences? Did the media change during the Vietnam War, or during the Nixon Watergate years? Since When was it the ultimate to find a “gotcha” story than report on the good in our society? The wrongs should be exposed, but I have a hard time finding the good publicized. The heroes in our world are relegated to the last 20 seconds of the nightly broadcast so that the “journalists” can go home secure and snug in their belief that they have presented all sides of our culture. We who watch all the way through those last 20 seconds can leave their show feeling good about ourselves. It’s like putting the seat down on the toilet without flushing.

Since When has it become politically correct to hate ourselves?

Since When did the rest of the world’s opinion of us become more important than our opinion of us?

Since When did our society become the dregs of culture, the scum on the pond, the bottom of the barrel?

And can someone please explain to me why we are inundated with people who literally die to get here?