Tuesday Halloween Open Comments

I’ve come across several web sites that consist of two sentence horror stories.

“I told my neighbor I had to shoot their dog in self-defense. Actually, he was just too good at digging up bones.”

“The deepest part of the ocean is 10,916 meters. According to our instruments, we should have passed that 3 kilometers ago.”

“As we stood there in the desert, I wondered – why had we dug more graves than bodies?” [Okay, that’s ONE sentence.]

How well can we do? I’ll start:

“While one a haunted house tour, my friend jokingly dared me to a staring contest with a painting of the house’s original owner. The painting lost.”

“I kept seeing my curtain moving out of the corner of my eye, and it was keeping me awake. I got up to close the window – and it already was.”

“The neighbor’s adorable newborn girl was missing, so I volunteered to dog sit for them. The next day, the dog vomited, and I knew what had happened to their daughter.”

“For long weeks I prayed fervently for hours every day for salvation, skipping meals, work, sleep, and my social life. Hillary still won.”

“I wanted to borrow my friend’s backhoe. Southern Tragedy told me she had to hose it off first.”

Okay, I finally had time to find a picture resizer and now you can see Sunshine and her glorious blanket. In the blanket you can find: two butterflies, flowers in a basket, flowers dancing in a line, a Siamese cat, a tiger, a loopy-furred sheep, a pig, 3 fish swimming over a snail shell, a star, a yellow edged red heart (which I call the Sunshine heart), a soft pink plushie yarn heart (the Noona heart), a yellow flower that stands proud of the blanket by about an inch or so (Sunshine really liked that one), a doggie that just happens to look like her June Bug puppy, and various other squares.

BTW, as of the time of this posting being created, the likes/loves/wows are almost to 850. 8:30 a.m. central, the likes/loves/wows are over 900. And that’s not counting the separate hits on the photos.

G’head. Revel in the wonderment.

Tuesday Music Lovers Open Comments

I stumbled upon this site recently: http://www.music-map.com

It provides a “cloud map” of similar musical artists relevant to a primary selection. For example, I like Gordon Lightfoot, and it provided the following:

The closer the group name is to Gordon Lightfoot, the more like his music it is. I’ve never heard of a few of these groups before, so I may go try them out. For those here who love to discuss music, you’ll probably love using this to go exploring musically.