Confirmation Of At Least One Thing

The Financial Times has an article that includes this picture

that shows pretty conclusive & convincing evidence that the Malaysia Airlines B777 was indeed shot down.

The wreckage was recovered by the people of Petropavlovka from a villager’s back yard last Thursday and moved to the roadside because it was believed to be important.

Two defence analysts in London and a former military pilot who have studied the picture corroborated the claim by a local man, who said he had served in the military, that much of the damage was consistent with a missile strike.

Now the question is “Who pulled the trigger?”

Weekend “Don’t Go Under!” Open Comments

I saw this story on The Blaze on Thursday, and as I watched the videos I started crying. I, too, was a near-drowning victim – twice. I still remember how terrified I was, and how fortunate I was that I was rescued. Little Sunshine is at the age where she’ll be in the water more. I sent her momma this information. The life she saves may be her child’s. Or someone else’s.

Can you spot the drowing child?

Drowning doesn’t always look like drowning! There may be little splashing and no calling out for help. If you see that, certainly get help to the swimmer who’s in distress, but as you can see, you can be only a few feet away from a dying person and not even know it.

And a simple playful push ends in death:

I got the drowning victim in the first video, only because I had read articles about drowning already and had some idea of what to look for. Had I not been told someone was drowning and know to look for a drowning victim, however, I don’t know that I would have recognized it.

Y’all be careful, and keep an eye out.

Messing With Kids

I admit it.

I have actually done some of these things. I have contemplated others, including some not in the link. Some in the link, I have not yet tried or contemplated. Some will need to wait for grandchildren, since half of my kids are now bigger than I am, and the other half is close.

Our resident crazy person might be able to mess with her kid via the baby…

eyebrow baby

This one might come in handy if I can get some A&M stationery in a coupla years.

grad letter

Shortly after that?…

BC blanket