Patriotic Tree

… Or is this where they come from?

patriotic trees


Leopard print speedo – check
Ugly as homemade soap – check
Unusual “entertainment” option – check


Any guesses?

The Perils Of Being Mr. Potatohead

mr potatohead

Think Safety When Cooking

kitchen danger

Truck Trick

I wonder if our resident tractor trailer operator can do this:

In Which We Discuss A Bunch Of Old Guys

This photograph was taken at a conference in 1927.

Everyone here will recognize a couple of the participants (at least in name). A few of you will recognize several of them. By my quick count, there are 17 Nobel Laureates in the picture.

Weekend “She’s BAAAaaack!” Open Comments

judo n. A sport and method of physical training similar to wrestling, developed in Japan in the late 19th century and using principles of balance and leverage adapted from jujitsu.

Yard judo: n. A method of tackling challenging outdoor projects, using the principles of leverage and balance to accomplish otherwise impossible tasks

I didn’t get to work out at the gym on Wednesday, due to scheduling issues, but I had 45 minutes to work in the back yard. The yard has been absent my ministrations for almost two years (the only exception being one foray about two weeks ago, which was only to tackle some weeds in my garden, which is still in grave condition, dang it!).

Y’all have laughed at my “dead tallow tree” but it was still there, laying on top of Mirkwood. There was also another tree that fell over by my back fence. Those who have been to the Dome can attest to the distance involved. I found a second fallen tree by the back fence, but it has become so overgrown that it was too much for me to move. I did break off some of the branches, but I will have to wait for either some heavy equipment to appear, the winter to kill of the overgrowth, or for time and decay to take its toll. In this case, entropy is my friend.

In the cases of the trees that I was able to move, I used yard judo to accomplish my goals. Obviously, I couldn’t just grab and drag ‘em. They were too big, too heavy, and – in the case of the Mirkwood tallow – weeds were creating a drag that was hard to overcome.

The first step in judo technique was to roll the back fence tree. It was the biggest of all of them, and very, very heavy. Rolling caused the weight of the trunk to break off the larger limbs, which were carried to the waste pile. This reduced the weight I had to carry, but the trunk was still incredibly heavy. As I say, “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!” I grabbed my much-abused yard cart and lifted half of the trunk onto the cart crosswise. I kept pulling and shoving until I got it into position, then toted the tree to the pile, trying to hold onto it the whole time. I never had to handle the entire weight of the trunk in this way.
Yard pic 1 for web

Then to Mirkwood. Again, I broke off larger limbs. Fortunately, this tree had been in decay even while vertical, so the weight had been drastically reduced already. After toting the limbs to the pile, I went back and tackled the trunk. It took quite a bit of pushing and pulling, but I finally got it loose and managed to dislodge it from the overgrowth. The cart wasn’t much use here – the angles were all wrong to load it up – and it was a short tote, so I rolled and dragged that sucker to the pile.

Yard pic 2 for web

Then I grabbed a third log, between Mirkwood and the eastern fence line. Lifting with my legs and not my back, I dragged it to the pile.
Yard pic 3 for web

It may be hard to tell from the pictures, but most of those larger pieces were 10 feet or more, and the trunk diameters 6-8 inches more or less. They were hard to hold, especially with those dadgum ants and critters on ‘em.

There’s a fourth log that I wanted to move, but it was heavier than the others and I don’t want to end up in a wheelchair again. You can see it in the background. It’s time will come!

It’s good to be back!

Next…the shovel!

Blooming Love

Those wacky Russians have figured out that personality and compatibility are the keys to lasting relationships. They have even managed to get those attributes across in pictures that can be viewed by potential life partners.

From the squacklike:

To those who look like Floridians:


You all need to make sure your soulmate(s) is(are) not getting away.

Thursday Open Comments

Well, someone is trying to sue the administration.

JW filed a lawsuit on behalf of Kawa Orthodontics, owned by Florida orthodontist Dr. Larry Kawa, that directly challenges the president’s unlawful delay of the “employer mandate” that forces businesses of a certain size to provide a certain level of health insurance for employees. (JW has appealed a lower court decision dismissing the lawsuit on “standing” grounds.)

Separately, JW launched an investigation to determine upon what legal authority Obama justified his decision to delay the mandate in the first place.

But, as usual, the “most transparent administration ever” has decided to not cooperate with the legal process:

But unfortunately, the Obama Treasury Department has refused our requests for this information, and we were forced to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Treasury to get the records.

We filed the original FOIA request on October 28, 2013 and have received no response from the “most transparent administration in history.” So the Obama administration violates the Obamacare law, then violates the Freedom of Information law to cover it up.

It seems to be clear:

Let me get this straight: The president decided to ignore a law passed by Congress, and Mazur didn’t remember anyone asking if it was all legal? I find that impossible to believe. (This is Constitution 101. Congress makes the laws. The Executive enforces them.)

That WOULD be the case if we had an executive branch which followed the laws as set forth in the Constitution. Unfortunately, we have this instead:

President Obama seems to be under the mistaken impression that he’s a one-man Congress who can simply ignore the law to comport with his political interests.

At least I can be fashionable as I use this. I should stock up.

Weapon Safety For Children

children and guns